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Mar 22, 2017|


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Michael agony unique cut down here have a beer with us. You don't I'm actually sitting in the parking lot of buffalo while in Concord. Gutter. Ball went in quietly. And I'll. And we make this agreed that our eye out let you to decide okay. We talked about plates obsessed place in the year yea where he rates as a player. All our marsh on Lance returning to the raiders which what you wanna go after offers. Let's go let's go collect bird of the marsh. Don't play the best the last than he does the raiders flagship and the warriors like you as well but. Proportionately. Speaking to me is waived or analyzing and where clay ranks I mean we're gonna debate clay. And it reported that the very pleased by that. But Marshawn Lynch eventually come back and they'll come back. As an Oakland greater weight more interest. Are out. We got my man here mats Imus says that the net would've been arranged. Neatly arranged. If you want. Right who you are currently out now to talk but but but but the credit markets want not not now. 31 years old the where do you rank late ops in the end. And a warning that. Just because where collate play with the wars if Clinton were. BP only. On seeing all these superstars in putting up. And I have Matt respect or gain the home. With that premium deferred to the other big guns on the team whether. JP whether. There. That albeit. You know. You prefer to be hard pressed to find a better pure shooter. Well police are used in everything about it just your beauty. I would put him in the top. There he. An Angel think that that stretched I think by putting me in my lower twenties you know maybe in between two or your 25. A home. There are few guys really think that when they go right you know this there's what you know. You try to go. Right there Whitney finance though that really rise as well escalate as Matt what's that got points and shot. It's you'll you'll. It you know by the these arguments actually that the wording. Of these discussions is Hugh because yeah if I say to you. I beat you started. So who or you'd pay Q well you know. Of my car oil at but he pounds. Over plate tops it. If you're starting your team but that doesn't necessarily mean correlate these count right now at the better players at the plate that. You think about it starter Jamie RK ET over Kuwait he won't play it back up that. Typically in the top kid you know. We got the game it's just you know when he on. Yeah it's good it's been. When you know you're shooting just what appeared. One when he's on he's as good as death and that the two of them together. It's music. It really is we we've changed a great shooter. Over a lifetime I'd be real fortunate to keep some great shooters. But when you talk about twosome together. When there aren't borrow. I mean it's it's incredible. I'm watching the game tonight and they were showing before. Kevin Durant around and up and down the war take get shots and it brought the biggest thing for me out of this game was even in the game. It was David West dog and immediately watching Kevin Durant. Comes straight up from his chair. Knee he looks pretty darn good parent at what. Then the time we saw with that am. Just watching tonight you a sense we see Kevin Durant at least come out play a little bit before the season. A slew. Absolutely are you on that. Pre game. What. Before the Milwaukee game when he was he Kirk was talking about Harry was taken to Russia nor parent you progress from shooting on the chair to. Shooting and you know shooting jump shot and I say aberration and I mean there. Don't look like anything. That right now from my standpoint. And I think from the war standpoint we definitely want to get him back. For the so they can give them back into the mix sort of knew it and at that you would get to them. We get accustomed to them in their system and to get comfortable and I'm really well right when they started in straight. That's when they got hurt it took a couple games maybe a couple of weeks to kind of figure things out now we're seeing now they've hit or strike again without him it's like they. Conversely you know they wanna get him back they can get back. Or maybe. 518. Games may be for the playoffs start that optimal program that YouTube. Good matter and give them a good feel for how he fits right back in this thing. I like Marshall waves on the rain that the that the don't think four dollar question and and you know. I'm not sure which way this augur well and you will cooperative its vagueness. That of march on its ears back and they'll need to OEU reform you will be wary will be so horrible. And that the only way I'd see this plane now you know the raiders are they need another running back. Obviously losing between these weary he signed with the Minnesota Vikings and Pat Day. This indication that there. You know something out here with martial arts and I think. Not but that they. Might have a chance and you know I think they would react quicker lose it traders metadata and and Adrian Peterson murder or maybe one the other backs that are out there but the fact that they. Are in not done anything yet knowing that out yet another back. Just fit into that that rotation. Kinda music that they think you know they also yours so it to each story. It's something you do your reader and definitely opened or you can refresh Marshall and we just thought they'd released. On espionage and Doug Hendrickson agents saying you know it's obvious you know it Marshal on mrs. football so. It was the hometown boy coming in and playing for the team you know hometown team and Mateen that he obviously has in any sort. How much longer there and obviously that's another big question. I think it's great and thinking get them. It would be in all of where real you know from front office in merchandise. That we the product but on the real. Our buddy Michael argument join his job knickers down that's dramatic five point seven a game but as we now. Father time is it very kinda running back Smart shopper is April 2 points act it. You'll be turning 31 years old. North of thirty not good for running backs the last time we saw with Seattle he was injured did have a great year there's also something to be said. As someone like yourself who's covered the NFL for so long. We guys decide to hang them up. And you lose that edge you don't want it anymore you don't wanna. Partake in now and you can't you can retired I'll send you feel better but it's so hard to get that edge back. What do you think he really has lap. Yeah you think if you were in the compact and be back winning between five care act. I would I would have a lot of hesitation with that. But that's not what he would be asked to do in Oakland days. Ratio last year that there are committed even the great change up that to coordinators that are committed to this. Backfield by committee you know you got jailer sure you've got the urge Washington to rookies in their who worked great change of pace a few years ago Marcia. You're only that it be asking him to carry the ball. Industry in terms may be. So it's not. Going to be to take on this huge workload. That offered desert. Oriented too so it's a lot. Different day in what would be asking him to do it in Seattle which would be asking him to do in purchase or some of these other places. Where he would be. Have to carry the ball more turns and like say. How much would that be back in on a couple of great point. I have I've been told me you better know what you think of the were retirement it's time ago. Weather will be made that it is your your thinking about it it's kind ago. Now Marshall and it should not appear that there are trying to you know kind of guy. Always march to the tune of his own drummer he's made decisions that may be. I've gone with the norms so you know YE decided to step away from the situation. I'm not really sure. In a few years in Indy. Intent on coming back then then those are going to be reasons that that will find out soon enough. I'm not ready to discount this as just hearsay. The fact it is agent records that came out that he definitely missed in the game these need to believe there's more to this in just just what we're hearing and you know actions of your raiders fan. You're crossing your fingers today or he's that this happened pretty. Well. The interesting thing it is. If you file the paperwork and seep out the paper art for retirement. If we're out there grip the paperwork to get back. And and all this activities at our rights Avalon back. Seattle would owe him nine million in 2007. Team they'll and millions of millions salary. Three million roster bonus in 2018. Immediately anyway. It is that you betrayed him history is leopards there knowing that every team gets it they go come on mayor I'm gonna pay him. And they're you're gonna release in you know what they learned in my eight years currently in maybe more in sports. Is that car church and its teams wanted to make them. Whether adding a player. Getting rid of the player there's definite way to make after. As of yet misty out I have not on active about making a move. I'm sure that if the raiders are serious about this date already try to promote which I'm trying to plan. That will not break the bank you know act but one thing about Reggie McKenzie. That you will not. Ma am. Put this franchise. Image here you know financial bond finance chair the new widget or he spent the first two years of history in years which you know. Bidding routine you or care bill. He's not going to. To do anything whether to bring martial cheer where Roger who he targeted. To. But a position and it worked previously so whatever it takes to make it happened I'm sure their Reggie McKenzie directly you know. Office. You know they're well. Much more versed on this premier that your planet Neptune in Jackson what they would do and you know we'll find out so that's. And so. Hey let's sit on this. Colin Capp verdict doesn't have a job some people look attic are you kidding me there's lesser quarterbacks who have already been side. Is cabernet. Not giving your job because of the protest steel. Is cabernet not giving its job because a lot of people making camp play the position to reach deep that is. Or is he not get a job because people do believe as they've seen the past he can't be divisive. A lot of all our is it all the I think it probably look the book one thing I would say it's not beaten down throw. As much as he wants is incredible so I won't give an anchor or anything but I don't know of that are above and and for good. King James. Because Z he has drawing a light right now for criticism because the stampede to a that's you know and bottom line when we wanted to paint were great site we younger but he more opportunities in arc that's not the way to professional sports you're gonna bring in any kind of negative publicity to a branch. Back franchise is going to be afraid of you charged with a template full debt being I think the couple years of socialist injuries or not. The column cannot predict it not. Anywhere near close to be in the quarterback that he once was difficult now whether that you know defensive coordinator because figured out. Or whether he's raster way. Pete we can put it on the number of things but it's clear nowhere near. Be effective quarterback who has went when he with the cornerback in the race you know foreigners went to the the super doubles so. It'll be interesting crime I done. I'm shocked and yet he's gotten in kind of invitation because security is a great athlete I think he's got a lot to offer. And you know I like a minute here. For taking the stand that he did and my big thing over time what are you Jews too are you gonna put your money where you about. Them. And you know I think there's more substance to him in that most people wanted to thing but. You know that you know it's it's a world of professional sports where reputation is everything and he took a huge hit. You know arms social media from people across the country when he putrid. And it's hard for people to to change their opinion and so if you're an inability. In your borderline. Trying to make a move forward you know to get better again and brisket with bring in the period and right now we're seeing and no one wants to do there. Our acts delegates Jameer we appreciate the time I. It's a little and so would recommend it to everybody login as an IQ let's see on Friday. Trout good.