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Joe, Lo, and Dibs - Lo on playing on the road

Mar 23, 2017|

In light of Tom Haberstroh's article on how Tinder affects teams on the road, Lo tells us what it was like as an athlete on the road.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven games. From Ian Rappaport on Twitter of the NFL network. Quote sources. Saints coach Sean Payton and Johnny Mann Zell were spotted together Super Bowl week at breakfast they discussed a return to football. Let's go ahead put man's cell in New Orleans right there on murder mystery. Yeah. Speaking it's a hurricane element it's it's stunning because for some reason that the saints have had a losing record in three of the last four years and decisions like this. How you win chip disabled dynasties. Taking alcoholic and a drug addict and putting him on urban street and asking them to be professional go about his job. The get a loft downtown while being numbered in the Garden District his. Actually I'm sure there's some really nice areas real quiet I think of the good fit smaller QB needed to be learned behind Drew Brees role model of his his affair Betty Ford that's a figurehead. No joke the guys amassed the guys amassed just because he's clip they kept it clean for fifteen minutes. You you think that's that's reason enough to put him back in the NFL guys like that man he's got to show you. It's unfortunate for football but especially to three years I mean that these hook too much temptation. I can't believe you even consider that if you're the saints but then again it doesn't surprise me because you've had one winning record in the last four years and you've got a hall of fame quarterback. That speaks to how well run that organization currently is Joseph Mullen lives 95 point seven a game. We've promised this all day and now it's time to deliver. Tom average stroke ESPN. Fascinating article up on the website yesterday. If you go back to the eighties. 8788 particularly in the NBA home teams were winning 68% of their games home teams were crushing. Now this is before charter jets. This was back when players like the party a little bit cocaine was a word that came up quite a bit throughout the article. This year home teams are winning 57%. Of the games. 10% drop in fact this is the lowest rate at which home teams have won in NBA history. So however stroke did this he talked general managers coaches players. And here's what he uncovered. It's being called quote the tender his nation of the National Basketball Association. Players no longer this is according to one former all star who talked average stroke they don't have to arrive in town. Played game. Then go out to the club drink hang out party meet girls then go out get something to eat then go back to the hotel and before you know it's 4 AM. Indiana played in a game in all of this now because a social media players can have this dialed up to the fact. To the point where they don't even have to go to the club's agreement to drink Tinder. And notably instead grant the article says players really prefer its program. Are showing up in these towns sometimes hurts he's already left at the desk for women. So that they can show up checked in go over to this other room. Get in and give back to their room get plenty of sleep and they're ready to play the next day tips yeah you believe. It makes perfect sense you know and everything now streamlined where you can. You can order a car from your phone you don't need to call a cab he can do everything now from your phone and have most things delivered to you so instead of having the land. Figure out who's down to roll written. All your clothes changed going out of the club bottle service VIP cost get everyone together staying out late coming back dehydrated. And really you're just trying to. As you say did it in your trying to have some some female accompaniment. While you're on the road and instead he spent six or seven hours chasing said a company meant. May be getting into trouble being photographed for various web sites out about. Drinking maybe more than you should whereas this is it streamlining get additional sleep much better for the player and extend it. They talked about how back in the eighties cocaine was rampant the National Basketball Association and teams flew commercial so what would happen and on about Brody back to back with the warriors just faced little Casey in Dallas. You would go to OKC you play then you would go out he would party you'd be drinking and doing drugs meet women. And you wouldn't be flying out until commercial flight the next day at 5:6 AM so what you're doing his saints you stay up all rights. All the way till five or six go catch the plane flight down to Dallas and then get shellacked the following night. Players don't need to do anymore there's also realize the effects alcohol has on the body and they're trying to get paid so they're drinking less than ever before. So the first thing I'm thinking as I cannot wait to get in the work tomorrow clo Neil. See how to operate in the NFL and you guys were different when you travel schedule you're on the road all you like baseball guys eight road games but take me through. Say you're in San Diego when you're playing at Cleveland for example when's the plainly. Yeah you leave on you would leave on a on a Friday. And it's just charted plane so I think when you chart him planes it's different. Did you find commercial special when you talk among basketball on baseball because. Basketball the savior playing you know on the on the West Coast games over at 10 o'clock at night cause you play you the dubs now a year. You got a week to 6 o'clock in the morning the next night or take a red eye out you don't think about taking a red eye out nine and getting took. That morning at 8 o'clock now I gotta get back to the to the gym and try to be a wake up and it's kind of tough. But if you're starting your own plane you can leave right away right after the game and charter and get there and get more rest so I think that does help that plays a part. But on us that we were traveling to Cleveland art in New York Joseph we'd get there on a Friday would get their Friday afternoon press Sunday game yet for Sunday game would get their Friday afternoon about 4 o'clock. 4 o'clock in the afternoon get up between 4 to 5 o'clock. OK and so you've got two nights in the city now I wanna start with Saturday night the night before the game. There's ample security there protecting you at the hotel making sure stuff doesn't go down there's bad checks I'd imagine what anyone ever. Sneak out on Saturdays and give you gonna do anything in one of these towns are on one of these nights it would be Friday Raikkonen went to an inning Saturday no I think I think it's a very valid point on Saturdays is just it's too hard and you're thinking about a game you know you got eight road trips. It's tough because on Saturday night Joseph. You have the team meaning you get up in the morning and on you get up in the morning on Saturday you have preface from Mike's 7 o'clock to nine. Had meetings at 9:30 that morning on your individual room haven't they haven't set at the hotel or maybe you. Have you means thirty minutes then the buses are there at 1030. You jump on a bus you go to the stadium. You go to the locker you get your take after you don't take your street clothes that you're going to get on a pair shorts or sweats whatever it may be in the locker tardy set up. In eagle to walk through. Using done by 1 o'clock you get back on the bus you back to the hotel by two. Using had that window therefrom. 230. To five to thirty to six bet you have free from three to whatever time you get did you essence up easy from up three to six X six dinner. 630 got a special teams meeting that coach is wanna see your eyes on Saturday everyone's gonna be there. Did at 7 o'clock you have your teen meeting at everyone's there. You go with a first fifteen plays you're gonna run defense you go through everything torn gives a speech uses around nine. You have snack table then in Serbia the food there at 9 o'clock from nine to ten. In your rooms by ten police is on the floor you have actually police officer uniform officers on the floors where you threat inning you also bring your. Teen security. Any choosy to eighteen security any particular coach that has the master key in the gold do. Each room. To try to make sure pies are due on the right thing but I have a story about one guy tightens up on Saturday to Bogut back nine sacks on Saturday for the most part buttons that we're all thinking game because that's not 81 road games like baseball right. You've got to be focused okay. But Friday if you wanna get in any given it absolute now you played in an arrow where FaceBook was opened. But you didn't have Tinder ins to grant that stuff was all still in an infancy uses a twinkle in the founders not sure sure. What you when you're in San Diego where their guys who had a way to get it in like if you were going into the city you had a two old school like some of these NBA players. What did you ever teammate who was like ahead of the curve on all this ahead of the curb and talk and I hit was like. Urgency an eagle went in it was even before that that some guys in my but this particular guy just stuck like that sort dump yeah he went in it was like elect. But woody and do you wanna goalie you know we get there and an was a good friend of mine and we dinner at times and then into Andy and me at. Let's go to dinner and go hang out. May little movie or golden nice dinner and on Friday on the let's go to let's go to local bar let's find hot spot because we can sell to sometimes called to give us curfew and sometimes a B twelve but you may want to implement. Back so so what's cool so his column Marty got it every dorm become like that. Or somebody in every city it would go so he already had women set up now this is back in the mid 2000. You're throwing out is that it made them five Charlotte Chicago Cleveland New York what have you and you go to this guy asking me if he wants to maybe go out to see what's going on actually. He Tarlow can't do it already had girls set up. Will you do is what order you bet they use the rule this coach it is easy wasn't a star players oh this guy was just. It Ike. Just don't understand will come down I'm like a great job I'd get to hotel. This kid got what come down Portuguese I want to technique does my effort. I'm sure after after the fourth or fifth time just like OK tell me what the hell you doing in effect have these ladies rip in the so called no book read book. That was read book yet some of the magazine and garden magazine ads Oprah regular class. Where we're at what what is this has anyone heard of this anyone read is due to read book as red book rental blond Bob and I don't know. California it's like this redbook and that's how you doing this book I know every city you go he had people lined up so bottom of its it would be Arnold's pulled to tender but he would have. But he was using something on Internet this morning that written book in it it he would. People liked. And I was like wow so it didn't get it. So and it's real guy Ron Hornaday you'd be showing us a single lesson at the wrong yeah. Every Friday you'd be shown up in what what I what have you and he was already ahead of the game using the Internet to get in this situation dialed in read books the west that MySpace he was usable Austin. Crowd there's a sheriff's. Thomas is and he would like every city would go to I was friends with Tom tell. You confirm that attack attack attack and everybody. Wow so this is you played back in the day where of guys wanted to get after it. Perfect you've got to go through what apparently is now being considered the whole lob. The whole process. Is to be fought the idea of going out and meeting someone of your single guy this and that but now it's been so streamlined. That essentially you got a guy like you teammate who figured out how to have it all set up before you even got to town it's amazing and now. My sources now telling me that red book was they have pay for play site paper plant at the text line gone again I don't know what yeah. Had a this big response not quite an interview robot and yet pay per view and as CN paper clip. Still on the Internet now. But that get to circle back to are reacting to a till Saturday sorry. I had so this Saturday you don't screw around in the NFL. You know security on the floor but yet room Jack's got a game the next morning what's going on. So you know I'm an open ended and in Tennessee so I don't wanna it's Sylvia Limbaugh and certain guys the Coke can do is coming in in in in the security guide you in using its retired police officer that the team hires and he's here. Inimical to walk in a room hey are you doing look into room to say hey make sure you're okay they totally. Certain guys go. In my head war about themselves that maybe would be a little Dicey maybe a more thorough search hello girls sort of particular individual. He's he's a party or he's out all the time. This comes in Yemen that are hit security in in in the coach. Any survival in the on on on it coach. So he's obviously being the good book just getting ready for that game got talk about Gibbs who continue to place you lose the that I grab for it. So. The coach in history and the culture multi sick. But what's. Yemen and now I'm just trying to be good. Will just isn't any you're you're gonna. Pat how. So he goes in the room joked. He started amending it in looks in the closet no one's there looks around. The Eagles decide that they may have belonged blankets over the any kind of sticking out the coats this at the blanket. There was delight. Glass half half I got asked about how many times. 5000 dollar fine didn't play the first half. So you know it was so 5000 dollars revenue girl in the room Jesse Chatman last when LT gets yelled he gets thrown out at fifteen under but we let a lot about NFL fine man a girl in the room though the night before. Is money. Do women regularly and that's. Rocky then we get I I. Glad nobody got the ball is that I aegs the coach Mike Montgomery coming up next Jolo on bids back in the flash 95 points and the game.

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