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Danny Leroux

Mar 26, 2017|

Sportswriter and Podcast Host (Twitter NBA Show/Locked on Warriors/ Real GM Radio/ Dunc'd On), CBA expert.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He low rule. He is a sports writer and podcaster of all sorts of different areas around he's getting paychecks from like everybody Twitter NBA show. Podcast walked on warriors podcast real GM radio podcast dunked on podcast on Twitter at data you'll rule. Well it did feel like a throwback to be the only warriors cut at auction out. I mean it's Krejci are right to meet girls love talking hoop and there are always available day and yet and there's so much warriors of the talk about but we haven't been able to get to a with the raiders possibly go to baseball let's talk some ground ball shall we and but I wanna wanna start it's it it it's going back a little bit Danny but I do wanna talk about the Andre Iguodala comments. When he'd drop DN bomb a couple of times got fired by the NBA ten grand is like ten cents. To me and detain him as it is to me but what did you make of those comments the master comments it dial obviously don't dignity is a problem with Steve Kerr there was some. So something behind that what did you make of that whole thing it just seemed awed. It would it would definitely audit it would what do those moments where democratic got caught out. I kept it really it really think about how can be taken beyond that in that the it making you enter. In what player and I contacts so it was only the pulpit with a price not way out I don't think it was that he a lot of EDT on dot big deal. Danny now you know fairly short for fanatic and also in the media a lot of people questioned stamp. This guy's been so damn amazing for the last two seasons. He almost like a basketball god so. He would not come out and say he was in a slump. And I was watching now like you know what it's okay steady you know what you do is say it because the numbers will back that up. And lo and be hold this guy is back on five year. And it outlaws wanna give them compliment for not buying any and you in the ass work. Are you shocked were you worried about his his range from distance where it was single and Ian. Not really I mean I'd cover up that entire career went on good shooter unit at import it in a dark on back and mean. It's at the main point I I didn't expect it cured yet read the lack you're that would. Legitimately national inning when he working that he'd want he also. Opera. And he'd he'd been bashed her amber might not get up the eighteenth pick in Kabul. Dairy road check him out sports writer podcast host what are NBA so locked arm warrior Israel GM radio dumped on gonna have to join us. Zach arrived earlier we're Johnson your 95 point seven the game Danny. When it comes to the bench I think. One of the things that didn't get talked about a time because you had a guy like Haiti coming in. More of the pieces that are moving out Harrison Barnes. And Andrew Bogut obviously out of the starting lineup but also the benched what do you make of the banned so for they seem a little young to be relied upon so much. But do you think they're gonna need to were. Relying on them in the playoffs in what have you made their performance of pork. Done pretty well picked up. Definitely looked better in the second half the year like it during injury might actually really kind of helped get and the work in the role but I mean I did the map early trying to pick out which. Eaton and you take the big. Or all dark and living in an adequate ala. I think they only need about forty minutes from everyone else banquet to start so I think they'll be okay and that wave but whatever they get helps. And I think that caught our current work upper all of lap. What they too weak. Daddy. Let's just be proactive and say Katie is gonna come back to be his old self. I got the league pass and I'm watching the rockets on a regular basis. I mean that's a scary team and our most wanna call on the real San Antonio Spurs. Because I believe the spurs don't have enough play makers outside of Lennar. How worried or is that too strong a word but but how how much credence should we give this rocket team at the lawyers got to meet him in the office. Mean it would. The rockets not only. I'm not that. Punish shooters and at the workers' party really is having guys that you wait pat three point arc in being at the article it'd. It's real heartbeat that you draw when you drop your defense your all ought to frequently don't. Eat eat eat app. But at the same point we haven't eaten dude in the play out yet and they're often so heavily reliant on jade art and at incredible he would. Well greet each year so I would be oh here but I wouldn't be you know losing sleep at the. Barbara we're up against and here's our goal as quickly as you can but I know the you are a little bit of a salary cap expert and I know that it would dollar and livings the united Ed as you mentioned them as part of being the big six are they gonna be the key. All of them or would you expect about those guys are gonna be gone. Sure berg. Iran without the ticket a cut out port by it and it won here eat out. Her. Big Greek you anarchy that you're cute at. Work. Love it did in the roof fantastic worked there on Twitter at dimmed the rule. That's LER old UX check him out all of his podcast Twitter MBAs sell locked on warriors real GM radio dunked on you do like. Like one for every weekday or something Danny how does that work. Blocked Edwards and down. And soccer like in and week out we generate. God bless you hard worker take you Danny always love your insight. Much. You go in the room and you were like quick kid he was quick.

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