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You know waiting gets. It's doctor embodied JD. After the game now joins us here on 95 point seven in the game why aren't you down here I have a cold beverage. What. You know it looked like at a gap there but. Gap wedge back a little bit anger. Not a good opportunity though it will or an act widget or. Tomorrow. We we will be your picks exports lounge and pleasant and by the way. Elias Sports Bureau put it out Golden State's. 89 road wins over the last three seasons are the most ever by an NBA team any three years man that's. Pretty amazing. Yeah it really hit or pat they believe the current Celtics team in the big east that want. A couple of it BA championships the three years over the side that they did it well warriors are a little bit better than that in count me with. Or road gate stick. Really impressive been you know and I eight to ghost which the war years. Thought I can't hang out. It has been mechanic with Iran. Quietly campaign that went out there and it landed it he could tell early I. But that. You know by he would expect that the value of don't watch the first expert at the beginning of that out by. You know it's going to be a win or the warriors this going to be you know that he can't hang order but know a lot off the bat. What the first floor but it's for the bought it and I like that but they're just cook and they were message out to the rim they take it back shots. The ward hit a couple there we carry it tops it and I thought this is going to be a real good night for the warriors because the bunker. Artistic type the scene that the warriors can get it. And it ill warriors deep pit early proof that the last couple games but for whatever reason. It would voters don't have a actually. To really hurt the warriors in the order it or give it is quite typical for. Yet JT I think really that. Westbrook get a lot of ways this year is like horror was the last few years for the rockets. When they play the Golden State Warriors and hard we've seat on each that's great gave over the last couple years against the warriors but just as often if not more often than not. Clayton hurt vivid dual volume shooter and because the rockets were asked to one man team. The last few years like that Booker are this year but she's good defensively. There that they're not gonna let a team with just one focal point via I missed that they're good defensively that. Now. Look at that you know box score and Russell Westbrook supply just one spot. It's terrible it's terrible outburst that. Terrible really the first 68 that it for the third quarter well. And you know or the ball well it did just. Inopportune times you know when when they couldn't book Urquhart and ask it to really. You know it can negate or hang with the warriors got the game it's what I turnovers. And it bit like real elliptical orbit an and I keep the extent that the vehicle while the city doesn't have. It'll app which you need it paid in game to get the warrior the only export orders that that work. At the warriors to exceed that 33. And Baxter bought like that for the debt Currie panel. Or are gonna be one of the sites that they. Go for separate reporters. The warriors to print it but they're very well they cut up and that made it Westbrook. And it was just. The performance side up that's good to weight gain. And ordered to wait weeks. There you really got what a what they surprised me is that. Clay and stuff combined for 273. Pointers. That tells me a little bit about. The doctor defensively. Today. You got to try to take that shot away from mobile little bitty bit of batters while they again. If those guys get 27 between human and that's. Quick shots were quoted at night I idle idle this sincerely think that they were that it did. All that or I think it's as to opposite of a lot of those games that we talked about where. You know. Get it right go the warriors were the three. And it you'll hear certain action that the unit and they'll say well they were wide open shots instead. Those are shots that they're gonna and I quote looks like what they make a big effect warriors so. Quick shot. And it took some bad shots at times but. They went in it would make no it a warrior sure there aren't beautiful it's actually what they're what the the level that they expect it to about. Yeah you look at that game and ages wow Lional Levenson 958. What do you mean you can see yet Kevin Durant on the bench tonight. What did surprise. It obviously was worked out by earlier to what warriors wrap around here that he Gator you're here. And so it didn't work out I could good sign able to do its work can't. While being on the trip and advocate of the pretty clear that you want to see you. You want to be there whether he had other engagements wire first article well the city you'd you'd sit well. With some of the charitable affairs at it that still. Or whether it just wasn't going through it kept back down or at what should they back down or whip that out. Quote basing their music. Whenever they're there or maybe it's or were they would have more with the bunker so that support it. It's sitting right there taking whatever topic and I actually. I think it motivate the warriors because they act back in what they waited there or in OK yeah it was pretty clear that that it was important. To. The team mates and Kevin Durant. As much or maybe even more that the Cabot Iran and I think. Just give being in the locker room before they gave around the team in an op that there. I think that helped the warriors locked in India packet that it partner. Do they played a role that. Really take it to that but for the fourth time this season. JD would make it available to them. Opting McCain and a really. And again those guys in what would get 5% but that it failed. You know that that's because the warriors are searching for guys that could put the ball back idol and Euro essentially yolks are out. But so be it that's a great shot. You can get it it'll also activate. Is. Yeah. Pitfalls. And I think there's reasons obviously that the Kursk excellence rather Pachulia. Is the story quiet now. What about JaVale McGee went into or. The other players that are on the floor with them. I'd even especially warriors better players this starts. Or leader Jack would drop the war. It to you couples get. A better Kerr would therefore whatever you know or better or Mercury. What he's out there for whatever. He cared. The team a game that energy and that's what you want for your bench players you want bench players become an. It changed regain. A sense that players are inconsistent. They can do whatever I. But they're at the hands full night's you know it's the 50% that the that for. Sixty they'll support between maybe two thirds of the time. You want your pitch players because it'd be able to provide some think. To change the game to bail which shall it be that. And it did it simpler way that we're sure there are about our view obviously it was a different skill that. JP outlook in the standings and up to you where the warriors are prepared with the San Antonio Spurs. And I picked it up myself. As I always knew this isn't baseball. And assume the warriors go at it Dallas tomorrow between in the Albany take your business if that means. The spurs are at Minnesota that they have Memphis again. It that they were at. There's bursts with the next to the warriors went a bit too. It's almost going to be through much of amount over. Because. Can never forget that the warriors played 750. Basketball but it's not like they're gonna finish the season five it's it. Even if they struggle we're probably gonna finish it's evident for some that like that. Yet it twelve games ago. We here to wrap up with 1212. Games ago you couldn't big ball. And what she regained some heroic and get that people look at where all three. That make up the difference in baseball at the peak Il at an act we are due kept up the. Re Rina at. What can ago. It's basically over. Like there's a total collapse well occasionally total collapse laughter. If baseball people of fish quantity while or their heritage or eight. Circuit bit like you sit that the worst case for the order problem we exit six I think that he'd been. Or acts like he did say you know what it's steep and that they're able to accomplish so rarely. The one thing at the factory that is dispersed only half the cost. Well it's two and a half. The proposal the the spartans control act. So because they'll want extra games for the sport that they want to and it's an editorial in which they had they had act which you don't want. So what that. Point it would be a one game. Difference with the puppet games to play if you factor they became too we just saw on the Tip O'Neill with the men at the at bat so. Why it's personal after the. Still it's it's pretty close what Iraq is the warriors finish out this week what they would reap more weighted. And it's an account you know. Hand action that in the next. There at your right here there's trouble right there for the warriors. I've yet been you do that by itself or for the spurts rather the warriors wrapped up. Yet decided what they fear it tell you can't match work there don't you can't match it. Elbit it's likely next week in a typical for or interstate but that there's no doubt this for scheduled for that. John Dick gets it joins us here on 95 points and the game we've sought new things tonight. That we don't really see a whole heck of a lot from stuff Perry won it was get. Maybe get into a fight the other it was his first doctor the year. I user edit what to get the docket the perfect scenario for a you know Tuesday a complete breakaway at one oh buddy what to do it now which Jack thought was. You know that today. That there you ago Carter they'll want it. And try to accomplish it goes back to my you know best experience with the basketball. I. Check out over one. Every point but anyway. I think perhaps not that. Aren't little skirmish there. You know it just goes to show I might bought with all. Just out here. Jintao. More accurate in Oklahoma City doctors. And if you know there's pressure. You know you're here two aunts there at the art try to make this very clear its core franchise. Scored they would be here you know there's a lot of anger frustration. And what's market Iran west reports that you know what's to come out. Is it just stop its game but I think. He saw was eager to Europe spoke experts to get that matchup or whatever but it's Herbert should just chill here. I'd be happy in the right mindset. Even hang with the warriors. Warriors all was quiet for the barker speak it out BAA. And their forestry. And I think you know what the warriors are pure that it's poignant for and it. And you know I don't see an airplane from a it's too its architecture. And it's optional war. And typical. They'll get a check in with you witness it what they're good at itself. And I think of the but there were so frustrated that they Christian it was trying to make a little little statement there position probably picked the wrong do it. That would be game at that candidate was to occur what gonna add that. And it you know tree I agree because they think all of that Westbrook that were ready to be separated. They're not like they'll there were just. Really it's idiots of this whole series. That is that it. Really where it came from a and it what counts is it that put the you know they end up with the job ball. Well it's typically not in hurry want to get the last laugh at what Peter. You know to to end. So it's just you know game set match for the whole theory you know all theory at that point with cheer it to the sweet. Jake you ask about Patrick because because when the warriors. Acquired Matt Barnes I wanna say that he started a game maybe within. There were three games of of memorize a rising that I thought I heard Steve Kerr today. Well we'll play that spot kind of by year but it looks like he's gonna go with my audience do you anticipate. That'll stayed at sabor do you anticipate that that maybe he will put boards in the starting line up here and there. Let's okay he comes back to. I don't think it's you know Iraq I think tomorrow what they see it at its tackle battle. And that's why the warriors keep waiting and hoping to see it at all I mean actually. You look at you know their they want four or. You know that right point while. Patrick Cox ordered all those game. Eric you know I think that orchid that nice option with the other. Put the three players the real Mercury content green and it could truly I could go that route in it would be fine. What I think you like happened Matt bark at an option. Off the pitch is players to do a number of different things are off someplace. What. Make your mistake in not a hybrid player that app or is that barks. It would outline no way you know he can recount. And that we. And it went right to pack. You can and died of what there. And I think it's also that not restricted to the bench guys initially. You don't have to restrict his game you just let him you know you what you choose to eat you'll like he could almost like it's little more creative. Which like they. It'll. Accept that is. Would he tried put in a box to say you have to fitted with what to a server role all these other players and better. What they're deployed more frequently. It's that makes this so I think it's it's the beneficial. To have incumbent on the pitch its option to go to but right now it's broken off. Did he get caught the people experience with white what those other act as well. JT we've talked about this a little earlier. And it was about the ESPN's Stuart retains about how the warriors were said to be upset about. The fact that story their first visit there. They didn't think Oklahoma City did enough to honor respect Kevin ring an up that maybe they should have done something. I think we both agreed it was kind of a strange. Type with story I don't understand why the warriors. Would hair. I don't think it would be felt that as a front office. Person would say just because it's not really. Thought that you criticize another team's war because it's a product this type of thing that you might have different views on. Just what what do you make of it and that there was any fallout for overall. While I would speak to back campaign kitty Craig saying. Off the record obviously is it source. Off the record without attribution and not idle. I can it. That's gotta be gotta be apply here. I mean I like it still who. I still work the Oklahoma City bunker. Goal to get into an eighty at the way wage. He'd decide if he's been a sign of the Golden State Warriors I mean. Yet you don't have the things they play guitar with the team got there and it needed picture of the security used it to the park. And you know at least get it into that situation where work ants are able to you a little too closer to personal. You know with him and you know they actually quarter. But other than that I mean there's opposite says beetle or the city the other computer scored its creator is. A green you'd wanna see that they're prerogatives. They they need a rule cannot press conference. Too or they acknowledged what they're it's sort of branch. Why are you figure out there. Old. Kind of a wait that actually apple writes for that. You know what they cooled down and I think you know get a passport in yours sure where you keep yours for now. You know at that point in time will Parker won a retired during its accuracy is the best players fraternity. Almost think it's cool over time what it so you rock and wait too hot right now. To where. You would want wrote she outside I was really shocked. That the war yours which would. Playing here they want that. Yet they wanted this thing so to. Get the player. And to understand the impact respectfully that it had on our organization they are. He championship contender. To a pretty. The why are. It now wrong. No it into that whole deal so. I would think that the warriors would be respectful of matter. That especially. In typical. Church history at the you know I like the board that there are top of oral. You know or. Eat Turkey year and I think you know the other thing are you with this is you know I warriors to be pretty upset. Is the warriors had won a championship. Is step curry say what you create is the report on game. Well warfare. You know it's all I think you have to look at it well. Other. Guy we hear you know what you're saying can I hear you speak about it which are saying it that bunker oval. After Iran at this matter the other well I think the grants now so beautiful it's situation. The best he possibly can't. I think that but here. Are trying to eat it but you can understand their point on it in the war or because they got the players probably you know be here for the acts. 34 or five or more and the warriors. You know they were to win the championship for you so we'd get a map perspective. I don't what the warriors have to eat there actually about that part out Iran which treated. And I don't see that but your boat to land in east being at this particular point in the game. Well let's also remember JT. That in the wake of that this issue when it was still raw. Sampras he wrote that. Letter. Or unopened letter that was in the newspaper about a Kevin Correia and it thanking him for all his contributions while it was a tough day for the organization that they did. What are you reach out and tell us they appreciated everything they did. They've made he made a point to talk about his work in the community so I actually think perhaps he went above and beyond. I at the hardest time. I totally agree it yet I'd that was the part the story you make a lot of it could be where it would it have made it almost like. The or unity should it needed. Have a cracked up for it right going back what went Iran without its February right. What we're charged with at a press conference that it you know what's really it's so well well at the bubbles that it is truck wave flat but that they kind of the gains quickly or the bunker or that they should Whitney's cut back. While the under. It before Iran come back hold a press conference. Talk about how grateful they are a hint at how great right you were all ears they need. You know how it for the final out there is the greatest players that it's street that for it check it's difficult for Seattle. And you know. Why would you view that that didn't perform. I don't feel that way but it just it would really ot. To read the act is it that the war here's what we did something like that shouldn't be happening if it did make a whole lot of chips. And I thought it was funny thing you'll eat Turkey about. You know eat today at shoot around with NAFTA. That are not here and it of the cells are panic there collapse organization that it. Moderate gain for so you know I'm at all you know what the appropriate. You know pocket collapsed. They need to beat Italy it should not now that you don't need. Rich right pulpit press conferences like. It that type of environment what they are still also. Oh well let's also talk about. They didn't have a video tribute well we know that this under. Haven't done that in the past and so they didn't wanna started with the rain. Take it step further. Think's gonna happen if they put. Together attribute for Kevin Durant story that gain back gang. Oklahoma City go boom roadways there and watch that they're gonna. They're gonna watch that video tribute that particular point they you haven't re standing ovation. So I don't really think of videos tree view what are worked on that night either so I agree. Is there woods. It was true that the story I didn't get the whole story and not aware it was all about. I'll wrap up this way on that topic up. And it what it. I mean it right now in the pocket. Talk about it out of the deal adequately. Current gains spoke with so what spell out why the media I. Not that I. Not that I they're reporting. You know at all might issue a question would be well it doesn't seem real quick stick to. Feel that way out or opt out that it it will say he used. And it ran personal safety. Now awards were at that spot in interpret this forward packets are query is well there was concern that maybe that Brad. Or that the security in the arena round. The arena. Once it. Art that is completely different. That that I had a total of report. In relief center around but I want to make that clear they were talked about. The warriors have some concern over you know the players see the except that the European. Or greater being with. Rare. That that to your football team to me and I understand the war there. Are not bad for a and all we they have the bunker BA you know if they were to specification. Great stuff as always in maybe we will see you tomorrow night's. Yeah. As a precaution that next week to like now what the big games Arctic about for the big gains I don't and battle and I. I don't consider all of the epic game and all year. And yeah. In light you're you're talking about the game. Like your like your like Bob's elect. Bob Stoops big game Bob big game JD. It's.