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Zakariah and The Guru Second Hour 3-25

Mar 26, 2017|

Zak and Guru keep things going with the Raiders Relocation discussion and then talk to Danny Leroux about the Warriors.

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Why he's. Love go into the program. Who what happened did the the conductor back here and another flag on you man. Now mantle flag you're supposed to tell me what to drop. The Bay Area I did it SE forty tell me when they go oh I dated a second to thank you also he forty. No flag no more wild west helping us back there also newbie. JK. Johnny the pretty boy notes Saturday no that's the he does our work though hardly remember where earlier were Johnson Zach or are we got 45 minutes in the books we got an hour. Left for you but be sure. To be follow us on Twitter because we were gonna have. A bunch of things coming out for you podcast wise. Pat bbb guru dvd G you more you can amass exports ZAK sports we are gonna end this show. At 645. With the word this right around the corner Morgan and the podcast week every Friday with the word. Remember gonna have podcast for you Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday assuming they don't expire. Based on the time line of when they come Saul vessel we got going I'll we're gonna talk some dubs here in a second but a lot of writers fans wanna way out we are man of the people. And it'll take your phone calls. With the Libby shaft press conference raiders last ditch effort but the Ronnie Lott group trying to keep them around in the bay. Owners touching down on Sunday. Drinking allegedly top shelf. Booze and a let clearly a lesson and cigars and five star that was an adult we need allegedly for five star hotels I think that's like a fact that's what are happy this moment studio allegedly. Some were happy and Omar was so we'll have a what we're talking about on the momentum on an Australian. I mean some perspective. That drugs also really. I've he knows so well a mutant did you enjoy that if you don't that's fought as well. Candidate not 579570. That is guru. During his days as gusty there. Embryos you have to a lot of that on the morning show when you seem to be having a lot of fun. Speaking of having a lot of fun Saturday that 579570. Your thoughts on the press conference today your thoughts on the impending move. The writers and your thoughts on what you're gonna do with these two years while there's still here if they should move and what you're gonna do. After they moved to Vegas should day moved to Vegas candidate not 57570. Tripoli 957. Not a 57. 95795. Guru before we get to the phone calls. Where you bet on that what would you do your raiders fan of these two years Obama writer dies so if they go to Timbuktu. Dobbs under the Timbuktu writers I I I don't give my you know. My loyalty. To just Indy in everybody's axle wants some in come in and the players if these young kids are. You don't love Derek Carr and rightfully so this posted straight in the air raid or membership because. The dog owner decide to move on it's radar fought off for me regardless of where they go Zach. And nobody can tell me different you can't hold the players accountable for what's over to us via hi there. Let into the date word Eric you got your phone you can watch it there in Alaska and you can watch them. I'm with you and I'd been booed and we're doing a show that while I'm just assuming that we have the same mentality on that on both sides of the coin. Both. The two years while they're here even though they might be moving and then volt after they moved. You're rooting for the players in your rooting for the Jersey. Oh exactly I should say you're rooting for the players in your rooting for the teen name. So your raiders fan no matter what city either I mean what he needed to switch upn and root for another team just don't get Saturday's giant hat which I hate exactly not gonna have a rider down to the phone lines weak gold knowing that fail you're coming from the soccer guy like no he's got a new make over we gotta give west credit when it looked like a model that day I hate snakes on a haircut did jail early in the Oslo. Would do. Worldwide Wes means that completely you know when you hit LA he can't drop the dirty white boys sound hurting not now he's got not a dirty white born that he wears a suit and tie every day now that you allowed more action a bit. Rich in San Jose go to rich. For the love god. So equitable room Bruce. Yeah I would it is. That's a name when it when he went so. Man how many times our detection and tell you I'm available for urged prefer to go down rich is a lot going on what is right or possible mole man is is a bad time right now here in the streets. Well. Right now government would not gonna happen and it happened because part of the world. Plant in that location and go out to rob him. That is that. It's important that he Egypt in it Clooney and the leaders in the biggest it would Uga Uga. And it Olympics you got out and they. Wanted to bring you got Green Bay. And I get right now you know big. The distraction there's no way that we keep a girl. An Indian tables. At. And you got a concert every day of the week did you know great cause act but he's got a point. That's on sale and it's not over yet. It is not over again and take over the phone call rich look. I know that and if we learn anything from last year we both know that it's not a done deal of the writers are gone put it in dish horror. Seems different. A lot like. The days remaining in Oakland feeling different now what Dan saying that they're gonna announce a location in this owner Tom India it's. That feels different and other years when they salute the a's we're gonna remain. This feels different of the writers might actually be booked and as you do expand our one relocate last year though relocation fee. They can't cut justice wage you it's 325. Mil the chargers in the rams have to pay 650. Why else would they lowered to half of the cost them less they wanted them to go to Vegas to make it look like they they bend over backwards. For Mardy is acting and they still vote against. That package you're damn right on her dad I'm like everything's on the table in that what. Come Monday hey we approve it with these stipulation. Was still have to go get those stipulation or delay yeah the leash yet. I want raider nation to focus on where their teens playing next year. And that answer is acting. We're the greatest plan next year Oakland look at him a year after. And your open and just focus on that and let the chips fall where they may come with you. From these 2092. Guru haven't heard my favored do one a while things were good show is always Megan in Concord. I'm so let see we do not shy away from complementing ourselves your emotional dirty white boy. Not any more we gotta get him a new you don't get that anymore as long as your dressing like your Peewee Herman. With a bow tie and the button up in the dress pants in the Dresser I claim in here two Sundays ago the man had a sued. My mouth yeah you about the gimme my paper you don't need. You don't get dirty white forty more at that point edited not 57957. Al AAA 9579570. Penske auto sales are Comtex line. Not 5795 Zack Ryder there were Johnson yearn to five point seven again we will speak with Danny. A rule. Warriors expert here at the bottom they are also talks and does before we get out of this segment but the people still wanna talk. Right writers and and rightfully so look the votes coming down. The Monday issue will find out allegedly delay it allegedly while they're meeting on Sunday they're meeting on Monday they're voting on Monday but we don't know if they're gonna postponing her. What's gonna happen their votes go to Mike in Oakland. He wants to talk a's and raiders go ahead Mike. And that would do well. You've got to call another big reason why interpretation of the U. Cut up cut that up banged up ma it didn't pay all my. I got hang on Mike we we cut up all complements the we're gonna make like a series of complements the we're gonna submitted to our boss. Make sure you mark that down a worldwide Wes back there behind the glass mark that down so we can get that okay go ahead I'm. I got here and now one you know I've made product graduate from expressed some college. Well we're down two of the BA bachelor of arts and if you guys people would buy Wal-Mart let's please please. How would blow a hole do we need a flag on Mike right now is the yeah yeah we have let's not happy about Deborah. By what the other riders. Odd that really quick on. You know top law. You know I'd records all trade. A lot of great from and other campers now open and that is currently. Now. Not in later I have looked at Oakland. That is all I was actually. And my alliances aren't enough. Oh. Pitch it out what. Straight game and you know I'm on. My man you know. Their game at bat out. This year. You know in mop board he marbles that are on that model goes wanted to fight over. At pebble. A question would be. On the pole com. Hold. Relocation Spain and yet I don't. Despite the talent that we believe in all I wanna know what your opinion is on. The politics of Oakland and I'm not trying to get into actual hard lite site called his. Well I don't want it and he'll Wear your beliefs on how market. You know Oakland has done so much. Against it didn't against its people culture. This is right. But first breaking point. You know seriousness and I realize. It's hardly politics and sports but when so much corruption going on moments ago. That whatever bad. Like that might even be the first strike it might be and a I know well. Doctor how many police you know. Handles day and at the door. Actually what would almost you know then yeah I'll are out and out form of the media. Lashing out here you have toward you moving up you know hot debate that order I'm right there. 81 local I mean c'mon they have a better possibility. Go in the water creek every bill that would keep about Oakland man. I'm what you might into the phone calls are cut you off your did you you know sol where it was going but I don't think he would be was on the line drag on yourself less an argument you explain why despite all flag. Like Billy Martin right down that dugout like why is it right what did admit what's gonna break the record for flags and a new list maybe one hour and 45 minutes ago. Yeah probably my record that I had eleven and do an hour and 45 minutes. Anyways getting back to the politic port and were not gonna get deep into it as we can we're not on as you say this over the airway. Well we've we've talked about the other. There are. Things that are higher on the priority list for the city of Oakland. And getting a new stadium. Which is totally understandable. In this with every city that the touch off. That's what every city to meet so why is Vegas putting the public money through. We don't know. If that is released in them and it's gonna happen. After the it's been a dead letter from did dale was the death certificate to me on this and I'm still trying to be positive to thank you for bringing that up zero the girl were Johnson's Acker I 95 point seven began. Forgive us if we sound like we're getting a lot and 11 hour and 45 minutes over Jumbo lie there's been dim near month trying to work him ever since we've been on together so word really excited armored put a bunch of stuff in here. So would mean immediate we don't mean to sound like rating you with a lot but. We markets we have a lot and looked. It is in terms of that and they you for bringing up the Goodell letter or did that the second. You are right there. Damn near every city has those issues now I'm assuming is probably some very nice rich cities that don't have that issue but when it comes inner cities like Detroit for instance but they still get it done. And I think ultimately it's still smarter move for them to do it. Whether that tax money is going to other places resources. Resources and things like that. Oakland still could've gotten it done and I'm not blaming them. Nor MI. Crediting them on some more in the middle when it comes to whether or not. They should be responsible for the raiders getting a new stadium but here's the part that I don't get. And maybe somebody a lot smarter than me can figure this out and don't. If the laser yes we should get candy on the law any Lexus with the play call and right now he picked up the phone. If the a's are moving to a location that's not the coliseum site right now. Why the sword to figure out the forms and get things going because. Ultimately there'll. There'll be taxes there will be jobs there will be things were Oakland will make up whatever money they zillion time. And he even at the taxpayers pay for and not in favor of that guru. And favor for the people paying for the stadiums when these owners are rich. Well wouldn't you ultimately come out on top if you did it it sounds like you woods Zach and again that's above my pay grade but at the end of the day. I do know this. I read a report to where I thought that the raiders hadn't paid mount Davis bat. And they had it was actually the city did. To doubt it did I want you to go down that road OK all right just to save me my point is I don't think Ronnie lots. Wasted his time I don't think Libby should have wasted her time I know were laughing and we don't feel the urgency. But that proposal steal what it is that it's a proposal. And if good dill is in it if they can just tell Mark Davis you know what you got you were going the last time. Why the hell can't that happen again and come Monday. What has changed. Is what I'm saying. What his changed. Why are we all albeit that this is that doesn't deal. 'cause it was that. Last time I really wish that he guru. You can't go in there I hear you but did I am about to reach value of this now this I'm I'm going to be quite as our former donated to. They're good rate cut that out a lot on the I didn't know what I I want that is a drop on try to be quiet it's hard for me he lost west when you went bad mark that down Al west all bought her now now come on this is a show with a very. Very strong sense of self confidence it's hard to offend you're a good reader to publicly that's why I read the insults out. Earlier her job of that garage 95 point seven a game candidate not 57957. Also this is from the east bay times. Dot com NFL commissioner Roger Goodell expressed concerns over Oakland's plan to keep the writers. From leaving to Las Vegas riding the the latest proposal is quote. Cooley here it is not quote clear and specific. Actionable and a reasonable time frame and free of major contingencies. Basically the whole Ronnie Lott's proposal is full of holes Smith likened allegedly the timeframe is not good either go it. A letter sent to mayor Libby shaft on Friday. Lays out the NFL's view hall of fame Ronnie Lott. And his investors one point three billion dollar development plan to build a new. Stadium for the team at the coliseum complex to Dell's letter was obtained by. He's been times are come on Saturday was a response to a letter staff sent him earlier Friday outlined Oakland coliseum project. The commissioner's concerns include the Oakland Athletics long term lease at the coliseum and what he views as a lack of details in the lot proposal not to read all of this and for. You guys volunteer here is put quote. We have been prepared for nearly two years to work on finding a solution based on access to land at a certain costs without constraints of the local. Location of the stadium or timing of the construction. And clarity on the overall development at this date however there remains no certainty. Regarding how the site will be fully developed or the specific and contractually defined nature. The participation. By fortress. Or other parties in addition the long term nature of the commitment to the a's remains significant complication in the broad resolution of that issue remains unknown now the a's port I totally disagree with. The days pork or delusion that this hit could not going to be there there are good so right. If you want any hope as the raiders fan hold on to hold that would give Dallas saying a major part of why they can't build there. Is based on the it's because the days are Audi 5000 and that is bad information that you're right go it yet so. But the other part is the morgue. Concerning port. It sounds like. We're gore does have the a's up there or not there would still be major complications that would prevent them from going and that timely manner meaning light isn't too late and back to your point. If you wanna feel good if your raiders fan. Raiders don't have the lease situation figured out in Vegas that's what are out. It's that's making me believe and the gambling thing. How well we can gamble anywhere I don't know I nobody you can't tell me it's not going to be worse in Vegas. The getting in trouble it's called sin city guru and I'll note that you don't argue Iraq it's called sin city for a reason I and a don't go to various things. That's stadium's gonna be half of the other team because of you guys if you when I lived in Wisconsin. And let's say we were great friends. Single or married doesn't matter. But we were diehard Packers fans and we look at the schedule. You go all. Packers are playing Vegas. Let's go to Vegas that weekend check out the Packers game not the raiders game the Packers game. Ever go see it and then we can be in Vegas for the weekend. And we can go check out again but the proposal has 20000 of those type situations occurring and that's unrealistic as a aren't I nobody Vegas is the most likely destination for opposing fans to go to. If you told me I if I look at the special watch NF fails that to go deal would Vegas offer and go to the game to. It's it's the cherry on top of the Sunday. I just know when I'm in that justice meet Sunday in Vegas. I'm not in any mood to go watch no damn game I got a real rock on Saturday I got it yeah the eloped hurts and you've figured out you have a bloody Mary you'd be good to go let's go to John Martin and Fremont go ahead John. Triggered. The approach calmer earlier today and I think that ship persecuted a great job she sure that's the you'll remember. I mean I think for America proposal out there and I'm really. I got home I read this could they'll interpret what chalk it up. 600 million auto loan by that are really in between the raiders and then they'll want one billion to Waterman is gonna come from PS cells. That you one point three billion what do you talk about options at that we have specific. That don't want Ronnie Lott Rodney Pete to be told owner that we double play hurdle when we every three year old. Are just. What that because they're they keep cabinets that. This. Song and dance that we don't know where here we helped land here. And the only thing the only up to roll out there that may be can get it published earlier it appears. 20/20 one axle plant gate for a new stadium you I think yeah I think that we built a little sooner. But other than now. I don't think they'll be yet that he. Anything to criticize but help the paternal age ten in that and it. But he's gotten all summer that the 1000003 money. I'll remind. Got a threesome like million. So caught on top of that relocation the and you can probably cut out there ramming that Briere sent by a million. Welcome to keep the revenue by remote launch date to get them that's got to the owners. Many watching a lot. Nothing. John I don't mean to John I don't mean to insult Jason deployed he did and I don't mean to insult you here John but I assure you. That there are people making a lot more money than we do that if figured this out. And it's. There's a reason why he sent that letter out now I don't know if it's if it's too little too late may be the right outlook. I'm not gonna pretend I'm sure you're not gonna pretend that we know all the ins and outs about the environmental reports and all the things that goes into the politics and getting the tax money or whatever I don't know any of that didn't get our. And now. Ten pages I'm misty to I wish she wrote the ten page breakdown of all of the different things they're going to wonder why you would Wetherell and laugh and is it partly is I. I couldn't do a paper I'm not saying you're incapable of laughing at how much you did not do that okay you've got enough stuff going on you were not ready to tender aged neighbor. On the environmental report or how to do how to build a stadium but my point remains the same. Roger Goodell would not send that letter out and less there was stuff to back it up now I don't know the specifics of the Ronnie Lott's proposal. But I'm telling you if it was all fine and dandy and ready to rock I think Mark Davis would rather be an Oakland in Las Vegas even though always mattered Oakland I think he'd rather be in Oakland. But it might be a what I think it is more than anything else is too little too late Anderson spite going on there there's some spite. From the commissioner of this in spite for more Davis at Oakland for not figuring this out on your and doing it too late. So he's pretty much say in the middle finger at Oakland in regards to I help you out I delayed this and you guys couldn't get your act together which would be a shot at the politicians here in this city well after various two point does that I don't know how their fault OK I don't know who is always somebody somebody yeah but listen. What about the fact that it just might be too soon for these guys these owners to come up with an answer. That got that call was right. Mark Davis is now I didn't free money you say oh they cut it. It down 370 by admit they still have to come up with that bread yeah and my point is maybe one day is just to assume. To have a vote and I think if I had the bit that's horrible hole and. And it all went this city. Can do that that meeting without them being told the raiders a lead and it's a win for me. And we got so much stuff to do. What cut the grass before Cain. What the hell does that mean. On that team it has to do list that time off for us. Yet for smack in your winter grass or whatever chores you've not got a lot of stuff to do around. Austria Dallas not important that album my data that he said the list. Casesa of the grass and not like Randy Moss I decked out I'm too old for that we couldn't even get into this we have no time can we do is go until do we go until eight. And we get it we just go to an extra hour we'll be done at seven Korea tell gonna blow for the 51 I'll love you got by the way if you wanna get your text. Bidding round flip to stop. It's from the Bible and I'll love you guys. Naught if bomb thought knobs are not that when what Allah is great but thank you for loving us 510 what I meant to go to. The is the four await what are you guys think about the writers. And we're there gonna start at running back by the way missed you guys doing the sort of gather best radio show ever thank you for a while again if you wanna get a if you wanna get your text read just compliment as we can't really gets a Marshawn Lynch major and Peterson. For the love of god. Edit I got 57957. Notre LA I 57. 9570. Quickly let's go to Scott ran a man of the people go and called guru out as quick as you can Scott. Like him. And a lot you got. But crude that is sure that you couldn't add up through we can pay and o'clock AM. It was a joke. While he's backing out now is these backtrack and Scott I know we hammer on. Never got over instead of any good I am no -- to go to the game all about Scott. But then to grow. The picket the game operated a hot firefighter buddies will look up an IV in a bloody Mary outside and you beat it. My brother yeah yeah fire in Iraq reluctant in Fremont I know who cares but yet he's fighting a good good job man. Oh. Try to hook up Scot Colin next Tommy Gallagher contest going or come aboard the name that into the phone call come with a name for podcast. Which by the way we should be plugging. We're gonna be releasing the ZING our giant. Every weekday Monday to Friday we're gonna release one episode Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and then of course the word at the end. So that should be a ton of fun and we're look at look I like the CNG cast. Have you voted on whether or not like ZING cast or ZING podcast I don't like to cast as everything's got to cast doubt on a name like. Like ninety. Did it late nineties she to its managed. NSA is at all. You don't I mean I don't want to ZG podcasts you so much. Ole fumbled the ball off and not generated that they played Def comedy veteran big part of the best thing out there bear what have been the fumble jumbled I don't know what happened. Oh good I was embarrassed a little. Fumbled on the jumble when the play is not public fumbled the ball fumbled on the bungled it's amazing it's your best work. You can't start art we say we're gonna talk about the jobs we didn't government of the people if you do wanna weigh in and get him before the end of the cell. Are you can do so candidate not 57957. Album we have yet to talked dobbs so much to get to them tell you we go to eight. We call the boss is Sebring go an extra hour we've done nothing on the warriors in nobody likes to organ basket and after like I've been here more I mean Andrew rule that's how it feels Danny a row. You like a podcast coup room can I say that are you get offended. I haven't copyrighted okay Twitter NBA sell locked on warriors real GM radio and dumped on. Mood and what does he make of whenever master says. This is Zachary Roddick and could cool room not on 95 point 72 games. Welcome back Bay Area 95 point seven the game. Now and it's it's over before it started. Guru. Moon moon. And I didn't business. I really believe. Like. Wow ought to avert. Up for review. Yeah John and apply it had salads on the bottle from the talk role is it. If it is we got to get a new and OK good at all right welcome back Bay Area and ID five point 7 a game I am Zack Wright is. Gerald Gruber Johnson coming up at 645 if you're on hold stay there are promise she will do rapid fire before we get to the word the wacky world of sports that's how we end. Every show and again be server check us out on Twitter ads exports ZAK sports at triple B guru dvd GU or you we will be putting out. Podcast a lot of people given us some love. Who were on the tax line saying a much they love or show what you love it didn't check out our podcast and were to be doing that. Given the people what they want and you can check it out for more Twitter feeds but we'd say we're gonna talk warriors basketball gets a much warriors basketball we've talked to Omaha. Zero well with me in the Oakland thing is hot nail this restaurants today and the mayor and in the votes coming down with a all the rich people. Sunday or Monday so we had to get to that as much as we could. But if you wanna weigh in before we get out of your candidate not 57957. Noble we are gonna talk some warriors so promise fulfilled right here Jenny Law rule. He is a sports writer and broadcaster of all sorts of different areas aren't he's getting paychecks and like everybody Twitter NBA show. Podcast walked on warriors podcast real GM radio podcast dunked on podcast on Twitter at did he will rule. He's a little bit fictitious there because will rule is LE or old you XT anyhow or. Well it did feel like a throwback to be. Beatty only warriors cut at auction out. I mean it's crazy RIE. Legal love talking hoop and there are always available there yet and there's so much warriors of the talk about but we haven't been able to get to a with the raiders possibly going to baseball let's talk some ground ball shall we and but I wanna wanna started it it it's going back a little bit Danny but I do wanna talk about the Andre Iguodala comments. When he dropped the and bomb a couple of times got find by the NBA ten grand is like ten cents. To me and detain him as it is to me but. What did you make of those comments the master comments it dial obviously don't think that he is a problem with Steve Kerr there was some. So something behind apple what did you make of that whole thing it just seemed awed. It it would it would definitely audit piglet one of those moments or attic got caught up in sight out it really it really think about. How can be taken beyond that in that delete it making it or you enter. In what player and I contacts so it was only a little bit surprised that way but all I don't think it was that deal on eat it up and got big deal. Danny now you know Fannie short for fanatic and also in the media a lot of people questioned step. This guy's been so damn amazing for the last two seasons he almost like a basketball god so. He would not come out and say he was in a slump. And I was watching now like you know what it's okay stamp it you know what you do is say it because the numbers will back that up. And lo and behold this guy is back on five year. And it almost wanna give them compliment for not buying any and you in the ass work. Are you shocked were you worried about his his range from distance when it wasn't going Meehan. Not really I mean I've covered up an entire career went on good shooter at at him in a dark on back enemy. It's at the main point I I didn't expect it cured yet read the lack gear that would. Legitimately national but he getting 120 working that he want he also want opera at. And he'd he'd been bashed her amber and not get up the eighteenth pick in Kabul but cook and up. Did you Rhode check him out sports writer podcast host what are NBA so locked on warrior Israel GM radio dumped on gonna have to join us. Zach arrived earlier we're Johnson here on 95 point seven in the game Denny. When it comes to the bench I think one of the things that didn't get talked about a time because you had a guy like Katie coming in. More at the pieces that we're moving out Harrison Barnes. And Andrew Bogut obviously out of the starting lineup but also the benched what do you make of the banned so for they seem a little young to be relied upon so much. But do you think they're gonna need to where did. Relying on them in the playoffs and what have you made the performance of pork. Definitely looked better in the second half the year like it during injury might actually really kind of helped get them to work in the. The role but I mean tried to map early and I think that we. Even if you don't take the big stick. Or Alter and living in an adequate ala. I think you only need about forty minutes from everyone help banquet to occur start. So I think they'll be okay and that wave but whatever they get helps and I think that caught our current or copper on lap. But they too weak. Daddy. Let's just be proactive and say Katie is gonna come back to be his old self. I got the league pass and I'm watching the rockets on a regular basis. I mean that's a scary team and our most wanna call on the real San Antonio Spurs. Because I believe the spurs don't have enough play makers outside of Leonard. How worried or is that too strong a war. But but how how much credence should we give this rocket team at the lawyers got to meet him in the office. Mean. The rockets not only get out. On top and punish shooters and funding that the workers are really. Is having guys if you wait pat three point arc and being at the article it'd. It's real art beat which dropped when you drop your heat and you're not only ought to frequently don't. Eat eat eat app. But at same point we haven't eaten dude in the play out yet and there are so heavily reliant on James partner at incredible he would. And while repeat yourself I would be oh here it but I wouldn't be you know losing sleep at the. Barbara we're up against and here's our goal as quickly as you can but I know the you are a little bit of a salary cap expert and I know that it would dollar and Libby stay united and as you mentioned them as part of being the big six are they gonna be the key. All of them or would you expect above those guys are going to be gone. Sure we're. It would cap the ticket a cut out by it and it one year eat out. Back her match to greet you and keep that you repeated and work. Love it did in the roof fantastic worked there on Twitter at dimmed the rule. That's LR old UX check him out all of his podcast Twitter MBA cell Loc dom warriors real GM radio dumped on you do like. Like one for every weekday or something Danny how does that work. Locked up more air and down on her spot in the week we generate. God bless you hard worker take you do any always love your insight. Much you go in the room and you were like quick kid he was quit you got to give him credit you don't have people go a hundred words announced a week yeah I have to match up against let me he said. All all all all you want to go short also you short you have warning your bracket. I know were in or deny a 57 again contest you know what let's get into that in the words of content and all the people that are on hold candidate not 5795. Seven Al AAA 9579570. Techs like 95795. The wacky world of sport. The creepy checks. And creepy the Alia. And a bracket update its March Madness Wes is a bad boy it. Come on man. Right then and now that his sack awry and the guru on 95 point seven big game. Welcome back Bay Area 95 point seven the game Daryl your route Johnson Zach arrive not at five point seven a game if you don't know the running gag. Worldwide west back there when he really likes is coming back music you'll play it waits too long it irritates me and guru dances and Brad Stuart. And it's also Saturday now I can. It is Saturday night. OK how can we got a lot to get to and Travis Mitch in day and you gotta be quick we're gonna do rapid fire right. What we have to update the flags. We had to get to these creepy text messages. That he got saying that I wanna know what it is crew read him we got some creepy text messages. Help me with Disco room. We are looking for podcasts name. Suggestions. You can tweet at a ads exports ZAK sports at triple B guru. Dvd GU war you from a 510 guru podcast name. Second guru like Shaka Zulu. Is there a buzz are ago. And it noted. There was some other ones. Com. And and or there but help with this one. From the 95. Like what you did with your hair today Zacharias. I can't borrow and radio how do you know reversible I don't do anything when Meyer. I get a fade how do you know what I did my hair today. Can you help me what that's save. Is that you know all your New Year's U 510 yeah always like what you did with your hair today Zach arrive from the and I got tomorrow on the different. It makes you think there's cameras in here. Cameras and you know we'd be fired at their you. Know we wouldn't do anything bad. Whatever that's creepy art before we get to the word rapid fire promise me rapid fire Travis mentioned Dan go ahead Travis and San Cisco. Outlook. That quick question so not a not. Went down and out a couple years ago and have the greater government that's something my back on and each state. Not specifically Oakland. I've great question Travis and I thought about that they give the phone call I thought about that like why can't they go to. Well when Patrick barker right traveled to the other side of the tunnel which is very rare Lothian at Walnut Creek Pleasanton Dublin. But don't turn your Mike on guard worldwide Wes has some info on these lines of the show go ahead Wes know sometimes I wish she was. Is trying to figure out a laugh on yeah probability that the new bell tried Pleasanton and then. The the mayor out there paused and said no not happening is gonna be at camp parks actually. Okay current good info we do not like a plant next Arnold takes a long picking it up to you couldn't in my black yeah I'm not picking it up. Mitch New Jersey it's never show without him what's up and its. Welcome back. Dynamic duo is back does this is. At at him it is made up. There was never fight. We were anything you're leave and what do you got on the writers I know you love the writers and restore it. It is I wish I expected at Lehman yet Antonia. Really I wish Kevin Johnson he'd get how. And I didn't recommend to shoot what he would giant. Game of local and patient movement and Cisco and apple means sent to the area. That would the electrical use by the east he's so look at it nineteen it is it lucky. And Indian laws Opel unit emblem book. I'm not saying. That in curry fighting. Already did passed it. Thank you miss love you Mitch always love hearing from its call back any time. It's the best I love the way said Booker by the welcome. Imagine what about seventy points last night all the people patent. 'cause they were trying to get him to and they celebrated in without mr. Graham written your boyfriend Boston what to dreads the ball ball to book at all he said never see guys happy about losing. He's a map from Boston to diss them all there was bad that it was in law was par seventy doing Dan mellow park round out the callers go ahead damp. They've gotten good good anti back again it's simple potential raider fans we make a choice. Either we are going to no longer a full ball. Or would want default on this team because they're going to be good and it gonna be good for awhile as much Adobe and we on the lead. It epidemic actually it is evil for years clean and well. Of course we can't can't root for a routine which is an ABBA. That's kind of point Dan that's got to the point and thank you enjoy your weekend that's got to the point I mean with. You're gonna not support them and who you know support. Whether it's these leaders while there in Oakland or when Darren about my love travels. Exactly totally agree selectmen redefined that was wrong that that actually could be the title. All they saw our let's. Am war man on the yellow bird why it's important to. I created. That wouldn't work so. You know wanna hear him so pardon me yeah. Just song if it involves vehicles but you can spot anyway are washed can't shut out Oakland California downtown Oakland California to whom. In his only in the. Today I so we do it every Saturday. When we do the word. Guru let you know it's Saturday night what does it from gurus that from a movie or TV show or the song was. On Saturday night was his free stuff that's it and put you to move so we rejected. The Zach you're guru like Shaka Zulu right reject about it. What do you think about you know history from the 707. Men lot of love from different area codes. What do you think from the 707 love you guys you're the best all capitals by the way again. You sent him a compliment you were definitely how about. Who's that. And sounds too much and the senator from imagine what about Zach Peru. They don't like anything will rue are so we're still smooth how we are still rolling with the GM easy problem or not remain a leader in the clubhouse door and go back ripped the east bay better than anyone on the station. Fat podcasted being named beast of the east. No where's the buzzer and we left yeah better than better than CNG don't call us we won't see in G better than beast of the east are. It would have to be beast of the east bay. We could just look like the rapper Noriega when they do is drink on their podcast they don't have. Did you have yet know just sit Noriega. The real Noriega. But they're podcasting joked he ain't got cast is just. A name was and Emma marvel work I've no idea when you're about to argue if forget the name him or dogma where they just drinking get to work on it fully sponsored. And we're gonna do a little some security tomorrow not know why that putt I'd like to go until 8 o'clock problem. If you had to have more secretive yet. Really. And don't don't know Milton all thumbs up on that. If you had to choose between Morse on lynch and Adrian Peterson who. Marcelo sexist remarks are. Okay and why he's had a yard romp here last few if any haven't had the injury history that they. All day. Lavar ball go ahead. I'm like just thrown these yeah ago but his dad's in the way but as Dan is that Helen as we say. The bars that dad kind of notes in my said that my hero can put up some money to his son last. Yes didn't have the best game it was didn't take into about them buy from Kentucky lost yet but my point is. Today adds up to the keep these entertainers that is just sad that I would. No I'm not. Me either come up its meddling to much let me hear your kid talk your son's a year in the down the hall and appreciate you tell them as a that would do it. I was unaware don't know if flag on. Got to do the flags to let me do that or not that we want that anyway but zero for you. One for me now even though the flag and it it's okay to bring your kids. West has five. John has zero to call us at zero miscellaneous at zero. The only we'll look flags are west but I'll sit next got a name. I went up five we got a name for the podcast what is exactly from Berkeley who were from Union City Leo how about Berkeley union. Who led the Berkeley union podcast. Were you a rule here that's good. That might be a leader who has seen NG Berkeley union one. CNG Burke knows. How about Brno I know and I want and a little bit today. It's not your ideally we have put our names in there but the thinking alike now I think it's why it's great. From this NB CNG Berkeley union too long from Berkeley union's review I'm mr. baby. Per million units in the data about what we've been here are doing fine and I'm just saying. You can't go remixes and exploited Berkeley union. It's not that. What did you think you see there. Remark. There you remember not sports related but it was there was fire on humans by what she's a leader is this meant that she is she is a lyricist and she showed she would mean. And do you think those details are true other homers I knew mill mill. And how early and then her brother is but deplete what does that present right now. Saying the bush devoid of that three months' worth three months' worth its real loud here. Thank god and all you ladies out there on the area don't give button plants and a squeeze this armed. I'm having a not so bad. Crop follow us on Twitter will have some more content for US exports. ZAK sports I'm he's at triple B guru dvd GURU. Our thanks to worldwide Wes how things to tie wearing except not today is on the man John Curley get to see you tomorrow. We do. And you'll be on inside the big spin what Michael orbit nine to noon up I'll be doing you're pays three game over their case marks. So tune and all that a big timing on the what do you mean time in nearly we play tomorrow rebellion we dozens two toward the wall that. Thank you Bay Area we appreciate your listeners ship all the time enjoy the rescue weekend.