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Afternoon Delight - Hour 1 - 3/24/17

Mar 24, 2017|

Papa & Bonta are joined by Draymond Green, Sam Amick, & discuss the news that Will Smith will be shut down for the season w/ Tommy John Surgery.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And after Randy is heard he had the Chilean collided direct trying to run it off. They collide with his left leg he jogged over to the front court. I think is management approach. We don't concern obviously when you know your best players but I was off the floor. I mean we saw out there got to play the game that they don't. Have Kevin Durant I don't even think they'd get out of the west. We've been pretty lucky the last few years of injuries that's the best one so now we gotta look out. We'll let him shoot better and no it isn't. And keep that covers key issues. And somebody was trying to put a date. Were killed on the say it goes at least. Back to play how we're thought I would never feel good good. Just take this time. Anything. Don't tell with a twelve point eight the only game they migrated up after the warriors walk softly very frustrated came here. Losing on a very very borderline call from the rest steps plays they. You're one of the top of the average thickness. We see today. The rest leading up to that expert with the win 10785. We now have a race the number one seed in the west. The sixers right now have no fear whatsoever of the buildings anyway. Has not sound like great well look I'm going to read that they'll very bonding at Dow up. They a lot of quietly likely to have the feds want what my behind the go ahead. I didn't have water board last night. Why Draper will be. The only holdout shouting very sad that back a week out of the ball. The security kept up a good break up hate Novak what we're. Wrote that that does it right great great wrote today at the on the growing up back. Lauren. Well it has been three and a half weeks since Kevin Durant said knee injury in Washington the first two weeks of obviously. Did that go well but the last week and a half and really really gone well starting of that fourth quarter. Against the Philadelphia 76ers they played better and better on the homestand Orlando Milwaukee. And obviously. The two games on the road trip Oklahoma City and Dallas they've been off for a couple of days actually a day off and on and back to practice yesterday. In their back on the floor tonight against the sacrament okay how are you about today. Two poppy you know it's rainy day in the Bay Area but I do go down yesterday goes to the sweet sixteen. At the saps in herself some good games saw David West happened up everybody's ain't here Xavier cute man and Steve Kerr or have they have surprised there's not a blue deadly but. In May be raining threes tonight against the Sacramento Kings and I have a I have a surprise for you right away what was that terrain not journey you know you're kidding if you were. I would idea. Or not don't make me a liar today is in or out you're out there right turn into. I how are fairly accurate or not they'll clean up from Saginaw mounted applause my management my Baylor and then lastly my but so tell me dramatic at last and we had you and it was after your epic performance against the 76ers in the in the last homestand it just the way you're playing and the defense of bandit. The second quarter of the way you're playing how would you guys figured out how to play without him wondering entering. Our. Go to Jeff Burton and so while security. Our outlook hasn't been church are great and you look at who would. But also where we started the game would be a somewhat or each of the last. More games like they care and or order it but. There's there's been people out there and it and it forward locker star. You know order athletes took great outlet. How have you changed your game at all. Without Kevin you're at in specifically drain on when you're on the floor with staff and when you're not on the floor which after your mindset change at all. I'm what are their roots are as little bit and it doesn't aren't you do a little more. There are people. Yeah. Last year we called back to back quite a bit. Are. You know like after that doesn't always work well. Norman is a factor marchers struggle a little more and more personal and. Yeah we love that high ball screen in the early offense trek series that was the best play and all of the NBA. A year ago and you've been using it more and more you know the other night especially Monday when you were not enough Oklahoma City. Train on it just it just seems like you're using your your usage rate with the ball in your hand. Has gone up more your bring in the ball up the floor more like a point forward you're getting the warriors in in the office a little bit more. Do you feel like the ball's in your hand more in that point forward role. More since the Kevin Durant injury. I don't. Require movement or stroke or visit our soccer gear in the we're actually not certain that. We're told there are actually bit. Arctic back there are certain but they vote more. I don't outlaw local OJ the output. Somewhat. Hard drive. Yeah. And you're so good at it sometimes when I see you bring in the ball up the floor I think that others party. Who are 32 and Uga 23 magic Johnson and me. It just seems like you wait for the action whether it's a screened yearly after right. That it takes place in your all all almost feather in the ball like elect a true. Point guard and and the other night and I was watching you Monday night in that Oklahoma City dramatic just. Your ball handling or time's up top Euro moved the ball left hander right hand waiting for you know the other staffer players shooter to come off the ball screen at. Have you always handled the ball like that and I'm just noticing it now or you improve your ball handling a lot sick the last couple years. So your wallet. They. Work. Those that. Oh is. It. Like better times you looked like the real point guard on the floor playing the point forward role we're joined by drain on green at. I'll start perennial all star of the gold say Aureus joining us in the dream I green showed opening half and the like today with Papa and Daunte here and at a five point seven game it is highly unusual. For you guys get clearance from Raymond Ridder to do an interview like this done on game day. So I wanna give it a little bit of the mindset of what you guys do in the morning in the shootaround so what what is your day been like. So far you're obviously in a car. He had to go back home crash for a couple hours what is your gate what Richard date like when you know yet to play basketball tonight at 740 Drina. I want us a bit of money in there a big a lot of people go about every. Thursday. Our people and there is no B units are there. Brock shepherd a war. Then. Your asthma and they'll probably well our support other partners so. Stressful and very cool like. Oh. These matters Saturday boat car. Wreck your card. Smart. Let it. Should. But in the eleventh launch look. Or a little. Out there got shot so when. The so. Oh are here and there. Is similar. You know you should rob actually being recorded traders words the that was pretty. Fortunate. It's purely a pitcher at that as your podcast right now much say what you drink here. It. Project. Market bounces out in color notebook. That you. Were. So record and. You do editing usually today and get in trouble this morning with markets to Asia and in the main news. Are bouncing as they do. We were out there. Truth and I. Are those other topics that you initiate it is markets Adrian let's talk about this thirty drive the podcast. Barker was not the proper operas that Hitler hello. Drug problem run Ottawa we beaten repressed but bill. Look at the drop. Out of school hello all the conversational partner. It's going to be. Opt. Out. It probably don't know how we'd assume most of his words and blow. Out of power there's. And a lot to say in year you're certainly well thought out when when you're done playing in train I'd say twenty years from now. What do you wanna do you do you wanna be a broadcaster. Do you wanna be a coach do you wanna get the hell away from basketball and she'll what what do you wanna do when you're done plan. I'm wondering where I love about our. At some. Solid. I really wanna get proper well off shore. Exactly. What is it. You want to use. That quote hero Roger. Or. They go off the court. The smartest news. What songs are. Short putt well. I think he'd be a hell of a broadcaster broadcasting it paid good money right it will pay but I also think you beat. I'm really excellent head coach you play the game with that thought ma process of a of a coach do you see yourself being a head coach or more of a of AG hammer now today and I don't Kevin Durant talk about the energy amity with my do you guys make. You could wind up getting into ownership Padilla do you see yourself coaching though one day. Cogent and not something that where do archer. We have all wanted a bigger Burton Carl. There is so I can't coach that always look like a closer look at it. Almost. And. And what will look closely at what we'll do of the players reunited. Pet owner degrades. Or you do if a player didn't play as hard if you play and it be difficult for you. My. That would really make you vote. Worse. Guy that. I thought about it. I don't rush to have so. Outlook our C it doesn't play. So hard. Proudly chula what you do and I'd have to play hard when they wouldn't play would you drama grange joining us just left the glorious morning shootaround and they Gabbert to take out the Sacramento Kings shall the morning shootaround. To take they take the listeners inside. What the morning shootaround is student is just one of the assistant coaches get on the floor with you guys can give you the advance scout or is that done all video on your I pay it's how do you guys get the scouting reports say. The Sacramento Kings Ramon because they've changed a hell of a lot since you saw on the last night. You know courses that are close who's done it matters Thursday. You know. Where to go you know was. Because of experience so whether they'll. Know all. Of the breakdown duke player in the place that let all. Build your own or walk murder most. And it would go programs should have been shot so you know. Trust our stuff. One. So shut the Euro though in the we're hurt us about it in that part is that they're doing last. We actually got what America. Upper arms like these again. Absolutely and made more so not out there right. Now. Because of our shares. So would you when you watch video do you watch it strictly as a team together or will you get video on your iPad and go back and watch some of their young be big status scale. It's playing really well Willie Cawley style and they got up energy off the bench please study some of the big shall play yourself for settled on as the team. Our broad program it is such a personal question waters. Vote. Not a victory in the day. So you know put our sport and so watch so. Are are you a big video guy or do you not watch a lot of video of the opponents. Probably maybe Coca. Like that. Don't church of the ability to operate. Under. These. They were what situation they are. So out of that studio. Dermarr speak to the denture they've they've really stepped up their play lately everybody's gotten bigger roles of the more specifically patched the call in Clark and David what's up and David West has been phenomenal all season as a veteran coming off the bench is passing has been exceptional but he Clark from a car here they're probably gonna be some facts are going to be factors here in the playoffs in this incurs rotation. To speak a little bit about Clark and calls recent play. I'll open. Argues that US government policy. Well today. And then CNN and there's been great or crap when it took start. In auto workers security. I got Oakland but cards suburbs are challenged. Rocker bit. Ago. Are certain role of government we have. Occurred in your. System off the bench. But I thought it was a hundred. Like how to grow. And Barbara. Those pressures that that. There were videos are that we call. And actually got oil because what you not to let don't walk in and play or that sort barber rushed like it is. But I also thought. That's a big reason why you images Kalin teams during this five game winning streak in the last four games in particular the warriors are just demolishing teams. In the second quarter and the guys you're talking about that are coming in and David West with that jump over three mavericks on that Tuesday night. Was really impressed and I'm sure they did David West due today. It shooter out coached her in and Q Bruce Frazier after Xavier knocked out Arizona last night for a. Our viewers tune big talker but he's not a big talkers. So are. First but he could straighten it. We view watch in a a tournament last night he checked others on the that not a. Oh come out either Sony actually Arafat and that there which. Yeah okay about it I was clear to him on the moments would you sleep at ethnic. About the record reflect pretty. Good record without a great well. I'll go up. Like a lot sector this year or. I was thinking that you Sunday can you guys took off at 11 AM it's party was playing Sunday at 1115 were you able to watch the game with a Wi-Fi and the airplane earlier which you'd have to file a Michigan State on Sunday. Oh. You're actually act again. We are better at an even know that. Movement yeah I went to begin. I was little world goes on outside the girl skirt. Well that's even better actually met the team later. I president elect she going to get a get a yet nap in before game charities they awakening afternoon on game day. Not definite drag him out so you know you. He invariably good. -- put on 95 point seven a game we will put you to sleep to check that the best way to listen and direct result we will court date either a little more. Important clearance from Draper or vegetarian not have a breaking in the night. I'd say well appreciated. All right gerrymandering joining us and the dream on during show on the afternoon delight with pop it in back today and there's no question as well and is improved. A lot to register your sometimes you see him bring the ball up and ignored it more and more. And you just waiting to get that two guys and it indyk curls and sets off you know the action as he calls it off the ball he says he has that. He has the patience and poise of of a point four point guard it's not just the ball handling that. The subtle nuances award to deliver the ball that's right Alonso ball on today's jets so there he delivers the ball in the pocket is they called the shooting pocket. Just about every time Monta Ellis when he was here. He could not do daddy's drag down Nelson's crazy when he delivered a pass to be done around the ankles are behind you guys in front of a guy and make him. Reach him lose his rhythm going into that a shot it's like a great quarterback delivering the ball and Joseph Montana that expert mr. his play was. Right in the in the box for guys catching and running after dream on during his watch him. And deliver the ball off you know off strange when he's up top and guys are running curls. To the wings in the way he brings the ball up he really is improved immeasurably as a guy that can handle the ball and is there really good point forward now. Pop would you say that tram on this possibly the most important player on this way or C because the way he handles the ball especially when they're in their half court said she's handled often yell boy trying to pick morals would step. He's ten he's orchestrating the offense and a half court set indices the most. Important I went. I Loveland and sportscasters and his average stations because there on the same team you took any one of them out I don't think you can win. So gerrymandering is critically important in everything you do. Offensively you know we Stephanie drag series the way they throw a tomb. In the split action in the post his ball screening every any everything he does ball movement. He's a tremendous offensive player and you just need to take a shot or score but then they will rotate off of and so he's really. Lethal when he can make that three or dribble driving get on the line or take a couple of steps with the ball draw the did the defense to prominent lobbyist. But having who's to say any loss Kevin Durant for two weeks they were in disarray. You lose Klay Thompson steps that the same player. You loose death obviously dollars so I mean it's just a silly argument just be thankful there all on the same team. If you took one guy away from it it would it would just not be the same I think what we're learning from injury and injuries they have been able to adapt. But I I is much as I don't like to agree with Charles Barkley I don't know if they get a list. Without Kevin Durant hell you know week and a half ago at another hit after the first round with Kevin Durant but they got to play a lot harder. Without Kevin Durant in the playoff series that would be scary. But have you lost any of those guys and Andre he got to have the right it's guy as well because if you have one liability on the floor of the opponents are gonna find it so yes strain on instrument. I think the warriors have a four of the top ten. Most valuable players in the NBA and you could stick it all your stats what Westbrook does it Harden does most guys are important it. Invaluable. Though would drain nodding clay do on both ends of the floor look at the warriors stats defensively. But say over the last four games they are killing us killing. People they are just running up numbers on people. And it's been a lot of its been in the second quarter now so it's starting with their defense and it's clay and drain on the fuel. The defense in their energy both on the perimeter and inside their ability to switch so. Those guys not quantifiable always in there in a box score. You know all the different metrics they use analytics I'd like to see more defense of analytics on a hot guys really play and I think it's hard. To judging guy on the head into the floor by pure numbers but. Like top surgery Ahman Green or two of the top ten most valuable players in the NBA and obviously put. Underrated staff at the very top of the list and then Andre in what he can do and what he's making shots and running but he's always mitigated to clamp down. Post defense so all of them all of them are top players it's just amazing they have a mine all on one team in the issuers talk about the bench. But he can India and get more out of McCall. And Clark and David West display in the way he's playing and jazz obviously fitting in and down the line. It goes well all of them JaVale McGee and there'll mixing in at finding their piece Matt Barnes has been a tremendous. Acquisition so. They're back coming in now the key thing is one of etiquette Keppinger hit back. Out of the integrate this guy Bakken and that's not subtle would you rank editor at bat did everything changes so. I know Sammy and it was there yesterday at the warrior practiced in a lot of positively about what Kevin Durant it yesterday it's an Alley had a count it down and probably weeks a year days when Kevin Durant welcome back and play for the warriors. I think the I want as she later bugs or Mark Green and whether America's now lost in the Dallas game and think about all the charity to teens and I've watched to bolster rockets spurs lakers and I don't remember. Where you can say whether your murder rate curry Durant clay 123 honesty but. Jerry Mark Green being he's not a role player he's dynamite players a five tool player but I've never seen like. Play alike can be the emotional leader fourteen Markey is the alpha dog big goal almost says he's gulls on wanna I wanna get your thoughts on that later but we gotta get sent an economy here we listened yesterday he hijacked this for drama I don't blame at Sam on that popped OK don't want to begin today. I like sand tiger missing the point got a new argued about it enough you know used her will be Sam and I got to do it a month ago. I used him to speak for the entire media world it's not so much sand. So we got into a debate about just how much the media loves Russell Westbrook and I moved out of pocket. Westbrook had a hard negative finished probably 12 in the MVP coli should win it. Everything we're talking about as a two way player Westbrook does not defend like that. Obviously Harden does not but the media is offensively stacked Trayvon. It's a fantasy league world now that I have no problem with saying it was just I used in that one day. To speak to. The media's obsession with a Westbrook because that was right that day when I could sense that the that the media players. And the media were gonna vote for Westbrook to be in the all star starting lineup for the fans would vote for period we estimated that if it came down the media. Overwhelming votes for Westbrook and even more so that shocked me was the players in this league and overwhelming. More votes for Westbrook that step which I have no problems and a. Hi hello I'm just instigating here Sammy and it could USA today will enjoy the afternoon delight right here about a 57 again. In the giants' bullpen still give jiggy wit it with Will Smith out for the season popping and Vontae discuss the giants' bullpen woes at 1245. Now back to Greg Papa and Vontae hill on 95 point seven a game. Little bit more today went through some five auto stuff. Some lateral movement. Seems like he. Picks. New stride each day and it's a good sign that job before we mark I think it's like a week from now and so that's really when we'll have our first real update. And Steve Perry yesterday had a warrior practice they were off completely after the game and Dallas on Tuesday off completely on Wednesday rare off day at home. And it Beckett yesterday you know you play the Sacramento Kings tonight in Kevin Durant was on the floor yesterday during practice wearing a game like neighboring Saunders tights and a was getting up the data what they called dummy offense five on zero obviously going to be cleared. Medically do take part in more and that would be contact trio which should be five on five it for she got a three entering actually bombed that in and of itself. Sam may make from the USA today sports section NBA writer for many many years that's company years with the the USA today was at practice yesterday joins us every Friday. And the afternoon delight with pop and about to hear and at a five point seven games Sammy welcome and what did you see from Katie yesterday in practice. Gentlemen did Hewitt yeah. And expert in admittedly. Would. Was kind of low key just some jumpers and so it didn't take that much absent some of the other folks. I grabbed crackers. And I think it shootaround today. And you know he's actually not specifically give up on the court in a full court streak in order or an option year before year it looked pretty good I mean. But you mentioned. Steve Kirsch said that. On Thursday. The plan on having him do the reevaluation four weeks after the initial. Diagnosis he's going to be or what the team on this short catches for a trip Houston's Antonio again. I'm back of that reevaluation that but obviously he's gay culture. And tonight over the interest anchors of the on the bench I would think during a warrior game at home the last homestand he did not come out on the bench but he did for that Oklahoma City game on Monday and obviously Tuesday in Dallas so. Thanks for the first time the worst things that has seen him since the last night of February when he. When he heard that need. The other day ESPN Sammy came out with a report that the warriors that are quote on quote cautiously optimistic that he will return. Before the end of the regular season is anybody muttering. A plan for when he made it back now that he's out of Florida actually running whether it's a dummy five on all it is a step. Is there any of you heard any date word where he can come back maybe the last couple weeks of the year if you heard anything about what what they're hoping they can do with him. I mean beyond the you know before the end of the season and can't handicap that you know I think they'll love to have a week. Before. Specifics are to this point are on a topic I'll buy but I agree that we're given that point where those are natural questions that passed in the bank. They'll choke point that become clear that the part. To me that online and move at all from the very beginning even care about. That press conference the first time he addressed the media oh oracle. After the injury woods whose kind of ugly because. From the lawyer's perspective. You know you did have that I'm a lot of optimism about it and getting back for the in the race she's and then all of us in the room who don't at Ph.D.s and don't do this medical suffer a living. We will look at Kevin and move Earl slow that walker and it looks like he's aged about thirty years. So it yeah it seemed a little bit hard to believe it and again pretty quickly here we exceeded net interest in the progress. So specifically no but you know I think at this point in having some kind of runway leading into the policies news is that plan. Sammy and after three and a half weeks and the first two weeks or hell stated that looked like themselves at all now obviously they were right in the throes of that. Thirteen thousand mile Odyssey. But they lost five out of seven they lost three in a row the last game in San Antonio it'd go for so we won't count that one but they just looks. Lost in analysts on standing had better and better and better and it really good at his last two game road trip to a PC in Dallas on Monday and Tuesday of this week so. Without Kevin deranged it. What they do today which is getting out of the first round now no longer a big concern it looks like it's gonna be Denver. Could they win the west without them could they win the whole thing where where do you think they hours they play more and more. Without Kevin Durant hopefully there gonna get him back here a couple of weeks which just that seemed but it is seeded night on the floor against the can't see how good. It's funny guys I try. To like in the social four I try to do your job or not. Led that there is clip too much and not get too swayed one you know too quickly one way or the other different things happen but I wrote it. Those early days without him to go don't you guys shows weird kinda not sound the alarm that saying you know they got some real problems in. And it just didn't look that look like the the question that you raised we're going to be probably go forward could survive the first match up with Campbell and they're all those things that they turn around and not winning games again but it went by art market. And they look good in more specifically. At this is that something that vomit right next week had a good chat with. Very mine yesterday. Break it down deeper into the idea that counter intuitive and that is but they are marginally better statistically speaking in the twelve games without it. That they're worried in the fourth when they had all of the top rated defense in the NBA ever to. So you know that that make it happen and it's deeper and decide to me as a major surprise the other side. It is you know it's not quite as simple step in glades start filing its shots but I think that obviously you'd part of that. That dries out of those guys one true to coward who was the kind of things they cannot deal with as are other currently constructed. But there on the way right now I think the only caveat would be. These teen date and not recently obviously pretty. Pretty weak strength of schedule you know when you talk about truly Orlando Milwaukee under on the road integrate and but then you know Dallas. And then tonight against Jackie got votes in the same thing can happen but but it's better than the alternative plan pretty well. Yeah we'll see what happens Sunday hurt tonight against second and Sunday gets Memphis has to be challenged there you're in you and Jeff is they'll give wrote a piece earlier this week and talk about a week for second this whole four letter word has got everybody in opera match arrest. Adam silver you guys were disputes but armed with adults overseeing it there's gonna be severe penalties. For teens breaking their rest protocol now what are the penalties he's gonna play sun Peter Levy on teams. One that the little bit with that with that piece you wrote earlier this week. Yeah I do it right that we tried the cold pullback occurred rather a little bit on. The league's thinking and some of the specifics about why and obviously nobody got. It was fine. As far as the cab during the lawyers but the cat clearly got sideways with the the NBA Dave they're GM. As a publicly that he got. Focal probability that so they. And the reason. They weren't happy in this and that they think a lot of fans. I'll admit it is not as simple teens either resting players or not players there's a real specific protocol. You've got followed. And the lawyers what they said guys in San Antonio. They followed the letter of the law the date for that the rule started to date for the game by 5 PM. You've got to update the injury and illness report in saying that should we why guys play. And then it triggered a rush guy the second you make that determination to rest and you have to alert the league and you have to hurt the opponent. The the lawyers did. So they were fine with the league that cabs in LA Atlanta clippers. The date for when that deadline came and went. They only had it would be much Alpert Kyle Korver on their injury report no carrier no Kevin Love. And that certainly know LeBron James. And next on net app. To your question but today and I think it's an applicable one. It is I don't know how big I'm going to be but it Cheney you know that. The 200 to 2000 dollars that the spurs got it was Wednesday. Chad data in Miami. A number of years back I mean that's that day and NBA front office so they could Adams syllable as part of he's the deputy commissioner that point the right and David Stern's show. There is a precedent here and I think uses words like significant penalty. You know it would be enough. I find topic Tony thirteen 250000. Dollars for the in zone but he still late that he was of flies. Three wise Barack Obama Southwest Airlines all right Peter Cook Steve Kerr did pointed out the night before Minneapolis is just a notification Italy. But the Sacramento Kings are in taps and naymick is joining us from USA today sports car in the NBA for many many years and for years. He's covered the Sacramento Kings closely still lives up there so last time we saw this team Sam was right before the all star break and they actually were leading the warriors. And halftime and we were looking for me your first ever. Warriors kings playoff series on northern California first round playoff series and the warriors said that unbelievable third quarter that night February the fifteenth they outscored 28 to two. At one point the all star break comes and the kings right during the all star game trade. DeMarcus Cousins and the question I hands or you. Could they not have waited to trade cousins in the offseason. And navy got more right before the draft when exactly know when you're gonna draft and there's more movement to trade him in the middle of the year I like buddy Gil was a player but they essentially gave him away. Why did the body into the thick trade their markets at the all star break this year not wait to the summertime see him. I mean they're. Rationale. Is that combination of a couple of things for one day yet you know the claim against the allegation. That the market. Was drying out and get worse by the day now. That you've had out cited Allen's and it's happened a lot pretend. That this is not just a part of the NBA business as usual but. To mark uses agents. And saying that your product. The guys wrapped in him. They need. Had their eyes on the player and that he was going to be eligible for this coming summer. An additional thirty million dollars they wanted the market should stay intact as a result. They were rattle cages in the NBA with anybody gate was Sacramento. On the trade front I'm trying to spook and trying to make sure. That they do today is overture now. When our guys freeagent. You might keep you appease that it's forgotten. And certainly this summer were not an extension would duke and so you know trying to scared into not putting much on the table and the that specifically with the pelicans. And the art we now know. You know they want to get 11 round pick in addition to the players in your body and arrogant and flexing Galilee. Their blood work for routers on the table. And then the agent kind of did their thing and next thing you know that check it first rounder came. Yeah the games sec router oh. And he just saw you know the price tag at lower. And they clearly felt like they had all the traders now have a top other executives. It is vehemently disagree and India say you know I root out cult Sacramento he's saying what on the table and so how could you know which you might get. If you didn't truly market out there and I think that's valid. You know it's gonna become one of McCain could Wear you know could have got more it's up to bat and get much much. And they've got some young bigs bigs these two guys from Kentucky that then towers or interest thing. But so what nobody actually have to do like got a residents are allowed within two hours ago and they're both India collapsed onto the Olympic here. But. What would they have to do their obviously and tank mode it it's pretty clear what they have to do to keep their picker how to how does it work rule how how much losing to they have to do more sand. A contaminant three log on my laptop and from the you're actually in the right here. In terms of the take day. It's not a protected. What Chicago and so. They've got you know that they've got to make sure that they get up and take contending outside of that. They got to give it up there in pretty good position. Right now. To the point where. By the embassy. You know the heavy jog at this point are there are going to be able to rest easy and I hated it because. You know the way to draft lottery ought to work you know you wind up with that the ship worst record I think they are right now. I think there's seventy hours straight parents are they average critics Philadelphia Orlando Brooklyn. And Phoenix in the lakers two hours. OK well that's that they that the logic skill because. At seven. You can't my understanding that look at yesterday you can't get any worse than that three spot below that in the draft lottery so about ten that you should be. In the clear Q if they. Did a little bit better they want a more games out that way. You know out of spot then that eight fabric and it could then dropped down to eleven. And then maybe you do to pick you gotta wait until the lottery night to note your shape. So that's the net debt the deal. Would that Jake and and the pelicans one misses a much are concerned the one they got from the Portland. And I entered another has stretchers people feel like you're getting so little trade in the why in the world would you let the pelicans protect that take her top three which is what ultimately happened but nonetheless. The world does want to gain lately a top three ticket looking extremely unlikely. Of them. You know that their situation joke. They're hoping to come out of this with. 21 routers and a lot to be excited about is strapped me out BC area's become you know he would check medal locally he's in High Court date. He steals dreams and he's really good and it I told somebody the other day the only word of caution they keep giving kings and had been theirs or close for so long. There's like it's irony where the aggregate comes back to Sacramento. You know I mean you got to remember what our record rookie. You know thinks fans thought they had the next urged them abroad you know he's averaging. Point 55. When he got the rookie. Right right absolutely and at that I think you know political traits that are members that came on strong late season bullet. You know that that time it was the right tricky what rookie year. But we've seen hype around kings rookie before. So you know they'd been shouldn't take too far but Al. Skilled guy he's like a good guy and shoulders. He's done a nice surprise should check out. And topping on this topic G off the bench is that as well. I'm the original prodigy like this the taco G. Copyright C having that your time is always an aim of joining us from USA today in the afternoon eleventh and you've got to earnhardt's. It's got to play much at Kentucky some from a little surprised at how well they're playing even installments are believed to poppy wasn't doing much of a guy in my Kyra to serve from your alma mater Syracuse, New York we looked every bit but he certainly who so he's good like cookies future it will tell you match up a buddy Gil played and you really going much to go that you have to go to your left and pulled up for shots a lot of scouting report and a buddy love that would person. At news in the baseball world today pop wool Smith has elected to have Tommy John surgery ending his 2017 season. So how would adjourn its bullpen still give jiggy with it. Who did this and with a pocket that Iran Will Smith. That's the wrong one but I thought an out of this right away you know we're not we won't see Will Smith getting jiggy with it we'll say you have a little. Who legitimately. You're. Symbols of what. It's like being with watching Katie run of the got a court. We have an elegant definitely. The into the afternoon delight. It is yet to be like what public budget and proximity. With the USA victory in the World Baseball Classic we'll more stars participate next year I agree great MLB network and fox sports analyst John zarrella CP is the baseball season popping and Vontae at one. Now back to that happened Vontae hill on 95 point seven the game. Got a. Whose careers giant stars. Well Smith micro ago. Giants TV networks is and Bay Area giants gave up a couple of hot prospects in the middle of last year trade deadline handers are sick the catcher Phil Bedford. Starting pitcher to get. Will Smith and started a little bit rough with the giants that began to lock anything veteran guys a lift catering it lefties and readies out equally so. We had Alex bad of a chat earlier in the week when it looked like at UCL a was in trouble when he was in that time again it's official now about today. He is out the year he's gonna have a teacher. It is official he's Al efforts when he said the team that he gets a huge huge blow for the sport and your pop. Yeah I think it with the other it a problem last year was the ninth inning he's starting below say you can't get to the you know you're watching. It to the ninth inning Santiago Casilla. This is gonna blow it up when Derek law looked like he could take that you have he got hurt I really thought under strict it was figured out in time to be Jack closer at some point take the job from Casilla. He just never did. So now the worry is not so much the ninth inning mulling changes looks so cool enemies that. He's gonna go back to the days of that usually around here where you only comes and you reach you for your car keys because you know the game's over. As opposed when Casilla came in any order double shot. Last fall. You could also be. Oh we're going to be here it's Garcia missed that a lot of balls in the UND party's youth did it's there it's that out of a little short he's changed he's going to be you know enabled discussion throughout the year will be in the watch hi overseas again. But I'm a little worried about the the road to the ninth inning. And and I think they're gonna have to carve out roles. Stephen Joker is then do it well. Josh ocean which is a guy that I really thought and it. Tremendous arm and I first saw this lefty pomp and 98 and ninety dollars each day and Oregon State really good talent. So the good have to figure out how to get there I really think we're Bruce book she's gonna do it if you don't have Sergio Romo you know Javier Lopez who were mainly. Matchup guys left on left the loopy and search with the no doubt slider was right right guy. Pitch around the other side so vote she got really mad team at G. I think what you'll see him do this year is go back to what he did in San Diego when he the the trio leading did treated to guys that trio in total Trevor Hoffman at the back of the bullpen and he had a Akinori Otsuka. And Scott library connotes it would take the seventh Linebrink take the eight and Trevor Hoffman throws change up went to three C a in a nice panic you'll see him. Let. Especially here law. Face left on left or right I'd left I should say just pitch maybe the eighth inning and he you know you know who are strictly and you've got George got toast out there got some other. Some other arms. But I also think one thing it does. Indirectly. Is effective Matt Cain fifths spot in the starting rotation. I read your realistic it would Bobby Evans a giant GM is saying I cat. That they match one million large. He's gonna start the year take in the fit no matter what again it's. Their bodies cash well I can estimate is clear is that they they make some tough financial decisions in the past. Where they've taken guys out of the rotation whether it's Timmy Lincecum Herman Cain Jake Peavy whoever that Peter's ego. There Hedo did make the only postseason roster twenty Tannen. As they've done it. That usually right away so I think Cain look at the spot and now in light of even a cane is that pitching well. And block is I think this lack of a lefty in the bullpen losing Will Smith. Will mean naked boot time blocked in the bullpen. And he could companies starter he could come any gauge it right through the seventh date if indeed this except that they needed to. Andy get lefties out he pitches inside against righty sees he agree to an injury start so I think what the old too. It is an academic training video house and figure out how you want tickets to your closer alliance and but I think what this does indirectly because of the injury to. We'll Smith on today is that probably means that Matt Cain will be the fifth start of the open the year type blocked now as a more clearly defined role as a left hander Anibal. Yeah with this injury did you book Bruce both she may not have a choice but will discuss this more which armor rolls on other side who added good good time. At the World Baseball Classic I've never seen a guy not smile pop. So gauging knowing it isn't being have to have it left Friday afternoon instead of drinking game every time Jack says that's a great question. We editing feature yet know what. You're wearing rubio you'll be so I'm way yeah. Every time he says. Direct question but today she. Now upgrading mine. Greg I know any got a shot but just you know Russia would be here we're down columns were Jack in these outside and went on these rigs and Jack in the house will be shops -- when John morose he says question earlier in the afternoon delight problem but in parts of the game. I'm glad you agree great.

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