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Every team play. It's going to be excited for the opportunity to come in here and cannot soft target quarterback's gotta be ready girls. Were very who went up to forego that left foot traffic. My mind. Ahead five seconds to go terribly port Perry would believe that every. The war years wrapped. You are your hopes it Christos and at best dynamics yeah. And ice went for the Golden State Warriors. Back to back. They've now won five and a Roh's death carried out six and go against his brother. As. We're here picks exports loud and pleasant and we thought well. This might be a tough one for the Golden State Warriors and reality wasn't it up one. At all for the Golden State Warriors as they were able to cruise. Over at the. Over the mavericks won twelve days at. I thought there might be a little bit of an emotional let down tonight after you know BC game. I didn't necessarily think the words loose tonight but I thought that might struggle a little bit for a half for the recorders. Not easy to play in fact trying to game last night. Against Oklahoma City put it kinda effort and and be sharp from the get go the following night. But they really handle tonight professionally. I thought they played pretty well for the most part. Their bench was very good. And whether that was a function of getting a lot of playing time because they worry patrol most of the night or because the banks played well deserved more time. Is up for debate but Ian Clark really nice gave off the bench with a eighteen. And the warriors it's actually skidded off the with the game and what we saw was why the Dallas Mavericks or the lowest scoring team in the NBA. They just don't have a lot of offensive weapons and if you play team Mike Nichols state warriors. Who decide to defend every once in awhile. 87 point is that going to be he'll stay. That covers triple like 57 ID 570 that's Tripoli not 579570. This may be totally unfair. Just asking the question. Is it a night like tonight where you're watching Hairston Marjorie you know yeah I don't miss this guy that much. You know I think it's easy to say that. But. Bart does have a good year. He's averaging almost forty points a game. And I don't know why it. Warrior fans really wanted out of Harrison Barnes he was the fourth option on their team last year. He wasn't asked to come through a lot but what he was asked to come through. Everybody demanded that he came through and it felt like there was more. Pressure on Harrison Barnes to come through in those few instances when he had a big shot as opposed the other guys. Where Q2 they shot upon big shot. I don't think Harrison Barnes was as bad a player is most people think he was but he is that a number one option we all know that. And tonight or I should say this year he's the best player of the Dallas Mavericks their thirtieth forty that's about what you expect the went Harrison RT you're number one player. After he gets somebody around it was a better player than him which has been down the option number two maybe that's a 4830 ET at this point. But. If you're out there say it. Well this is why we got rid Harrison Barnes. Oh you got we're Harrison Barnes if you get an opportunity Dick evidently. And I realize Harrison warrant to pretend that I like. He was aggressive because that gets enough to go down. It's tough for him to make shots when he's the in essence they're leading scorer. And that's not really who's best suited role. He still does that maybe you know mate there it is bird they owe the money five years old but how about. I think it's great news. Now I actually make bets on Packers denounced show with a couple. Producers Zach Mariah about Kevin Durant where I am betting pizzas. Pete isn't wealth tax opener at one of my bad lies Kevin Durant will be back before the end of the regular season. And looking up tonight watching it right now odds he has in Bay Area Kevin Durant. Knots rating. Ed very nice leisurely. Jog. Up and down the court shooting today and then of course probably the best thing you could've seen today as a warrior fan. It was him not taking shots Matt. But with David West Don and he jumped up. From his chair. That looks like a guy that's going to be back for the Golden State Warriors before the last game of the year on April 12 opt out what I saw today. Limited what we saw the writing the shooting jumping up and street clothes I thought was a great it's a critical state. I don't think there's any doubt that if you're Golden State Warriors fan you watch the game tonight you liked the pregame and post game and saw the footage of the rant. Shooting before the game of the ram running before the game of the rant or in the game it's hard not to be encouraged. It really is up see it here run. Full length that the core there's no noticeable limp. You got to be in any pain now what's an awful long separated but it was a nice little trot slash Gallup. And he does look pretty good he certainly looks like keys. Getting closer he looks a lot better that he looked without legal brace on his do you weekend the. I we're talking about marched when he first. We got a long way to go actually think about April 12 the main idol that have been here before you know let but it healing time. That's still weeks away and it and it takes me back to what I had to say. All long bloody eight years old crime your career. Your game if that's medical help a human being yet he's going to be back he's got to play in the Lleyton was in the regular season. Whether it's big men are not probably not give up their get well game break a sweat and you're in the Aaron makes shots it. Trying to get a little rest up before you head in the post season and of course remember after that after April while the playoffs don't start right away that the for the play at the start. Just the view he's he's right now for three weeks. Into his injuries so in theory a week from today. Were yesterday. He'll be quote unquote evaluated. Well. The evaluations probably going to be pretty darn good if he's already. Jockeying and taking shots so I think at that point. They'll say it back on the court take it easy would they be roads and soft five on five and then maybe they've practiced for three or four days it gets back in the lineup but one thing is. If the warriors were in the playoffs right now Chris. I think he might be very close to coming back but because they don't have that. Try to pressure on them and on his ticket back. If there's there's no real rush why not take another five or six games back now if they were in the second round of the NBA playoffs and they were down two games to one. I got to believe he'd be much closer to play and that he is right now during the regular season. The one thing about him running today which I've not lose key. Now loyal orthopedic surgeon here on the on warriors wrap up by five points and the game. Is he was running without a race. Usually you have that race on because it's about stability. Bryant the athlete feels a little bit better going out testing things when you know you gotta have that security blanket. On your land that is our. The fact that he was running with no race. I think really speaks volumes but never strip the lake 579570. A lot to give it to we've got to get it Dirk Nowitzki is you know. Much longer he's got to play the gated in his legacy talk about the Koch has gained some great experience. And we'll talk about Kevin Durant right on the floor they get shots and that. Job put up after a big dot that's all coming up right here on warriors wrap but Tripoli not 57 knighted by Saturday from pick six sports loud and pleasant and on 957 game. You know what's. Soon give me. ITunes. Is. And we. You away the only. There we go. And you know it was a gimme. Yeah. Have a hard. The Westin suddenly snaps and doubled Steve Levinson no look flip the west west of traffic get troubled. Now. To add slab for David the last hit got double team that got triple TV's that look this time this guy go up review of the VP at the rim so be it. Now got its Sony is tiny on 95 point seven games. It's not here for the fans here are lawyers wrap up where here makes exports loud and was attentive. And when you hear from the fans that's brought you by nation's giant hamburgers keep it real. Make it nation let's go to Antonio and Oakland lives up tonight here on warriors wrap up. You know like. When the pelicans got confidence you know that the logic and you know we're so much trouble for the pelican very against America and full pledged that down the toilet. And then you know our last night with all the thunder gonna Google lawyers so much trouble in the first round Ottawa Ottawa award pays them. Where's the amount once again much like that down the toilet. And as far as his lecture bitch I don't know about that Ian Clark. Annan had a pretty good game off the bench in Japan go to an Alley oops and you know they would they election what they had done. Tommy you know the incident meager marketing Iguodala in the end and excellent spring itself. So he knows what lectures they don't play let's let all these lightly down the toilet sick. I'll. Pelicans are better. After the trade. Getting the markets cousin that worked for the seventh seventh since they got the market's gotten literally 400 team before. Much in the way it be murder suspect. If anybody sit from where you should be scared of what the pelicans are better now. I take a little while figured out. On a bondage and Ireland who say that look like ran high on our way of pelicans. When we're under no where much of. We're here and a need to be fair that's why they play the games and everybody basically handed the warriors the title last year and they didn't win so. I've made you know you can look at when the New England Patriots are trying to go undefeated pain of losing to the giants in the super ball I mean. You still have to play these games we still have. The playoffs to go he's still don't know what the lawyers be the favorites no doubt but nothing's guaranteed in this world you know that right. Yet when you're a betting man won't we even get a better chance they'll total winner and against the lawyers. And I are probably not if Iran it's not fair either now. But I think to rats got to be there so I would I know they've crashed so far. Especially what we saw last night but I just I've learned thank you so much I've learned in this business for so long. That. That guarantees are not real. They're they're not real we you know sometimes they are sometimes you're looking guy Jordan's bulls are not gonna lose. Now that we have seen teams are highly favored. And they don't win at all and it does happen so you can't crown somebody and tell. They bring him home. And he can sit there Christie I want to or not to you do you have to do it talks to me. You're right nobody thought the warriors were gonna get it done last year. Until the buzzer fine. The buzzer sounded at the end of the game seven. I know I didn't I thought they were gonna win it all year long been the best team they were role in the playoffs. Just never know. Let's go to at least in Santa Clara got Headley on 95 cent. Beat them deep sense and deepen our true reason why the warriors once and I went intensified game winning streak. To elect that the effort. And I and I know but yeah at the end rank their players on the different analytics and they actually buying individual players on the defensive. Analytics. So they've got a formula they take with everything from the old and blocked. Second chance point point the paint all it was back at you get hit me that. Warrior how we work of the top six players. On defense and bring. So all the players in BA guys but it's getting worse for the hawks. Wanna hear how right you are sure. Agree one number one. Eagle there are too. Late number three. And that is amazing darker and number war. Then you go to Anthony Davis interactive numbers six. So as a team it's pretty much. I know what warriors couldn't tell you heard some team defense rank. Palin later in the league I lay me I know exactly where your gallantly. I leave that that's a joke it's depth Perry reply letter going on there. Are you on what I'm looking at the web page here right now Snickers. That's Atlantic lie letter. It quite an honor on number one yeah he speaks. While Leonard just terrible. It. Yeah Ottawa about coming out here grossly you know I love you with that that status. Is obviously joke in fact I was talking to somebody the other day we both agreed. He's taken a step back defensively this year. I think he was better defensively last year I really do and I think maybe that has to do with teams are really going that in this year. Maybe even a little more than they did last year because they figure they've got to go about it. That in the floor but step curry has taken a step back defensively for him to be war. It is the Fed's rate he. Well today they think with a lot act like it that much of one thing and you know curry to agree on. Elections and feel whole and the center recount supposed involvement. So let me let you know they don't. Measured today that they keep track of times you get like they keep track of what are called low lives where. If you get beat by your man to the basket it's considered a blow by you don't want that that is that's that is there that if you get a blow by. You get might this new. Or outward like yeah I don't know. Oh and about how about that they measure. Contested shots. Every shot these guys are contesting. Attacks with a younger age to take a look at that but what is the point is where do you agree to an individual players. Lot on mr. by the warriors of the team are locked in the down defensively and current starter and team so. The trend is. Going in the right way and I think that that was the key in the championship two years ago and that's been exceed. I think for any team and you get well without the ball right it's your action well. If you lock down the other team defensively. You don't have to score many points but win or we get some cheap shots you get out on the great. It's like it has on multiply that. So to me like it but you know beginning of the call popular and what about the vikings went through and he can be. Yeah. There's no doubt they have the played both sides of the ball defensively they can't beat a top two or three he's. I think they got away from defense a little bit story or the down period but. Kevin Durant says it's important defender that he was a lot of people say. Then maybe it makes sense that they took a step back I'm not by a that derail it has created. Some. Stopped for some incredible defense is. What I wanna say the fates of residence I think he's been good I've accused of the kids. It's been over blow a little bit but. Maybe maybe not maybe if the warriors started struggle defensively with the race got hurt yourself that through it. Maybe he's the central part of that defense. But I do think that they they had gotten away from kind of getting after people like we seated periodic times over the past. Two years. You know on the other guidance really stepped up is deep and I think in the past couple weeks after he came back from injury is gateway. You know you get in the and throw one together in the entered the bat pretty and I knew that that aren't. So again that the trend in the isn't really nice here I want worried about that will shootings whopper too late watching album that they've stepped up that pretty much. Did you think it's three for nine and I saw her slip back your nine. I'll. Were. You with 7 April 14 from the steel and you take a look at your all around game he didn't commit turn over. He got miner since he played thirty. They're our leaders and he was you know it's very cute and I need to. Pull it out of that three points look. Will be in the will be my comment on and yet but the other thing about death which. It's probably. We think that that forty to 53. Point shot attempts over the course that these. Pretty much. Every other game he's thrown one up from half court you're at the end of the second quarter or or whatever he taken a shot it has about that. 10% chance for an normal human being and if you have a brought. Really actually shooting percent then there's nobody will take many insanely long do we know that. We know that for a fact. Why don't have a number in front of me that if you can think of another guy. I don't just. I don't watch a video and a team with much as the warriors which you never know act act plus that you know great players they're taking a desperation jobs their whole career tooth. It's what's factored into your percentage. As Bill Parcells with. You are what your numbers they are Tripoli that I've seven got it bad seventy warriors with the land. Over the Dallas Mavericks won twelve to 87 they won five row we continue with your phone calls live from its exports out. In Pleasanton warriors wrap them up the home of the Golden State Warriors that's not five point seven games they'll re posted dirt. Catching is turned based like double the kind of measuring its I've knocked away by last year's trade my grave. Trip by a great job cats gavel at the Clark good catch layup but the revenue it crawls over head drops through. When you're out on the road you have to defend. You you've got to maintain a really good defense to win. Road games and I think we've done that in the last last several seasons are our team has been in the top five. The NBA defensively and then obviously we've got plenty of shooters lots scores so if we can we can defend at a high level we were we feel like we're always gonna find. Points and give ourselves a chance to. Now got county is tiny on 95 point seven the game. You know there was one played at night either I or watch it. And step Perry almost turned it over. To bail Ricky into getting the ball and does this flip flopped to the rams that was terrible. But somehow they got it back. And things got the ball into the corner for stepping hit a battery. And it just kills me to skills. That's really demoralizing it's really part of who the warriors so far. They are. Very good and finding three point shooters off scattered situations. And their situation that you can really prepare for your coach because they just kinda happened. And it almost feels like this time the warriors. Get more chances to make those kind of plays that other teams because they themselves make a lot of threes. So if you miss your first three. Chances are that rebounds not gonna be gotten. Right near the basket it's gonna pop out maybe it would open area of the floor and that that was the warriors. Wait and their athleticism. Really helps them at once they secure the ball whether it's big scheme whether it when asked whether it's alcohol. Or even whether its earlier play still look beyond the three point line to fight this shooter because chances are. The shooters going to be wide open and that's scrambled situation. Because this defense is going for the ball. Try to get the rebound and they lose track their man happens all the time we. I like now that had a baby. Stepped Perry got the white sidelines sleeping with a white candle pump fake ball batted down rabbi and the key one dribble to the case scooted up the good captain Alan Livingston that straight month that Perry left watered flurries not a. Freddy what was effective. And the warriors trailed by along with 68 seconds to go here in the first quarter play. That's our from the floor brought to you by Walnut Creek Chrysler. He Dodge Ram where savings is simple online. At Walnut Creek he. Dot com so that's we're talking about right there let's get it that in south city welcome benighted by a seven game. What's up votes they get to see Steve Kurt man crush McCaw record in the American League. Just these are quality minutes for young guy. Yeah actor Kirk got some form you know I. Terrible crush on I don't know what. Wanna talk about about debut last you rent and all your guys. I would government appreciate an early on that your by the this is just me. I'd I'd take him overstates. We all must speak in the three point shots in the crop up but. Come playoff time I can get more collapsed. Opera. It discussions. It west it's more steady Speights is more explosive. But other other less gotten better since the start of the year right do you agree with you there. I thought it was so so the first couple months of the season I think he's really gotten comfortable now. Which you don't want it it's all these players are gonna be judged. By how they do in the post season. If the base doesn't play well post season nobody's gonna remember. Who knew what the regular season because that's what happened wouldn't go for championship. Opera etc. Cup were they just two more things I think let me play lately. Man I mean I'm a raft myself the question do they let go let mr. Paula I can play at the latest made that question easier got to keep it would follow lot but not least. I mean I love you man I think our boy Matt Bourne he's an apology from you ordered eulogy people or pick them my. In Ottawa misquoted but the effect of he's not a locker room guy he's too old. Look at the last three in the current please replace eighteen a couple games ago in Milwaukee was great he to know how to move the ball is always in the right spot defensively. Featured here thought doctor I think they'll agree that companies get the Specter. Our buddy greater more the the former San Jose state basketball player was here tonight raising. Ray raised in farms. For me. This like Matt Barnes. I think he's still got a little soft that laughed at their police that he can do to help the Golden State Warriors. I think if you really look at it it's not a great three point shooter. Now maybe he'll become a better three point shooter was gonna get better shots here entirely within the realm of possibility. I think that. He knows how to pass which is a good thing he's got experience which is it good today. But you also makes a bone headed play a game it seems like. But again we'll see when I don't think envelope Iverson took their locker room guy went right what I've heard about that or is that. He's got these big personality. These he's big personality you know locker room or on a three players like give players gravitate toward him. We saw a story we believe year. His teammates love him. It's O. That will change the dynamic that the warriors had in the locker room. They've for the worse at all but I just say it. What he'd play three weeks. And about rooting for map towards the fail at all. I just wonder how much he'll play want to Reyes gets healthy at once they start. Push it it would dollop more which they probably will post season post season but yet he's he's helped so far. Outlet. You wonder has let the Mets will change the minutes for the mental change want to get a vote season. With especially having some days off in the series you start shortening. Who you bring and it obviously to see how that actually works it's got a bit of mix faculty here. Yeah. And I think. That's really what a lot of this time over the years war heats Ian. If he can get anything out of Patrick McCaw. And now Patrick claw is starting will we know he's not gonna start. When Kevin Durant gets back. Kevin Durant Caribbean starting lineup but maybe because it's the purple upon starting lineup thwart the orient. They'll be able to use a flaw in the playoffs. That's what I think the numbers go war. And I think that's why would people say maybe it would college star. If you start it would dollar which your. Giving sure he is that you might not get the ball on the floors much alike that god built in playing time. For Paul what he does start. And let's see if it pays off down the line answer we got a chance rather that if he worked getting minutes. You know it is vary by up. To change. Your favorite player of all time. As you get older. It's not to have that guy. Attic apartment your life kind of I feel like. I I'm I'm getting aims to neighbor Blair basketball player of all time. I'd tell you that is and we'll take your phone calls Tripoli not 5795. Said he warriors wrap up right here not about point seven a game. Here's that feeds off the street lights nitro incidents he does stuff like get away the rookie but cough. Read the play with a steel writes I played taps and loads up but Fleury and it's down Klay Thompson with a three ball. That bucket for play makes it fifty to 41 lawyers with 257. Ago. Drew blood grade. Keep the cost slicing the defense throws out the staff jury baseline drive by staff. Comes middle back of a car right corner three at but. For Patrick but. His second triple A other half he's got eight points. And the lawyers have opened up eleven point Lee. Now got Italians dining on 95 point seven big game. I don't 45 years old and I probably shouldn't be on this I I got a like jobs become like they're wired like all time thing and I it is a love his demeanor. I love the stone cold killer. I love them I love his form all of the way shoots. And probably most importantly man. This guy that's gonna go down. Probably it's the second rate is three point shooter of all time now will somebody years from now chase them down after Ian Stafford tired maybe. I can't remember a guy. That played offense the way he does and if then did. The way he did it when you get and the way he does that shows up he's a tough guy. It is if somebody was out there and they are they called warriors saw this team's not they're not call him soft. The way he plays defense the way he says I'll take on the best player rang on. And I just love his Demeter who just doesn't get caught up in. Too much emotion he treats it like a business account that he punches the clock great demeanor. And as greatest shooters Currie is it almost feels like plays more. Street he used more explosive. Plays highs are higher than staff but almost feels like obviously with this sixty point game at 29 minutes in the 37. In a quarter against Sacramento. Which you're right he's. Hurt didn't do almost the prototype to go. Now in the NBA in that regard he's got a great three point shot which is absolutely what you want and that you want your two guard to have versatility. The guard both positions in the backcourt which he can do he's learned to finish around the rim early in his career. We used to make fun of his inability to finish around the program. He's not a great playmaker. But he can prize and he's gotten better at making plays for other players. Klay Thompson is a very very good player and if he were the best lawyer argued team. I still think he can be pretty good if you're surrounded him with the right behind his teammates around him. All I. Put it this why. Yeah you'd think one of the things you respected about Michael's tour and it's funny tonight you're wearing a a great old school here. It's that human highlight film Dominique Wilkens. There's been plenty of guys who play this game. Who abandons unbelievable scores. But could they if they and on the other hand. And that's something that I guess and it's I respect so much so one nights where quake doesn't have at all going. He still held view what he does defensively. And just things. If you played on another team where he was taking more shots. Any still have that defense. May well I what could he be averaging. He got to be up to 28 is going to be up to thirty I think you're I think you can have a 2530. If he with a number he gets what into the thirty we're sort of talk about a guy I'm not I mean I'm not gonna give third car. Thirty hard especially if you're not. A point guard you seize. I don't know who's averaging thirty the other day or hour or Jordan or 238. And average yet yeah it Butler didn't recipe. Jordan was more athletic going to a halt play was a better shooter both were terrific defenders. Yeah they I mean there's a similarity there and play use that use the three point shot like you're used to rise. Obviously the three point shot views. The foundation of a lot of the game right now you have that happen if your perimeter player. That you should have your big men so. I don't know how good play is if you ranked all the players but I I believe he's. Half. This theater when he. All around where the rank him. Perhaps puppet theater wanting to offensive. It that the tax break help make a list of guys like takeover of has right now I can now watch you factor in the defense. I will bodies 22 point three point let's let's let's factor the defense who'd you rather have a hurry your life. I would go. Well this year replied well it's not that your. It's turns up at a historic three. But it that an eight bit most people would make that error. That would take Kevin Durant or play all right but my problem with that is that's purely looking at it from an op that the stamp well. I understand that as an all around player and take like OK if you think if you think the advances have the game. I would say take what I don't think he vets had to navigate. The defense is about 36%. But if you got into a series doorstep at the plate defense. Packets a really explosive player. I'd be going up against some howdy do. I mean wouldn't be joke. Because the warriors are concluded that the team. Like he unveiled at the upper hand guy out and I like that we got to take them off the warriors. Percent I'll take this divers this all stated you're asking who I would take players that. I would make that if that thing is that we've seen it this year's depth not victories. He's not nearly as I. Now he's got to be hitting every. Asked. Time with it what you asked me I guess that just that question thrown out. Throw it out and apparently you think it's 5050 well. If I I'm taking them as you guys that are just on mythical teams here but we're taking them off your warriors. Put them on whatever team out there just two players out space and a seven game series where you eat defense. I'm Michael let it stop up any which you need us play act creating its own job next partner. I think like you do. Anyway he fires so fast Matt. Just to not talk about. The ball's in his head now he's got dribble the creative coach that's not Woody's. That's not his strength and I think he can't do it but he doesn't blow by yet at the right yeah. You know his ability to raise up is looking get in the you have said this before so he'll have to again. Played for tax stamp on the boat out. These apps you've got to give him credit for plays the better defensive player that's that we know that now dividend. If you're saying they're opulence. News. Close. Your base your great within their operatives close and it plays better defenders all take lie. I say as I say carries a better offensive player. And plays the better defensive player but in this day and age to me. Roberts has more important the let it might play act as gimmicky play deals at it when it might played with a more are. More pass first. Where he averaged more points for here no doubt triple it without the rain. Yeah I Kevin grant and Brittany is sexy if. My. How do you keep air Kevin Durant to anybody we've never seen anybody like him in league history I don't want it really compared guards to a guy who's sent me. What you're saying. You have to step Hillary and Kevin Durant on your team both the sexually. Or thirty point scorers haven't points ten. Klay Thompson's gore on this team. How many shots he headed here. There's only a limited amount of shots all three of those guys here averaged 42 shots that gay doesn't work like yeah. So yes if clay played with. A pass first point guard or play play where it without Kevin Durant. But he. Yet more shots that he get more points that you're Tripoli at about seven ID 570 years teams that are after the game talking about plate jobs. Shooting the ball confidence playing great defense moving the ball I feel like clay shoots it best when he just lets the game come goalies moving the ball on instead of forcing anything and then the ball tends to come back toward Israel play makers on the team so he's been very patient and unselfish and that's that's led to a lot of lot of open looks for him as a result. I AM pretty damned united and it was interesting that you looked at me not it was more right. Yeah it's he was really cruise five for eight from the three point line. And tonight they were there team for thirty. 43 point three wants to get over that 40% markets. It's basically ball game especially if they. Pay more than 25 which most the time they do which they David West turn back the clock down. Actually. David last not meant nothing in May it was all about Kevin Durant jumping up. Can only watch whatever England and the first thing I sat out like you Kevin Durant right there yeah Kevin Durant can and can't give up that fast from his seat. Witness mostly bad mean I think. ID tells you it's not that he's feel pretty darn it. I'm obviously not a doctor. He then that. You're one eight get back in this. It out there for a little bit run around here now that's nice that means. Once again out that we we're gonna know what the plan out what really will be a playoff rotation. With Kevin Durant and Kevin Durant. If he's able to be kept under rant specially going longer. And in the playoffs EE plays a lot of man. Does does. And that's why I think that they're gonna meet. They're they're gonna be some of their older veteran players to gobble up minutes in the playoffs. Ideally the warriors would have an easy first round match up against the Denver Nuggets and they want to tax their starters. If they can do that that could have a big advantage go to the second round with things are likely yet. Dicier. What anytime you can win a series ended. Preserve your starters are your key guys. That's huge. To take that next step without paying the price physically. No doubt. And then down to seven look at it outlook talked about a cop Mike got the experience he's getting. Who would've ever thought he'd be starting for. Getting this much playing time. As just having just a baby you played almost thirty minutes tonight. That's a lot that's a lot for a rookie that's a lot for rookie on a championship type team so you're right you can't. Replace these minutes. As a rookie they're their kids really. Well I think anybody even call plays in the pre season. And he showed that he could probably play honestly I don't think anybody thought that he would be the the player that steeper it would go to. We Kevin Durant her. Well that just goes back through memory at the amount laden the collar. Called up in this bowl everything's guarantees. If I would vote third warriors wrap up that accurate off. Is going to be starting night in night out for the Golden State Warriors it's an hour. Or would. Like out rancher decimated by app that's that would be assessed round right. I never Tripoli by seven iPods and their follow God's warriors wrap up. After the warriors. Take out Dallas Mavericks one well eighties and they want I've route not about right here on iPods. McCaw. There way. Stepped curry catches on the valve stem allay rotate to play taps it it took water for it that's my. Thanks for class a his fifth story of the bodies take at five he's made five. And it's now 7253. Staff to the front court off the screen left jab dribble. Five's Clark right corner Torre doesn't get it slapped down by making the Bard's back the staff bill Faith Hill fire Gayle hit February. Step Terry now has seventy that's his third triple of the night. Now got county is tiny on 95 point seven games. And averaged AAA I've I've seven knighted by Saturday live from X six sports lounge and wasn't it will be here now 11 o'clock let's go to new. Day in San Mateo ahead Dave welcome. It's great to be on. Chris you've opened up the topic is always fascinates me. And I'm gonna throw a few names that you and I want you to tell me if you take clay Thompson over these colors. You're ready. Kick which stick player Reggie Miller. Clay or Reggie Miller. Are you be on an old time all of neighbors at me. I'm and it's been thrown guys that you I think they deserve to be in the conversation. If we're gonna discuss the relative all time that merits of play. Okay. And I that we justices likely it will end up at all man I think so yeah I take line. Okay player richer and play. You worked on Eliot. Life. Wow. Why why are we to take place over Mitch Richmond we'll play like W locking out here with a another ranked by the label plays well. Well we're just. Talk about it like. That Richmond. If the score more points than it. Well that didn't happen they didn't the report like we hit. You can. Stay with clay makes big board reported that Richmond he's better late you're you're saying that but that's what you like you. Black rappers opt outs after the what are saying it is but in this day they cute read it I can't hole but he gets Mitch Richmond and. I don't know until we wanna bring an old guy that bombing it. It's very very apparently like Larry Bird only one. Three a game if you go look at his average right so how can I don't early news. We'll look at it you want to work. It's race it's the night you get up the world well because that's why it's hard here guys from history here were these guys are fire and threes out well and guys. Yet history here Angela Burt right well the most bird and did. And it's easily re re. And it's I mean. They're here where bird yet about want they want it back 8380 war. Bird averaged four point eight point nine gain in that was what you're with. 84. I mean heck that's that's for five years that it was re. Now a dollar or I don't argue that first year the way they've started. Not pretty much to oh the only three name thing but I was just curious how how deep. Can't beat her love for it was compared to some of the greens we've do we all remember fondly. I have I think the Mitch Richmond with the attitude that want. You still think you know thinkers. Of that he is I mean if you're gonna compared to three point shooters. And their impact you don't think clay is more. Adequately compared maybe to Reggie Miller. Yeah I do actually a desk and and you would take quit averaging. OK in my eyes I think I would yes I lie went why I think I would are you just doing that is at three point shooter are all around all of I don't know. We're talking and it got a whole team right now and you get let's say a 27 year old Reggie Miller or 47 year old. Klay Thompson who you peck. How many like Steve and I would sure I will stay there. Reggie Miller was not a bad defense supplier. But he wasn't a guy that we look at and say stopper but that era. Negates the report we're a little more low scoring. It more than half court a little more physical. It coming all star game two they Reggie Miller may. CR. But if you're asking me I don't know that you know probably say six or seven. In May lie and I'll love him except. Remain in it's only me all he all NBA third team three times. And note defense of awards whatsoever. So if he was thirteen that you figuring it was Jordan and woods Drexler Adam. Probably Brian try to dig new wells would be atom bomb. Now I just can't put my mind back in that space right now in Cape. Fear I want. Yeah this on I always do like comparing eras and that is currently at about saying. About dealing with today's modern day wired. Is how many threes. It's it's not that. Austin is you know I can compare if you're SB compare. Mitch Richmond. And play cops and the way I would do it is OK I can't penalize. Mitch Richmond because. He's gonna have far fewer threes. They play because solely of the Europe. Played him so what I can't do is it passes judge Mitch Richmond as they shooter on the perimeter. And Klay Thompson as they perimeter shooter and Mitch Richmond with a target shooter with you as good as clay Thompson. Obviously not prevent deep as Klay Thompson. At baby daddy bit as good of a shooter. Just normally on the perimeter ferret out. Now what about driving the ball well outside of close. Victory Rick retired much better driver. They'd play cops passing. I think rich rich was probably a little bit better answer the plate Dobson defense. These threats as a goodwill. If Michael Jordan said Mitch Richmond with the best players ever on opposite plays Ali a veteran players who. And that's why that rich rich it is not hear it hit a good the discussion here here's an idea you know. The. Has a lot of people remember Mitch Richmond the Golden State warrior he played for the the warriors. So Mitch Richmond got to play out a lot of bad Sacramento teams where he got to put some points up. And you know it's it's not like. Tommy guys this is want him BA titles with the lakers and as last year right when but the idea of his career saw it was that you know. He was playing with someone which you say it is equal wallets act. On his team yeah no absolutely not so I think that's later that that that's kind of the difference right there is. You know clay Topps has come up quite a while competitive teams where it was just the guy in Sacramento and. But I'm not gonna again about the penalized bitch for that I'll just try to ID. I hear what you're saying and I'm just try to look at them objectively at duke players and other for the for the it's just that this argument I'm taken Mitch Richmond off the cavaliers. And taking. Plate tops it off the warriors and it just put them into space somewhere trying to prepare you to take Mitch program. Got a break we could have that's a long. Other guys about this gloat about it's a problem we think it's a big point to speak it's. I have to wait till late dated another five years like it's nothing against play. It's just that Mitch Richmond body of work right now wait longer I get it that's the and I didn't bring that out I mean I don't bring up the all players about to say this. How many times have we seen lying. When somebody needs to step up and up. We see policies. Like Thompson and indeed that can beat that guy. I mean I I like it does it doesn't. It doesn't feel pressure among really awesome moment not too big not at all not at all it pretty good game six last year against Cleveland right. I allied I played well gave six against the Oklahoma City. That the game be almost with a single handedly put so we've seen him man up in the post season where he's got to man up and once again. The impressive thing about clay. Is due on it on both. Ends of the floor then. Let's go to. Mike don't wanna launch go ahead Mike. Yeah let me start up by I've really been. And I don't wanna go down like that wanna go out about what might vote Green Day out and then he started off often about. If you know quite being the scene today but go look up a Greek player but they acquired Jane's work very. Job outlook to Chris ball. Now today. And I think that what you guys are talking about is EU reporting the other T. You had sex in your book in ought everybody in the NBA right we're gonna take for quite or all but he now. Or you're going to be Anthony de boer were going to work out exactly. Okay Apple iPod every. I you know I asked my team let me just be fair here every guy you just name is. Seventy. While Camilla playing Hawaii Leonard. Quite what you or are. You know it's nuts and out with the ball and that's kind of what I did. I the super market players that they. They can't be different positions have we established if you don't hit a lot of threes your eyes support as we think you are well parlay a that he now since we're seeing this. And and the they're they're shooting the threes now as big men for example I think it out not a lot of it is how many takes at least or gave. Here's the other thing touted. Well if you ask most people who knew basketball well who'd you rather have played Thompson or Joseph well indeed. Opera to most people today and meet of course the injury thing would be a big factor. But I think if you think parlance that he pounds or play Thompson both people product take -- anything else. Even though. Well personally I believe that the big guys got its fake. Well. If that every word that big guy you have a ticket for Milwaukee. On its own right right now I have to pound making one point three pointers and taken three game. 3.4 bit you know for what his second third year only impressive. So they'll take you five before too long. It doesn't make you rate which they play cops are the markets I want no part of that race the guys up his physical. It's meant about play cops that are Blake Griffin. I think late but boy cliff our winner about plate tops or. Russell Westbrook. Wait Thompson. I might apply. Well. You know there's a lot of people out. You could find other people that they play you're out yeah yeah. I'm not sure that I would I'm not sure that I would. What about in wait at least admitted to top off. I think it's topped that with tough call now obviously and eight were gonna sit. There's a difference between. Who's who should or shouldn't we be MVP or how the MVP shakes out with. Your ranking as a player in the league for example. If Russell Westbrook with the FDP this year I think he's the best player of the week. And honey honey stick I clue would take. Many players over but that doesn't take away from the fact that he's here to me has been. Greater than anybody else here this year and he's elevated his team in a way that nobody. He saw. But I took a lot of players I would take over AT&T in the eight hip op Charles Barkley says at this second best player in the world right now. I'm LeBron James. Polite about accuser Charles. If clay Thompson played on use happy I think you guys all ranked player higher he played on a worst team mores is maybe. I think a lot is that the real populate your bike I get if you're a warrior thing. That's not a factor that's what I'm doing but I'm saying. If you look at it. It might not just got to be the Mandalay heart is obviously but that megrahi put beef demand like the hard way. You couldn't beat him play that way he plays a different game right here costly fining him the ball I mean to be more like you use him like the traditional Jordan or Mitch Richmond Reggie Miller. A point guard that's the right they're finally here here called all the plays for am the LT with a basket and at that but. That's one of the reasons why put him in the show I like who to take part Berkeley tops. Well I would take a hard. Even though plays better defender I would take heart beat the art and the defense played last night while we're here and played a better defender but the reason aren't valued eat that much. As my old Frederick Maryland state defense stance he's. And that's fine but let I don't think defense is half the game. I think the vets is less than half the game because of an offer to beat new defense a lot of the time. Would get back to play and Harden the reason I would take part in overplay. Is because of the way he can impact the game play can impact the game by scoring. Can't really impact the game by certain other people off. So hard and more versatile offensively they play cops and even Westbrook more personal. That play cops and offensively not a sufficient. What more personal so that comes into the equation too that's why UV advantage the hard. Over lies about last run. He's not necessarily that mr. make everybody better. Westbrook the good work. Westbrook the real good. You know I'll think he's got a phenomenal I think I'd have to I'd I'd probably take west. And here's why. Are less not a huge clay fan like the plate I think placed great you just named a boatload of players you'd take note. That's it and use that word is we're likely place fits it well it's 58. A bit odd to say who. Here I just made a list I'd have to take over these cigarettes matter aunt Betty Davis stepped Hillary Westbrook Harden. LeBron James. Hawaii Leonard. See here for what I would take the Carolina beat him. So post I he has a matter I would take into an all time guys who have done nothing when it matters so. While talking down as a matter a lot about judgment about what am just judging the best players are quite content. With lucky enough to be put on the team with that very draped in green it sure he's part of it. But without staff or he doesn't win and Nancy Davis religion in the policy. Because he doesn't have staff per it. Yes though you may addicts play hues and players taken over client I think in the OC. Where he's just been a monster. I give guys credit for which but aussies. I can tell but I'm not take it away from deputy Davis if that trip by team that states. So again. I would pay where we get the read one Davis robbery I would take Westbrook and Hartnett spot I would take the broad exits. I would think I would take you out. Carolina beat out I would take it got from Milwaukee. At this victory yeah. But here's the issue touting their problem areas like with pours the Indians. Are right who would you take ports in this or why wait at a better pro career. Plate has been better in the playoffs. A lot of people would take worth it as younger. A little bit younger more personally bigger two to three. A lot of people might make ends meet over life as humvee and be done as much as well of course not. Why if you're gonna start the if you roll the dice that beat because you'd be more dominant type like me it's not about clay right now yes turn one cent and Ron. Rhine and play make anybody better players. Going to be quite vacated teammates better and scan and the second most three pointers in the history of the game many agree that's why does he make his teammates better. That's you know clutched her call. He's got to take the toughest. You're not look at it like I'm looking at them. I mean he he makes his teammates better because he says step you don't have to guard the wants he can he get it up I'll make it step battery defense easily get at times Acker fights a little it is opposite because yes on the defense. That's open your teammates. Not in the traditional way but still help your teammates. Don't look at it like that I'm not going to be a lot by play I play play great defense on his individual but now I would say. Now the fact I you to make the case that Larry Bird helped his teammates better the plate tops it helps his teammates. Because Klay Thompson is great just lock it in on one player of the point guard. Where's Larry Bird may have been the greatest team defensive player of all time. That one. Well what happens is space exchange a lot of game from when Larry Bird played that he's a lot of spread out differently but I agree play team defense. That's true to say who who is better defensively rate my reply. Like to meet spoke to right Bob May step in theory a much better defender of the plate Dobson. Because they protect. Hurry when he gets beat. The latest road protectorate would it be that plays usually locked yeah that is protect. You're glad you're switch and a lot Alison Alison well I was getting not if you're Saturday. Sub standard or just average defender act plays position it was just opposites of guys they would really struggle on the back. Say that again you have just an average defender in the backcourt between. The guy now who let's take take like Thompson opted to Amy's delivered an op at that there the Kevin averaged. Aggies able lower right vendor. Now happen to guys that are not good defenders now that that that that's prob that's the thought. So that that wouldn't let that that helps the team now or you have one guy who's far above average. Helps clean up some of the mass. Absolutely. Absolutely and again about slim. They play cops and defensively. Is it better than a lot of these players on the list view is he's better defensively that James Harden. But they gave cargo room just amazing that a guy who complaint like last night at 34 points the played defense as at 34 points. It just to ease its enemies amazing player he has amazing player and actually with top. Top fifteen or twenty and what I take that might think and what I love about him it's fine now they moment speaking come out today moments not Tuesday. In fairness though it big moments he can. Not play well either because. The big plays the same way whether it's the first game of the year whether it's game seven. Now because he's a good player he plays. Well most of the time. What and it and some of those types that obviously pitted big moments. I'm not sure that he. And lower put this up but sure that he. Necessarily settles but I don't know that he desolate place late in games better than he does. Throughout the rest of the game and in in regular. NBA regular season games I don't know that might be felt that anybody else call on this I think that's interstate. Tripoli at about seven out of my sanity lied about we'll take your phone calls warriors wrap up from its exports loud and pleasant and wars with the wind once well date that we UTU. Right here on putts and the gang. Thirteen and again flock to step Currie stepped goes delayed dropped the ball looked it over that bar till fire away for. All the support for the go on the left side that far is that could down. Now got Sony is tiny on 95 point seven big game. Not sure why not I've haven't 9570. Let's go to little. Reagan San Francisco go ahead drag. It takes human usual. I went away in a little bit on this curry Thompson thing but but the get a couple things on the wars you know as far as on that yet with ads aren't meant to restart. I'm agree. But Majid known Maurice for fun and games he needs ten to twelve consistently you know for for what he's giving him not. You know that man crush on the in the game looked like trying to appeal this name like K until the clock gained about ten to 2010 solid ground. He can get blown by too much I don't like him. Top nine in the play the top ninety you know if you know what I'm saying that can be a real problem. But I'm not going in country Thompson you're kind of comparing apples to oranges. Are constantly Rick Perry I would I would I don't quite agree these chronic compatible to really clearing the way he places here. In Jewish candidate super high on drugs and under rated driver I'd like he can't drive there but man can drive that group of competent to do. Are contrary to meek he's a wizard. To me there's never been away as Japan and in the NBA in I'm going to be partial. But talk about taking his which are doing in this shooting over any point out that at Tennessee hasn't. I know you'd think. Each but what are we answered you know pistol Pete when it was our I didn't get to see him much at such a short India a couple of of course he only averaged about 47 points a game in college did quarters tablets coach in the TVs now. You know great great guy you know despaired of basketball peep during the Chia you know well. They want to market you know hey let's give credit to the Celtics a couple of books are about the warriors in the component of opera storms is traditionally not undertake on that would place. Thank you. You know what you're wrong about compared apples oranges sometimes you have to use that as an NBA executive. If you have the number two pick in the draft and there's a guard you like there's a forward like you have to make that decision to understand that. We are comparing players that are played different positions but are compare different Aaron got saints Bob just through the ones that today's game. On violence here but. What I'm saying is you have to pretend like you're having a draft you're having an NBA draft and you the rule is that. Your start your team. And you start it for this moment. So who's the number one. If you pick LeBron James well you get a 31 year old LeBron changed he still might be the best player in the league. Are you trip the project over Klay Thompson. 31 vs 27 all you all got to think about me. I think at this point they'll take it LeBron James over Klay Thompson. But they never ran over taken Davis and beat Davis taking Hillary Westbrook art. The bronze thirty Cuba and beaten I may take over play. John Walsh that majors the players to compare to. Play cops and not saying I would take into an acoustic player I got to takeaway lettered over play. And then we have a what you guys question marks like you out. Yokich in Denver. The fascinating young player. A lot of people would say off upstart team I'll take Yokich medically Dobson. People would take were think it's a Frontline. Charlotte city. So. That's why that's why when I come back to. Fifteen or twenty. I'll say and where he falls it all the players in the week he might be higher than that if you. Just if you consider track records at what players not if you're considering that they've yet Klay Thompson. It's above Jill at the no doubt about it he's above porting it he's above yo she's above all those guys if you're basing it on. Kind of what he's accomplished already over his career but I can say it if you start eighteenth today. You gonna take a lot about some of these younger players let's go to Mike in Alka you know warriors wrap up. So liquid through. Actually got through it that went more right out the a column I got. And she's they numbered on the ballot. Mike gotta add it ring exonerated at the chunks of blue cheese that melted into the burger with a fake it it was bad. Epithets when you you like well I'd like oh achieve them now from. Yet it's called the will jar it's called the Willie sharp. Super blue burger if you count the plastics. What route where dot way now I know you're. Especially. You know you're missing out. And the other one parent. You know either 10 well a lot I'm when he can't vote or got. To be white again. Let's keep it. And I drop my head active. It trying to think who has been gains lately I think that was what lies gory games the last few years. Well here object and it really well when you pay you know the draft or would you pick for com. Honestly I've got to go clay you'd be. And it sent when you compare a lot of them won. The pre. I'm really think about who sent them who can handle that he'd you know. Very. You're out on a lot of good shots. Especially during an awful when there part of even at that like back. I'd like play no matter what you know Matt. And by. And I'll let alone kill and let me know that in my understanding your right that if if we had a draft that all the NBA players and you'd take quite Thompson's first. Honestly. And I'm me like ogle what were over the beards you know over. Everyone honestly like you said. Only today's best player in the NBA. I really do I'm looking at what Calgary right now. I think and outlook. Are new battle warrior as about two years ago also because before that and if so go ahead. But you're about baby all the way. Moxie. News. Yeah him. And it's not anticipate yet okay that I got better but thanks for the call. Thank you let's go to James at Martinez John I'd buy them again. Doug James. The IKEA. I can't go as far as to say Klay Thompson. The number one in the I don't percent. Diners at that I mean let's. Let's not the I've professed my love to Corey I profess my love for lying. And him as a player. For summaries and it became. Let's talk about how not to play as compared to other guys in the NBA I don't know why we get that would sellers as saying. I really appreciate the weight wise when he plays humble ands. That is that that the killer mentality. IA there's the look a lot about late jobs. I'm with Powell's son and if a parent and it's red and they better than I mean. Let's go to rob at San Bruno you're on 95 cent in the game. Those who thought oh the day without. Oh by the way again this player right now. You know but it played out that I can play out the ball first forty. There's a draft of every NBA player you can add any player to start your team. You have the number one pick that you are taking. Boo. It it. Great crop it in the orbiter dot. Forty without them a lot guys like Ron like art that bought it affected right now. Which means you can add more players you can put more players from Kuwait in making a bit like looking at second. About being a Smart you know stand up quite frankly not all. Quite populated in and eat like it will make people all that great they're great at. What are also quite topped it became better and better if you look at before they thought they got here. You know treatment right eight what that would do away any gang would make that curve he grades K double speak publicly. Click large guy quit was that without that play out of golf quite ousted. Quick not that I can't stop it could work well lord. He can become inured brought glamour guys are out saying he courts aren't what happened to carnal replies well are they Greg Harden like people. They've got diaper. Which you know of course now you've got out. At that basketball. Has occurred canary and it got. Ignore talk about what what can the world afford Doug Kerr shot off you click on between. That they pick out. Acne you make your case and let's hear talk laid down I'm here to say there's no way he's been number one pick it or mythical draft. You're in a couple things that. I'd say it's me. I Vicky can be guarded and the reason I think he can be guarded and because he gets. A lot of his points. By moving without the ball are right so what we look at players that are that are playing right now. Like a step curry like it James Harden on the opposite event. They can't. Drive to the basket. They can create for themselves they can create war teammates. Play topic and not create for teammates. I can't handle the ball. As much. As a player who's going to be an. Hit the ball as much as a Calgary as a hard. At the LeBron James as a whole why letter B yeah he handled it as much then because he doesn't possess that kind of skill. It's no because he can handle it like those players I don't think he's as versatile offensively as those players I think he's more limited. Great shooter. Great movement without the ball. Ball. You make it put it on the floor. He's less effective I think you'd be guarded better than some of the players I just was. Last three guys to score sixty points. Play. Colby and LeBron. Terrific let's go to mark in San Francisco go ahead mark. Baghdad. While I used to make. Probably deadly one on the job to employers over tolerance. I'm still I'm still got a kick dobbs the anchor. Chad a little more players. Who is slightly when streak. There are. Any electric and warriors backcourt. They should it and I'm able to an Olympic boring. And it reminds me. So hard emotionally great back court shall two magnitude marriage he had a couple of great. Our guards Wear them John jrue and Lou much in remember in the nation and Walter Fraser's book or year that stranger when Monroe came over. You talk about it wizard of the basketball. Monroe even. He related to our very needs. Aged drug audited diabetes. You see and it sports what an unbelievable what are you lists that magnitude that you and him. And it came to the back court I don't think of them individually it's. Art gallery and I got here. And we appreciate all of golf that's the other thing county. I'll tell. Her tell you on the other side Tellme on the other it's it's about. That hit a mobile backcourt and everybody's saying her scurrying player the best of all time. They are but I have a hand and that would. Probably out playable on a lot of night. Tripoli not 57 ID 570. We're here at 66 sports loud it was to come by antsy as. Well calls up the but phone calls 957 game.