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JT "The Brick" - Hour 2 - 3/22

Mar 22, 2017|

JT "The Brick" is joined by Matt Maiocco and Lavar Ball. The rest of the hour is spent talking about the Warriors win, and the issue of resting players in the NBA. As always, JT finishes up with "Speed Brick."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Florida you push your kids to play sports. Media push down. We live in a society now that's very protective of parents and kids. I mean you're bad parent if you tell your kid to put the video game down and go outside and ride a bike. There are kids today they don't know how to ride bicycles. Portend eleven and twelve because they've been on video games their entire life. What are you doing your kid wants to quit playing sports. At nine or ten says mum or dad. I don't wanna play Little League anymore. I don't wanna play basketball anymore I don't wanna do this anymore. Well we'll talk to law bar ball. May be the most aggressive parent. I've ever interviewed in my twenty years on radio. At the bottom of the hour you don't wanna miss that on 957 again. It's time for you to join the conversation. Tweet them at GT the brick. Call triple 89579570. Ports exit 95795. Now here's GT that Britain. Look in there every day from my tend to known thanks for joining us back on. 957 the game pay a very interesting way to say Belize red early location. Has been the calm before the storm now the storm is a hurricane. And that hurricane is coming to Nevada off for a vote via Phoenix on Monday lot of raider fans have been tweeting at me. My friends or raider fans have been texting me. Bob does a lot of cause for concern if your raider fan now operator fans say. Look I'm not gonna go see the team if they leave I respect a lot of other raider fans say wow. Thank god they're go to Vegas and not Florida or London or Mexico. I mean they're going to America's playground. A place you can go and act like a lunatic paint your face and stay in hotel room and stay out there is no curfew you can stay out 24 hours a day and walked to the game. There's worse places and Vegas. But other fans who are die hards can't afford to go to let alone a game or two in Oakland how they gonna get out to Nevada and watched this team. These oral topics that will be developed. Over the next three years until 2001. If the raiders late. If they don't even they stay and they try to work out a deal of the vote gets tabled whatever happens. Will cover the story accurately and honestly the people are put on the radio locally and nationally. Or the people who know which don't wanna. Notice if you listen to the show I don't put on knuckle heads who know nothing. Doesn't matter if it's Chris Broussard all of our NBA insiders that Mayo goes Scott there I put the people Andy doll which I put people on the radio won't know what they're talking about. Not people who are just saying well I want this to happen I hope this happens. That's accurate because I'm not a beat writer I don't cover I work for the writers I don't cover the raiders in the locker room looking for quotes and that's a great gig if you can get. But I'm looking at this as a big big story for the raider nation and obviously the raider fans are gonna react there's a lot of raider fans who've put their heart and soul. Into saving the team in Oakland they put more effort into keeping the writers than the mayor. And politicians and Alameda. And individuals behind the scenes I know these people. While some of them aren't happy with may I respectable. There are some people that a war. Around the clock for years to try to keep the raiders in Oakland and I respect them all I just got done MC in the Derek Karr. Commitment to excellence award. Right after that I went into the bar with hundreds of raider fans not to 120 hundreds and I talked to many of them out this issue again it. The die hard guys on the black holed a die hard fans understand. How dramatic and how important this topic. And they're handling it the right way. So the vote goes down on Monday will deal with that if it doesn't go down on Monday if it's a no vote yes vote. Will coverage here and will move on but then the debate will be calm. How do the raider fans who were in Oakland handle office. How well they handled it will they handle that with respect and dignity. Will they popped their chest will they be loud willed a get on social media will they abuse. Social media. Will they come to the game and support car Mac in Crabtree. And Maury Cooper will they stay away I have no idea. As I zero idea. It's you the right of fans who buy tickets that you the raider fans who tailgate it's huge the die hard fans of the raider nation and as many as many in LA. There's many in Oakland. But this is a global fan base and this is why this is such a big story. On the Wednesday leading into the vote on Monday and I'll take your phone calls on it today. Monday Tuesday and as long as I'm able to stay on the radio and I give in this format every day. The warriors won the last night at Dallas I don't have much to add to. I don't. I don't mind if I tell this to my program director all the time I got I got enough Aniston. When the warriors boat race and annihilated team I can play six or seven highlights like I did in the monologue I can tell yeah. That everything's bubbles and uniforms and happy and it is the best team in basketball when healthy and not even healthy Kevin Durant is as out. When the warriors annihilated team it adds no content. Of the show what content to the show is rest. Our NBA players resting moving forward and how this affects the warriors. I think it's really important because as and I was corrected by one of the tweeters the warriors are not the earth. The warriors of the Shah. I apologize. And everything evolved from now on this and that's what the warriors do with the warriors rest players more coverage. If the warriors lose more coverage. If the warriors get an injury more coverage and any other team other than LeBron. The good and the bad I mean that's bright it would be great I'm a die hard knicks fan grew up in New York when they went. Pretty good early in my life and they got really good with viewing and couldn't win. And an extra. Every New York's a much bigger media market much bigger than the Bay Area not even close New York's number one. The knicks to a relevant and there on the cover of the newspaper everyday sports talk radio is full every phone lines full on the knicks every day and they shot. The warrior fans should be happy that you're getting this global coverage as national coverage and the local coverage that you need on 957 again. Well again I don't wanna I get here and look at my watch every second we get to where it was today here. We got enough time to talk about maverick and they beat the mavericks doubled the biggest take away from the game was that a lot of the players didn't play much. That they were able to get drama on out of the game stepped out of the game and play of the game that's a story and how the warriors were able to arrest. When they actually win. Lot of teams rest when they lose and they're getting blown out they'll take a guy out with six minutes ago because we get beat so badly that I can put them back. For the warriors and their upcoming schedule. I think they should be able to hold on remember when they had sixteen games to go I told they needed to go fourteen and two. They've been five and no sense that may help old Jonas in a few minutes we'll talk about. Two really big topics that would be Colin cabernet. And president trumps. Sleight of him and obviously the news of Dwight Clark. Being diagnosed with jail last that's coming up in a few moments met in Britain and Europe next on 957 the game yet Matt. Game time was your show. And afternoon and it might take. Now resting players I think accommodation. The gentler talk show host breaking out in eight. And he turned it up I think your accommodation at the coaches yeah have pressure wing games I understand it red. Working I might take you review directing players you know they play here rest you know. But I am not the players so I can't say it in the benefited. Player also kept an Arabic more money so. That allows them have leverage and and also I think there's a covenant that accommodation to this problem is that the owners have multi. Million dollar contract with the TV contracts. So they're moving them around with these games error 1990. ABC a prime time in the scheduling. So I think they're they're Courtney and I am not out all NBA fan but I listened to you and. Well what what you didn't go go ahead give me your opinion what should happen here. What that you know is it that this. Might sing it might hear Icrc in implode elect her mean I don't you know I. By by you can't keep your point on I gotta keep moving just addicted to get your point get it out. Just get it out. Tell me what you think needs to happen triple A 957957. I think I'm the smartest guy in the room and I'm usually the dumbest guy in the room on most topics. The smartest thing is to make these guys play. Just play play the entire schedule. J. D. Drew games most of these these guys don't make the play awful looking at the whole way. Just the warriors this partisan Cleveland. At the same rules for everybody in this leak. You have to do have. The same rules for every single player for Jeff Van Gundy who coached in this league and is one of the elite broadcasters. I think he gets it when he says this. Played against that your help could play. That's a solution. This idea that so LeBron James and carrier ring yesterday it's unavoidable and no it's not a watch with my own eyes guys play. Basketball there are no victims here took volunteers. You signed up to play 82 games knowing what pro basketball. Requires. Until now totally irresponsibility. And play the danger helping him out to play. What's it's great if your healthy play. I never compare what you do what I do to what these guys it's not fair the give me a second. Ivan and I miss one day since I've been here one. They they basically locked me out of the building and tell me. The days I should work I work everyday I am allowed to work on this stage show on my national show and then I get to my vacation and I try to take some. I mean I was born and raised with the data grab big briefcase and got on the train an hour and twenty minutes each way and went to work and still coached every game I've played. Was there every week and didn't take any trips with his bodies like I do. The voting on planes and on ski trip to his friends and go to the final four and goes at ringside boxing events. My my dad just grabbed the briefcase and went to war. Every day he never took a sick day I never take sick days and what some sick. This is what this is about this is a clash of cultures in America today. This is a much more valuable conversation about you and your work ethic listening in your car. Listening in your office director cubicle listening to the podcast looked in the mirror. How hard do you work in your life do you give your employer everything you got. We give me 80%. You try to cut corners and take off as much as you can you try to make it easier on you and harder. On your employer and your employers partners. That's what this is about the NBA LeBron the best player in the league has the most leverage he's the national debate debt. Toll makes the most money. He has the most endorsement deals so why does he wanna make it more difficult on his ball boss. Daniel Gilbert who we does he doesn't talk to the owner doesn't like what does LeBron make it more difficult on the commission. Is making the typical this week on the commissioner Adam silver. And why is LeBron making it more difficult on the television partners. Including ABC and TNT. Then why is LeBron making legal boys and girls cry. Back cry wearing LeBron jerseys in gyms because he doesn't show up to work. That's the issue. How hard do you work in your life do you give a 100% and then you can pick up the phone call the show and dump. JD I give a 100% that's why am pissed off but these spoiled brat NBA players and coaches who believe. They believe that they need a night off. You don't need a day off you don't need a day off from work if you're healthy you don't need a night off from work unless you're on vacation. That's what we're losing the edge in society today we all understand the difference between vacation. And a day of rest and not showing up for work. Being employed are being unemployed. We don't need to school lesson on how we don't know the difference I deal with a my kids every day. My guess what myself and I don't feel that I wanna go to school. Pitcher blank up you're going to school. Just work. Everybody. Don't go goes to work everyday I go to work every day. I don't get a trophy every day that I get up from my wife doesn't meet meet in the kitchen and say here's your trophy today posting to radio shows thank you for showing up. I don't get the cal Ripken award at 957 again because I worked the most consecutive days I just show up for work. Mailed of the great insider from CSN. Covers the niners and a man on a serious note we begin with how you got the news again on Dwight Clark your relationship with him. The jail last news and how this is going to be handled throughout the 49 organization from even the former owner. Yeah he you know this is that the week. The college football championship he reached out delight. And I talked to calm and at that point. You know is pretty clear even though he's traveling today gain is going through some some physical issues and I think he he kind of told me without telling me so what was up. Better get up on call within industry and you know is that this is not good. So it's certainly been catching you by surprise. When news came out item most disappointing thing that it did Jim Kelly had put something on his it's Seagram account. And in it seemed to me that that light it was ready to this year with the world. I reached out to delight. And shortly thereafter. You know that the public announcement came out. That he is dealing with Eilat so. I hate to get punched everybody knows him. Uttered a piece seeing Gleason but boy oh boy. What do what they had the story that is in. Yeah not to sugarcoat it and that that you if you wanna watch up and that really is is real. Watch it it's not easy. But I think everybody should watch it. Because this is a very typical. Rare disease in and tremendous impact on obviously that the people to developed the disease but also everybody Al course so. I think everybody's gonna relative to the lights. Excited and supportive through this however he chooses to handle that weathered the a completely private war like he belief in the little but more public. I noticed former teammate sin. Everybody's who's patsy crossed. Since 1979. When he came in became 49ers traffic and everybody's going to do all they can. To help ease the burden added that he faces in its faces. Man Mayo goes our guest Eddie. In the history of the NFL Al Davis. Of maybe more so Al Davis the way paid for funerals and I can't tell you the stories that I've heard. So many off the record by a former players and their families about what Al Davis would do. To raider players and neat especially if we came to dementia. It could happen to their children being ill and now Al Davis who just step up and take care of the bill. Or send a plane or do something I think the same would be said about Eddie DeBartolo right up there is part of his legacy his relationship would Dwight Clark. And what he's going to do financially. And to make this fight a little bit easier for Dwight. Yeah I believe so and it in. Unity is interesting that all this came about it in the I'd you know did it capture speaking to some people that. And Dwight had a pretty good idea. Eight and in a lot of his former teammates and people that he's close look at a pretty good idea as far back to and indeed our low. Was inducted into the hall same. Some of the 49ers alumni. Ronnie Lott. It's a mother's. You've got together. Terrorist Spartan. Greg Jones and many others. Got together. In an Al the formation. The gold heart fund. Which is. You taking I think it was a million dollars in seed money from the your family at the bar looked in Chamblee. Really gonna have fundraisers. In the habit to kick start this idea. Of former 49ers taking care there around in people who were in in in need. Financially dictate come to have their they're side in and help in now however. That may occur so. Tag I don't think that that it's any coincidence that it. You know that this got off the ground so quickly. It was something that any to bar look you're called during introductions here talk about. You know the eyes of history are watching it and in how we. Take care of our own. Did this full of people remembered it and and so. He's made a concerted effort. The players whose lives he's touched me and made a concerted effort. It's he's insulted. And and I believe that that financially. Delighted it is like Cali rule will be okay this has struggled through this. He need not alone there are other people not just not referring specifically dale but other. Health issues as a former 49ers. And former players in general. Part of the reason that the 49ers group. Wanted to do this is because they they wanted to to start something that we picked up by other. Seen other. Other alumni bases around the league so little so they. You know these good plenty of good can come out of this. As delight struggles was with what he had right now. Matt mail goes our guests on president Trump's comments. About Colin GAAP predict I mean he really went after him hard. At a rally considering that there should be old news. For the 49ers as they move on from him and dapper next looking for a job first off that I think that a colony should be commended for all the work that he's done recently. With especially the high profile work in the last week with trying to get water and food. To Somalia and the Sudan and then. Wheels meals on wheels and the donation which was a large one. That he made I believe he deserves to be commended for that. What's the problem with him finding a job as a backup quarterback is his asking price do you believe a little to lie. Not I I think that the air is pretty huge issue with. Would that teams have. From PR standpoint. If you if you look. I mean is he a starting quarterback in the league you and I could debate that we can unite could we could debate. Whether you think top 32 quarterback and all week maybe he has maybe he has them personally I would think. That you'd probably hit and he probably one of the thirty chief best cornerbacks. Eat eat. That it could be suiting up critical team this year is one of the top 64 which would then say he's either starter or aka. I don't wanna put work in your mouth but I would think that we can probably agree that he is. Yeah well. Though it with that being kind of where we start the conversation. There's no reason. He shouldn't be on an NFL team right now if this were just about. And it is not just about football. I think what you'll hear is bigger mess age. You know racial. Equality. In helping out people who don't probably. I think almost everybody. Can get behind. And the fact that he's in the process of don't eighty million dollars to two groups. That. You know art are trying to do affect social change. I think everybody most people get behind that. That the one thing though is that that people just had a very difficult time. Understanding. Is. Be that as it played the work perceived the perceived disrespect. Of the American flag which means different things to different people some people see that as. A direct side of the military so he's taking. You know that that shot at union but he served in the military. He made the point early on that there was not the point you make out he's he's made some missteps available on the way including. I believe well being. And it's all policeman. Into. The same category. You know is ill advised decision to Wear kind of cartoonish. Police hawk that that depict it and at Hague so I mean that there he did not go about this from the beginning. The right way. As the season progressed and I think it is. I think his views in in what he the became a little bit more focus. But be it any organization. That. One thinks of him as a guy who can help out on the football field. They have to take other considerations in the play in that field does ownership. Want to have them does what would the reaction in the Indy. So I I think the reason that he's not. On an NFL roster and it really did know he had expressed in the public interest in camp is that direct response. Two. Be off the field and then not be on the top is the perfect. Quarterback no he he certainly is not. But he's good enough. In the league school in Burke recorded. To at least be given shot but I think he'd be off the field is the reason that he's not panicking trying to. Tremendous analysis thank you so much Matt we'll talk and actually goes appreciate your time. Matt mail that's a guy who covered Kapanen beginning middle and and and gave a really strong opinion on why can't find a job. I'm that was brought to log warriors Wednesday by Porsche Walnut Creek at 26 team premiere. Porch dealer it's been very easy for me to give Capra can tonic credit for the great things he's been doing lately because. He's doing great things and everybody should point to it and thank you very much for his efforts. All right coming up the man who's been in the headlines. More than any player has a blight. Lavar ball good dad who you're gonna either believe it's too pushy or he's the perfect dad to try to get a kid. To go from being a kid to a pro Lavar ball joins me next on 957 again. Well talk about trolls double bogey before work. Some press Goldman control they won't report you won't want what all is this your average two points. Carriers I'm only you don't wanna bring in 11 couldn't too big leaders they behind him T and T even been donuts. Now back to warrior Wednesday here's JT debris. Ought to I'm ready for the sweet sixteen and UCLA. Is playing their best basketball now with the showed showdown against Kentucky what a heavyweight fight that'll be. And have a brilliant player who's doing an unbelievable job blonde zobel and his dad. Ahead who's making news global our ball. A joins us to follow all of the father of that great basketball player will Bart thanks for coming on congratulations. On the success of your sons or. I sort of let blood appreciate it. First off tell us about the is drawn to the sweet sixteen because I saw your son play in the pac twelve championship bout Vegas and I know this team when they're hit these shots can be explosive but I fought. In the last ten minutes of their last victory he took over the game and played arguably his best moment world's biggest stage. Yeah I got opposable all the government that we don't win the pac twelve championship cared about debt. Don't care but get back. Yeah this is the big one you feel pretty confident going forward what this match up. You know. Competent if you don't win a championship until they're back in November. Let me I don't. Once about him like bad weather but doesn't everybody kisses up which was just like entertainment. The further we go out of business is based about it slaves. What you're talking about a buck Shaw in Kentucky the whole ball. National basketball at times this this is the big east that it is in the best one and done players in the world. The last decade of these guys like your son they are built to play in the NBA yeah. Mayor of NATO patrol popped a lot like what you build that up they feel to talkative today here we motivate. Elect has been everybody's got to play that desperately want to kick some butt. And that's all they weren't like that. Lavar ball as our guest I love the match up all talk about them going forward but now. You're making national news again because LeBron James is quote keep my kid's name out of your mouth keep my family. Audi Ramel. He's saying this directly. At you leases quote. This is dead two dead. It's a problem now do you have a problem with LeBron James and his kids were coming up to the day you program just the way your kids war. Are gonna have a problem with a blunt and at the top people they ask this question about to update. Superstar players it is our good and just my opinion that I've never seen one that was really good. The problem they cute cute farm one of the best players ever according to help. Now there's going to be some outside opinions I've just never saying superstars like. That have cute they have to live up to their people have to live up to look I've never seen that didn't live up to put your debtors start. That person or not our the last. It's my gut says there's got to probably haven't. If a kid problem not a word about his family no word about it if somebody asked a question I have support opera like answered. But I have to get a blog or his keys to victory goalie didn't make the best political yesterday government would be. Lavar ball is our guest here's another fair question there are Indiana fans who told me directly. That Alford should get out of less wood and leave and go back to Indiana because of you not because of the success of your son. What he's going to have to deal with your media storm your son's coming up through the UCLA program. And it would be a good time for Alford no matter what happens in this tournament to get out. Get a paycheck go back home to where he's a legend because you're going to be and I think in a good way. A lot of background noise for all Ford at UCLA on campus for years to come home. I thought it I don't know who live obviously it will have an opinion if policy of our local visited India cannot go. It's going to the population if you were about Monica and all. Hell would do them. But I'll probably have another guess what do men think he should do for him or sent. They'll have not going to be bigger army study Padilla and got out of that practice about it that player on the court. Source simple matter what I say. Lamar ball is our guest Lamar everyone's asking are you famous for just being famous you're in the media all the time why are you when the media is so much. Autograph requests to talk and talk at all on like this is now the chairman of the things they're probably. All this say the diplomat itself almost if you answer. The lack of effort to lose business they would have involved in this it is going to be good or bad it is just a competition for the next day. Do you verbal line or an edge that you go to his or anyone else to your sons or does anybody else that you count on. Tell you on certain days paid possibly back off because Barkley. Eighty aren't what did you have enough. I'll have nobody television not as a slight electrical say cute cute cute mutt fairly well. Whatever they say it. I don't care they're not going stop it from doing what I'm going to particularly if it is gonna make it look happy that I have to stop and suddenly cares. And not only about reveal publicly that video so it no big deal. What I love about what you're doing with the Brian and with the branding of your sons and I believe the best free money. In the world this sneaker money. And if you can get apparel money and sneaker money I mean Derrick Rose got a quarter of a billion with a B dollars. He was an MVP but he's not playing at that level anymore do you believe. By framing up your kids together especially ones Olin has unbelievable ability in the upcoming draft. That you can secure really close to a billion dollars because. They're given away a quarter of a billion or maybe a half a billion if you make it to the NBA and you turn out to be a star. Well. As you let us say they don't meet up of elected to do. A lot of folks don't know what to work. That's why did you get provided 250 billion dollars and it picked up some money. They are. Not you know. You don't get that money unless you're an MVP or your launch and you've got to be hold an up the Larry O'Brien trophy you've got a damned if you gotta be an MVP. In the NBA finals or have an MVP Kobe I've given away a billion dollars for guys. Check out all the people who maybe nobody came into the game with bill Blair we. We've kept all right guess what nobody source. Ellen wouldn't wouldn't do it always the biggest people in Mexico it would go all the people of America and share all their money. Triple please. That's always play it whether it will put me at all maybe got sick. 1010 users. Just fell. They have the product as far as my concerns as stock I'll make good debt and bought the ticket it would continue little stupid well. So you believe that you won't turn down money. Along the way because it could be Nike could be indeed this it could be under armour. That could possibly lol ball you because you have the brand New York kid jury control your kids' future that you'll end up turning down a deal until you get the one that you like. Exactly we're gonna get a billion dollars guaranteed. But we'll take nothing less. I got bit cold blanket. But not a word they like to hear the acting is important real important deal is that god gives who took a lot of money where the show. Lamar ball is our guest Lamar last wanna wanna ask you if Steve Alford leaves a lot of people believe he's gonna leave to go back to Indiana if the prices right. We'll your remaining songs still stay committed to UCLA. Our guests we nearly board with our Indiana boy as. I know that up and I'll will tell you one thing you know is gonna listen to this interview. Is John tell Gloria I promise you he's gonna get this interview in twenty minutes could kill pick your brother Suggs of all for at least. For Indiana and eleven doubt that UK you you're just not gonna leave the West Coast normal what. On the East Coast got the lives outlast I love the lifestyle here you don't plan on ever leaving you love the lakers you love LA you love the weather in the lifestyle. I. You like the money admit that you loved the money and you have the ability to make a ton of wrongful. I got sick about all that is so what does home builder if possible mop board. And have prepared before you wanna do is make sure you're bored you're president what you Putin will take care. Philadelphia got my goal right here. That's it's amazing because again I have a fifteen and thirteen year old son and I'm involved in youth sports in the way that you move. Got your kids to believe. To work out. Lift weights to diet to dream. Let me wrap it up this way. What was their goal visualization like when they were really young and you would going to their bed rooms at night and before they went to bed what would you tell them to think about. As they would draining his little boys wanting to be great. They shot at going to pick all of brand breakfast when you wake up in the morning and but it letting go and. Last question. Kentucky. UCLA. Assuming robbery and. Gordon still is the winner today. We'll get you got North Carolina and a gentleman by the name of Roy Williams. And then you have rock chalk jayhawk Kansas and the team that I'm predicted to win it all. And zag you wanna talk about a low would you wanna talk about a road to walk down that is full Bob why are and land mines it's not like you gotta. Easy bracket here Labarca. Due out this trip that felt like as appropriate also that goal very important and got to cut or incomplete. In the best team goal we. Let us do we forget there's lag I don't feel we have played electorate so our poll told recovered victory. God bless you thanks for joining us I appreciate it. There's more they'd say thank you god and helped build what. Dude to Lavar ball. How how intense is that guy so when you want UCLA coming up against Kentucky you'll remember that interview he will turn down the money. He expects a billion with a B. For his songs in the triple B Bryant and that he's nurturing and bringing to the NBA. Lot of people think he might be able to get it that was driven by the all new premier Kia of Newark. Online at premiered Kia of Newark dot com on warriors Wednesday as well we come back speed Brecht. Andy when reacted that you respect him as a dad is he too pushy well would you love to be sit down at his kitchen table. And count that money. Triple A 9579570. This is 957 the game. It's time. First we brick. Nobody it felt good because it's the the factors do you let. GT give a quick game. Your phone calls rapid five definitely over the field. Byte of the double the on the show to do a great job every day lucky to have him. Wrap it up speed break if you wanna get in on anything we talked about triple A 957. 957 no other thing on the bar ball. Where this kid's interest. He's got three sons two are projected to all go to the NBA not to college. In the NBA LeBron James has a twelve and then nine year old son Ronny little brawn has published on Maximus whatever his name is. So good. At twelve to nine years old that the AAU level that people believe. They're good enough to play in the NBA I mean you could evaluate staff Korea twelve years old dream and you can evaluate LeBron skits so levoir. Has rolled the dice on believing that is gone his oldest son which is the best. He can go number one in the draft an impasse on lawns noble number one. Because he's a bright and the lakers will do anything to get him to keep them an ally he can play the point he can play the two week and play the three. He can do little he's going to be a great NBA player and less as an injury. And yet the two little Brothers Tom and what he's trying to hold and secure oldest sneaker money for himself. Instead of Japanese kids signed sneaker deals for X amount of dollars what's wrong when that. Thrown out there stage moms. And dads who have kids who are actors when nine years older and these action movies make it a million dollars they try to secure their future and rights but he's very brash. He's picking fights would Barkley he's let LeBron come Adam he's entertained by his kids just better. To stay out of trouble. Because Alford in the last thing UCLA wants to do. This deal with ramifications of the ball kids don't UCLA because of looking for a billion dollars. Maybe they'll look for 2000 dollars and an envelope of cash I would doubt it does your dad has told them. Had be respectable basketball players are pretty good kids that their ball hogs but they're pretty good kids all in Redwood City. On NBA arrest dead ball. And exclude part I think but we're picks not just the end the paper every sport that struggles where. Our intensity of participation by all ball. Kick. Half of the salary not just for the players but everybody coaches trainers everybody involved in the game. Put it in the yeah and the winner of Twitter click on every game that way. Seems to have heart you'll mortal we are an immortal lose if you take got a good team you get more money. You are indeed it thinks stuff and glared gonna agree to put their salaries in a pot and let the sixers are the Orlando Magic steal their money on a Wednesday night Kazan don't have an off night shooting. Look look at their record they would almost double their income. Aren't people that it's it's a fun idea of the sit in a bar. I'm not sitting in a bar and hosting a international sports talk show. That we can't come up with a outlandish ideas of taking money. Putting in in a barrel and letting athletes who weren't union. Compete for all of it Carlos and Sam Brunell. All of our ball pulled Carlos. Area Dayton picked. We'll question first it will it will aren't there that we keep an editor. Of these an amateur athlete he's a college student and these are professionally he's gonna he probably will that's a great question I believe he said he's going to be his agent. Going follower but he's not qualified to the bar is not qualified to negotiate India contract I'm sure Alonso is gonna have his own agent. Okay so the ball below the cut about. All the brought duke about how all these great later come excellent color Kaka to. Have a live book could there others are lowered expectations. And because here it's become an Olympic record later I look at it we'll have the liberal code into their. The expectation. Now at putting on the pressure. It is too and can handle it I gotta go at speed brake everyone's gotta go 1020 seconds please weekend. Yeah he's putting tremendous pressure on his son's ears ears we talked about that he's putting all I asked him when do you get to the edge when do you stop talking. And he says come on these are gonna do it he's not gonna stop talking naturally there's I think everyone's while a guy comes along like Serena and Venus is dad Richard. Or dad comes along that's got two players in Major League Baseball or two kids in the NHL instead of tearing him down. You can gradually the father for bringing the kids up. To the point where they can become professionals and happens in the Olympics all the time but those are amateur athletes Ryan and Bruntlett you're up next head right. JK I. You get in and art that rat garbage I work. Every week last year cop oh locked out first class eat for under its original. There are in the ranks that you. Share it become a country. And smelling salts just I mean it. They get it out there and make that give her. Well to go meet rational they'll need more rest who we just it's just do you complain about it. I don't complain about what I need rest divided and that Bryant had a day off I don't complain about I don't bring my rest issues. The my bosses or anybody else in the NBA players now these NBA players don't want rested on the coaches is all Gregg Popovich whose fault. Gregg Popovich his fault he started this trend he needs to be held accountable Alex and San Francisco in the city on the warriors hello Alex. Yeah I think it might call Ike is on take gut yet. It spent in her buyers that bought a car unlike other like Gregg Popovich doesn't happen history resting. Multiple star players in the game. Though I think speaker it unfairly albeit at current issue. Also did well the prime time that it I game I mean I impart that both. That curry at 08 ought to ought to show up at play in order to maintain an error on national poll while bella. A court order being part of that discussion. Basically it went to edit I think considering how we've been he worked bid reputation that book so much thought to open it but not development. Yeah again I don't care about mental fatigue I gotta run I don't I don't eat you do appreciated until we take her calls I don't care about physical and mental fatigue for professionals. I got bigger issues in my life you have bigger issues than yours they get taking care of nicely to deal with mental and physical Petit they're supposed to be ready to play. And for the people who provide their salaries. When you buy a ticket. You should expect excellence. From professional athletes. Really enjoyed today thanks a lot we appreciate Friedman's appliance and trusted name in the Bay Area. Since nineteen Tony do Greg bond today. Coming up next I love to leave the show with more energy than I started the show I do that every day on 957 again.

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