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Afternoon Delight - Hour 2 - 3/23/17

Mar 23, 2017|

Papa & Bonta talk about Draymond Green's technical fouls, the new NFL rules, & the 49ers needs in the draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Very true hold out shouted Perry jumped then back but we have got the ball. The security kept up a fifth straight up big comeback what we're. Those that did you frustration right mind. Person it's very very shot back I wrote today but very you know how big took it up. It felt great post a post but. Post up more. Very thoughtful and very little. Stuff spurs try to get this book. Because there. Yeah that first. And why did it. That is duels but. From a tourist area. I got its thirteenth technical Monday in Oklahoma City and fifteenth as the official count the one in Minnesota marks the tenth before the spurs game that was not rescinded. By the NBA and I use your strategy or of peacemakers in this steal some magic Christian obviously it's. Kinda irritates staff they would let him get him between himself and Russell Westbrook even though he will not a defensive player of blue shirt between the two lights and a really know what happened so well we will Astra about green. When he joins us see they have finished up practice and drama or Jonas and moment here in the afternoon delight with the puppet by take I 95 point seven. The game. And right after that play it was with a throw up the floor and were a step made a three pointer in the in the runoff but. As far as the drain on technical issue it's only an issue Vontae because you know it's thirteen you know and once you get to sixteen. In the NBA. You missed a game now in May be a moot point. With the way the warriors are are playing here were made at these critical. You would want him to get a bunch of them here on top of each other and you know possibly miss the San Antonio game coming up on Wednesday. But you know eleven games left. Ater home. You know can he get through this last little bit and not pick up. Three more technical should be the issue and an even if he does and they do clinch the number one seed it would not be a big deal. If he does have to miss a game now also along the lines of a Katie coming back you want you watcher guy explained gathered together yet integrates Kevin back in. Get him over the physical and psychological burdens are barriers. That he's gonna hit with a knee injury this kind. You wanna play a drama as well so you would want him to get. And more technicals and get suspended that they they do push reset in the NBA. And it is not carry over the playoff so that they have a whole different set of rules and you know how that works as far as the the east later in Sydney and alike got suspended for game five of the finals but. I just wonder if he if he can say you want him playing. With fault tenacity in ferocity dream I agree cannot back off and happy drain not drink and I think we're this season changed. Was that Tuesday night back off that long thirteen thousand mile two week Odyssey. You know when dream just took the whole damn ORACLE Arena on the shoulders of a lot that would not let them lose to Philadelphia. That's the guy you want. Now that means he's gonna go over the edge is a player he's going to be physical. Is it challenges teammates sometimes is gonna challenge the grey shirts and they get it getting our Ronnie Garretson him. They blow out bachelor gonna get the tee but I think that's just part of who he is so I just wonder. If you said dorm drain no more technical can you play this game. With the terrain not age and give us the sag a nasty second nastiness Saginaw on the edge and Kenny played it to the edge and still. Be able to pull it back in when he needs to pull it back and say I'm not taken any more technical I think this came up last year. And she Kurt challenged of and eating get suspended last year afterward about the very same thing guys wonder if he can do that if he can play. Right to the edge in big dream about as a player but then not go over the edge and take anymore tees. You I don't know I don't want them to I want to play without that it might just let them play don't tell me anything else that gets a T gets it to help his team gets its CI. I think he's Smart enough not to get to sixteen. There's only eleven games left and you look at the last you know five here what Minnesota Phoenix New Orleans you talked Los Angeles Lakers. There's an up and get charged double overtime I don't achieve its shares are taught as a matter of minutes for appreciating exactly got a Connecticut's cherry exchange in practice try to get she's a practice goes and intelligence chief Kurz who did that a few weeks ago geologist Steve Kirk probably don't dissect a real game when he had to hold back and so I don't want him playing a beacon about not getting too technical. Do not just play to beat John Mark Green you'll be fine Smart enough to get through this and not get the three technicals and ended and the referees do they do give them some leeway at times I don't know last year fatal and last year he got veterans treatment. There's a couple times in the last couple weeks we're doing well Bob well. They were often arrest has come to turn her back a little bit like drag my stock. After they already gave one check for sometimes look at in the early want to make easy to get the second one and there was that one night when nightly or your bench for that. Grabbing him the edge that I think that in the first one fast which is kind of waits to the end of the second wife should be one where. And keep this guy out but there is a point that he has got to push back a little bit so we hope to get to gerrymandering. Joining us senator Raymond green Shania with pop about it but they weren't asking about. Was you know after the jump ball missed Romney got the technical. Just how easy is situational basketball. That there are able to hear about Belichick and situational football time yeah but not warriors. Jump balls in their own it. And it up the floor and well within a blink of an ice yet but let loose a wide open three when they need to control the tip Taj Gibson. One tip to tip the pollen in the corner and play went to get it. And get it up before but the ultimate one and a worries have made a commercial about this you can't make this stuff out. They have a jump ball home of their own and just wins the job during nine step leaks out drink about throes of a baseball pass up the floor staff catches it. Flips and apple overs head to the wrong side Kevin Durant he dumps it. And I've never seen that before howdy you'll. How do you and that's something they must work out and snatches totally spontaneous maybe train that winds its staff and you know if it's does get a tip it back if you get a head and shoulders behind a guy. Leak out and out for Ortiz and entering ought to step ago when it finished and self and entering follows. Prepared. The ball never hit the ground in the back court for a jump ball. To control that you have to drink not to throw up before eighty feeder he was forced to catch over the shoulder throw it up in the year adult. I mean it slalom about stuff like help does. There. Out of bounds plays Steve Kerr is the best in the business set to become out of timeouts are out out of bounds play side outs and they may just orchestrate the perfect play to execute perfectly but the play against Oklahoma City were clay. We're dying to step curry right before to have. I think thousands of byproduct of OKC losing their focus and being so wrapped up its front Apollo staff curry there for to jump ball they got out of sorts and just a bad you could succeed and how do you lose it. To be it's just it's crazy to think that they lost sight of the two time MVP to raise shooter we've ever seen in NBA history to Gaza as a byproduct. Of Oklahoma City. Rules in their focus or. Up evidence also staff reacting quick. That that ball's gonna go to the corner and even a Taj Gibson by take tipped the ball. Flight went to get it in one step sought clay is giving everybody the ball he just leaked out that. Chris Mullin we get on the show on Friday Marlins one of the best it leaking out he would get so many uncontested layups. He just run right through a shooter there were times are I think he leaked out. Before shots went up because he wanted to get up the floor. And he knew his teammates were in position to get the defense or rebound if he can get behind a man there's no lost sight two basketball you can do that. That like cocky. So he just did these guys just leak out and the shaft is if he gets up the floor. Once he's talk like that I think that's not that's not talking about a situation all basketball that stuff just doesn't happen. They they practice it at one wonder if they you know go through jump ball scenarios in practice words detailed situation. Basketball you're talking about the warriors. Have been among the best the very best offensive coaches. Whether it's Popper Carlyle. Terry Stotts in Portland the thirteen soldiers and Miami here they get tremendous action. Inbounds plays an orange probably do it as well as most teams but a lot of teams the teams that are superbly coached especially coming in out of a timeout. But mostly team it's just any kind of an in bounds and it's a baseline and bouncers side out of bounds they're just. They're just superbly coached and like to see the warriors analytics on what they score in those situations it's got to be either they get a great shot and they missed the shot. But so many times they get a back cut screen is get a lay up. The opponents just lose a guy off the baseline in balance. The oldest inbound it to a guy in the goal and score layup it's like how did that have that other disparate perfectly. Coached and you know a lot like it would ballots checked us in New England was situational football the warriors are coached on that level was situational basketball. Where even in which a jump ball in your own and in EF five seconds to go on behalf. They're thinking get it up the floor let's go let's get a three steps always thinking to get off the lash out before the point. I'll he has no problem keeping that from seventy feet. A fifty feet doesn't care about us for shooting prisoner dirty pig is gonna let that thing go what it's all it it fascinates me but it's how close he gives the hitting B shots every Siegel targeted the backboard in the back of Iran maybe it is in the front room is rattling in and out a humble pot I wanted to ask you this. Since Kevin Durant is getting close to coming back. He's getting closely probably beckon about you know hopefully those last five games. What do you do about this rotation out he would sit Matt Barnes and just say hey Matt thank you very much to sit on a bench here will play you may be with the second unit. You cut McCall in minutes what would he do how do you work the rotation irrelevant Erick is. Iran obviously goes back in the starting lineup and you start the race started the year Katie small forward reminds us Stefan play innings sub office it. I think adding Matt Barnes has a role on this basketball team I think he's going to be. He's going to be kind of your second Andre we're done. And what he also does is he he he will play four I think if you broke down a the minutes that he played it is played is a warrior he's played more power forward at a Lawrence plays small lineups so I mean at 345. They don't really matter a whole lot I would think especially for five. But you're up against athletes that are bigger but Barnes is day to football player a lot receive a tough guy and he throws a hell of an outlet pass that forgotten how well he throws the baseball players and just. One hand will rip the ball up the floor putter right out of dine. But now he sees that he's a player. Now you know where it was at a key play more at it three and four a cost more than two and three. So. Barge may cut in the minutes there. In others could be a roster spot you're gonna have to create. Loonie is gone decked out of the they may not have him up for the playoffs and combine. If they're a one game at San Antonio he really. Did not impress me this once it's hard he plays better. When he plays with the the starters went went went about Loney is on the floor with better players. He plays better. And I think he can make the same point about have a cough. That he does that as well but when I saw looney is the lack of that letter schism. Still looks like he suffered for hip injuries and meet you get up and down at the you'd go is a name that indicate Udoh former press room today he made I don't think you. Yeah I thought as the next guy for well he didn't have anything really give via. He'd have a great study Loney has a great saints. Of the game kind of weary years when you playing with better players. He plays better because he kind of doesn't have to take it overeat is fits any sets ring he rebounds. He plays inside he finishes around the goal and they roll off of them he's a roller so he has a role there but if you look at his overall skill set. Lot of it's the injuries obviously the hip but he sees that looks like he's you know David west's age he is still Enron. So I don't know if you would play at all in the playoffs I think Barnes has a role. On this team plus Barnes played a lot of playoff games he's been around this league a a long long time the other issue would be and we talked about that and has not yet because we had the during it. That's situation and obviously the memo from atoms overvote resting guys we are waiting Andre Andre by the way and the at delight here now. 95 points of the game at top of bodies wrapped up but I practiced meeting the media Sam payment from USA today sports either join us for the later on keys. Meaning which Raymond as we speak so will look at both of about a find out. What the latest is on Kevin Durant what's going out of a tree and I will be joining us hopefully. Shortly but. You know what they have thinking about is still bad debt third point guard. And I brought it up with you a lot that you know they want because they called Iran a direct got hurt they could bring in Calder only in the money but he left it. They wound up cutting him he's got shiny somewhere else now you want to bring him that aren't so I still think there's a role. They obviously thought so they you know they they they brought in called around collect reality Webber and cut emanated re sign him. Beyond that this second ten day deal in commit to. And so I think that's a spot but you know Barnes. Barnes is definitely going to be see them moving burns off the roster right now there were some pretty surprising how. Well he's played I think when you reactivate Kevin Durant and try to be lonely that would be taken off the roster. Nom with the Americas when he's just the other day against Dallas in the blog continually play four minutes. They're not he doesn't have much of a role here later in the season I think it's that time to where NBA teams start to shorten your rotation upper trying to get their plot. Playoff rotations in order and we see that with the lawyers and now he's seeing Clark play with more confidence that he asked the guy that they were hoping will be at their point Barbara when he was slumping. They thought you know Bob Myers company's title maybe we need to bring another guy and we don't want Linux and playing garbage time minutes but I think now. What Barnes playing the way he is. And Luis try to gonna be enacted back into several looking clarkin Charlotte used in the call today and I I don't have a problem with that part I don't have a problem where you are. It is when we're opposites are at a point guard he's he's he has enormous scoring mentality can handle little bit but if you pressure him it would be instrument but they simply do with him. Is they have Andrea on the floor they drain on the floor. You know even plays got a lot better handling the ball. And he's been up there with the in a lot because they're starting to use Shaun Livingston earlier and wanting artistry and wondering about. A couple of things that struck me in Allen now working. I watched the game differently and elect the Oklahoma City game back live and study it and replace him. Moment of it and turn on greens ball handling. Has really improved to me I'll I don't know features huge he's doing more ball handling or fees worked on it. But he almost a tie as he looks like Magic Johnson it's not just bring in the ball up the floor. What he's up top and waiting for plays to develop I mean he really runs the team like a point forward. He will dribble the ball from hand in hand. And just as great dexterity. Which dribbling the basketball and on all peaches if he's worked got it got that much better by relief studied him more. But he is really gotten good at handling the basketball now he went pressured them. You know he could go get on the trapped woman that if you you know he's a point guard that against certain matchups and he's going to be up against fours and fives. That after bring a second defender over to he's going to be able to beat that guy up off up the floor and the other thing. George Carroll rejoice at 2 o'clock bunting it. I've read George's book and Georgia had a ticket credit one of the chapters in his book is switched everything. And it's she's talking about its Seattle to winning here that love the yeah Gary Payton George in the glove side like curry that you knew was a Dick Whalen was a great those two guys and they abandoned best. Defensive backcourt the NBA's ever known love whose on ball defender off ball long arms that. Covered McMillan has released Smart Hulu player. And then on the Frontline near death of shrimp they're heating Shawn Camp. And Georgia is talking about how. They would switch everything. Andy Campbell asked George if he was the cat wants to pop his chest the origins books dot org and it. I love George majority great defense coach he was very good offensive minded really. A great defense that coach but I he may he may be right where that bad but that's special defense that group because though the length. That was was comparable for each player that he was long defend your debt that for a big could move his feet. But the warriors switch. Everything everything. At Drake is the key to. You wonder if they had some rules whether or not it is switch. You know it's not Gaza on the game in the game with its staff to certain rules were and activists which the 15 sometimes or. They remain wit. JaVale in the game they'll switched rate is the key to it because he's a big. They can cover smalls. And one thing about it strain ninety's ball friendly to me is improved a lot. And his ability to cover guards he's always been good at it but now the guy Russell Westbrook could not beat them off the dribble so he could not get to a spot trade my beat him. Now a lot of this film study but alas this is pure quickness being in shape. A being around the league play against Westbrook a number times will match up with James Harden. There really isn't that guard that you don't feel comfortable having them switching and it's secondly the other part of it why it works so well. Is clay Johnson and his ability to switch duo big. It's really underrated play when his size at 67. Is a big two guard and he can guard late the job data Westbrook the other night but it is beating them two spots with his foot movement. He's just as special defender on the ball but then when you switch yet. Injuring about goes on to a small player has to go onto a big play is strong enough to hold this go around it were a big is just acted out post him up and just take him right down to the postal and all and it Andre obviously is like right to arrange like that. And staff is kind of your roll overs so the warriors ability to switch everything and do what at a really high. Seattle supersonic. Love Nate McMillan George kernel level is what makes this team out on top of that legal issue that hats off. And just budget when they get in the open floor and round and rip it and staff and play bobbitt's threes but it all starts with their ability to switch everything defensively injuring nine. And play there's an academic credit report which Ramon definitely dollar during such as it limits what makes this team special. You know smash about Klay Thompson for like we don't give him enough credit for what he does on both sides of the floor like he's this he's so quiet out there are so whole lump rarely shows emotion. But defensively he switching a switch on the DX is garden atop. Wing perimeter offensive threat easy switch on the Westbrook he's taking Kyra he's taken Damien Willard. We'll keep we talk about clay timed up well you know it and I know some sometimes earlier in the year were talking about it his on ball defense. Had lacked a little bit earlier a year where he's really come on here. And he's taken that would. Durant out he's gone back to being able first of all you have to sacrifice anything he still can at the same amount of shots he did a season ago but I don't think we give them enough credit I. I mean some people may not ideal members that summer love one discussion about trading play. For Kevin Love and that the original. Proposal that the media and out there was matches play it was play injury. If I just went crazy I wouldn't trade either one of them because you saw. That year drain not can cover belligerent. And if you're gonna win this whole thing and he's still at Duncan their Aldridge has not yet there but drain on ability to cover. The elite offensive power reports now of the lakes the lead but they're gonna get the ball to get a stop that guy got a lot of them and drama is bothers him. And it plays ability at that time. To cover the first time it was march accident in San Antonio early in place career puts them on Tony Parker pavlik. What is he doing. Click it cover Tony Parker and do it. And is length that he bothered him plays a much better on ball defender and off ball defender staff is the opposite stance kind of roll over a great pains we'll dig down. It's beat backdoor lot because he's like NFL quarterback were ecstatic flowing at a guy with the ball like quarters clue the quarterback because. They're looking to make a placed after that a roams around. Uses his great hands has changed the dribble the ball translates so well on defense is great. Speed hands plays the direct opposite so play defensively on the point makes staff were in it on the offensive end. Play tops in his perpetual motion. He is just now and stuff. He's a lot like Chris Mullen. Just runs all day you could run off the series is green strong side weak side he never gets tired it never loses legs. On his jump shot did you ask him to guard the opponent's best perimeter offensive player. And it and the warriors offensive and ask him to run around all these that it is screens at. Just perpetual motion and it takes a special athlete and he has used in such great shape so. You may not think much excites pageant have waited. 67 and it's idol had seven victory of what they are this year you're not doing any of this luckily taps is one of the best. I mean you know what number you put it but he won the best two way in basketball's offense the defense especially if they. Separated that way but some guys to rest defensively play. Never ever species that lead the players know about another at the basketball world most. Yeah they do they do I just like with this team obviously when all the star power they have curry Katie agent Mark Green. Clay disk it's over shuttled to stability he played well is when there's a lot of ways eight is on a par and I don't think so. Now he has a supposed to win out and now just wants to landlocked. And with that what he wants to play he's lost a couple of teams play has no interest in doing the immediate thing he just does because he's obligated to any any respects it but he's that. He just assumed shower and go home in his line is just fireworks were stand there and drama you know it's funny how I'm getting interviewed by Slater the other day and locker room when he's watching spurs timberwolves game how many on the game as used in the interview but once trademark green is down talk to senator Sam. Leave him alone we need to him on airman after the light we'll have Dermarr agreed followed by Sammy me. Yea that was our schools to do that. Pop I think you're supposed to do that's who VA or what am I supposed to do you do this to say yes I'm that happy are happy it is not happy pop is not happy and Adam happy order we have in the room barb can dream on its damning account American and drama one there where there Marcy Pete's on your got a little problem bonds and impressively. Now back to that pop and on T hill on 95 points in the game. And a league has been known as the no fondly for a long long time and I think the gutter roll back. Some of the plays that are. Penalized in the NFL form in the post touchdown celebrations we may see that they don't like the the choreographed ones were multiple teammates that. A lot of the ones that are just pure fun they mayoral back but that's probably the least interest in at all. Notion at least interesting that we'll see how that plays out in next week obviously when he owners at their meeting. Competition committee is also going to be meeting in net Phoenix and there are a lot of rule changes. That are being proposed right now and this is that kind of a common thing in the NFL is really progressive thinking they they changed their rule book by far. More than any other major sports league in his country they they will have a handful rule changes every year things that emphasize. I think the biggest one. Dante is just how they are going to deal with the replay. And we're gonna get my career Mike's gone on to be an of the expert of the officials for somebody hears the supervisor of league officials. Now works with fox sports and he's a friend in nabbed a member Wendy. Replay first came back in the NFL they had it for years and years back in the eighties after Mike renfro the Oilers. And a touchdown overturned in the AFC championship game in Pittsburgh it was an opera I. Two bring replay and they did and they threw it out and it brought it back and Mike was the supervisor of league officials they've ordered back and remember. Talking to him and lengthen them I think was well why do you need do involve the on field. Officials directory just haven't done in New York just have them make the call and make it done quickly. But. Kind of like Major League Baseball. The refereed it's not wanna give up that kind of on field power. So used you have this system in place for a long longtime NFL where. He had the official time out we're gonna challenge a play we all go to break they punch it out here comes this official waddling over. You know could be sixty yards away from where he is in the at his side of the field goes on the hood what's he doing there what's he seeing. What the hell is taking sole involvement. And it's years dragging it out issues yet that has become a just so tedious laborious so all now what they're gonna do is they are gonna have an ending in years past. They've had people in the league office dean blamed Dino being the number one but a former NFL refereeing was only a a referee for a short period of time is claim to fame was he was the first Hispanic refereeing India NFL Alberto peripheral. He is banned in new York and park avenue offices during all of it. The major games and I think it's going to be mainly blame dean L who has replaced. Mike Pereira as the supervisor of officials that problem that I have. As dean ever beneficial in the NFL the actual game official. Yeah penalties now things penalties and I and Mike was Mike was but even back judge for a long long time so. He knows the people there so to me this is a harder sell. To have a suit in New York. Make the call and is the way they're still gonna do it if if you want to have dean blamed you don't make the call because he does know the rule book inside and out he's the one as to. Speak on NFL network and we sleep weekly basis. On access to explain the controversial calls he's back he's he's good he's very he's not quite Mike Pereira Mike is a real gift that's why. He's now on network TV listings fine. But if you're gonna have him make that decision in and speak for the league and why they made these choices to overturn not overturn. Then why do you have to bring the game official over to me I don't know what this'll I think it'll speeded up. That means a second spot today that it speeded up minutes. If you just didn't involve a game official at all. Not a problem is now you're taken away by authority electric crew chief in baseball so he would Internet dealing with the unions and so I don't understand why park avenue focus they're they're sitting in this huge room. Where high definition sixteenths inch monitors there watching at all. And I think that could have three people in the New York now this year majesty going to you know Annette Alberto river all but a third. Person who you can imagine it being a Sunday winning games kick off the morning in the fifth incident well I would rock tonight unbelievable salt. But I don't I I this we'll screen climate streamline its Sama. The why don't they just take it where the official does not advised he does not go under talked to anybody. New York makes the call it we just move I think there aren't comfortable. With a salute in New York overturning. A game officials call and they want to make it look like even Howard Dean is telling you overturn the caller I know. You could tell the way certain place have been reviewed it. That New York was involved he could just feel it in and it it's been that way for the last couple years I just don't know why they're just not more transparent. And they just don't involve the the game officials in the call because the commissioner's big talking point because the ratings are down. The ratings went down a lot yet this year you could blame about it the presidential election the debates which are two of the three were up against football. But they were down they were down alarmingly. This year and it's the pace of the game it's slow it's kind of like baseball to try to speed up. Well if you wanna speed the game up the one where he's just to keep your game officials. And the field. Keep your field officials on the field and that on the white outside the apron. And over and over and getting in a voting both keep them out of it and let let Glenn Dino and river Rona wherever else is New York just make the call. Then there are also plan to speed up at least the Thursday night games they're trying to cut out commercials. Are trying to cut out in game pro morals or network Promos where you see the enormous Ross CBS where he she sixty minutes and what are. That's why these networks by these games you you've got to every year when you're carving out network programming aired during the week. The day a lot of a big reason why they do this in Natchez selling commercials and act. And football's little dip from the ratings are down this year but with they'd the main reason that's why Fox Network bought football. Way back years and years ago was to promote the Simpsons yeah that's that's what I give I. Just to get that in game advertising out what they'll do. Is they won't do what coming in to break in delay they'll kick the ball off but believe me after a first and Janet. In a play is run. The game announcers were dropped in a April mall for whatever coming up on CBS or. And BC whereas the game and I could get away from that I think they're just could encompass it gets get that at the plate under under way and it. But that's a big reason why these networks paid all these billions of dollars for the rights to promote not only the the NFL in their product there but to promote all their program. You have not let's. To be tough to cut that I because like you senator dole and out so much money to get these Promos for their shells. Up on the screen here that the biggest thing is a replay we trust on our earlier this segment. Just eliminating their hoods is Corning New York in just getting it right how much care about a skin and it. Caller right but getting it right quick like torture kill the pace of the game five minutes and that's the game and the raiders were in Tampa last year and I just after treatment of what the hell is taking so law that lets skull it's like another halftime. There is a rhythm of the game. If you don't want in erupted that it is sometimes Italy the team not offense that can rest now our team defense you've got to. Not only for the flow of the game and it stands. For the pace of the game of the players and coaches you gotta go in as far as the commercials they just after repackaged. The commercial the biggest problem we have in the NFL if you watch a game. At the stadium. I don't feel it is much during the game because it's just like the game is so fast so much going on. But when you're there watching game I've EC teams or touched. That kick the extra point go to break. You come back and you kick off. And now kick officer Andy at any movement at the 25 yard line after touch backs is now it's the numbers are actually up on touch backs. But how often do you have a nine play. Artistic kick off for the touchback nothing happened commercial again yeah now we're back in it's first intent. So how many minutes expired Ayers 68 minutes in all yeah it was one. Soccer player kicked the ball for the back end zone and nothing happened at that that's the moment in the game. Where they've got to streamline the commercials were after a kick off its first and to. And we play again now that means you know stretching out of acts committed here in extra minute I don't think they're gonna take revenue away and have less commercial inventory is they lose money. That is that there to package it differently works that. Touchdown extra point commercial block kick off commercial block rate and you could easily keep got there how do you have six Evans on this you'll miss a thing. And also when guys get injured or on a film eagle to another commercial break they're down underground for a second they may hop right up. After record at thirty that did that excuse me the networks go to commercial so they go to commercial that player may pop right up off the field and he's on my donuts commercial breaks they had somebody commercials each quarter. That they've got to get in and there's what colors are green hander rhetoric outside lab that big sleeves and handle punch out he's getting that's all that's all determined by network TV. They run the game at that Paul moment whether the punch out to break because they've got. On how many its fourth quarter. Maybe even more and also what happens is you know what we especially for the raider gamer niner game for the second half of a double header. And the first game is that ended in a bleach into the second game don't be so many times. Where they will not take a single commercial break. Until the entire. The West Coast audience in its second half the doubleheader national audience would join the game so you'll have a game start in the West Coast 10105. And you'll have no commercials at all until like 125130. And then once those early games are over. He's got a time about every play. They just because they gotta you gotta make a mockery and an activist is not use those commercials they're just gonna save them for later in the broadcast some more eyeballs around so I think this is. A TV. Mandated ping and the bottom line is Vontae for the first time. Since I I think in my entire life you have to look at it is that the records. At the television ratings in the NFL went backwards in Asia. That is never happened never happened but we can emit I know you're door raiders games have been Sunday but watch he'll leave his hole and you catch Obama games. Play was bad to step back this year pop there's a lot of that football teams this year. A lot of that people like it's like bad teacher there at six million when it's bad it's Kate's illness and added it is look at it is global it hopefully and so we're still trying to catch up withdrew mongering here. Or Sam Amy we may move some things around here George Karl. 230 we'll get him at 230 when he we may move seminary tomorrow also so tourniquet to which are Mark Green here on the international pop and boxing and parts of the. Now back to that topic and on T hill on 95 point seven became. As we were fortunate there were we had a lot of room to do so and we still have a lot more room so we're in great position we have an owner that if we don't use the room. This year we carried over til next year. Yeah I got the second overall pick in the NFL. Draft that is that lynch we are going to be join them at Mayo core 49ers. Insider. From serious at Bay Area that capital so here in the five points of the game yet but I haven't talked this book and Manny awhile cents a the niners sign so many players in free agency and obviously the the big news this week oh Dwight Clark in the coming for the isn't. Payless select through a catch up with but that I said that second pick in the draft. And this this is an interest him right miles care's going to be you know electrical he's gonna go to Cleveland. A pretty much is a lock on leaving Cleveland we're trade out of that can clinically robots can the browns beat the browns it's treaties that. This one's a slim down they're gonna take this guy whether each cloudy here. Whoever you ought to compared to he's he's this he's if he's four gets done the four point stance he's a state of the art. Pass rusher. So the diners at entry at number two I think it would be open to a trade. It never to move back and try to get as many pictures you can. Which they Stanford's pro day and. That Christa McCaffrey's run routes in the slot. On the outside now he's just gonna go and number two in the he's not going to overall pretty probably will be the second running back taken off the board. Mitt somewhere in the mid first round but Solomon Thomas Shalit is now guy wisdom of shall assess he I think cutting him a little bit you have was what you think he. Well he. It's a little early to be taken in his senate pass rusher but. If you've got an elite ones like this guy in my first song and I don't watch a more. I saw Richard Seymour. Right away now the niners are gonna move to 43. So. He he would play what's known to five technique. I think he can also be more a power players that. You know three technique that's gonna get a feel he can. Kiki powerful. I don't know what kind of pass rushing skills what I saw was just strictly for Richard Seymour. He could play. However you want the player fraud if you wanted to have its call to camping where he takes on his block and is that shooting GAAP to either side of the blocker he is told the point. In which other either side. The ball carrier goes he can go to either gaps and he's not taking one gap he's taken both gaps by just taking on the block. He can Seymour was gored at the greatest that. Where there was a 3443. As Belichick changed its front so much Seymour was really good and that became a greater numbers Seymour could. Could play three technique you get out field but never you watch a more. Seymour is an excellent player and the guy we saw with the raiders played a lot of two. I see also a little weird Donald C. And Solomon Thomas so now. Now you could start to wrap your brain around. Taking him to I mean if he's in there and Donald. Hell what do these mean Joseph green. He can change goal thing what have you Reggie White an yet to see him a little more right now watch this oddball like you wanna watch that but just watching him. He's a powerful. Powerful presence. In you can build a fraud around him now Huber talking about they've got. Some really good inside. Beefy guys up there I'm Stan Glenn Dorsey still there. Yeah he's still hanging around ABC and CNN Mecca to get hurt again if you players trigger revitalize our your serves I like him as a going digital touch you know what he go back and played three technique gets me in Kansas City. If you're going to a 43 Dorsey was at three technique. With the cheat so let's say hello fraud and that's a hell of a friends received are gonna move to a 43. There's your run defense which was awful last year. Improves in this week with a solid it's comments and I'm so that it'll trade down. In a ticketed number two what do you do do you wanna go Rubin Foster you wanna go Jonathan Allen I think Solomon Thomas was great attitudes Hewitt takes a Foster I would that would deal that I feel like I don't watch Foster more here's one of us experts compared of the key equally huge opening for the leaders that. Move that was not impressed with him over the national championship game looked a little. And it looked a little Alabama slow whether it's reliable McClain Donta hightower I'd like to generalize about. Players like a lot of schools that are all different young men there at the same guy but. Certain coaches this same coach they use in the same way and just the way statement watches guys to play. And root for our topic he runs well and I'll have to look at him he's going to be back equally. Mechanically can run he cleans Urlacher meets but does he can play that rocket he can drop and play the middle. He's a special player he's got great instinct I saw. Foster's is kind of a thumper but I don't mean ball it's gonna come back and look to do that a light onshore. Exactly what moments going to be but in any event I think the obviously the Cleveland's gonna take last year. And then you know the other part of it is notre Dame's have their pro day to day. Kaiser and you know Watson was. It generalize I was adamant that he's out there and ordered and he's in order dangers that Stanford's that a staffer Kyle I saw that Stanford. Lenses and ordered you know well I was at Stanford today I saw Todd downing. The raider two offensive coordinator Nichols. Who was on the raiders staff. Wide receiver coach and he is now quality control for years Johnnie Morton. First Johnny Cash coordinator the jet and getting more get the procedure out of New York you sort of Stanford heck is he was with Eric Harbaugh. Both with the niners and at Stanford so greater sense of representation. Now McCaffery I was hoping he would be there 24 over that says that it has a. I dream a departure and how high she gonna go he's gonna go may first from a Tiki I don't think he'll last past eighteen that's when he. I think I think he did some tees may eventually look there's the raiders order to reform act which we are in nineteen who actually go. I honestly. What I would really considered doing. For the completely honest and before he addressed to the I'd make him a slot receiver. And I would use him. The way Green Bay just played which side Montgomery now as much Tuesday they'll those injuries to their offensive backfield nose and starts and Lacey. It than anybody else they are that I heard it turned rocker made a running back it's not. But just to play with McCaffrey is a runner to get a match up on a linebacker and I give I honestly would think his real skill set. Is going to be as a slot wide receiver in the NF TV ratings and he would be. In an out lateral quickness to catch the ball and then his running back skills after he caught the ball. Night and if you'd be distracted and say we're gonna do the C afterwards range of course slot. Or bring him in and seek him out of a little bit you know get them for five carries a game that mainly. I'd light it up with a slot forty times a game I think that's where he's really special well. No drama Green Day who joined the swing decides to in the future but this can act today day not today day no day day today day. But the show is getting back on track with that we have a total in the wallets councilman after reckoning will be George Karl. At two thirds so please stay with those folks are trying here in the afternoon delight pop about it at a price that together.