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Zakariah and The Guru First Hour 3/25

Mar 26, 2017|

Zak and Guru reunite for the first time in a month and attempt to tackle the Raiders relocation situation and then talk to Vern Glenn.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Why is there. It's a you are the man who has been a minutes. Darryl would guru Johnson and Zach are right on your Airways for the next hour. And 45 minutes that's not long enough for us but we've got to the way is that we're gonna. Get our outlet on that we'll tell you about a little bit later how are you my friend. I can hear you. Your return is my gut maybe guard their worldwide Wes. Note can't hear you cannot hear you. About now now I can't flag on let's the three on you right there when asked to start the show as you know we ourselves accountable. That's won its first in now. Jeff first and then. Merry go. Just let Iran and cut it over month grew almost a month. Lou moons than. And I'm mission I'm issued to buddy. So for Wes we are now we are we're first in 55. 153045. Plus the ten to start. You know. And world wide web starts this sell off first and 55 he's under the gun. How you've been my friend did all over the globe you've been morning measured in days you've been afternoon drives you can do if you've been out inside the bigs on Sunday you've been everywhere but wouldn't you my friend bill that would that we were preempted for the US and Don yes as they were trying to battle in the great partner there. Dark but other than that seeing but now I'm here I'm ready to go okay all right well we have a great hour and 45 minutes for a tell you that we're gonna go all over the place. But it's came off a's talked when are gonna do a ton on that probably because it's spring training still. But I just wanted to get your initial thoughts on because I love this whole. And eight and some people might look at it as well you're only doing it because you know you're gonna stay here now but I still nonetheless. No matter. How it came when it came I love the deer finally embracing Oakland and they're doing this whole campaign. Hash tag rooted in Oakland two and a mural they'd they just know they're gonna be there all their all their commercials you know those great a's commercials or being filmed and Oakland Oakland zoo different ports of open. I'm Libby narrowed to Melvin yes and our local politics on yet. But I'll just say Campbell for president how about that. That's how much alike with Tia it's starts with him seems like my head and now it's starting right did door open office door all in. Did did the regular fan person wants to come. You know they got an idea you can come sit in his office or whatnot and not DA's you know there were free agents at the end of last season you have that DA is rumored to be tried to. You know lower here Oakley California not just like the direction of the club. You hear talks about the stadium that gets me excited to get a cup next week. It's it's real it's it's time to go and will be talking it's time about the stuff that's on the field but. If if nothing else for the Oakland fanned the the the food trucks there they're going to be putting out bodies talkative about the flu trotted out. I'm just saying the food trucks the west side club has gotten re man why you saw it I love the west side club the way it was but let's see if it's great now yet now's the side park tavern and I'll ask. It should be in it should be great is a lot of things to get excited about but. There's more pressing things that we need to get too believable to a tough and the Tibetan images though that Beckett I've missed you too regarded as the spring and the summer jobs. There there was then a vet today. Not surgeon and no not serve you heard her and you do I'm just joking. Today the raiders joined a group of civic and and business leaders. Developing a fully financed local stadium plan to keep the raiders in Oakland there will discuss the strength of the Oakland proposal and demonstrate the widespread support from. For keeping the team and Oakland press conference and the rally were part of a series of events taken place in Oakland part of the start of the NFL owners' meeting. Which you know they're going to be touch and down tomorrow and then they'll be actually meeting in deciding in voting on Monday and they could postpone the vote. Word is expected the raiders owner Mark Davis to push to move the team to Las Vegas will be discussed the possibly put to a vote. So bad the press conference today at 11 AM and it was a big east side club at the Oakland coliseum. Mayor Libby shaft was there are Oakley Oakland City Council president Larry Reid was there a lot group partner and former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete was there are fortress managing director drew McKnight was there Bay Area council president. And CEO Jim. Wonder man was there a board director Robert Rayburn was their bloody blah blah a lot of people were there guru but at most people are looking at this and if you wanna weigh in. Dated 89579570. Triple late 9579570. Penske auto sales doc context line 95795. On Twitter he's at triple. Dvd GU war you are mats exports. ZAK sport's most people guru or looking at this. As a last ditch effort that is too little too late and alternately have no effect on the actual outcome what did you make of what you saw today. I like it and alike what I heard yesterday from the mayor. And I'm just gonna take it back last year when we thought that the raiders were already about a year and we've been in this that you write nations did that this process will call it that. And look what happened the raiders were out you know left. Outside they didn't get their franchise moved to Los Angeles so I'm gonna sit here and be positive. I've seen it was I thought you miss something there. OK if you know this so well on pull up in value. I'm I'm I'm pulled the curtain back and I don't even know worries pulling Boca OK so grew group. Gimme some of the things that you do where you go on not talk about Jay-Z but they got not mean I'm problems in this say wind or what you Dubai to those right that's your thing I'd love it I'm never knew that it needs is that a but you do it all the time you go like I can't think of any analogy right now on all of that mentally present any did you do like a and every. And we laugh. About all the time like he'll be like. I'm not talking about the dishwasher detergent but that boy it was mr. clean players and something about that right. I need keys album not a good example but he does a lot of those anyways how did you miss the I'm not it's a I'm not Rodney Peete but I'm trying to be positive. And BP is part of that part of the group said positive Pete. Positive need to meet you know the political war. Dread among the dog Zack where that was coming Cornell ahead about target of three levels good anyway. Listen what are the bad I'd like what I'm seeing because if you can just put doubt in the 31 other owners mine yup this ultimately in this plan. Is that a realistic option mend it ultimately is is not okay lose in the raiders on all four. And I know some are saying and the naysayers packets all over what's a little too late our guy we don't know what's gonna happen and I just can't get past an omniscient I just can't get past. Owners wanting to uphold the team in this huh. Hot greater Bay Area mark did you have to go to Wiki Dick Las Vegas near. I don't get debt ennui and on the exact come one day I'll Marty breaking out the highs and on darker skin you probably take it up effort but I'm America's men and I am nervous about this. But some eaten at you like to rule a bullet there person. It's not over. For the right in oak. Zach arrived early guru Johnson 95 point seven the game. Taking your calls if you wanna weigh in you know we are man of the people so if you wanna make your voice be heard you may do so. Did you go to the press conference today did you care about the press conference today candidate not 57957. Al AAA 9579570. Text line. Not 5795 the great fantastic. Little bowling ball of hate burn gland. You'll join us. At the bottom of the hour but if you wanna get in. I'll line him up and we'll talk to about it because and as you know. And we said numerous times I MA Berkeley buoyed through and through you or Union City boarded two went through it it's important for us for the ease today and I get the warriors thing you know Al there's only one who team. And if you think that's better money wise and whatever wise to have that it's ever Cisco I can stomach that. But. He's Brey deserves a baseball team and a football team and dammit if they got a second team hoop team in the Bay Area than they deserve one of those two. That people are moving an alarming rates. To the east bay because of how expensive it is to live over here in San Francisco moved out. That the economy. In the Bay Area. Even when the economy was bad in the United States it was growing. In the Bay Area. So to have them go as you said I wouldn't call Vegas re Keating but I hear which is saying he'd be compared to the Bay Area is. And that's even factoring in the San Francisco 49ers who ball there and Bay Area team while their Bay Area team Guerrero. They're all the way in Santa Clare and they stink what better time for the raiders to strike while the iron is hot what they franchise. Pass rusher and a franchise quarterback and right now. That's the worst that that that's the part that I feel more and the raiders moving that support that I feel the most sorry. The raiders fans is it your don't don't don't not yet those that I know hold it it's not over but if it happens. It's it's right when your team got good. In the end it's not a good way for two weeks well don't forget it this is not gonna be toward overnight. This is going to be Howell would just be here from from all accounts. Until it's time to leave and I hope that doesn't come to fruition because. You're telling me these fans not only would lose their teams that but they got to basically do is keep the bit warm and tool you know all of their new deeds are ready so Gian. I just feel like Oakland the fan base has been here before. All the reports were the writers were gone. At all always go to Sacramento Kevin Johnson when the fans and the community did not give up and I'm not given up. In Monday's very big. But Zach I think Monday. Could be. You know. We're gonna revisit this at a later date. And I'm just wondering if that's a subliminal message to the city of all went the mayor the leadership. This if you guys keep your stuff together if this proposal can be enhanced. It's not over so I figure two things can happen Monday. There can't be yes if there's just I yes across the board it's obviously it's all bad but if if there is that we need to wait we wanna see this or that. Oakley gives more time. There's way more to get to Sobel do a lot of that at 545 will also take your phone calls it an 8957. 957. Notre late 9579570. Penske auto sales are Comtex line 95795. Wall. Ask all things that we discussed pluses that the we're gonna get two in a little bit to burn gland he's been in this. TV news business for 32 years he's got his pulse. On the silver and black now got his second right and the cooler on 95 point seven big game. Back in the saddle baby did the or Johnson Zach arrive at 95 point seven the game. Reunited and it feels so good. Ma'am we can even scratched the surface our apologies that we sound like wait too excited. We need six hours' advance it a long time and will be doing some some podcast war WB the info on throughout the week. So warmer now scheduled we don't have to be all backed up like we were today there will see you next Saturday since that time same bat states and great station. Possible have all of that for you plus writers fans silver and black red or nation where yet. Did you go to the press conference today did you read about it you care about it you think it's gonna have any effect what are your thoughts. On if the raiders could move would you still root for the raiders have they were in Nevada. What are you to do with this time period in between. While they're playing here but you know the they're going to be in. Nevada eventually. What are you gonna do about all of that how are you feeling Saturday not 57957. Al. Triple late 9579570. Text line 95795. Also a bunch of other stuff to get to. But before we get to burn Blancas effort in him right now let's go to the phone lines frank in Union City would suffer and are you. I'd. Well. And we and our. That he's got a good reputation at all and back them up. Mario as I'm go to children. And that someone that to them but you know gamble pulled all that it's a good location of the race to stay you know what though. China's traditional. There's some other problems about they'll. True what you look at it today. I I appreciate the call Elvis tell exactly riot like I told you in the green rooms that the fact that the raiders and we'll ask a win here in a second the fact that the raiders are showing some initiative. I know a lot of people scoff and added oh it's too late I don't think so. And it these owners conceded Elton is trying to put their good foot forward. You know anything can happen and I'm sure Glynn will. Give us you know. The big dogs. The dot process on this altering. Thank you frank appreciate the phone call let's get to do we ever ready Bernal dialed up. Erika. That Vern gland 32 years of TV news. He calls himself. And energetic sports anchor reporter shooter editor all packed in a 53. Frame he's a box around assume almost sub par and how Loria. And what's not act. Am I just waited out just like you to see what I want all of August I'll say scheduled. NFL vote on Monday. Who knows that you might get better angle on here let's just put operatives but let's just review that little bit further. Yeah I don't mean to be overly optimistic I mean we are obviously the raiders flagship station nominees spanky had some hoping that they stick around I'm not trying to be overly optimistic your burn. But I do get the feeling that. As last year proved you never know what's set in stone you don't you don't ever know what's actually going to happen so who knows when these billionaires millionaires all get together and Drake. You know I'll top shelf what ever and smoke cigars and stay in fancy hotels and they all mean it's it's not a done deal that they're gone right burn. Yeah and I've been preaching this for the last few days what what people have to. Think about. Billionaires I mean billions with a bushy beard didn't get to ghost. Lofty positions without making knee jerk reactions. Amid all the research is done all the calculations have been made before they actually make eight. Business deal and that's what exactly this. It would have been telling people these last few days are kind of trip and gay you know hang out. We're gonna do their due diligence finished walked in the room at a meeting last five minutes in and it will work. I mean there may be to look at every trick or granite and a wanting their all about where its money. It's rare that you suspect they they've got. Superstar but it'll attempts to get a look at the week's. Would make is what that means. There's so many games. Ago. It got to see what this the stadium deal is all about campaign make it happen and they and they are have to be. BP the only people went past the anger and a one out double that there's at least seven. Owners in the room. They actually feel like hey we gotta take we got to step back and really take a look at this there where the money that would discredit. Especially with the 600 million coming up at the eleventh hour. Oh that's all Apatow Allred you know pork. Burn off with do you end I was telling Zach arrive tell me if you pick Ambien and tab bit nigh eve. I like defected the raiders are doing something they had that press conference today yesterday we heard the mayor come out and say wish he had to say. In Oakland was a Bobble option steal someone burned burned if somehow Monday com's. And there is no in eat you know yes. And you know the owners wanna take some more time to review things MI in corrected thing maybe that can be a positive they give Oakland more of a chance to go huddle. 8888 and eat you know do some other things. To Maggie put doubt these owners mine. All it really does is it buys them more time and time that would need. They need they needed time to come out with some kind of money that's going to. Went up against the 750. Billion. Bet that passed I mean that's that's really what this is all about but I've been told before we got to maligned here bat. A lot of their bills next they don't like in third party coming here. They just want a deal where the city. And the teen and that's it. Ford has got away when it does all that money was private what they love. We keep your public money doing it there it's at its Bissau like what baker is not great fun. But got back from being married it was a partly about fine. By big ears and don't really know what. We open view is all about and that is why the commissioner. Responded Libby chance letter point eight night's effort by. We need more information we needed we we need now more and we haven't seen enough. Burn gland on Twitter at burn Glenn good enough to join Zack Ryder of the group were Johnson era 95 point seven the gamer and I know you're not an owner. And iron out NFL insider but you do know your stuff by and I'm wondering what you think would be the biggest reason. Why the owners would vote against it whether it was gambling in Vegas or the fact that we're going to a smaller market. Or the fact that somebody else would have to come in a third party as you said what would be the biggest reason why they wouldn't and what would be the biggest reason why they would which is essentially Oakland has taken too long on this and they want to have. The raiders playing. In a stadium that is not one that is the only football teams still sharing a field with a baseball team. Yeah true true true. There's a lot of owners that are going to be in that room so on the on some old. Some liberal some really really conservative. Really what I thought I can't take a one more really burn. Really really conservative did you see really what just got out of ma am what it is tough state force one or whatever it is. Yeah burnhams are. An aunt and an impact. In and that same vein there's going to be a different ways of looking at Las Vegas and I and I think you have to look at it this way. What owners are going to be in that room that one at which it on camera you know when the deliberate like on. You you've got to be politically correct when make when nobody is lesson. Where they would restrict the game isn't it they really feel like eight Las Vegas is an NFL city. And do they really want the gambling element out there can they want their players who represent the late. Walking around from casino to casino. Just with the threat that something could happen. And that there are enough of those having that way banking in the good deal doesn't code or at least put off for a while. Number no way of thinking as what what what what are many billions spent on these gains anyway. Let's just go ahead and do it we got some of the best security that that money can buy. Provided by the NFL. We can get we get a team in there and we can enforce it. And and and and and and have these players abide by the worst are restore its image bigness. Of it now. Net net intercept that's. Who gets the bigger argument we thank him. Vern let me pick your brain when one guy and I don't have any sources like you we know you're big time but when angles and pulled out of this deal. I don't know why just rub my stomach on my couch with my remote ports and champagne for raider nation San OK that's it. Where you under that assumption or did you know hey that was just one pool that you don't want option. There's more out the air and obviously if you know they found that person that was out there now with this over raider nation's it. Well when he first pulled out my knees welcomed little bit like oh okay that's packet that could be bad for the raiders but I am like just like that. They were the parts in my just falling in line will indeed give them some money and and and have a seat at the bargaining table and and that's with the raiders were able to. To do. Wilbert but I think I think for the for the averaged well when he pulled out in the gold its next followed they thought okay well. Doses so what what's going on here but the reason why. He pulled out because it one more at peace the privacy. State at least he won it TE LEE wanted to revenue coming back to and it was gonna happen. Because the race at one this year. It's unfortunate Karl that'll leave insists it is a damn shame our daddy in the the other part and I'm thinking that I'm hoping the NFL owners think about is that they already have two teams. In LA and they've got a team endeavor in this team's own round of Vegas were would seem like will be dumb for them to have somebody deems down they error. And not two teams up here burn Glen on Twitter at burned land. 32 years. Doing TV news you gotta love them gulf follow and check out his work what are you back argued you're on today right didn't you do with the favor didn't you do with the Soledad coming on and between TV hits. Yeah I was on about ten minutes ago in Adam and twice in the 6 o'clock hour. Enjoy your weekend. Thank you very England. Alcatel and keep the faith to that's what I'm doing. Well I got some we just got tweeted that if you will that thing and you get weeded out that not the worst might as it was at a level that. Wanna know can you give tweet I got that same tweet got to look at my heart so a letter from Roger Goodell. It was almost like a consistent. That you don't this speech or just like aides to a that we EU depends of whatever you and I were doing you showed together when. The election went down Nadia and I can tell people got mad at you keep the faith what do you outside and talk about that you double delegates allowed. Doll don't. Well that was the that was the giants get out your ride I devils on that but I didn't do it on purpose yet but I thought the game was ever a lot of people do. Well we'll get to the the letter from Roger Goodell and pleasure phone calls because one away and we got Howard got Adam we got ul. We'll get to UV saw the press conference what are your thoughts on the press coverage we're gonna read the words from Roger Goodell and get the polls of raider nation candidate not 57 not 570. Tripoli 9579570. Now got his second right and the killer on 95 point seven big game. From the ninety five's second guru best show on the game Travis crawl in San Ramon thank you guys know thank you Travis. How nice is damn right. Welcome on back in Bay Area and rest in peace to the I had to marry to the mag GRE. Cheerleader were Johnson's actor I am not a five point seven again coming up at 6 o'clock. Gotta talk some dubs. I'm talks in dubs group in a certain player has found his stroke. He adds and it's been what it's been dang near month lower and I never doubted him always into bed staff. Now some last LeMieux and are all well but I mean there's a lot of things to get to when it comes of the wars right I mean whether or not it's the bench or. Life without KB or its. You know the comments that were made we haven't even been on since Andre said that Abu. When he said whatever the man now says zoo and now rule the rest Massa and the rest you know the rest thing. Possible game all that if you wanna weigh in dubbed nation candidate not 579570. AAA 9579570. Right now. We are going to get to the silver and black dog there's a lot of different aspects of this that I wanna get into you with. With you guru but I want to get to the people first as we are man of the people Howard and Oakland he wants the talks over a black go ahead Howard. Yet on what I want to. Oh and maybe it'll be world. They didn't leave you're should try to get that name right stick to. Don't worry are my age you know Karl trade. You own you get to indicate it's working and keep you don't. Playing workers in our land blockade. Are actually beat them. Beat. The that idea when I moved out and. Howard that's a great question I'm going to be fully honest I have no idea how do you. Because when the when the browns moved. They had to become the Baltimore Ravens so I don't know group you got the answer is not an. I'll never say never the call call I don't know yeah I got nothing on that and I hope it does that things don't you know play out to where that would be an issue. Does vacant they took it with them when they went to LA it was Los Angeles right exactly didn't stay they'll Columbia. It's just probably because they own it and maybe in Cleveland. They trademarked Vegas raiders a long time ago blown. But only wanna go there Zack I know are you right now I am now and we're going to afford now but I I am curious as to why. Our Modell couldn't make them the Baltimore. Baltimore browns want to he didn't want to follow Sony's game mob right he wasn't turban and a set true. Elegant that if you know the story behind why. The Cleveland Browns had to become. The Baltimore Ravens. Call and edited on 57957. Or text in 95795. I wonder about that Danny fry zinger would know. 'cause if the NFL expands or you know if another team goes away or something or whatever and the Bay Area and Oakland cadaver team again. There would be awesome if they could go back to be in the raiders although the browns have been absolutely what you want on the raiders. Some people would be like you left. That's it. Well it wouldn't be associated with the anybody that moved him out so yeah. If I was knowledge that if if if I was eased a guy in Oakland got another football team I want them to be called the writers silver and black. I'd be a little weird there were anything else. I want to go to Vegas go to Vegas changer colors in changer team now I've had bombed more but that. I don't wanna talk about his silver black tee let's go to all. And old wooden. What's up well. So. What are the that. It's a good writer is now what we elected more but today. That red covertly these they it was a joke. You're the joke. Too late to note that problem would quote never too late but just watch instituted. At least two to three years ago. Cute baby. Two days before well one day before they meet. Right and and paper Spain. Could beat it. Beat some. Debris. Did you partner and 08 at that it be the sixth. Not going to be like. I. Status like oh just that's by. Bought. And paid sick bed and at the no. And Las Vegas is close celebrity plus Vegas Dallas LA yeah that's competition infringement on their territory. At. Old bridge. It also. Andy. At that stadium and let the plant. And and on the a big Hamlet and profit. And dale were the player. And. And is. It. More. Not that I. Your foes going in and out item in the cardinal. An article about Tinder with the NBA teams OIBM was reviewed and endurance that's why they're not they're better and give that on the floor or you don't like them or not we all want to do that for the word. Save it for the word. And it not 579570. AAA dot he 57957. Its go to Adam in ten growth. Not an actual city pin and there are like ignorant for not knowing about that well where is and grow madam. Is by Petaluma in between cattlemen are part. How can burn. I know that area I used to play he's CYB upn. Open more important so rich area I want to title there. Yeah it's it's a little country. Can learn what he got on the silver black. You know I think meeting or at a press conference was a good thing I think it's you know be targeted. So the other other owners you know that Oakland wants to team mistake now. It just I don't understand why they would want to believe. One of the top markets the top five markets together when like the top flight would like hello we're like well it's 400. It plate. Didn't make any sense. You know currency and it goes so it's like it a Yugo. I think Oakland and it in the next couple years we'll have another team that you wanna come here now. Yeah I don't think or would they play the thing over the phone call Adam I don't think look if it's too soon Zach if the raiders leave I don't think. Oakland skin another team and me neither. I just I I can't I I can't see it unfolding is such where. And where would they play. In what what would be different in regard to building the cathedrals for the in the play well when I do for you right herbal whatever ideal and now you're right now here's the situation a mark davis'. She said this repeated repeatedly. We just a flat it took too long for them to get it done. So he told Vegas if you get it done we're gonna move to Vegas so. He's at this deals actors but don't even have delete stuff. All I know that that's why can be additive that come Monday he could do it all the eyes are not dotted in the these are not core is arrogant little. I'm controlling the control. I is dotted and T straws yeah that's what us part we'll get back to your phone calls candidate not 579570. Tripoli 9579570. Text line 95795. Plus a letter from Goodell not the best news.