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Chris Bertish

Mar 24, 2017|

Chris Bertish traveled the Atlantic Ocean on a stand up paddle board, and he joined Damon Bruce live in studio to tell his incredible adventure.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Every now and then your offer to look at the world that changes your own perspectives of the world in my case the world of sports. Many years ago few years ago for five years ago. I was offered the opportunity to take in. Mavericks for the first time knowing nothing about surfing knowing very little about mavericks' other than the waves are big and dangerous. As I watched that competition won by gentleman named twiggy baker the guide also. Was in the competition that day's name Chris Bird which. Chris Bird which became one of the cool guys and just started talking to and it was all said and done. It's amazing. That he walks around with a zero arrogance he walks around not ever coming off his one of the simply best in the world that what he does he is a big wave surfer he is known in the world of surfing is a true water man. He is one of the great lifeguards in the world he's he's basically the south African Eddie a cow is really what he is. And the question might now be would Crisco. Any answered that question is oh yeah how far we go he'd go across the ocean on a standup paddle board that is a long way away from big wave surfing. I'm very happy to introduce to you for the first timer hopefully. Many times another time a guy who I think is one of most fascinating people in the world Chris Byrd pitch joining us here Chris great to see. Why auditors warned an amazing that your I could carry around in my pocket and taking hopeful talks. Fortunate. Well I I tell you man. I think that's and I think the way you would just accomplish is one of the great feats in human endurance. It just simply explain it you. Paddled. On a standup paddle board that was obviously rig for a long journey was indeed it was the is that Cadillac out. Of standup paddle boards but without. Any eyes on you without a an accompanying. Boat next to you. You paddled across the Atlantic Ocean how long did it take. To me exactly 93 days and five dollars 93 days and five hours. At what point did you think of turning back first. That's a great question and a lot of people lost their Christian I find it quite fascinating because. I've put so much into that project and pretty much had everything on the line for this project and then. When people talk about being able in I don't think a lot of people really understand what that means and you not put. The last five years of the spreads into this project Almonte I'm personal finance Democrats and Ernie gets great support from and Carrick while former presenting sponsors but. I put everything and into this united and every single moment of time 1516 not a day where I am for eighteen months. A sacrifice on business almost lost our relationship my house and everything else and once I started day. There was an of that tuning back there was no according there was an you know giving out being this project was changing the lives of millions of people on that responsibility as a mark on my shoulders and I knew that it was a that was my GG irresponsibility bills with Clinton didn't get to this other side in one piece Steve you make that dramatic positive impact on the world and no matter what was gonna happen now is navigating give up never gonna give him an ounce can get to aside from. You're willing to die for this pressure for sure without a shot over that there's not a lot of people who leave their house thinking. Why might not ever return. Because of the choices and I'm about to make choices that are incredibly dangerous almost never made in the course of human history. Tell us why you decided to do this what is the inspiration. There's got to be something that lit the spark what was it Chris. Damning guy Greg Christian and I believe that it in my funeral when you when you really believe in something in you prepared to putter on line and acting canyon or mavericks into any ten time cause Ross up against the wall as the underdog and not a supporter all on the line but I think there. The magnitude of of this project and what what it's managed to achieve is exponentially billion. You know winning the mavericks have been in the biggest ways in the history of the sport yes it was a great accomplishment for myself led and inspired a lot of people but this project. It's the magnitude in regarding to its charity aspect is. And an evil and its Operation Smile as you know yeah I mean get 333. Charities that I did it fall which has operations marches to pay full operation of kids border cliff let let's include pallets. The net and I sparks fund which is to feed hungry kids didn't even in Africa that don't have enough money be able to go to school so that she go to school to get lunch box because avenue and at a lunch or dinner of the not to fool. And then signature of hub which is to both schools in Africa where there's not a and money for education and this project the web set it up isn't it and set up likening you to find so we had enough. From the end of this month to go to pay for feeding over 101000 children every month for the next forty years that saw three to five operations every. Month for the next twenty years and to be available five to seven schools when I get back which opened its new gun. Opel myself 'cause I'm passionate lot inspiration education. Battle to get to prove that say that again I think we got it and it's it's it's unbelievable who when I asked was zero point. That you turned back or thought of it obviously you were so sold on this happening you never thought of that but. Doubt. Must have crept in at some not doubt in whether or not you wanna do this doubt you would make it Chris was there a moment where he said the yourself. If I survive this night. That would be nice. If you know the present every night because I don't think. That's exactly whereas guys like will we didn't wasn't there an dale I'm not win it wasn't like that you know is 93 days and I would say probably 75. Of those 93 days whereas. Just gonna get through the next. I've just got to get through the next day I'm just gonna get through the storm just gonna get through the next month and 493. Days it was pretty immense like that in. I think a lot of people lost like Heidi get to challenge is how do you overcome obstacles. Just like one stroke at a time one minute time when our at a time one day at a time. One knew that he knew not to at a time and no matter wide if you can focus insisting that. You'll eventually get through the obstacle and you get to those. There's a lot of life lessons and here we're talking with Chris Byrd that you just did an incredible. Journey a true test of human endurance it's like nothing I've ever seen the man cross an ocean. On a panel board not a normal paddle board give us an idea of what it looked like I've seen pictures it basically looks like a glorified jet ski. It had like a little load Caroline in the front here and. Eminent frank yeah. And yet that's exactly what is basically took my panache and then seventeen and a half slips then open the Russians and a paddle board and its. And there croft and we both was to Pudong which isn't very much really it's like half of often regional rep. And it's. Double has lied and it's gonna look cabin on the front which is really small and it's shorter than I am loans so I never got to sleep. Fools straight shot and that the width of a way I see anywhere sleeping is. As why does my shoulders and I'm not a very wide guy and you know over the hold Cheney out on lost like fifteen kilogram which is almost a carbon of often packs do you play. So are you guys you guys and it's as it was an incredible and I think a lot of people us and I'm like I understand the scope of it ousting their corner of almost a full linemen every single day for 93 days China. And that's pretty incredible when you know and actually changing muscle groups Eugene you've got like twelve to fifteen hours a day a ten to fifteen hours a day any trying to make your iron. Freed and hydration procurement. And let's step yet to make the water with the order making you have to make your and you're in 3-D new FT. Secure navigation you have to check criticisms and you have to update to weigh that and you might get a cup lost sleep and you wake up. And you know and again. And every day it was cited for all obviously you had a little bit more then just. You know. The stars to navigate by I'm guessing you had some GPS and did you indeed have a satellite phone to call if you did reach a hit it a catastrophic moment. Yeah I united that's gonna party you have to have backups of everything and actually I'll back up so back up shirt but you also would think for a project like this you'd have an accompanying stamp tricked it you know this. Gumbo yeah boat. Well that tramp steamer that's about trying to make something. That is next to use that would serve his year. It hey do you need. This person didn't mean to sit which creates the need some water how often did you just. Your own war. That's exactly are you you're an ingenious than I could get into. How do we have enough. And have a water does his nation's colors and obvious as compact it's. It's very compact that's exactly what is that on the telemundo cabin had set a panels in the senate panels round Randall on electronics and navigational again and ran Monday senator. But Ellis had major problems with this on a panels not charging any up enough so. It was constantly every day trying to work cut from the hierarchy structural just from a survival point what I could charge in order to be able to stand up enough to be alert. May cannot afford a half as much that I normally would have needed to be O Stan I've. Then Hoffman's best that would require my nav systems to be on the run through the knots ships could spark mean and with. With my little am AIS which makes me is like a raid off. Which basically puts a mark mine mind. Croft on their radar until then I'm Don may says yes yes and if that the united that if you don't amount that you cover that didn't the board dot disappears and you just become a trend in someone's coffee cup as they run you down. I'm. Now at any point in time we're a meat is it analysts. Just blank horizon around you or are you in 88 shipping channel worried they're all our. You there are boats surround you did you did you have. A lot of company on your highway of the ocean. In our guy tree and Canary Islands I was going to warn them and shipping lanes and remember that our stock. My main steering system had had broken cropping back. Broken gained and it was never going to be salvage side T somehow trying to think of like a jury hearing director Craig and this is in the fist. He put it through 5400 miles to nominate a little over a gigantic storm. I've got what's called a parachute and doc which is like a giant parachute which guys on the front which holds you in the same sort of positions or you don't trip. Brief Boston very far in the wrong direction. And I mean thirteen to fourteen knots of wind which is one down from hurricane. And I mean 68 Nikhil ways which is you know fifty to forty feet refereed. Three to four Storey buildings. And I'm not really able to knew that I have no steering. And I'm on being carried out there and I'm surrounded. On my navigational. And page that I see in front of me which is monitoring all that decked vessels that are on I can see about fifteen. Tankers. Coming and going right Iran meet that are between 50900. Feet long and she five times a wider than I am. In length. And I first vertigo do you personally go and I knew that if my ass actually failed like it wasn't if I was gonna get them. You run Neville is just to compliment I'm out there when I was gonna happen and so is it was terrifying of the time it's. Absolutely amazing I understand how you get. Water to sell a nice how do you bring enough food for you for the calories you're burning. As are making this trip is something I don't understand so that's horrendous start when we come on back. How you did it what you ate. Nature that you ran into that's next as we wrap up an exclusive. Awesome interview with Chris Byrd each one of the most interest in cats in the world. More next on 95 cent in the game. I wish we had a ton more time we've got about seven and a half minutes eight minutes left here Chris and we have an awful lot to get through. Including how cool erecting right now acknowledge that you were just involved in a car crash on your way here raising so. Africans are officially more laid back and us a 100%. You gotta really anywhere then and yet who got a quote from limited diplomatic immunity you have to. Chris birdies is our guest Chris is an unbelievable. Waterman one of the greatest in the world. He served in one mavericks he then took it upon himself. To make it cross Atlantic journey on a paddle board Chris how did you have enough food. I'm on the board to eat what were you eating I must admit I was sick of it are you. I and I didn't get rather than a lot of drive through is not this now paddle through his I gotta you gotta be done pretty mindful about what he takes us to eating a lot of freedom free drive through that pass through two full major advantage is an okay. And then you are not militant born and you served well award and then add the warden and cooks colonial and in the you know four and a half minutes and probably wasn't you have to be meticulous about what you take with you. Then and the company that doesn't get all of the freed from that treat as a flight that went bankrupt so I never got depleted Houston pitchman. Try to. Did other companies to get into trying to feed to the stock whereas packing it in so that gave it out actually packing into mark croft was the first time actually sort of freed. And I was taking which are the same floor meals. Every day every 93 days and I knew what I know what you know one of those would be my choice. While you know yeah your descendants you betcha you had to go I mean and you know it you would guys that Chris had to go as well and you know the kids knew the kids were doing this full wouldn't be complaining that freedom the tables on the wasn't an complained to have you have. The same three meals. You know 93 guys that are on every Dominic did not gonna come pandas on hey you know aren't. Attitude of gratitude. Shot at second out you know I'd be thankful for what you have and just eat it couldn't get out there in keypad and because every time every stroke colon is. Another lunch box and had a smile on some militant fashion I didn't over two and a half million strikes across the Atlantic Ocean only read. You know Hoffman in shorts with tuna off million little smile those facing that. That is Powell and not candidates going through and that is amazing do you have a stroke counter. I did what I had in two and a half million stretches and a tuna and not since high school gym. Just that high school yeah. Did you travel each day. Had roughly load that the total length distance was just a 4000 nautical miles which is. 8007500. Q you need is 5000. Means normal models such an ounce. And I as a refugee in between thirty and forty. Norton nautical miles a day which is about sixty. Statute miles and end up in depth city a couple of annual 24 our record to return his fifteen nautical miles and in the next day as we. Says the new world record I should just. You the conditions are such good judges restarted the clock and did another load recorded ten American Ian Gonzaga and I know Spain it is. Right you're out there are other written record well you know like you know them minus commit. I'm automatic do you like green pretty fly non. The gulf at what point did you get a little stood in Ottawa CC sick but that they'll. At any point did you say all right. I really need a little land underneath me here this is a bit much. What was your was there a low point. And got a lot of low. Barnes and I think you just pretty that you go to Mickey B. The able to know that you can get to those points and then now hi Ian the other work your way through them and you know I think as long as you. Not a I'm very I'm very driven very passionate about what idea what I believe in antiquity on German. You know when you are pod but passionate driven by purpose which is greater than yourself then you have such an emotionally powerful lay is that will pie you 3-D T three difficult situation not. I just used to stacked because there hasn't publicly Chad and then use that to reality get beat through and then have a couple of really good songs and she's like your eyes tight end yes. I kinda got a little how to get those like I did. I've got no rights he would we're talking with Chris burn it's again they cross Atlantic standup paddle board someone says could you please. Spell chris' last name for us who want to Google and yes to BE RT IS HR a year eager for this figure if you wanna follow him on Twitter and it's Chris underscore Burdick and while you're not verified is ridiculous twitters right over there let's get it done wonders. At the grad and sea creatures. Yes he preaches. The ones you want to see in the wind you gotta warn you now what did what what what did I didn't and it's. Yeah I sort all every single thing in you know I was writing captain's log every week. Which everybody you know a lot of people sort of funding to united to the port to announce we're now officially the lost week who is one point five million. And I men have very bad schoolboy area about three weeks before finish to say I've seen now everything. You name you haven't seen anything and what is also loves the ocean you've been through. Your mind crew exactly he had exactly in alcohol off. The cat blog. I saw the biggest great lied shocked lit up in his team come at you at speed Ted trying to attack croft and it was terrifying and then. And aggressively try to hit it decided to croft and attacked the ride ended just. Two under way in time but it's not the side of the croft anyway and write anything you litre a year footer two way and then. Yeah it took me about 35 minutes before output could could predict not gotten Gonzales looked terrified ready to go Latin America rocking and rolling you know its its survival and when it is that kind of level that's mom you want to contribute non I'd need to take actions yeah you not I believe got another creatures is C I understand him and I respect them. And I am I believe that sharks are just the most misunderstood creatures who seek is actually beautiful but we know when it's in that states and it's an aggressive stead I understand and when it. On the net space. EUS who are lookup yourself to that's my common and it's a traveling on the nice you know I got to see amazing creatures. I inept so mean with dolphins whales Bucs face. Chino. You know fin tuna are he. Everything on assignment eight except for the big ones at teeth. And and then I she Adam I know I shouldn't. Ocean environment and emotional Fannie is sort of flooding across our nation had a little pot at fiscal instructed to him in your opponent you almost the entire JD in New York Yankee. When you get to this day item that does in about sixty days where you start you yeah yeah nor pod by an engineer not pod by a sale. So you chino and at the same speed as the emotions flying. You getting to a state where you become slowed even cheating with the elements that you almost become one with your croft won with elements in the start getting immersed into it. And you won't list you gave itself a state to flow westside you everything starts into acting with you and you start almost like seeing the matrix and reading the matrix and you can see things you can. You can feel things insane things that no that humans really get it charged to do you know it's quite an incredible state to be in it's it's unbelievable and sound spiritual. Because it's it's it's I'm any guidance on 'cause he's a dime I've decided to hang onto that the right dead and it just closed my eyes and just be in just in Costa Serena agencies the flag just in its always the most. Serene surreal nice incredibly. Confident. Contain it's at home feeling I've ever felt and it's just yeah when you surrender into the flow you just everything. You really needed a year apiece and wind with everything it's it's quite a unique experience that this and that's going to Africa can. Hours to live off of Boston among the time the United States and wandering. The moment of land hello the moment when you knew that it. A little bit what's that Melinda and in Tennessee department coming home yes. And it was approved where you read a little delirious three crime or you bonkers we will laughing we were exhausted. Did it give you a second energy that you didn't even know you have I mean what what what happened at what's the first thing you ate and drank when you've got to land. Honest thought where when Aslan and I was terrified. Yes it's not resolved as it was over known. Nationwide. I. Well the reason is because of being an issue for so long and that to worry about bumping into anything that shows that. Why did a big step but that's because I had so little steroids and I was like yeah. Oh my gosh I could actually get to like ship wrecked right before the next. Thing we should be very embarrassing it was just that the way the wind in the way of that day it was really really an intense and you're a big big sees that he dog wins and then. I was very very nervous but I think how and where did you Clementi and the Leeward Islands in English Robin Wright and to finish writing in front of them and what's cool business NASA to face called the lives of the QBs. Isn't that affecting place finish in 93 day stand up paddle boat crossing that no one else is never done when you. You know you've got the award I've felt like millions of middle kids on my shoulders and felt like when I took those off. I was taking off the united the pin is American he's off my shoulders and ended that was the most enlightened. Amazing feeling just that responsibility meant Gigi in that. Massive grew in the way that I had commercialism. Of just being hopeful that I just felt like complete do you mice need trained in alienated and contain its. I'd known that you know we've changed the lives of millions of the kids and made a positive impact on the world and in spied. Millions who's used incredible you know and that's what I'm that's an example that's that's why. Near beautiful man you are there beautiful person man. You're beautiful human being that he's honored to know you I try to hang around your lifestyle drugs off the I added that's absolutely fascinating story. I'd I can't wait till the movie I really mean admission tests mean is the before picture. We we we had a down that text that this is the Chris thank you so much Dana brits and the whole team man that the game it's always a prison on them humbled and grateful to be at the Chris Byrd each an incredible story.

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