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Thu, 19 May 2016|



  1. build houses2:48
  2. real estate1:43, 1:49
  3. death and dying1:13
  4. farm house3:53
  5. Venice1:24
  6. Wales3:52
  7. UK property market0:35
  8. burial plots0:34, 3:40
  9. patent deal6:34

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ted talks are recorded live Ted conference and partner events. This episode features architect Allison killing. The star contains harmful visuals and download this video it had dot com tears Allison killing. So. I have an open net but potentially lucrative investment opportunity fully. Over the past ten years in the UK and ten on burial plots has outperformed the UK property market by a ratio of about three to walk. The plot at seventies being set up with plots the sale to investors and they started about 3900. Pounds. And that's attractive to achieve about 40% growth. And the biggest advantage is that this is a market with continuous to moms. This is a real opposition ons that are companies that that media are offering this investment but my entrusted it is is quite different. I'm an architect and they've been designed and for the past year and a half I've been looking at approaches to death and dying. And it's how they shaped our cities and the buildings within them. So in the semi I did my fist exhibition on dust and architecture in Venice and it was called death in finance. And because debt as a subject that many of us find quiet and comfortable to talk about. The exhibition was designed to be quite painful so that people would bits and engage with it. So one of our exhibits was an instructive mocked up London which showed just how much shift real estate in the city is given over to attack. And as you wave your Honda Costa mopped the name of the piece of real estate that building all the cemeteries to field. And those white shapes that you concede that all of the hospitals and hospices. And mortuaries and cemeteries in the city in fact the majority of seventies. We want to show vets. Even note dash and by the mile things that we might not think about that all of around us and that important parts of our cities. So about half a million people die in the UK each kid and all those about a quarter oval won't be batteries. But the UK like. Many Western European countries is an out of that real space especially in the major cities. And the Chris Simmons and authority has been a way out of this for a while and the main courses population growth the fact that existing summit he's almost full. This accustomed in the UK that graves are considered to be occupied fat F. And that's also development passionate people want to use that same moms to build houses whole offices all shops. So they came up with a few solutions they elect well. Maybe we can be used those creeps up to fifty years. Well maybe we can betting people like fourteen so that full people can be buried in the same fault and we can make more efficient use of salon partly. And and not wait hopefully the original still have space to bad people in the near future. Two to study seventies hot and being taken cattle by the local phone at T. In fact a surprising thing is that does nor legal obligation on anyone in UK to provide patio space. Traditionally it's been done by five and a bit disorganized nations like kitchens and mosques and synagogues. But. That's also occasionally in a full profit group whose wanted to get in on the act. And you know they look at some of the small size of a burial plots and not high cost and excellent assuming his money's being made. So actually if you want to go out to install it won't cemetery you can't count. There was this couple and South Wales and they had a farm house and now go to fields next to it and they wanted to develop a lot. And they have a notified as stated that this thought about making it kind of Bob Hawke but the council sentinel. And then that would make a fresh foam and again the council sentinel. And then have some idea of making a cemetery. And they talk really to that by doing missed the kids. Increase the volume of them around from about 95000. Times to awful blah million pounds. But I mean just become box this idea that making profit from seventies. It's kind of ludicrous night. Let the thing is that the high cost of those bad meal plots is actually that he missed the thing. They looked like expensive but not cost reflects the fact that you need to maintain a meal cult like. Someone hot to cook the glass for the next fifty it is. And that means it's very difficult to make money for obscenities. And it's the reason that normally seven by the council by a not for profit group. But anyway the council planted these people commission on the and that kind to bill the senate seat. So it just expands he kind of how this week's. Problem to build something in the UK like as summit defects apple. Then I have to plot the planning commission fixed. So if I want to bills like that a new office building for a tie multiple politics than my home. Well you know if I have a shot and I want convicted into an office I have to do a lot of killings and I submit them to the council the commission. And they'll look at things like how it fits in the surroundings. So we'll look at what it looks like. But they'll also think about things like what impact is it gonna hop on the local environment. And I'll be thinking about things like you know. If this thing gonna close pollution old. Is that going to be a lot of traffic that wants to go to this thing I've built. But also good things you know is it gonna out local services like shops to the neighborhood that local people would like to use. I'm bill whips advantages and the disadvantages on the make a decision. So that's how it wicks if I want to build a launched an. But what a piece of slams on I just want to buy a few people like five or six. Well then actually I don't think permission from and a lot. Does actually almost no regulation. In the UK about burial and then the topic but is it about not polluting water courses like not connecting miss those old ground ball. So actually if you want to want to make your own mini cemetery then you. But I mean night media like he does this place. Well you know if you're not just a classic from the and you have a large states then there's a chance but you'll have a mausoleum on its patent deal but you're somebody that. But then really we have thing is that you don't need to have a piece of arms and assistant size before you're allowed to start burying people on. It's a bum means that tech exceed this applies to like the pot garden of your house in the service. So. Like what it's tried this just so the total wealth. That does a few capsules let's hop guidance on my website which can help you. So but the fist thing the Italian is that you need to have a certificate of bad meal before you can go ahead an outlet to admit of people and put them into the pot you. Adam. They also tell you that you need to keep a backcourt depth web agree it's but not tit for formal requirements. Now did you warn you that your neighbors might not like this but it legally speaking there's almost nothing that they can do about it. And. You know just in case any of you still hot some of profit I'd do it no mind about how much those burial plot plots cost and how much money you might be able to make. They also woman it might cause the volume of your house to drop by 20%. A well actually it's more likely that normal want to buy a house at all often opts. So what I find fascinating about this is the the fact kind of sums up many of all attitudes towards death. In the UK am I think that the thick as a costume at a public need some luck only about 50% of people have ever talked to anyone about the wishes of land that. And even the people a 75 only 45% of people without that talked about this. And the reason that people can't. You know they think about this falloff old they think that I gonna make people uncomfortable like talking about it. And you note to assess the extent that all of the people out that you're taking camel things for us. You know the government hustle the speculation and democracy about things like burying it acts for example. And the people like funeral directors who devote an entire waking lives to this issue. But when it comes to all cities and thinking about how death fits in all cities. That's much last night elation on design and bolts then we might much at. So why not thinking about this but all of the people that we up much not thinking about just that not taking candidate either. Thank you. That was Allison killing recorded at ten X chrome engine and turn engine Netherlands November 2014. For more information contact visit ten dot com.