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Afternoon Delight - Hour 2 - 3/21/17

Mar 21, 2017|

Papa & Bonta are joined by Michael Robinson, debate if Kaepernick is being blackballed by the NFL, and discuss Seth Curry's improvements with the Mavs.

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Mean I think out of all the rumors of from the past few years of this of mosques are coming back I think this is probably the most real one is he a good fit in Oakland yet. Absolutely this guy can run any offense you want and I'm not is saying that because I played with just cut on the film. Look at just look at his got a body of work to complain Dhabi simply in this saga what's that Oakland Raiders do a lot of shotgun because that are passing game bigger ones only go when GAAP Andy Katz is out of the back and you look at their roster right militant was worried about the door. They don't have a lead back. Not saying it's gonna happen. Can't say right now but I'm just bank right now I'm just say. To me uncomfortable thing this is the only team. That he would play for an ad that's been reported is that your understanding as well Dow is up and I would feel comfortable. And I can say thanks lands raiders must. I think as orders via word of her hey here is should Michael Robinson got me excited last night NFL total access with Lindsay rose they're also of the Heath Evans and Dan Haley you know the and it. Again that died and is the talk of the NFL. Since we kind of started this whole deal Thursday afternoon the rest of the outlets picked up but it dead there are a lot of good things about Marshawn Lynch getting himself in shape but Morocco Robinson. I said one of the most interest in football careers from the Big Ten offensive player of the years a quarterback to one of the best lead blocking fullbacks in the NFL. Former forty niner. To did lined up as careers a lead blocker for the great beast mode Marshawn Lynch we are graph thrilled to have Michael Robinson Jonas sunny afternoon light. With Papa and Dante how are you Michael. The door great man glad to be on gas. All right so we will break down everything you said about Marchand but what we're what is the very latest you are hearing there are you talked a dead just kittles beast mode directly years everything indirectly like. But or dog bed and people have to understand. Without assembled formal player. The beast mode is my friend a really good friend Gavin you know when he comes in the Richmond Virginia where I live becomes and they need to exit markets. On the sits down and have dinner with some multifamily in my life so much. Mark my mother filed I'd do the same when I come out to the Bay Area with his mom on the his family so it is deeper than just yet we talk all the top. Our home so when I talk about march on and be smoltz when I talk about things that I can't talk about it when I can't talk about. Home I'm pumped up and Obama talked into any agent of not talking to any insiders or anything like that. Army and that's why whenever I talk bottom always say where these insiders engineers give their insight from a you know they talk to be small. No good I know there and Kovacevic and talk to anybody like that so. I'm yet talked to be well. Yeah and you have to walk walk a delicate balancing act during which you do for the network and also you know keeping your. Relationships but from from and I'm hearing. Marchand really did not water retired last year he just needed a year away from the game to get his body refreshing is to have a lot of car crashes over 2100 of them he's one of the most violent runners the game is ever. Known and that he is working hard. And preparing to get back in his weight is almost sound was playing waiter or these things the media is creating there were here murders that kind of all along the lines of what your hearing Michael. Yeah that's right that's right along the lines and an apple always said the fact that this will be a day on after the suitable McCain more and on the few years ago when he announced his retirement. Arm he's gonna you bore. That he still loved the game football. That last year when he had that surge that was his first major surgery. Of his life. I doubt that people really understand and that was a poor abdomen injury or cord injury and he's the guy that makes a living off his knee that is lateral movement. Visibility could be able to make people miss some small spaces. Home are app called the step on a guy almost one quarter unbeatable at one full speed and Madonna golf course stripped at all. Well core muscles and when you have surgery on the air and you'll come back as explosive as you would like kept a perfectionist in March on not step. That's the I'm not gonna. Let anybody see me down like that he needed a year to get this up again and again I'm not sitting here saying that this is sustainable happen. Fitness and that. Home from what I know what I've seen zone together shape and his skills. You are always told me do with the way you won the rock and the game warm issue. If it doesn't happen. Why would that happen wouldn't just be finances in China utilities and structure contract whether he does have to get out of a situation where Seattle whether it's a trade or release of that. If it doesn't happen Michael what would be the reason you think it would happen. But it was a lot of things you know obviously you mentioned it Seattle holds all the keys right now they don't they bailed right. Armed soul you know obviously for it not happening would be if Seattle wouldn't release is right and you know that there's school of thought out far out there rightfully so you total of one of the a generational back to the back of this generation I mean these small to me creative earthquake had a perfect. So it is one of the East Asia to think about and you know keep you know trading him away in the order let me just release him and not getting anything back that have to. Have to run to your mind but I. What I do know is. Marchand is from Oakland. I go to this camp every year the fans first foundation for pocket there in the community. The the fans of the community this city of Oakland apps of the league low. Beast mode in these small has that same low affection and care. For that community weather's go to learn listeners whether his stool programs in the community whether all the ways to get him back it just. For the Oakland rated statements. You know when I heard data Lindsay roads last night on total access Michael Michael Robinson joining us for a very good lead blocking fullback your members of 49 and and wound up his last four years in Seattle. When Lindsay asked you point blank is a raiders. Are boss. Is that why partly why Marchand is doing this to I talked to him years and years ago when his mom. How is dream was always beer rader wasn't a good time to do it during the buffalo time because Al Davis just jump the drafted Darren McFadden. It wasn't a work that is it simply. His love for Oakland and wind and his careers are raider why he would consider Michael coming out of retirement now. Attitude that that's a huge part of along with his notoriety and B&B and B. How much attention he can create for the kings. He's effective to a foundation and there was for the purpose. On the endeavor I mean there isn't it guys they keep all the bow to him back in days it's hard for people to imagine that. Because of the perception that they may have looked beatable do you normally is so. And so won't get paid and things I mean because you know how did find stuff like that zip perception. You ought to mean but. This is obviously dominating you know he's the you know the store's property is probably doing is soaked but in my opinion if you hold the key in the reality Seattle holds the key. They're go go back to that Super Bowl week when you know he just hit a lot of play with the media and I thought I I got injured and our shot for an hour at a time. Daniel when he does this Skittles commercials he's very engaging I remember when he was two in the hole. I'm on Ayers get paid you know people herself he has anxiety disorder like fit for the anxiety is he's packet of play by your rules what what kind of guy is your friend out Marshawn Lynch Michael. Well apparently in an accident media day. Home premium obviously has some internal discussions with my own network about how that was going to be handle on with me working on this side of the fence and I would not put our friendship. Home in jeopardy by any means and I knew what was gonna happen I knew what was he was gonna do. Com but the funny thing in the four reportable operating tired of that media days stores and things like that was left at media day. Army had a sprinter van that is for a little display and ran out to Arizona which I call on now and you know got together and fellowship. And he did literally. Seven or eight. And views in Iraq. If that down gave all of this you know got a chance to go about one of the beast more stool be small store popped up on the there is on the is not like you don't want to. But like you said before is is that he's gonna do little Hitler you know with his rules and the way he wants to do and now he's gotten. Just believe in just talk about things he's lucky goal TomTom for use Obama bought that action. But not a lot that action that I just hope this does not fit the classic lines Michael Robinson it was a lead blocking fullback for Marshawn Lynch his last four years in the NFL Michael's last four years. And before that a 49 and who wanna get into your parents stayed true either one of the most fabulous interest in careers. Can't think of anybody go from quarterback terribly blocking fullback in the NFL but. I know when you when you're talking and access last night you'll you'll broke down what I was saying there are a lot of good running backs that are out there for the raiders. Adrian Peterson DeAngelo Williams a dream to me is more of an under center. Type or runner but you were talking about Marchand could run out of a dot which means a true he can on an offset fullback he can run as a single back he can run at. Out of a shotgun to the side of the quarterback he can run inside zone outside zone economic power he can run pistol. But what what is the very best way to use Marshawn Lynch is skill set Michael. Com in my opinion you final way anyway. To give him the ball is many times as you possibly can it may sound as he can take it is many times as his body can take it. Easy to me using natural. As the home run I don't know we've ever. 8888 pure but a more peer. His own run in Iraq study backs on the what I do Obama but he backs and quarterbacks. And and then at the running back position his ability. To literally. In his mine. One this Wimbledon this win and something happens in on the Allegheny steps on the quarterly capsule at the drop would he's able. To change his mind changes moment changed everything. Go another direction he understands that in blocks. He understands the blocking schemes a lot more than what people think on that people don't understand that you could also put in this tournament slot receiver. Like he did some account he can be. Playing pure receiver. Is that what he chose to do. So we could have so many skills that so many tools toolbox that is built like agency's acting hippies it's one of the other generational back for part time. But. Right now there did you option their careers around the age of thirty agent present on 32 today. Agent Peterson needs a different type of open office for him to succeed. I agree with the everything is said Marcia on his always look at for the cut back and that outside its own Ronnie is a great inside a broader area and Foster I think we put in the category of a great zone yeah. Owner he was just like he was surfing it's a different skill set. But how good of a power. Runner is she your thought the best got to ask is you're lead blocker for the raiders like to run just old fashioned power we pulled that left guard to Lecce assembly. Yet a full back there you just slamming up in there how good of a power runner Michael as Marchand. Brooke what I think the world and saw how good will power lines he wasn't in the beach quake that actual play seventy Powell. We blocked it wrong if he's still made it work you could give back Friday. And about eight missed tackles ladies in the end zone with the richter scale jumping off the charts. Arm but got a couple back that he is he is his favorite team in the gaps gained his favorite play. Is the power are remembered being in meeting rooms and Tom Cable just him. I did Tom Cable myself. Comment beast mode and we're literally talking does does the word power into the game plan because as you know Seattle as a guest is it is don't contain. It that's his favorite place so I believe that our home if you won his favorite play enough. No matter how to block he's gonna make it work. Yet timetable we know well from his raider days he loved absolutely on blocking schemes so your saying. Marsh on and you kind of talk time to put power in for Marchand. If you add up like give us. So unfavorably. With this job is not a way to fullbacks we've depleted easily got some might spirit often albeit at a got to take care. But. Idea some power the power play of the gaps scheme is that their power play in particular in the gaps get this straight. Can you imagine him running behind till Lecce. At left guard pulling off the right side with a fullback lead how to help with the NFL deal with that. That well you know right now. It's all the jury. Things have to happen to make battery out and tell a lot Eagles Spain Kapalua so. My girlfriend called this a big dog is happening to happen it's just calm right now digitize. Well if he does or does this say he is in Oakland raider Michael. They do have two young running backs over her Taylor Rashard to pocket rocket in DR Jerry Washington they're probably gonna sees somebody carries on third down and I'm not a raiders like to use them a lot they're probably gonna get more uses next season how will marsh on the debts and not being in a tonight getting twenty to 25 cares double see that happen and if he does become a raider. Yeah I mean you beat again production stable marks on he's really not itself in back of me understand. Arm that he had a tremendous skills say they have not a lot of people can do what he does but he always say I want my community now. You know it is a blowout for everybody. Home to war criminal third you wanna get from the first second out and trounced let's do. But we better win. I don't play automated if if you rocket will be and we went in the and you gotta keep me and again try to stay. On that basis it at this point in his career he's Z if he were to be on the field again on PBS great regional role model. Four yeah four young that he's been due to why he's been through the off field issues he's been two of the success the ups and downs of the National Football League need to Greg Mitchell told. Now excuse me for journeyman because I just think it twentieth for a with the dreadlocks are coming out of the back of the shoulder ailment there for him coming up bring his knees up to his chance to break in tackles behind Gillette Unita power play. And a black apple would go crazy in Seoul. Why will history not become a real and I know you're a difficult position. But. You know if he does come out of retirement. He may have to face some of the signing bonus back to Seattle Michael could that possibly be a stumbling black bloc in his desired or come back and play in the NFL. Again I'm not I'm not in a mountainous pockets on bush would say this. You can ask any any former player any current player. If they like to write it checked. After the attack after the taxes have been taken out when they when they got the money but I have to write a check back to an organization that's hard to. It's. Just let you know at a hard pretty slow. Heck I imagine and that's it's fairly sizable check. How to putted and for you for your former teammate Marshawn Lynch with the people in Seattle Paul Allen John Schneider Pete Carroll. Well as far as I know everything we won't return them to marched on and actually team. Either guy who cares Obama's team and he does things in. Creates events off the field so that. On the brief consolidation to the glaucoma brings a unity tour locker rooms and he's an excellent team in any game and he cares. On Obama wins and losses he cares about our work bit of that that put him that you need the world got a call. Our culture changer democracy the data can change coached. You know Michael he is a piece like you mentioned he is a great teammate. I never heard of backing from teammates about him but. With ten and I gimme the ball and Super Bowl 49 at one are lined at I believe did he ever get over that did he complain about that. We you have to ask him a matter deliberately executed ghetto compensation. But X. What I can say what I can say is what's transpired on. On television. I have Seattle really recovered arm from that place. From that place. On my own off almost. Another one yard away from one of the Super Bowl for a second straight years says cuts after recover from that but. Before election ago we do thank you so much for your insights and we will check you out again and I'm Michael Robinson. Now joining us Sylvia on NFL total access and he was on last night talking openly about Marshawn Lynch possibly coming back and playing for the raiders front. You had one of the most interest in football careers I can ever call. Played quarterback at Penn State little wide receivers well then becoming a really good core special teams player. And a tremendous lead blocking fullback. Is anybody made the conversion that you've made it. From quarterback in college at that level with with that degree of accomplishment. To a lead blocking fullback in the NFL. North you know while it so people know that I don't I don't know that there does that ever happen. Com and always felt people who as far as this broadcasting going is concerned. Obama I don't know there's been a guy who's grown at a high level caught on an island blocked little tackling how level. All of one body able to analyze analyze the game my bit in the special home predicament my entire life got moved. Been able to be be very very versatile armaments of the tunnel among one memento was my great friends when my father figure father like figures. And I miss him every day mama mentality might you know all of his versatility that we use that you lift. Home this is gonna sustain human the National Football League and addiction great success rate in almost analysts suitable to become a template a year or. Any of the accomplishment all pro fullback and at those things. On acceptable all the time you have to know your role on if you wanna win a championship BEU can have a team full of superstars. Egypt cannot have that and that's the young people all the time. Make you make yourself valuable more than just on the field be in the locker room in the community when the famous for another scrutiny. They had to have Mateen didn't have a team meeting that day because Vernon Davis Frank Gore and other guys in the locker room and crime that would upset. And that the that the impact she would have whenever we lock step into NAFTA when I wanted to. And they were even more upset when you went to see adult and I got what in the NFC west out of for a few years there's some. Michael Robinson endured a great job on on television the way you breakdown that the video work. Would you ever like to do games and matches were to the studio actually analyze games at the site I think he'd be terrific. Oh absolutely like to do and the back to bring to bear estimated agent fees and and night for two minutes. On my total access talking about just some of the things that we talked about earlier but yet. That I always wanted to teach this game to people probably wondered if you gain deeply immoral whether it's you'd you know ladies that one more awful weather picture. Off football class class 500 Gaza it you know study the game all the time there's always more to learn about the football from a different point of view. Could not only have a role on the football caught it and blocks for the passes those little different point of. Played it as a high level they can speak at a silently looks good on camera is doable we watch and you know I don't NFL total access at 4 o'clock on the West Coast Michael Robinson thank you so much for your time today. I thanks my guess. And RC davis' blow obvious and he decides that pilots at Penn State archives and library for guards OJ was a Big Ten player of the year where there what do swapper let's RC. She's sailor who I want. Than to game where the warriors little lost and utes on game two wherever George carlin's is that George Herbert or chapter in his book. We use in that line rice and George Karl's easy for these losses by SRC said that to us before you Jordan has finished George's book furious Georgia. He will join us and Thursday's RC. Expresses Allen did please viewers on anybody send you a check yours and here and sometimes this RC is like you know yeah in the Washington had a tremendous career in distance and was the one thing. And that is interesting. Marshall Islands agent was talking about it we you know I think Marchand was in Seattle's building and in Bellevue on Thursday whether or not ES for. Is released or not Michael Robinson. Couldn't quite be completely honest because he's you know it's. It's a relationship he can't say I'm in a position a lot Renault stuff and you can't say in who lies guys tell you things in the QT you know wanna tell. Well at night when I asked the question about Ambac the second round to shoot affect his answer lighting veteran's check this isn't a particular taxes out there so all that's something that you have to work out the raiders would have to cover that somebody after write a check. Effort for baseball to write that check would be difficult so I think it's coming down to finances Saudi get him out of his Seattle entanglement. And we know what do you pay MD OD incentivized it to get below base then build it in and you know if these are all active on game days that worries me because you know if you have to be deactivated at. There's racquet usually young backs Iran and that's gonna make of her problem look make a difference pop. That Reggie McKenzie John Snyder worked with each other green would that make negotiations easier to does that make a difference at all. Somewhat but it's ultimately what Seattle wants to do and I think they want their money back I think there are a little. It did not end well for him there and pitches didn't commissioner playoff game in Minnesota never Pete Carroll. It being interviewed before the game saying he's gonna play is gonna play it and he was inactive an idea minister for game Tammy didn't play. And they wound up winning they'll lucky and I missed field goal there but then it. The Carolina game and medium play great today to block it well Carolina is on fire that day but I think you know if you ask commanders in a payback to check for several millions of dollars. That may be hard to do mostly in May after rolled that in to the raiders would pay for that in directly. You know higher boost his contract and how to get you know we DM a low base in a lot of incentives that's scary so. I think is just a question of getting through the entitlements to one thing its interest in his agent was recently interviewed and he said that Marchand is Sheila in Canada. But white players go to Canada but I think war heats. Obi pot why I didn't I don't know little slot like Peyton Manning will call that there are ways to. The HE occasional Smart bombs. Lol really adept. Chris Berman goes there for the do do orders for a football players go there for the don't don't don't trump took took a self you don't. Do that that's why they don't I'm not saying he's there for that regard but often they go to Canada for that very reason maybe some sightseeing rankings is a nice city now angst so I know god Terry decided Niagara fall additionally the fifth trip there in Toronto is a beautiful city. So that's another indication they may become an out of the united JB a guy who's not retired oh pop he's still looking for a job Colin can operate. Easy being flat ball. Not the guy at 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue west to continue black ball he goes he doesn't have time to run the nation then. Orange him is he watching FOX & Friends in treating it's Friday Obama with a joke that is in the record against them we're gonna didn't Colin Capp predicting whether or not he's gonna. Be an NFL next season right here in the afternoon like pop about enterprise and again. Now back to Greg Papa and Vontae hill on 95 point seven a game. I think she's outstanding. Player thank you to the the great competitors whose permanent in games. From people who would be no NFL started their great control player in Cologne Cologne great career and do great quarterback. When championships. You San Francisco quarterback. I'm sure nobody ever. But there was an article today reported. That NFL owners. Don't want to pick up balm. Because they don't wanna get a nasty week. From Donald Trump you. I just saw that. I've said about remember that what I'm gonna report that the people of Kentucky. Because they like to let people actually stand for the American flag right. And I Canada's. Hijacked the White House she never sleeps after Derek he's too busy tweeting I was in Louisville, Kentucky. Yesterday's when he had to bring up talent camper next. Has Jim Harbaugh earlier how Mike Florio are buddies from the base in the West Virginia the Tucker back collar Stafford act and I like to agree with the acting president too often but. He can't he eventually do it every iPods. It's his visits and I'm sure he will he gets all of his fake news from that disease Kissinger on TV FOX & Friends. And you're staying. It's harsh tally cap Purdue goes this would be the time right around now. That he would find employment in the NFL I think these starters market. Is beginning to close up although I think Jay Cutler still out there and approach to playing the most complicated position in American sport. Which is robbing NFL people wrong way but Josh McCown just signed one year six million dollar deal with the New York Jets think they structured it where he could be the starter he could be. And mentor. And a backup quarterback kind of the way the niners and there was Brian Hoyer so. This actually became a talking point Spike Lee over the weekend brought up the fact that calendars not yet found a job since the smells fishy smells fishy so. Here's my thoughts on. I think Colin Capra neck as a quarterback. If he did not do. The not standing for the National Anthem and taking a knee or sitting initially that they Gatorade. Coolers and than a denim ultimately taking any if he never did any of that at all. You could just watches video from this last year. And say he's gotten better. He's gotten better and Jim Harbaugh he's gotten better after you look well for a long time he did not progress when you're here that was the biggest problem I had to Harbaugh he wanted to give it Alex Smith given the job. Email Alice was Alex was the NFC. Offensive player of the week. This can cost loses his job and I understand camper Nicklaus roll bowl quarterback he can dream guy. All the stuff in the run game but he just was flawed as a reader of the field and a thrower of the football. And he never got better and he was regressing a wave of for the rest of you noticed I. He he regressed to me the year after they came off the five yard line of the Super Bowl he just slate and slate and slid it. In any was playing with such a burden when they went to the offseason curt Warner's good deal only and is. Guy he was working Reza going to be super surprised by his mechanics they just teach he was she lost it had a good game in Pittsburgh he rolled back it was a nightmare. But last year. After they tried Gabbert and in Chip Kelly was here he and I saw him improve immeasurably. In the areas where he was just lost. Lost he could not read a field he could not find anybody after his primary was taken away. I Solomon prove that way but mainly I saw his pocket presence for they would roll the pocket lefties gonna get out go crazy rolled his left anyway. He actually kept his head up the did not drop down and stare down the rush so I saw Ayman prove it. A measurably. And I don't look at stats at all. But he did at sixteen touchdown passes and four interceptions by far his best touchdown to interception ratio. So if I'm out there I would bring I would discussed. Bringing cap predict in as a back up a guy who could compete for a job just like Josh McCown now. All along those lines RG three I think is gonna be in that area RG three may have to wait a little bit longer. Based on just his football ability now would not be for every team. Teams that Ron. And Eddie chambers and embraced a quarterback being a part of the run game and there's a tremendous value. In the quarterback being a part of the running game improves the numbers in the box you all hear about seven or rate the box well. If he got the quarterback and he's live in the run game. It changes the the numerical balance towards the offense plus with a guy like Khaled Capra neck is really hard to play a lot of man. Is it your run and verticals off manned coverage he talks and Iran's lose containment go to get twelve yards before anybody gets near him so. Each and also slows down your blitz package it changes the way you play defense of football if you have a quarterback. That can run and you have an offensive coordinator his system that Lincoln and incorporate the quarterback running but ultimately. It comes down to Kenya stick a throw on third down can you pitcher back foot when the play action. And a pull option Reid aren't gonna help you its third day and you gotta go do it now we know your throw on the ball. At Tyrod Taylor and they cannot do it now you know buffalo would be a system where they embraced this kind of thing if they bring Taylor back but they booed hell ought to look at that's my hometown and I go before. So now we're getting and do is he bleeding black balled. I would say yes he has I think if you just looked at if he never did it. They National Anthem thing a year ago when he was not on the cover time magazine rather than Sports Illustrated. For everything he did off the field and I don't. Should judge him on what he did but I I at the time I thought wow. This is really getting in the way at his professional career you're not Mohammed Ali you're not Bill Russell your doctor Rima Abdul Jabbar you're not Jim prop you're not there yet. You're way down here are you gonna destroy your career away first of all your diverting too much attention away from what I understand he's important issues they are. But if you sometimes you need to address that later and be selfish and I thought you're really harming your career in here now. But he put the way that now I think he is feeling the impact to what he did it. This fall now so it's easy to say. The tape is bad. It is there are a lot of things that he I'm sure shock treatments and no chances there remembering and his guy and it. But there would be some systems where ones that embrace the quarterback being active and alive in a real threat in the run game. And there are a lot of teams that do it that way they're there are a handful of change so. Those cheeks now. Got him to bridge those teams. Up with a fan base. There's gonna be tolerant of this as there are a lot of bigots out there are a lot of people they gonna judge you for whatever gonna have a hard time the president United States is a lot of means. Whether or not he got the popular vote or not he reads in the White House so there are a lot of people unfortunately throughout this whole mess. That think like him and asked that very problem that were happening in a lot of these people alone NFL teams so it's the combination. Of a does he fit in what we're doing so part of football room and it did start him or look at a video he could say. He's who is number seven I mean watch him from from 40151413. While last year chip that he's getting better start director maybe we can bring our guy and like Todd downing. In the table and talent Reggie and Jack I can I can fix EJ Manuel he's got a big arm he's a direct opposite Colin. But he has to say you know she has flaws in his own footwork and but I can't I can fix it might it make you better. And somebody would say like hue Jackson you look just coming not just say how is gonna take it you know I'll never was gonna take Alec jeopardy at that point his life. He wasn't gonna do what he was he just got Jason Campbell thirty was back at. A developer quarterback he wanted to win before he passed away and have time for that but he he liked collins' ability to throw it down the field. So just gonna take a special situations so what is what is black balling him. Is that combination. On a lot of bad video out there. If you are discerning enough to look at enough you can see what I saw where he got better you know they I thought he made improvements that there were some games last year but I thought while the Arizona game Miami Miami game they're a lot of games or I thought why now is she really gotten better. And a lot of it was ships say you know bodies that are fleet of Rhonda was left anyway let's just the whole pocket and says so a lot of there was the coach is saying we see as flaws. Let's work within it. And I think it would take a special set of circumstances but where's the one. That marries an offensive system. That likes the quarterback to be live in the running game. Was an ownership group of fan base they're gonna take it out altogether so is a big black balled if he never did that at all. I think he get a backup job via now I mean I who's that team. I would think Tennessee but there in the south and you know they probably don't condone what cavern it was stolen last season so you throw them out the window causing you look at the system LaMarcus Mary ought to be a perfect backup their run around malls around strong running game they've they've fit cavern makes these but I want to got to happen because of where they're located in Nashville Tennessee. A Cleveland Browns still six outs and he may be a make move we don't know what they're gonna do what Brock housework us Waller yet come. It still. Is he gonna get wave he's gonna get traded what are we gonna do barely gonna trap to quarterback. Houston Texans Arnold sealed Cornell Texas don't. And sales IP based around robbery yellow rice shares and that's why I'm sorry to any job is and that's that's based on timing. And getting the ball lot of going through reads he can't do that so anybody go through sheer I've indeed. The tigers maybe go back up Russell Wilson in Seattle. How by and maybe that's that's an after he got Paul Allen up there and yet Pete Carroll. That could be a system that he could flourish and you got presumably stay right now that's Awad were Tom really they did not have Russell Wilson run the full option read that buffalo game in Toronto. That year and it all works and I just she's pullen daughter on a national would stop them took Tom Cable was able to. Integrate the pull option read into his own blocking scheme it works well Seattle isn't is a team. To keep but I I I I don't know how long this is gonna last he made Ime you know Tony Romo thing has to be decided. I think that may last into June before Jones decides to waive him so we can spread out the captive by a and at entry response or what Spike Lee started. It's easy to say no always happy and black ball he sucks. Well he did get better and if you really look at it and you are an offensive coordinator and a chain and embraces the quarterback running. You could say he's gotten better we can make it better now whether we want to be a starter not. Now highly pan am will bring Amanda compete but then he got a ticket to the owner Kathy donor may just say no way they'll. Because ultimately it's a business as well so. I would say in some respects the combination of bad video. And what he did last fall is black balling him but the get a job I think eventually then you also get into the discussion. Is he worth the time to bring in as a baca baca to be our starter. And then how much easier to get paid a mushy to pay them. To be a baca now. It's is just kind of like the Michael Sam's situation and hook entirely different from what the San was good enough to play in the NFL special teams. Does that change if it's a place you like to be heard it from a bit and special teams running Donna covering kicks. College football is not translate he was like he was gonna have a hard time disengaging coming around the edge may be if yet skiing duty to break free with a I teach wish to but at beyond that he was a team but he could be at teams guy. But ultimately is it worth our is it worth the hassle of of roaring their locker room bring in a guy and special teams so. But you know you think about cal has a back up again you know is it worth our time to bring him as a backup so it's going to be I think in some respects. He's snapping black balled his overtly usual thinking is but with a combination of a lot of bad video out there on top of what he what he stood for which a lot of people disagreed with. It's going to be fascinating to see if enacted to say win and I think he will be employed in the league but if and what role. What about back and Alex Smith in Kansas City he could not run that complex and they've run a lot of zone could not fooling myself well that's a very complicated and complex moves not bright enough as a football players let me check downs club he cannot run that often serves or changed your mind that a very difficult or very few quarterbacks in football that can run that owns management does that smarter guy is decorate fees cannot and food actually are snapper nick Cooper Alley and yours that it was just time and he forgot he runs so well straight ahead he is terrible quickness. Can't predict what you sold he soul. Easily add up because Andy Reid did reinvent Michael Vick up in Philadelphia and has since that's there whether running quarterback so. Russian embassy about card and a reduction full assault can do you watch the chorus I ratings and they have no change that offenses. There are a lot of very good quarterbacks in the NFL could not run them off from the senate is a very high detailed enough meritless talks and whose pop Seth Curry. In stepped curry get to face off again how much has stepped Curry's brother Seth improve we'll talk about talk about that on the afternoon by public bonds in the price of again. Now back today and pop and Vontae hill on 95 point seven a game that. Situation never gets old for me even when he's certain. Immensely pleased to Symbian and do it. It's so surreal to play against your brother in the NBA so. Appreciate every moment that we did. Those who experience and tomorrow another opportunity. Hasn't been in town towards. Just really cool moment for a whole found in the U. There's a little. Had a bonus you know he's doing he's doing now and see exactly whose sister is as the best interests of us. It's been fun to watch him do you play at that level. Africa has flown. Data sets carry after last night's one of the Oklahoma City and mama curry is going to be in the gym tonight American Airlines Center in Dallas Sonia will be there and tells were gonna game. So she will be there beaming watching her two boys. Duel and have Jersey have my perception there which you'll do. Must check that I'm going to say thanks for the tip our. With the. Probably curry was number thirty on the back and I sure wish your initial put them both sides maybe Dell Charlotte hornets pinstripe. We're unsealed Thursday but Seth Curry is stagnant wage a lake of sitting right now chair. Awhile ago or before the all star break in was talking about it we open it up to the audience and they were talking about what what's your biggest regret. And he said a some of the honestly I think Seth Curry is a much better player highly skilled player joined dead men. Point and it is going to be a problem in San Antonio I fear him more than LaMarcus Aldridge in the there are few others are thinking NN has my conveys more but. Sex carry Heath is one that I've been looking forward for awhile. Early in his NBA career. A little like his older brother he just couldn't quite get a foothold unlike you know staff he didn't have to in have to change cities all the time but sets heads. Just a little bit here Memphis Cleveland Phoenix Charlie played at all. And I remember interviewing him a couple of years your came on the show and there was during the 25 team they won the title season. And it was all about his brother 20152016. Here we had a very talked about him. But. Last year in Sacramento. Heymann when George Carlin George you to join us on Thursday when George. Had an issue with the anyone have not playing him and he played Seth Curry any Wanda praising sets defense which was anxious to get around as a pretty good defender. And sets is a guy slight of build the best he's gotten older now which 26 years of age. His skill level. Is just amazing. And he has got to think you know grown up and shoot in the backyard Magellan staff and Sonya and the other. Sister was so ultimately became a volleyball player issues are good basketball players well. It's it's in the lineage it's in his jeans and it would come out one day and it is his hand eye coordination. Visibility issue on the move now Ivan watch a lot of Seth Curry. To get ready for the warriors and mavericks tonight by Teddy put him the starting lineup on January the twelfth and as signified a change in their year. But the way Rick Carlisle the angry Jim Carrey as I call him he looks like he has no fun at all like the grinch who's fifth but he is a tremendous offensive mind like speaker. And you put a curry. With that kind of movement. And he just finds a way to squeeze off shots East Asia incorporated little stepped back. It is game a lot like his older brother. And take a step back three is a difficult difficult shot hardly anybody ever took step back threes Miller takes it now step makes him. He takes step back threes doctor quarter court which is really most guys just are strong enough to get that these guys who are frail physically by NBA. As standards and and that's why Westbrook has such a hard time was staffed. Is because there is little guy Mitch is so much more skilled and I am a bigger stronger faster quicker we have established or have trouble with Seth a couple of weeks there through. The aid of a lot of the last decade there on a Sunday night as horse that came back this morning it was on ESPN. But a secretary is there really. Intriguing player. I need. I love his skill set I don't know if he's good enough to be a starter. Or backup guard in this league I think time will tell he still. Young you know his mid twenties and size are you here DO where Dallas in the off season six million dollars I was hoping. It wasn't gonna work out this year with a during a deal and they're resigning living standard there's a point or I was think and I wanted to keep Bogut and let Livingston go. But it just wasn't going to be enough money to clear. But add they have got to make a call Livingston and I think ultimately. When I was a LaSalle plays out of terrain and takes a little less than Macs at 31. There may be a way to bring on green show on back. But shot just may need a big pay day. In his life I hear you may get ten million a year for three years figures that got bush should move on there. But. You know Patty Mills would be a guy that's gonna be a free agent this year. So the Chiming in were more for him he's gotten so good now feet never leave pop probably knocked them and Tony Parker's gonna get a job up. And and and they can easily saved that is going to be the starting point guard and they weren't so well at a young came from Washington who are quick yep he's never gets healthy though. But. Seth Curry is just some I'd love to see MB a warrior. At some point and I shared they would love to play on the same team that's kind of weird being Brothers sometimes you like it vanish never get away from and I'm not Stoppard like it or not. But Seth Curry's skills said. Is really. Elevated and not just this year he showed it last year he is did not get a chance to play a lot but now he is playing more. Yogi Ferrell next of alternate can't play those two small Geist is yet to small and I think yogi is that there's a back up in this league he's doing fine. But sat skill set is just the way he's movement perpetual movement Vontae. Ability to finish Indiana stepped back he sees a lot of the elements that his brother hands and he is just really beginning. Today hit it in the end we can see it last year that he was on the come and I think even more so this year. And it's just keep and I think mark Cuban's gonna find too to keep him there and Donnie Nelson. But how much will they pay him pretty ever BO warrior down linemen that somebody got to deal with tonight's going to be a great match up and it's some. Category set this is not performing staff since January the twelfth. When set mood and they're starting lineup. Well maybe it's a good time to catch Seth Curry has formed last week I think he slop in a bit so maybe you're catching what a good time. He'll not. Rediscovered his stroke since the all our our shoot well due out on a Sunday in the Fridays away game may law like 42. To the sixers forty literally was fire that you jumped three gets Phoenix who seem biggest run of five so is three point shooting is a little more of a slumping. A lot of artists of this at this point of the year the question is will he Wear down he's ever played this kind of minutes before the end soul NBA career he's playing 29 minutes to die. Since he became a starter which was in mid January its mid march now so this is where you know his body. Just may begin to slide a little bit because he's not an act kind of epic shape but he can't get in that shape his brother did it. And he comes back next year but he's definitely he's got the skill set of Mercury marine to talk more about Seth Curry to chuck. Cooper Steve is gonna join the afternoon delight right here and I'm 57 again.