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Afternoon Delight - Hour 3 - 3/23/17

Mar 23, 2017|

Papa & Bonta joined by Matt Maiocco & George Karl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It was sunny. Oh yeah. Point 72 loss. And he is a powerful guys 63200. And 73 pounds was the only at Stanford for two years 92 years maybe even your doctor you directly to their modest effort in three years ago played two years. Why I go back and watch the Sun Bowl more obviously that'll be the scene and he just looks and you know. I would say is an edge rusher I think he's more of five technique a power player inside. If either one of 43 defense she put a linebacker outside of new media and gas and the line he's a powerful specimen. Would they take in his eyes number two. And two defense of the players go back to back while scared and who want to Cleveland's for the niners accounting and in in choose to spot and they exchange trading down sort and it. Five weeks from today is the NFL address so we had spoken and that email it's five weeks there's been a long time. Forty niner insider from cius in a Bay Area dec absent of the NBC but coming. Opening day baseball April the second. The Jonas and the afternoon delight with pop and bunch and 95 points and the argument. Good we're doing well good to hear from you again so. With the second pick in the draft. What do you think they're thinking you know trading back which certainly be. Some they would consider is the league to fall in love with Solomon Thomas after Stanford pro day today and the Sun Bowl but somebody jump up and take of what they just take of or might they do something else what are your early thoughts five weeks away. From the NFL opening night of the draft a primetime on what they're gonna do with the second pick me. Well my my budget that bit there's a clear up a lot that everybody that bought. Number two it's anybody's guess. I expected that I'd bet they could get happen for the party loses that. Bear yacht to the pro days which. If it was a big when Notre Dame shot I entered at W all of the border back. And David deported her to fall in love the quarterback. And that that number two little girl hey. It is. That position. Addict he ought to trade up in get a quarterback. Or to prayers love Mitchell tribute India not sure that the deal. But date we take it there otherwise. It's really. It's wide open what happened at bat number two overall picture and big guy up their effort today is probably likely it did anybody. And not quarterback be elected there Solomon Thomas berg yet talking about it. But the only tactic if he'd been but the 49ers. In the trial here and it said that he felt like bad debts are it is burst up. The play that Leo position and the pass rusher on the out sided duplicate what he did occur at night if it. While Garrett is to opt out structure in the urban deeply he has. I would think the most likely next to a deal the next best case scenario for the 49ers. Would it be the get a cap structure and number two it would impact position is not a quarterback. By Leno how much every key. Did. Desires app structures in bat on the defense decide that the game orbit. Any spot on that side of the ball so bad that the best case scenario is that there's dynamic pass rusher or were there believe that. Thomas in transition. And beat that guy and that's what they need that but every day. The Leo position as uninteresting were you using as the position at Pete Carroll's been using for his defense is a USC and Seattle they're obviously getting. Copied as Seattle prototype I don't see this guy easily deal. And he's he's more of a down powerful guy that a guy which leads me to the other guy the roster that no achievement but then there were talking about you know Buckner Armstead and how powerful they are. And lynch. Now that guy's a Leo now what the hell what they can do with a hand man do you think now that they're making the conversion from a 342043. Is he still fit thirstein their two seconds in national unnatural pass rusher when he plays. He but you know with am the other. There's a reason he lit elated that gap is he did. It and yeah a year ago he served a four game suspension so. It would be new depth caveat I can't imagine that there it is in. Say I'll rely on this guy is got to earn. The truck but the coaching staff then it showed that he can be a guy could be relied so. The heat up ought brought. Those guys to play data outside linebacker position. In the past. Eat your kid may be double digit sack guys. You Brooke never has been. I don't trip balky always believed bit. That Aaron lynch could be one of the top pass Rodgers and they gave it he got it edged up right he should be a bit bit. It but he he'd never did that so that's only been a couple of years lot of potential there by. How much that you rely on in that I would have to be a question for John Lynch's he built this roster out. Yeah I immediate vita Allah. You get in need somebody else there. Mammy Yoko forty niner insider from the stills cius and they need to have until we make the formal transformational with the name change in April the second joining us on the ethnic light with that. Happened about jagr netted five point seven of the game you're talking about the quarterback position I cannot imagine. They would take any of these quarterbacks with a second. Overall pick do you medio alien and they would they would take in these guys number two. Yeah you'd be surprising but there's always. The other all lower back there's always the quarterback. Yup there's always somebody I bet they keep Utley but it. Mock draft piece for the I'll buy a year ago. I met your how many of those people had or back doing what jail. Though. He. Look at what they need. The position that that is often. Reach for guys. Yeah I thought out thing. Recently yesterday as where Gallup. Compared Mitchell tribute he pitched a bit in which Debbie you prefer. Mixture and right Mitchell that he wants a lesson in custody Mitchell tribute. It mob does. Need it that is by the other Bob ought to be good pitch but public inherited it. Aaron Rodgers. It and I actually had it out. Three weeks ago Herbert right before the I'll bite that you'd debate comparison maybe it. Whoever this blood but maybe at the bait are in debt. At that publication stock deal. In me eat it to me he's. And maybe it up again he's clearly out date but he clearly did not want quarterback in our pocket out here. At W it put to bed that aren't about side. He can make all the row. He would create a chain don't respect but to. It doesn't happen I'd China's president is part art in college football. It beat navy there and eat it at what. Are the people who dedicate it. Not a stretch to eight yep and number court number two. But it Aaron Rodgers himself Matty went what 24 of food. The real art to go number two the. That's right that's absolutely right though. He at the allotted I think there's such a wide range of opinion that this guy. You idiot opted yet it would do it to people say. You don't. He's he's a bad guy. If you look at you don't get the 49ers are position. There everybody look bad it changed they. Duplicate it does right now. Is it next year at the quarterback mark it will be so much better than what it is that your so many more options. You keep a broad been in problem in that. The quarterback. You don't vote in dark all whomever else. Jackson but that the court back next year are. See that they universally. As a better groups so you for the 49ers. It doesn't make bed. It reached Burt Hornbeck issued get a draft order. They're probably get an undrafted quarterback or maybe they get that up wire up a guy. I get apple or back. You have been Abdul might be rookie. But you we you look at every year. It does it doesn't make it did a key guy in the course respect it now we need to note that the rich guy's guy. That you that you don't want. For the future reorganization is going to be at a year from now whether that in store. Percent drop dead. We sure to worry about Mitchell to risk you know Mehdi may local because. Only started thirteen games you got beat out of the year before. 88 Derosa gaudy numbers but the guy like the show I watch and why no pop is not a fan of but he's played in bigger games. He's produced a bigger gauge played prior cover insisted. What's the buzz under shall Watson and why is Mitchell too risky scene as the balls clear cut or at the cream of the crop when it comes in his shoes quarterback class. 0101. Out and are viewed as that made it out of his mind about the huge number interception. Scratching wrote. At this job ought to aid. Air and yet you look at you look at the quarter back to it exceeded. Well. It shocking number guys have been albums are double the national championship caliber. Tight the program. At eight competition. In that Aldridge back up quarterback is. You know. Dark are possible in and so many people have been biker he says that there inability to do it but I don't note that there's been morally. Anywhere between quarterback who quit high level. A college. To bet the upbeat accurately India well. So I think that that qualities that they get them there he. The very subjective. Criteria that you just played out here that need. I think it needs dot com this sub people in need a lot but some people eight. Result be later did absolutely nothing they'd look bill at the atlas. But if I'd work it is I. Be where. He's going to quickly he goes one did you aggression. He read eat it right in that debate grows. And I I'd idol no bid for a lot of key debate that you do that your friend. That he's playing it out as the most played at. Western Michigan. I think one thing to keep invited her evaluating on these young quarterbacks is Kirk cousins and other steel Washington will play we're joined by the forty niner insider. From C has said Bayard act and that local met many local in the afternoon delight with pop and Vontae here and I five point seven. They game. There were so much talk. Cousins in what was going on in Washington he and Bruce Allen have been accountable loggerheads for a while Scott McClellan. It's fired the word was Scott wanted to do a re sign him to a long term deal that kept plane tag them. For the last couple years now they LG do it again next year to get activity of attack in transition tag is there as well. As they filled up the quarterback room this year with Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley man at do you think they're doing it. With that thought of acquiring Kirk cousins may be that this off season for this year but next off season for next year. I do and I think it's in a bit in that that would be my suspicion that it's Kirk cousins but the immediate somebody next year. It heeled baby it's grapple. And I think there's the thought process was. Yeah I'd been bit Ike could trade for cousins. And it they still might be able to trade for cousins by the price that they are getting have to pay. He is is going to be huge. And if you can just be patient and wait a year and you're still giving get a guy. Who has a lot of years of football at a but you don't have to get about the draft picks that you have to give up. And you can get build out their roster a little bit. To help give this guy. A supporting cast in debuted on the defense side of the ball or or on the opposite side although it matter. If you can then just wait a year and in the only price you pay beginning and would be dollars. And they reported as a whole lot of salary cap dollars right now I think there's seven the three billion under the cap. And they're docket count close. Two. Just spinning back out of money this year so all that money roll over and they'd be if you if you are sold on guys love him. You watch him. You'd given. Much break debate to go get any charity you're going to get him as a free agent and everything area in the dark set then there's more than an open like eager to play for titles yet again. And with a forty Aaron went out I got right lawyer on the first day of free agency and I doubt that Barkley a second day free agency I don't think anybody. Those two people included. Believe it that the long term loot that they are beside the to be the future of the of the 49ers so yeah I don't think they. That a year from now or be oh win trial Austria edit able to get the quarterback that he desires. That's why I think it makes little or no sense to expand high draft pick got a quarterback and I take on the later rounds a young guy develop what you're talking about Atlanta lawyer in. Barkley play and ride it out though because next year that. Since we're on the topic of quarterbacks. The former quarterback of the 49ers is still unemployed. What what are you hearing as far as college Capra nick in and where he may. Land. Is Ernie change she'd be in the game be given a chance meant to compete for a starting job would be strictly as a backup which if possible he gets. I aged out of the league entirely does not play what what what are you hearing about Katherine. But it airlock Eric. If if I expect anybody there to pick cricket. Now why is that this. I I say they've I think there it it's two all I think there are football reasons I think it'd. Just. Out of the gates there are going to be a lot of teams that simply are not adjusted in time because he doesn't that there are at this system. 88 bit. Out of the gate there's certain teams. Who are not ages it and because. The distraction. Or the off the field issues and what it might do to. Band days being polarizing a year. What it might do to ownership not. Having any desire. Two. They negated to adapt. As far as the other the healing during an actual abandoned for him to say that he's not going to kneeled and an actual and you'll be any further and actually happened. For any owners in any fan bases that. Too little too late. Though. I just don't know on site I I'm hearing a lot of teams that are a bit dead and including the 49ers. And I've heard of no teams that are adjusted and so I just don't know where this. You know how this plays out if where he's gonna get shot if he'd get this shot. I EIB keep you're putting together a Vegas that it. That the top spot might be he doesn't get side. Side I just I don't know where this where they've been up I think a lot of either art not. Particularly. Fond of the idea that the back of cornerback comes in or were guy who's competing to be that backed out. Come in. And it's way more attention. And becomes kind of the the idea that headline grabber. Over the guys who are ready on the game itself. I decided I don't know where this is in and out I agree it's a decent chance that that like jeopardy despite its final. Well what he and this is kind of ironic in light of not standing for the National Anthem if the NFL completely. Ice is him out. Would he go play in can Kinect Canada complexity in this CFM. I doubt it I don't think he doesn't need the money. So I don't know I'd be in a lot of ways. If he never played again he'd become an even stronger always. From an activist standpoint because he will always be the guy had a pretty good season. Sixteen touchdown or interception. In the end. What was blocked all but only so. You know for his ability to effect change. Later in life. This looks like he did the best thing for. You know there there's another point that I think teams. Worry is that people are worried about bill. And that you know his passion for the game. It and he says he's still had the action. You still show up early showed up early in the season and in network carted you know being that. That the team wanted to do but I think around the league. He's seen as a guy did did did you may be art sure that he has fully invested in being still being football player. And believe it that are there right noted for a fact there are teams that are really trying to put off by way. His decision to become it'd take on be in the diet. And bit out of weight he lost last season at the law about it typed took him put that weight back ought. Purse on teams that kind of a red flag is say OK he wasn't he he was willing to do this beings. That he had to do. Because there's passions lie elsewhere. It's funny in a year or so ago I shouldn't he could very likely be out of the league. You know I have is facing as quarterback play actually thought he had better this year ice great advancements in his pocket presence in other. Subtleties of the position but he heavier in the league for they had in all the bad video he's had from years past and everything matches there is talk and I wonder it was anti talk TV any. Any room for a lawsuit in and say the NFL owners polluted. Now that they're making this individual decision. You know separately not decide if you think he'd ever if you he's black ball completely out of the league. And doesn't get jabs at third quarterback to that he would have a legal recourse. I I don't know did that I think that he would be very difficult case sent to present because you have to. You have to prove that owners talked amongst themselves and then eight where markets and are you sign of failure either. And I think that there is there enough. That you mentioned there not football reasons. Or why he. Old white he'd. Doesn't have a job yet you know not every team. Is going to want to. Run asylum law and or even as their playbook the ballot offense that they cap predict in pride and and I know we talked. You know and in the months leading up to this without speculation of outstanding. Yet Palestinian had success running this kind of bought it with Robert Griffin. However. Out in answered that wasn't in Palestinian and preferred often mean he wants. You lots pocket presence. He wants. You know that the play action where the quarterback turn is that. His eyes and the defense had been packed and know exactly where guys are winning which is tied back around. He you know he he doesn't watch the Colin Japanese style of quarterback even though he is successful with it. He wants. You know what you want guys who can go to her progression and make plays out. Darren Manning we will stay at Cheshire right now he is hearing. Crickets cricket is not at a dollar in surrounding moons ago may have a jobless New Orleans that says that. While yes. I don't Shaun Tait have short enough quarterbacks Floridians. A guy with a mole on his face finish orca the atmosphere. And it's wild and right Manny thanks your time. Take care thanks Matt. Only they know me you know there are finally dream on tomorrow to open Wilson. We only it's only natural it's only me though it is its probably a mix podcast every stone has got to. Oh sounds like we're gonna get around five with Sammy me tomorrow. Let's go right now don't we begin my gold chains on and out for old siege economic weight. Greg pop bigotry merit tournament over the short term highly unusual. At a game day and I'll check tomorrow is gonna listen. Its second medal that's why he can do that against Sacramento. Roster what do a paternity. And I'd with the granny gear down our throats here but we will get to tell like if you like NBA basketball. We will get your score appear on the other curious general you finished or exaggerated a bit ahead this to have a council of social book store and we can just forget it it's a little stories come and all that Israel iron Caro we're gonna go right on the little Boy George Carlin earlier in the light problem bonds an impressive again. Now back to Greg pop in on T hill on 95 point seven became. Her daughter alone market. It's. The I'll work my. Here are very proud of the month it had attacked the band. It's real. Greg Ballard tied up the moment the game's over Greg obviously. As frustrated I think it was a a bad play like a bad decision to tie him up the good deals were on the board at. It got hot and and got to do with a little bit pulled in the wrong. Gamblers that Greg Ballard threw the ball like Karl Malone and Kara and alana whipped the ball back at Greg ballot and then it was in this is thirty years ago. It now in ninety councils are my dad accidentally goes underwater. Secured here years ago. But the point is that was bellowing out George Carlin lost it. It's a George count doctor chapter four of furious George my forty years of arming and VA divas clues GM's. In four shots election. Chapter four is entitled bond today. George Karl has lost its truth the truth is the best bet guided Salt Lake City Georgia we are joined one of the best coaches in the history. At the NBA forward coach George Karl also expect that I'll. That night made such an impression on you and when I was bellowing out you know chapter in your book out of them very impressed. Oh in turn had been developed in the title. I don't think we're curious. Stroke you'll be respected and Heidi that should tried it in there. Had to bring in your try to blame an actress mullah enacted a guy over by the thing came out exactly what happened at the end of game two. We're talking a first round playoff series Torre's against that you charges Tories did lose that game. By just a few points three points. Go down to nothing when you're as you recall the night you've lost stated Salt Lake City what the hell happened. You know look orders of the pushing and pushing natural those basketball. I only a portion of the strategic outlook or. I think some fans go on the court and our you know our guys swung at me from behind and hit it behind. I think Mullen and start chasing him birds is lemon also allow more contact. I don't know if there's any punches thrown like you people would knock morality you know. It made my in the entire post game speech a little easier. And the warriors came back. To win games there four or at home and then engage in this is something I did not know George Tiller read furious Georgia by the way it's a great book I devoured it. There in the first half and a couple of months ago in a New York governor and then the rest of it last night this morning. I did not know when you ran into a flank frank Layden before game five. When he went up to you instead the warriors you guys had to. A good year he was saying in that series was over I'd never heard. Storing your burnout that was good the other actors and hours and Paula yes it old war on their reward I mean yeah there. They were true and they're playing game for. Two winter clothes without. And ended up for the game and tried I don't control and we talked before you can thought that was immoral I would use actually in my pregame talk. Yeah she's neutral which would have used actually in a true. I don't question. And he you used the term he used the term that it was high school ish what you did it. And and I flash forward years and years ago when you were in Denver team was up against Mark Jackson Steven warriors and you used that sermon about Mark Jackson when he would give it a lineup shouldn't change is lined up right before. The opening Tea Party member of going years had now. When the worries speech in that first round playoff series and you're up against marchers. Well are remembering. That was the year coming out party or it. In noted is that in Aaron gain and in game two was incredibly awful basketball. And injury for both would pretty well played after. You know Stefan as the best player on the court in the who's gaining confidence by your recorder. People forget they even after our theories it is a waste just played the first three games. The period against Antonio. And I think that would. You know at the moment where I think I've heard who grew up to be a star general to be an article out today. And Walter have the confidence security team today. I playoff success. An unlocked filter back on. In Omar Marge action like to do little church is that science computer trade actually. Some people were you know recount laughed about in. Week out it is. A lot of these orange juice probably not something I started that that didn't mean we wore race for the start. Yeah oriented in this series and six and George for the NBA coach of the year. That year inning yet dismissed after he was over wanted to go to Sacramento allegations thoughts and cousins and mellow and all of that is theories George George's autobiography is out. It's forty years surviving NBA team as clueless GN in fort shot selection just a great rate read. So after the eat that George Karl has lost at night. You did come back and win game five that year and the next round was against Pat Riley and the lakers. And we all know about that the parents and that's why I laughed that I bring a Pat Riley your laughs and finally when you listed the primary here are of course I am quite frequently when your list of the best coaches in NBA history coached against Georgie did not mention that. Bar. Yeah jealous of his here and that that ignorant if. You know the only you know obviously engines there a lot of guys in our earnings and I don't have Iranians. Either the incredible. An incredible job taking down and change then there are. I a lot of flight margin of error I enjoyed judgment that you use somewhat predictable. And me are you and I could do a cardigan she cheers usually get them how to the most talented players basketball. I mean I think at one time go I think we're we're you know we have like when streak against his knicks and Miami jeans and we count like playing the incendiary period in China can currently trying against them and it was fun the fund be a part of it. In you know he readable I think sometimes. When you readable you could get the pulse of the book. But when you read excerpt you kind of get too personal also. And as I grew older you know after years Croce. In it's not personal when you know when you make a decision there. A player doesn't have a Dan Schneider he's not given the right attitude. You speech back in Anchorage confrontational. Lock little. All those things where are all the emotions of the game. But after I mean and mean it. It's just sort of culture to put up or better for a different approach. It's like coach have to handle. Motivate and figure out how to make it work. And that's kind of what a load to book about unworkable which Kurt. But I want to pieces and a bar talking about. My years of basketball and negotiate or what I went through and I don't know you simulate what you did it. I read every page or their loved I loved gone back to the Kobe featured days in the Carolina stuff in the story about teens and that was great cover to cover viewed here. And often comes on news in and when coach almost 2000 game should have called players yet after. You know cracked committed it to get to implant the right way. You know the one thing I stayed away from my book and maybe you should give me your are far but I stayed away from crack and they. Because I want to be about that I want to be about what I had to deal what how ally had to figure out. Yeah I think you could have been harder and area I do believe your Blackwell used the word black ball after Iran with the warriors and I do want it your thoughts on that but Justin. That the the a joke very Carroll's situation I told the audience historians think about that are talked to Yuba and that the air. But that the morning. The sleepy Floyd is Superman game and you guys were down three games in victory game against Michael Cooper. He you can tell the audience what you did in the or your locker room. But I I had not known since reading your book and you tell the story of a Dojo Victor will be sitting in the orioles' locker room calmly turning the pages of the Wall Street Journal. In the pregame locker room to infuriate everybody around him and and that he actually tell you one time during their playoff series don't worry coach just relax. We can't beat the lakers. You need to go out game three. That's like that's a gadget help us special what did you do that and after decades. In my office after game three. Or four at large. And in our culture we had a great year act any you know and just a little or not do we're not gonna be related to all. At about letters. Is probably our culture. So what to do that you get after it in jars. Well you know in that was. That was actually right after the initial press conferences. After the press call you coach to achieve your play and election night. And we are all about you know you know we great. When. Some reason I want around locker and and look to the locker. Actual ball is lock. The doors came open actor another ball. All the from the door came off as virtual. Locker room. I have rented my emotions. There. So the result was with a glorious weather and it was Sunday afternoon. TV game and you could she era Georgia Rajiv theory Covert euros locker noticeably different about it that'd. Come right off its edges of the hole see you do obviously Joseph Barry Carroll who before the game jurors that he can at a tickets locker part. I. I know on today's rule on that he's not only about policy. That as well. Now we all of us they sleepy Floyd went out and gave it a hell of a performance so. It was a great year that first year with the warriors you ended a day decade. At that make in the playoffs and the next year. A lot of injuries obviously Molly wondering have been Don Nelson comes in. And it was just a tough time for you there how did you could Nellie really was one of the your real. Advocates when he was in Milwaukee spoke highly you wanna that you go there and how was it for you went down came in that one years at GM and and you were still the head coach and I think everybody's role her on the club's not noticed that a coach this team pretty soon it. Well I think that the cloud it. Started a little ones that we didn't win you know. I think. There to try to beat Nigeria the auctions or out of him. I think it I think it would then command you to show it to you they by the one you know the coach but in the in the beginning actually. They wanted him to corrosion and continues. Different there because of the injury and betrayed and they re Joker true. Shouldn't. It didn't work out when you're losing basketball. You know I don't know why you want that they were. I'm forced where I think I mean dialogue. A little bit lower our relationship and should at that time but now he's always been one month advocates in mind and the news. I still looking like they're trying to basketball you know I think Derrick and very family. You know a lot of people talk about small ball on Nelson was one of the first once long going gives them a lot of credit. We're you think you period to formalize it. And you know in the last 1015 years now he's been a big order mine bearish toward the very complimentary of what they're done. Yeah without question speaks so highly you're down as the winningest coach in the history of the NBA and I think that you would head that and that that label as well George and you've got and I I've used the word black balled. Well for for many years in growing your book came right out and said 25 years ago Euro in his book I was black balled. The NBA after the warrior experience she went to the CBA in the Albany for troops in amazing work there are 56 to Spain Real Madrid. Back to Albany Real Madrid and distances so many years there. What what was it what why do you think you were black balled out of the NBA for that period China. And ultimately why why did Bob which in the Sonics bring you back. In Greg. Having actors sedan. Other than I think bought notable with the side that didn't back in you know ball which had day after achieving achievement you know. And I think I had a couple try and talk to Bob about my coaching ability in the they felt that I would sit tight to act irritate China here. A candid you know add in what is now live account of the tortured there. And I as a blessing because. Actually I was Columbia College coach what I want to. My second Time Warner wanted majors encroachment on the it didn't look like European coach and I and actually talk to you know coach and coach majors and the other trojans. About maybe you know going on Wednesday whatever. Her and the car a year or two in college learned to college. Angela Collins and Bob would make a call. The first time equality one comeback as it. And Casey didn't I didn't okay he and I that I would come back but he's got to war. Jones has been ejected and then the next but two weeks later echo back good. Well what about your approach to be interest. In Africa where it. And there and I have you know that was beginning. Very solid chain. Forceful defense and the community in Sacramento we got I would I had to have. I'm very good players and they're counting. George Karl one of the finest coaches in history or profess pro basketball ought to be sure furious George is the title of his autobiography in my forty years revising. You're having Andy Edie this clueless GM and Ford. Shot selection one of the later chapters is entitled George switch. Everything. In light uh oh the NBA is today they don't fight over under strange anymore smudge they they switch it. And the warriors here at the state of the art this would dream Andre and I was reading about yours Seattle years and Gary Payton Nate McMillan. Your Frontline. Were you the first team to switch is much Eugene did it. Did other teams do it before you tell me about the concept of the chapter of your book of those switched everything George. Well I think that compliment go to get in the Bob carpenter who was just trojans and I think many people in basketball knows one of the better defensive gurus of all and and you know we Gary it was 656 picnic. At the true. We've had product lines out there when to pick and roll coverage was working. That's what should I pick the pick and roll coverage in trouble a complicated time and decrypt it can't it's actually situations it. And how you cover the ball in and good teams always you know have great the great point guard and they saw in the National Guard. You can't get just one country's human in different coverages and so we want to which a lot actually in the fourth quarter. Where you don't have you don't want and position you don't get back in a bad location. Convert conventional to three point shot in you know Republican positions so it. I I think it's the way we're I think if game is going to continue to be available or if you're more. Code switching my goal lead doesn't mean you can include. Yeah your Gary Payton had an interest in relationship you're also fight Erie that you get after each other a little bit but was that. Was that the most talented team. You ever coached that Seattle team George. Yeah I don't think there's ever questioned you know we're here that wish to Shuster as player yeah you know you're very talented bench Catholic. Took off that bench. Trying to content and we had a buried veteran bench. And I think period and the one thing over my career. GQ if you if I had no coach and a have and coached. In I think the bench is higher priority. If questioned why it is not wanted to talk. You know 45 kings and the basketball because you culture war players. Then I think developing your bench is really import and trying to be a price scenes. And I think he knows what kind of taught me that it. Even here and then that we have a great bench and went where it hurt right here and great years or rhetorical statement. Or you know Andre Miller and Coors brewery now Ironkey got that Jack come about to bench. And a lot of times the bench press play it was Spectra and I don't get better over there he goes you have to start. They also vote the value of coming into the game. At the end of the first corner or the beginning. The fourth quarter are very pivotal part of the game. And sclc it was a great secrecy beat the warriors when he took over the chain and the wars that are really good seeing a 55 win team 91 and 92 year George Karl I guess the author of furious Georgian. One point you last year your favorite different categories you're a Carolina team. That's players you coached against the five best players you coach you had it. Again as you're talking about that early ninety's Seattle team the glove Gary Payton and Shawn Camp and Yasser had to live shrimp. Can the last one year head. Print this print these for the smarts do I have to with a question mark. Carmelo at the and a courses where your book that a lot a national attention. So was she the most skilled. Offensive player you coached and you use terms about you know using user of of people and didn't like defense and he would move the ball. What was it like to coach Carmelo Anthony George. I think it is found difficult and strange as second ago. You know was a warning player and I just think it Heinz he's on certain games word. You know kind of like looser and we could do want. But Melo is there any try to great Jamie he had to do it goes higher. I think you know I think Melo and I came together in the year did you hear. A lot of branding. In. Order to FaceBook all this stuff then. I didn't know I still don't understand and at that child was due. In the game and and I said many times most most talented offense where in the course I think you know you know skills are. He doesn't use in the game I mean and odds are actual I was yelling at my job a little bit because. I have this culture account Hitler and a market the most powerful cultural when he when you're frustrated derision are getting him the most street to be. Sometimes it comes anger and frustrations. And of course confrontation. And you wonder trading and obviously the next at a decent package either. Nine. Iron. And I wish I was with in San Francisco. You have your members downtown practice facility when he was really. Clamoring to retreat at Hackett seed of frustration review with your franchise traded him he went to New York which you wanted to do you want every building the nuggets and a good team obviously best team they've had their 33 home loss to the warriors he resurfaced in Sacramento and they wanna get your thoughts on what they do to mark his cousins but. You know you were playing a lot like Nelly then just let it go. And it was one lie you hand where when you which scrimmage with the Sacramento Kings you would put the shot clock in twelve seconds. Not at 24 seconds so tell me about. What you're looking to accomplish with that with their team and how fast you want the pledge. Well I think the game is going. I mean you know for many years coaches wanted to play professional basketball and now I think you realize if you tried to that audio plate trial which is prestige in the world. And it's easier to score three on three year four and freer onshore. Were any were in the first 710 seconds shock clock there is somewhat of the recovery rule of law. And you wanna you wanna keep did you know right now on the game's great recovery cheap tequila recovery. After the country important finally opened shop. In the open shots are I think we all know what about shot to mask or lay out. Reporter in clown noses through Russia. And more more teams that are are going to similar philosophy. Now you got to Katie your your offense wants me to. To that could make a Burger King. And I think that's the problem you're trying to you know discussed debuts. Can can you play fast in the NBA today it would dominance Saturday after touched the ball. Thirty to forty times a game. And that was my dilemma with the mark to market is one the most skilled players ever played her position and believe we've scale. But since you play a game and haters your are your first priority. Of your offense is it that touched the ball 4050 times a game. That's the forwarding. Lot of the fishing game as people think it is anymore. And the game ended in law and kicking in the penetrated. In the more efficient game and so you've got to figure that. And that's what we're trying to do in Sacramento and at times it looked revered as casually as good churches. And at times created an alternative. Yet during the Sacramento. At chapter in your book the very and you don't even mention cousin's name at all during the in the pictorial and in the middle you do when it's as America's cousin whose picture you would cause an. Direct his cousins and I've battled for position. He won by guests. Now he's been traded censor everything you're saying George did. Did Sacramento do the right thing in trading DeMarcus Cousins and in light of what you're talking about and I get to base it needs some touches kids' sake in New Orleans win. When Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins. You know you're asking me I would say oh. But in today about water bottle right to be acting to him about all the efficiency. Now how to do this late today. Because of the rules and stuff like that that the ball attacking the paint is that you've been trying to post up in the so when you're attacking the paint defensive teams make the stakes. As opposed like I control my defense pretty well. And so ordinary got him you're bigger. How are supposed sometimes it's in this actual target it at the global sometimes in the pick and pop in my beer girl. It comes in different packages but. How you score on the back in he'll make it to string import. But the post up game is not a high priority scored a basket and market. George Carroll one of the great coaches in the history of the NBA and its major artery we get a head out here a minute your times precious that senior your son. Colby coached the the well as a driver ability resisted baby and you want your chapters that are now now entering the game for the lake future son in. He's in good health so it is amazing that your son's doing so well and entered the same crazy profession that you you're. Yeah and you know what pisses me. Is you know he he he I'm one of those mentors like oh I think I am an initial action because is more like. Upload. Good job I would take that as well as the how's your health steadily Georgia's electric guy. They're very good Ahmad and advance to any involvement with the way back on well. Marion just just enjoy live chickens again and tries. You know like the term in. And I like I like the weight rusty headed there to do you weigh 295. Pounds what time you were coaching you're that big. Yeah I got over. Thank you George thinks it's that different. Barbara here. And it's yen talk more about Joseph Becker capital victory tonight. George Carroll serious charge and always creative George and that's one of the very best coach. And history. Tells George Karl tomorrow we're gonna have Carmen policy onyx will clock in possibly Jerry Mark Green if he. It's a stool is its Walter and so will hopefully open the soldier Mark Green up next English right here on any parts of the game.