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Mar 23, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

DG DG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco on this. Is that this town's Michelle yeah I'm not like points. Live. The big timers man what happened tonight Johnny tell the people man is is is the guy you're just talking to listen to the show yes. Actually texting while doing. Boxed agree with me about the box can't. I love you and a lot of I'll say right here I know problems and that's anti corporate as Smart guy. Walking away from that your did you Cairo on the totem pole you can do that I can't yeah. Can you explain why that and why the twins are not doing the job tonight. They had. Acting classes tonight to get ready for another performance you see that's going on here. And I met him in person at fan fest and they seemed to like really like me but I'd I'd I'm getting the feeling. That increasingly they're gonna get more and more big time. I'd just you wondering if there again at B make him more money than use them. Actually already are nice it's it's probably it's not it. It's getting close will your gambling or money T yeah no doubt that happens I'll wait Padgett and attorney by the way did you submit a bracket. For this two year you might not bad to our heads I thought mine was I medically sold out for me wasn't summoned like a place is certain it was just. And some think apple of my login. Yeah and handed damn please see I think it sounds like a life that no the playing games saying he had to get it in my three and clock didn't. Further Wednesday downfield hitting count on my body and spirit and I'm client log in mustered up all you well placed in my hands lies. Because I thought it would get automatically fill then by Bernard Noah didn't is mind's just blank. Nothing for you it does in same my name well then you're on all the time I should've had to fill one out. I I am I have no problem down. By the way Emery to book your bet on. Tiger Woods in the masters. 125 to one. Really yeah. Really. 125. Too long one dollar gives me a book 25 yet. Interest. It's interesting ten dollars and Null and so it's got to be wrong gets me 1250. Dollars I'm. Yeah yeah. Yeah. The bookie shop. Now here's the deal on the play that out all the way that's the first I heard that all the way political of that day's event. One reason that opening nine Ricky Henderson field Narnia. Going to be working but you bring an a plus one now. Work again. Opening day thanks to you courting you and I don't think it's true that the any any chance you get time to put me down note I know that's not true I it and I've had your back so many times and you've done an amazing job when he gave standard unit when people stabbed you in the back I didn't their free can name some names I have been their furry I've got invited to that plus one. Sosa I'm not bring a plus one just to be safe. What do you think you're going weakens the ease the on that. We are pulling the curtain back so far right now. So are not bring a plus one. Don't you should it's OK yes hard to bring me. I it's too. Hot your mr. Hayes now machine count analyzed and that's it. So you better bring here's the deal before we had a lot eating media rent out like what are asked turning Kirk Morrison right now. Bob. Here's the deal him. Normally if you're gonna bet if tiger doesn't applying means off the board didn't. But this casino. It's on the board. Tiger Woods has not played a competitive round since Dubai Boise and right. No he's not announce season no but he's not out. He's not in our phrase like that not in our out but he supposed to play easy you know the only thing he's committed to as the champions dinner. Okay he has not played around a golf. So little brother says I like him more than you so golf he says he's client for share OK so the question. I have for you yes is if Tiger Woods doesn't play in the masters he's still lose. Well that's unfair it should be is to be wiped off bottom line is that pack bottom line is I'm still life's not fair. Forty bucks you win I know that's ridiculous 125 don't want to announce it. This this casinos out hope that. Of course she would why would you tell all put it and you want I'll book the vet out. Switch around all of that wanting our counties applied. At all in. Yeah he doesn't mean he hasn't really been able to do my hunch. Is back spasms is Caroline one. Shrank for a guy US into NASDAQ why does he looks so big he's huge. Hate on you said earlier. In the league title and otherwise dull dull. Do not perform golf balls and stop righteous act can't you guys that's why. No agent Tony Clark the old Detroit Tigers have played in all I play in all honesty accepting the trophy he's the player director of the players' association. Final act played and all the as a member Tony Clark in 68 played basketball arizonans any of state there was a first round pick a tigers though we plan on all star team together. I better first two dead nights. Really. Set he's worth millions of dollars employed may actually base that's the best feather in your cap though he should know that all the way more. Frequently the you do any when he was still like we're kids who still like 65 from the 51 out town in San Leandro dude why the hell does that. Slot drop cracked me up every time. Is slot drop allowed to be dropped. We says. If you draw it's this we're good okay. We have a ES we do he's a former raider he's from Oakland nice he's and asked Tom Kirk Morrison as will this year. On knighted five point seven a game how we do. Eric. I'm doing great at doing great with Cuomo would know. Well you know there's two things we can go with it when it comes to the raiders either. Hope and Marshawn Lynch is gonna come out of retirement and play and hope to god that the NFL owners next week either table. Or vote against the raiders to go to Vegas which you wanna go first. Let's see aptly via. I think uncle the more silent the thing that's probably the more of a bright spot where the raiders are right now. You know when I think about a guy who retires and you know as good as anybody. The position you played the toughness the edge that you have to have when you step away from the game. And then you wanna come back what do you think that would be totally like trying to get that edge back. For him at the age of Woody's gonna be 31. It can be different modeled the first about art that was McCain. Both parties here really is that packing year. The first year that the typical obviously. But remember he walked away from the he retired. And so you know he do yet injury yet being local law not seek help our attention. You know you need to year but it almost certainly didn't a year to. And the fire okay bit and really into the next year or the next part or next phase of my life. What would allow wanna do you know domain name is accused looked like you have those two to Latin you can go walk up and the like fourteen. A country that's what march Lindsay is right now. Let market pages from where ma am speaking for me personally. After that first year and way to my body felt as good as it is. I act like it go back to yourself. It just just a pink and he around the beginning in the top physical it is and what apple byte man I'm still surprised the last eight years. National Football League or in March on to start a realize that now that he's still got a trailer retire but what if you work for his. He sort of who you know like after Opel. Our car with some insect while met you in studio uber doing some are some national radio stuff. Good to talk to you against all I guess I gotta be the bad guy he ask you about more strongly as I got to ask you about the relocation. As a guy very familiar with the Bay Area proud to have a city do you think will be Tomb Raider nation for them to move not once but twice and how do you think the whole traveled down to Vegas logo. Yeah you know it it is difficult there really years because. I'll still look. Loyal. Raider fans. Always beat. The belt before you play detained. And the one thing is that mark poplar. No matter what happens when the raiders move to law and look for the right. You know when houses Stiller I didn't do you know I don't Kirk. He'd never let you waiver to the Serbs before you are where the other team in the Bay Area. If there were always popular writer there and you know my family will make that your current altered to look forward and gaining. Each. You know just because Apollo that it worked liberators so when they came back and we took over and ticket in 1995. This is dark and so I'll speak more and more got who actually hold his feet and two deposit the next week or so. Total. Greater Youkilis in that it will. Obviously. Not on albeit there's still other David pressure a lot of people. And he didn't muddy syndicate these tickets and people are lightly at all while they are all our money computing. When your belief in a couple of years so their really pressuring people right now that if peace ticket deposits and I know right away. And we're not even if the owners we near saw a lot of news come out over the next couple weeks say that'll come along when Napster absorb water that where. It is because of how important it is to market millions of people all with the vehicle repair our mistreated I know it. So would be devastating you know especially when you went through the years of work is king world you put people laughing stock and national both already in right. When the raiders are relevant again National Football League. They're taken away from so that it's. It is topic we're really and I know mark is trying to do what we can't let. The article predicting though Las Vegas. Distinctive it's going to be tough trying to watch is in the next two years in Olympic only. So there's still no sites there's still no filed development plan. And then there is the fact of having a bunch of young man in Vegas lying in the National Football League that there. Our concerns out there from owners as somebody who came at a San Diego State you had an unbelievable career for the gas tax. And then he got some big money in your pocket and then you have the teams that are flying in from out of town says he's the East Coast where they'll be there for two days. Whoa would be mean won't be here real concerns for young guys with money the temptation and the people trying to get to them. You have they're in their city you know I mean I live here in Los Angeles and knock over the ramp on a daily basis and on the same thing here you know part of trying to you know get those gotten depth chart with just moved up from San Diego and tripping Miami's New York. There's going to be more opportunity to go out and do things on your own arm. Every year rebels want operatives. In professional. And that would be a football players and it felt distractions aren't particular to what your job you shouldn't be the national all the that's up to the player to walk away from the distractions. That you want are able to do that that's what you want are able slavishly. Fourteen and 121415. Year and the guys who decide to. But here curricular a little more important. To those guys caught the league relief well and real quickly. Or an accurate statement behind him practically quote OPEC could change. We did on January 1. Local in the Miami and hang out instead of being back and marketer all of our court ink. Abbott he would change so I think that no matter what you always have temptation whatever city you're. But it possibly get treatment program put them on which he's got to leave it or what bill somewhere really forward. Soviet and what you thought our own good you know the guy who really wanna play at all. And if Derek Bard who will matter your leaders to trust I don't have a problem. With the raiders and dot com and because you got two guys though leaders and we'll make sure that they get their work. Now you know a lot about Southern California vs northern California and my biggest thing on why the owners wouldn't vote for this is that Vegas is not that far from LA if you're in LA. I've got a buddy and LA richest guy I know millions and millions of dollars in the bank. He can easily go to Vegas whenever the hell he wants so why wouldn't want to preteens down there and they'd be as much as people were saying. Oakland hurt the raiders would only. Vegas date they wouldn't own that area because LA's so close Amish you think that's gonna factor into the decision. Well I think it would be you look at it different. What you remember what you look at. No Baltimore. Washington. New York Giants and New York Jets with up eagle I mean there really was in what two per hour train rides you know me and so. I think no matter what you always have your pocket spared special double oh with a few of the greater strain they're not just one area they travel. Oh there was no room last year seemed a little that the pitcher that the raiders have more. There and gains in the it is you know we've throughout the year so typical. Well in realized that like while the greater make in the actual real and so they will expand your market not just how. Born years old order to further and then now into Vegas which you already have a stroke or a prayer. I think Europe so product has capitalized and I say is that nobody's turning now. 750. Million dollars of taxpayer money that's what it really comes out through. You know so you're you're not going to its haven't under insured learning dollars. In California that just not gonna happen our state does not allow that now Nevada papers separate particularly we got to got to where you're right here. I think that's what right now have the owners' interest whatever you have a situation very difficult for vocation or in court that the effort though. Always follow the money train right now. Money traders that mr. green dot public or. Let's end on this Colin Capra nick has not been signed there's men were players that have had lesser careers who have signed already. Is it about the protests is it about his play. Is it about in the in the past few will believe he's been divisive. In the locker room all of the above why has he assign wisely signed. More I think it's about as play Rios. A lot lesser people let you know what that the contract for our airports grammys are gonna pick them deal. We look at numbers like I was making what 1412 what you mean about last year. Look at back to quarterback many right now amassed a full well but he used where Reid wars. So the more well Colin apparently not fighting a number fourteen just not interested and I root it do when you sort of get that quote draft. Seeing the Oakland trapped on and the next Dick in fact that we expect our. We're trying to argue Nick Young quarterback in the draft and try to hit a one though the chanting our culture and you know later on so that the security it's by an early parts create misty. I don't think you wore the department of starter right now he's got hurt job. And so that's the reason why I'm in the upside down yep opt outs that has something to it as well you don't want touched. But there are. He's not a starter in the league at this point. In his career. He was once the war anymore so I'm the Tokyo right now outlaw war Colin. You know crop Wal-Mart time and I'm ready to bring him in almost Epoch in what these quarterbacks all the mile lap. But policy what I can do it out here with his they wanna trade force on quarterbacks. And so a lot of potential in you know so. When it comes often to ruffle you know made Brady symptomatic on property to him kick it old being the the interest that have more upside than in college Arabic speakers are really security you're feeling in the National Football League. Eric you're the best continued success all talk to you zone. Output. Of well that guy he's Korean yeah he made very. If you haven't heard by the way. And eyes and night that healer forget American sports history. Getting intelligent hitting the WDC is over the United States because I don't want to call for the first time get put that on the poll put the Opel is Tony Keating or not yes or is this the greatest moment in American sports history put down on Zach or I as Paul B 0%. Know whether or not you're being genuine right now I just you know. Our play our part are you look I know. Believe me working with you as long as I have when you go home. Your version of my fun. Is watching the MLB network so I can't tell whether or not you're actually. Really excited about on the net ominous stop on the way home get a get a twelve pack of IP days. Navy's own. Nothing to do it Coronado or login need is nothing to do with the I'm drown myself the Mike tears of pride in the United States winning the WDC. Can't tell if your series and an emperor did the in America and the very least I know lomb free I would actually love to put that on the pole. Legitimately is county being serious right now because he loves baseball so much. That he could be being Syria proud. I would vote no. I would vote but he's not these are not being chancellor didn't end alignment or Marco bodily inconclusive and stuff. Given to get the you know it's funny mellowed any. When Puerto Rico is lose and there was like a whole lot of chest bump men. The the only guy. The only guy out Puerto Rico's team. As Puerto Rico is giving no hints. And getting crushed. The only guy still hot dog and and pentagon. Putted. Like Stan. I'd like if if he regular routine gets in the outfield diesel. He walked to first base and he's now he's not a Chinese open game for me I can't stand him. If and I never saw a giant players felt the same lines if not you don't you assert what year was it. 2012 when he was hurt eating and stick around for the World Series. If nothing else from the field and do. I'm going to take away. How much you cannot stay by the way he's he's a Bob Dole right there well he's fast and he's right there stand in our studios. Right next to Tim Hardaway. It and who is that who's that white wars player. Give me name on that reporter Chris Collins a Dili. David your denigrate San Antonio spur. Right in between David Lee and Tim Hardaway is unfair shall we have a cavalier various sell by Ali fill out Sheehan he outlined broad you bring that in here. Can you bring them in. TV bring any. Tony your merry. He ear Mary never kid now he can't Beagle the various album art now that he's gone as an Angel on a hell it's Angel. Porter ego. Puerto Rico. Ornery eco. So quickly in the camper nick deal. 'cause I've I've thought about this hang on you can do quickly year. Well this wholesale segment. I'll give you another guy who by the way. Statistically. And you look at what he's done in his career even have a job via neither whom. Jay Cutler. You are no yards and touchdowns snell wanna go touchdowns verses interceptions. We can do that you're gonna lose. Back up hi meg Super Bowl Mac O mole hill do you meet touchdowns vs interceptions. Let Jay Cutler's been a starting quarterback in this league for years Ni a you know why. I would say. They both kind of have to treat rule. They both have a tree to Jay Cutler is a bleep hole. And there's some people that believe that about contractor. And so. No. Old all I guess you forgot to meet totally down his vs interceptions put that on his screen play a whole lot of golf did you forget about Nasr what team can justify not having Colin cabinet as the backup quarterback. Says he leaves then got crummy teams can just the fine and having him as a starter. Don't get me down this pain I'll get you down a road of NASA and Alden Smith. On 95 cent in the game. Yeah pat. Now back to decrease towns and show on 95 point seven game. I've been informed. Then. I AM. Millionaire. Solar forgot about the staple of this program. And buying or selling the word. The word that everybody I mean. This tax line this Penske auto sales dot contacts line. The whole night is insane when's the word when's the word went so it's been at Nazr I mean it's been crazy sarcasm at it's finest. Are you move at this point. Mission we just go run and in the streets. What USA united say women and India and now. Nobody was one of them BBC and we. Blog guys over there and Puerto Rican blond guys and those guys it's weird when they're loosening don't seem to celebrate. Howard is going to be when they come back to spring training him to be in the year on the block here and like the Americans like bull but he. The amount for their teammates really adds great look at the guys still he had dye your hair now yeah I got shot out back stronger and by the way she mormons. I'm proud of in America how much and will the footage or you know watch and I. Like tell listeners right now pull the curtain back and I know I'll watch about an hour. I've watched a lot of days I I hate to admit it I bet the over and then I have watched. Well you know the problem is when I get on the party reply in the game. But I will admit I've watched a lot this front the most World Baseball Classic ever watched why will because. You have earned it won they're three teams. Dominican pour the Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico and the United States they all have guys we know for your Dutch. The union and even the I'm just saying mega investor there's a lot there's a lot of different players at that these three teams yep. Now I did not care about the gains and AT&T is praying for this final three. I and you know that I have a lot of respect for Japanese Baseball after going to Japan. I'm like I'm like one with the people over there all man. The flag and that's. Did you at least legal hang on let me say you were out there you repair professional I was an intern at the time. I heard your time out there on the outs in the U didn't do your job we did you job very well. What to say the one with the Japanese people is the biggest stretch ever you basically party. Half yes agenda they there yeah oh yeah there might people I. I don't I would say what the hell do you mean you people they're my people are. Yeah me you're pretty well against the Japanese people hire are pirate are bullies on the ball. Japanese only in Japan put the pole all men are today. Is charisma he's got to do I love how these guys are like stressing is 1034 at night they're stressing don't keep stressing. Stretch or so ago mr. if I'm buying or selling give to it now Mike and I. We're selling solo. He five point seven game. Imus or same slate and over hot Mike number one. After seeing Kevin Durant taking shots before last night's game. And the report from ESPN at the wears an optimistic about a return Kevin Durant will return before the playoffs. Buying or selling. And a switch it up I'm not by an arm us Allan I'm sand hash tag fact. Hash tag. Pizza. EU Zach awry are gonna owe me a pizza to that on tape Lucas has the holy has all of our bats as he. Will call you tomorrow night to bring you want to go over our dram bets are it will then because of that common itself. Not coming back for the players who they are going to err on the glass and and I will come back its second. Yeah I got Melo. Why but look if all partied at a pizza audit on selling and it's an extra large as any you know have a say the funny. Thing. We had one. Part of this no bogey eight you had would play at least ten minutes a game in the finals. Views healthy yet now there is RL series started the started team now he has a start again Lucas blew it on that but always felt house. How nice is it going to be really all I need is pepperoni and sausage. Mean you are adding Gaza and I I'm up that's such a task got road with you on that yes he didn't mountain Mike has brother or were both were big Indians fans the other. Even mean. He won't he loves the and is now back Bay Area slash cavs and now I'm Matt tribe fan okay. Whatever we're mean Simien indoor wants to 900 pseudo. The raiders are better off we'll retain his merry on the vikings. Buying or selling. It's kind of like an incomplete. I think ago. Other better without it tedious Murray yeah that are without a tedious merry. As a right now I'm selling. Oca until you see who they get. Why yes you're his goal and Dioner Washington in jail and Rashard and I can do that. Oh I know but who The Who who lose the next guy you say okay so you're assuming they're not gonna get some well I'd I'd say B I don't know art. Well look I thought to the Davies for the longest time. So you would think that I would buy your dollar DU turn coat EU are such a you know my. You know I do what I do when I'm at what happened to be I. Thank you bet your bow our enemies out of town you Stabenow that is such. Who you are that's why you can't prozac or lack there is no loyalty OK first the rule it. If you want your deathbed you would say how much of a loyal and great person I am OK and I rode from javy is born. It's not a it's true or crap what was it is it's a lot to violate they have that I think you know they you know they've turned State's face amount to Disneyland and do a Star Wars idea and it is funny like like. Right before you start you know you go up the rampant and camera at a rep for I was like it's funny because of the speakers anything new here. And I can't sales gap so right before you go to the fast Mario has tracked her attack and I kept saying it has like what are you doing. It's not a trap here I thought from saving is for the longest but I would not pay and what he got with Minnesota. So I am buying that they can get a guy cheaper. Hello Adrian Peterson if your. Caring about winning a championship. Now he's got like a thousand kids on a what is financial situation is and don't talk about what he does of those kids. I left that alone Marshawn Lynch. Marshawn Lynch also one option. They need what you would call me a bill bell back. To go with you or change of pay specs that you talked about and Rashard and Washington. It don't count any they got a belt count. Al Cal's number four. Your car yet he doesn't run the ball you know they're cars the offense sixty plus percent of the offense is Derek Karr. You don't need a bell cow back. You saw the office line right. It's really good yet you Soledad team did without Derek Karr by the way they're they're not winning by Abbott that she may get in the event. Couldn't stay on the field goal he was 88 it is all okay they got to get it they got to go one guy now right are you ready you ready. Looks like Tarzan. Plays like Jane. How can say anymore. Why I'm not feminism. It's. 103990 garden next. Special advisor to the giants' Barry Bonds will improve the giants hitting in 2017. Buying or selling well. Was it is. The woman easy in yes and buries in the line at the liable be that no question. He out DA had a Giancarlo. It will always be my staff and he app Barry Bonds right now. Right now I. I said last year on May stock I'll take Barry Bonds is the a's DH right now he led the league you know PS. In his final year he won a home run derby with the Marlins on the Marlins last year real dad I want you about that story but yes they needed an extra guy. And so bonds and tying with Stanton and then they go in a tiebreaker and bottle feed him no war Barry Bonds does not fat dairy bonds can hit twenty plus home runs right skinny buried. Skinny biking there could hit twenty home runs right now and I drive an eighty nice warning. I take Barry Bonds. The these enemies COC wouldn't go there with a word. Skinny bear. Hiking eat the ticket check this out exactly what you did there let's slightly less split up on that was played buyers sell here in India. What. I know you did there right yet okay. Skinny eager. Biking Baird you know I was NT kid DH for the giants. And they only want him to be a Leary bears Guyton and Barry Bonds or Yonder Alonso. DH Barnes. Buried by now sue or mart Canada Stallone's old camp. Easy there Barry Bonds steamboat. Vote but it's de mobilized managed. It it if if Billy bean a map cannot expect access. Is played DEA is every stay alive for Diego. Unmanned not I man not vote but I hit thirty. Eaten he led the league you know Diaz on the year the god black balled what are. I see him back with the organizing right by the way you that's better than me did you did heavy work with the giants. But they scrubbed his name from the entire AT&T park like his name was not shown any work. That's changed and that's concerned yet he's gonna get on that wall saying he's gonna get a statue we should he build the damn ball park breaking news. He built the ballpark Kim's. We have Lamar Lamar university and the senate. That's a riot could put together as successful show solely based on in Kansas comments on the World Baseball Classic buying or selling. Her name. World can and he missed love the skin denying you dropping your known that not that was me I. All that sounds like comment boards. Yeah I think Zach drag it did you know us I think Zacharias so talented. That he can do any show he wanted solo and make it sound like it's one of the greatest radio shows of all do you take pride in line. I did I just I give him a compliment. Nine I do yeah. About the we talk about every five seconds. What baseball be more fun if guys act like that and wouldn't have to worry about getting beaten in the head. Full time yes now. Agenda because what happens is they can't control. And then all of a sudden as much I gave you the example in the what we tell looking at the dug out the I'd outlets are thing. The hope the hub. I think retreats that. Out of the best moment of Kansas City Royals are great example. They were. They Latin guys defining what that want to see and that one team. Weather was got rests sold in Ter we are Kellner now. Escobar look great meal but and on but it's some that's ultra cool okay but. Where's the line into me to as a side another lines against Puerto Rico what you're trying to get the young people embrace that more. Is all I'm saying what each yet there's got to be lying to his. And the royals were getting in fights with the days the White Sox multiple times the Red Sox on the days on that I agree with you I mean it's night and I understand we but. If your cell like Diaz is coming off the mound every single time and pumping his chassis you're doing that every game via we're gonna have a problem are. And you have a problem with everybody I would rather err on the side of that than boring does this say this there's makes resonates out to be young people. Bullets Americans it's Abbott the Kansas City Royals it was the Latin American guys who are having so many of the problem no and you gotta be careful with that I'm just saying where's the line I would rather err on the side of fun. They're not for me to brick. You've got to know you can go right over that line so fast logic however that line. It's gonna get ugly ending getting mongering chicken game blue willow I mean you love them for it's toughness. Low. Oh I would have another I would never know you don't know you know we'd like to say. Just when in fact the word who's ready for the worse every ball that looked tired on night that says in the game. Athletic loans can. You rate for the word. I did this. Created this idiot is Iran and Oakland. It's fun and wet jeans your Wednesday. It is where he and I. Or at worst where are the wet shirt that week he Wednesday one yeah shoot it created. I wouldn't work Wasilla. You know wanna hear him so apparently yeah. This song if it involves the visit by us and if Washington can't shut out Oakland California. California. There in his room in the I love Phyllis being thrown in there. So deeply my favorite. We'll have a truthful and all of our own call for countered bowl. Oh. Yeah that's my favorite I would love to see the couch or. Featuring by the way calling coward and hitting and films or. The couch herbal and very badly. What are you made this all of our ball thing. Eased these answers that he is the biggest load of sports right now. I knew you would use that load is easily lower it to use for him here's the thing is what I know another load down my body is like a college high school basketball freak a literal free. And he knew how good. The guy UCLA it was going to be out Alonso wants a ball was gonna be great the younger brother is supposed to be the best of all of them in the middle one is not that good. But they gave scholarship offer to the middle brother figure the older and the younger brother. Ultimately. Smart and have an effect on any of their NBA playing career is correct. Ad. Yet like did it. A team is back in and not draft any of these guys based on the dad correct arc. He respondent LeBron James LeBron James said. Marquee name optional mouthpiece of his back and forth in this case that are quote I don't care LeBron says. What is a warning going to do nothing have you ever seen a superstar for the sun is better. Look horrible. Quote. Exact quote. He's kind of a point but he's almost cement its its its its did you sushi China and show the whole thing is that I mean. Why do you see every teams are tanking in the NBA and you cover this at all when you do the wars post and I'll listen all the time that I've heard you do like now we don't do all analyze it yet demands are real here you know the number is up to right. Eight. Eighteens are actively tanking. Yet the sixers would jewel in V got shut down the sunset down. Point guard personnel. He scored at your son's hand yeah I know. Great point guard dog he's he's been shut down did you he's got teams sitting stars exactly bulk that's tanking in a way yeah well. You when I spent a lot of time talking about people resting. How about people taking it's I mean what would be a bigger thing to say about the sport. We're teams and a sports fans of relay it looked would you vote for the chamber I mean it's it's a product that people are paying for their not trying to win I mean that's that's that I'm way more pro wresting that I am. Teams tanking a you have to like. The nets can't tank because they're because going to the Celtics so doesn't like. They should be trying as hard as they can but there is now. At least eighteen the magic or on the list. There's a ton of teams tanking right now and it's kind of pathetic and a little bit embarrassing for the sport I would think. God did you see. This story down and I love stories this. Well anytime you have a robbery situation are another good thing they can be dangerous. Our host the who was the Nam. He. The Redskins player Sean Taylor. John killed yes on Taylor got shot but yet he had killed like it was shot in the way. Bombs killed at home yet but it was a break and robbery of Julia. The same thing happened in the Miami Chad Thomas ended up on the on the list of he didn't do anything criminally but he was rob for his jewelry. And it was a horrible situation and hopefully gets resolved put I mean. Here's here's what I would do. Either have like a safe deposit box where you couldn't get my jewelry or. You know be put in a situation where wouldn't actually be put drove. You know Natalie said we're recent Robert George storm tellem make me grill. What's funny is that I thought you were talking about Don Nelson read them. Could sit down and Alan Tom on the program. You could stuff. Make me grow grills. Absolutely. Remove. You street London and new. Can we go to. This new story that's developing. Roger Goodell. Explaining on how the NFL plans to shorten Roxanne. Next season. Yeah sort of developing story via your right. Roger Goodell. Shortening said one shortening broadcast next almighty god that I mall and theory you have me right there yeah I'm Aaland baseball started. Quote it drives me crazy. We call those double clubs they actually occur 27% of the time on kickoffs death last season SMS still too high for us so you swore or use school or. Kick yes commercial personal kicked off come commercial old god they deeply hate Roger Roger I will I'll be the biggest fan really I will be I will jump in his court and backed him till the end your knob broke shortening baseball games right. Timeline yet like got ID throw man friend really please god we're. You realize I do in the minority you realize I do any agreement must and I do raiders pre imposed if you can shorten my work day care please god I I love both the deal. You remember the Charles Oakley hosting a strip party. Club speaking on a strip club party that we remember Dolan in oak. We have the details. MS chief quote from Oakley I wouldn't talk to him like that I don't know what he needs he will not be able to. Quote loosen up at the Portland trailblazers. Knicks games on the West Coast you know important Portman is the strip club capital of the world. I have I have audio of that party. Scored easily. Don't duque and add a man whom I don't know we can't yeah I didn't know I did not sign over on that. Yes thank you apps apps apps apps apps apps. We will be back tomorrow hot stove league show bet Roberts and I've from seven a nine and then the Chris Townsend shell. Rejoice rejoice United States were champions and I declined seven the end. How you can hook up by just send and mold g.'s.

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