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Every team play. It's going to be excited for the opportunity to come in here and can knock us off we got a target on our backs and be ready broke. Were very simply have to forego that left foot traffic. Except for. Good job. My mind. Five seconds to go carry that forward currently believe that every. The war years wrapped up you're you're hoaxes and Chris Townsend at best guy next week. It was simply an ass kicking tonight. And Oklahoma City by the Golden State Warriors one at night they're back they look like themselves again against a good team won eleven in 95. We talk about it all the time that's that's Kurtz Chris town to pick six sports lounge at lest it can dance is going to be year to 11 o'clock. When they hit their threes. Fifteen for 3345. Point 5%. And they start bombing threes it's just like everything falls in the lights. Yet this was a game. Where the backcourt dictated what happened tonight curry Klay Thompson word spectacular. They shot the ball well they played well. And the Oklahoma City Thunder backcourt with not very good at all obviously. A talk mostly about Russell Westbrook worked for sixteen from the war he just couldn't get anything go in the game was never competitive. The warriors led by twenty at half. Got down to twelve at one point the third quarter but that didn't mean. That the thunder we're going to be able to make any more serious run and Westbrook didn't play the last sixteen minutes so. It was just. A case of the warriors due to Oklahoma City. What they've done that Oklahoma City lately and that is count them. They've been up one Oklahoma City each of their four games this year by at least 25 points and you go back to last year's Western Conference finals. Where they want the last three games so they've won seven in a row now against Oklahoma city Oklahoma City just not. As good as the warriors and it's really that simple even without Kevin Durant. They just don't have enough weapons to beat Golden State Warriors consistently. And you know how much everybody in that building hates the Golden State Warriors from taking Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant shows that sits on the bench and you still will. Yeah the face of the fans don't really. We can really impact the warriors that much the fact I think a lot of times the warriors used the opposing crowd to motivate themselves. And that I it was a night where whether it was the crowd or whether it was just the warriors. Coming out ready to play from the start. They were really engaged they were focused. And I think he knew then. This was a dangerous game for them and they raised the level of their play and they just blew out the Oklahoma City Thunder they dominated every aspect of the game. Triple late night drive 795 cent that he gets triple 89579570. How much did you enjoy this one tonight warrior fans if you take down. The Oklahoma City Thunder 111 and 95. Russell Westbrook. Plus minus that I was a minus twenty. Yeah it's ugly. Yeah. Well I mean they lost the game big they were down I think 31 point. That's not a surprising number when he gets blown out. And it's outing here for the fans brought to you by nation's giant hamburgers keep it real make it nations. Let's lead off with gene in Oakland here on warriors wrap up here all the all the warriors that's not five point seven game. I don't throws principally McCall. So I portal on the game. Did it the other and when I particularly love was JaVale McGee man performance and I get. Ten points five rebounds and four blocks in thirteen minutes well. The starter you're. And for achievement that Tutu on one. So I think I still see and you know steadily coming on and on and is still hope at some point he's gonna become the starter in this game because right now at least until treaty comes back. He's the only run protecting we have at one point in the third period. Wonder arterial and in that they would that he knew they chipped away and that they got the lead down ten the kidney twelve points. It took the approach good student it took. It meg CN and then ran up you know at 57 points. And he came in he played a major partner and at that point pages through the rest of the games so keep an eye on my man that they to keep getting better and better and just might become the starter at some point. Yeah he was good tonight no doubt about it she needed and it was it's accentuated by the fact if Pachulia really struggled if you look at. The Oklahoma City Thunder when they come back to Stephen Adams who's just be strong. Physical wire. Hi skid since another big player not just sometimes get swallowed up in side he too struggles to get shots off because he doesn't have a lot of left. And on nights like tonight. If you can go to your bench and get JaVale Ricky and he can come in and give you a little different look which is what he can do. Then the warriors can benefit from it they definitely did tonight I don't sheen's been clamoring for JaVale McGee to be in the starting line out. And I don't even know that I have a huge problem. We have that particular idea. I don't think I would do it just because I'm not sure I would. Tried you know it it ain't broke don't fix it's that kind of thing. But I also just don't think the curse that type approach. He likes Pachulia starting he likes the key off the bench show. Throughout the course of this year that he likes you have things in place he likes to have a plan like to keep people it's specific types of roles so. I have a feeling GD even as well as JaVale which he plays that he can become an off the bench the rest of the year. Tripoli not 57 ID 574 get to the phones wanna say this is available starting thing overrated it's about coming visits to apply. I mean it's nice to say your starter but if you look at the minutes like tonight Zaza played fourteen minutes twenty seconds. And then JaVale McGee played thirteen minutes when he wants it they play almost identical minutes though it's not. It's more important homage to my immediately gamers what you're just out there when you tip off right. Yeah the reality is that neither of those guys played crunch time. The key doesn't play crunch time for the most part either as Pachulia awards go to their small lineup so they're gonna go to their small lineup. The last six minutes of games at those games are close and they don't beat 48 minutes from. Actually or from Mickey or west you know get knocked down buildings Eaton 3035. Minutes from now position itself. Again. The warriors I don't think. They they have an issue with five. Or at least not as much as some fans threw everybody thinks the five loses positional weakness. Occurs just unwilling to acknowledge that. And that's one of the reasons why they get it he's gonna stay with Pachulia right now. Deployed not 5795. Savvy lawyers with a big win. As they start this little road trip we're taking your phone calls right here warriors wrap up not a five point seven again coming to you live for that pick six sports lounge in wants to. Very critical out shouted very. Just sit back and we got up the body there. The security number have a good break up they held back webpart that's roses but is it frustration at grapevine. What about that person to shop Jerry Jerry got them back yes I've ever feel very react like that. Did you dignity you know they'll be looking to laugh at them by every quite have got thrown at the very uphill. Hope they don't worry about the. Laurent took me. Good jump ball. Now got it Sony this tiny on 95 point seven big game. And anyway it sprint right but a locker room I heard it it do it tonight. Alike here. It's one of those things county where. If you're a soccer fan you take Hillary started it your warrior fade savient. Both those guys. It was both those guys get into it that Westbrook obviously got in the way it so so typical. Westbrook he'll sit there of course rape by Johnson there of course. And they give out for tactical now by. I would like to hear. Supposedly. And who started something like that when it's obvious that. Nobody really started it they vote it. Staff period now owns four of the top six singles season three point totals in BA history. Absolutely amazing bleacher today. Here now warriors wrap up. It today wrote that great today. It's crimes. I think it's seen it yet the I don't know I am and you know like is. And brought it realizes we are in all of us in cities and it is great to see. Curry yet in the air mixes up a little. It was that they don't poke the bear. I think. What we Odyssey want to see him giving aid get activated and boy. Between this game and particularly last game I think Matt Barnes the. Instantly is a wonder turn out to be you could be one of the depth of the warriors it would it would bar. Green. And callais. You know on the lord the same time last game at one point they were so connect in the perimeter. And then they collapsed sink into that pocket or connected there just make it equal to store. It is CNET it and we saw the U its start the optic. Illuminate our token people rampant job where murder dignity at the right now trended in and chip outside. That's what makes these guys go and man home means it find a. Thank you later you know why. County is. On Saturday night with the Bucs were in town played the Golden State Warriors. And though warriors got down 2511. I was actually sit next to. Mark great boat used to be the strength and conditioning coach of the Golden State Warriors. And when the warriors got up 2511. He looked at me and he said you know remember when we talk the boat about the Golden State Warriors defense. We don't talk a lot about the defense anymore. And I thought about it he was exactly right. Touring the nine game stretch where north the last ten games herself up until that point the Bucs gave the warriors were really defended. They were defending well at all and if you remember what the warriors are at their best. They're all over the place they pressure you defensively they use their way they get in the past that late at the more I thought about it the more I thought. It's actually write the warriors need to get their age back defensively. They need to get to the place that they were that. It stretches nor the Milwaukee game we keep talent that you voted. They were taking pride in shutting down the Milwaukee Bucks and I thought they did that again tonight. A little bit especially in the second quarter when they outscored the under thirty or what thirty point seven team. And that's the one thing that I think has picked up over the last few games is their defensive effort and that starts with. Battery at the point play do it his days. It can TDs which rate mine did a great job tonight. On Westbrook when he got switched out on Westbrook he was able to detain him but he gets four blocks that he pitches it Bart gets its. Flagrant foul which. He's got to get a few of you figure from this point on but my point is that every player. Which chip begin at least a little bit defensively let's go to leaves. At Claire you're now on 957 game. Yeah the returned form I comical thing that's more like tonight. And you know the thing about the orders eighteen not getting the first seed. Which look at carries it to last week's I would not fear a matchup with though to see at all. I mean they owned them this season. You know four win and they haven't even been cloak so I actually don't think the warriors were mine again. So that the one thing that a little concerned about oh maybe get some insight what happened to living in a few weeks now he's just been. Not productive at all there's some injury that we don't know about accused of wearing down her thing happen. Idol though that any physical. I know bit the bit to the hole is is get up there we gotta admit it David West is get up there with dollar. Living bit. It's so. Beat these guys have not been with with the exception of archery with dollars laughs. I don't know what it is 34 weeks. The bench hasn't really been consistent big it would solid didn't have a good. First three months of the season livid that was just OK I just think the older players get the less consistent they yet. And we just have to be hopeful that. Shaun Livingston can pick it up or the post season maybe get a second wind because they couldn't eat all the bodies they keep yet they're going to be all the like players they can't they're it'd be livid that mid range that it needed to be able match up. That video whole team effort so I'm with you there you have it replaced best basketball. Tripoli not 5795. Said he wars the big way and over OKC 11196. We're taking your phone calls career 66 sports lounge is a wasn't it. Rip be here till 11 o'clock come down at cius Tripoli not by seven knighted by said he we continue with your phone calls right here warriors wrap up on 95 point seven game. You know what time it is wound emailing. And I ran his own man. And we relaxed. The only. And we. And you know it was a gimme. We forget the bad storm like curry curry got a bright light you've got to win unmolested buildup but champ put down. Throwing what looked up hitting. I get the game they. Jams album you have to have they helped other groups one got a little bit I've ever seen him like that demonstrative on it done. Now back to Tony is tiny on 95 point seven big game. Step curtains part doctor Amir Ben Stein. I need proof of that I think you know I'm always like I know I was told that. In effect that they affect her first book of the year it though she. Felt like. A surprise. Some but has that we want is that you know. He never really gets it completely clean that I was pretty pretty good for him I just didn't. With the audience this year at all that's got to. Near Richmond go ahead Peter. Peter. There I am compared sorry about that. Implement stated the map will close are being on your show. Soundview. In the thank you come up Brett yeah on iron one into the problem incur wit. What Jeanne it said earlier with respect to you. On the key. You know it's a tough decision organizationally the warriors haven't. Look it you know starting Bart. At the end of the day I would have to go to Mickey as well just think that. You know in the best interest of the team trying to. Put forward the player's gonna help the team won the most sort of wanted your implied in any feedback might have to offer and that thankful hang out. Well. You know there are a lot of teams. They don't play their best five players. They. Sometimes I mean on three quick dollar for example. One of the warriors five best players you know so but he doesn't start. I just say that there's a few things going on here why it is. Edit Wiki does some things that we don't see. As fans immediate Steve Kirk does see sometimes we key defense since its shaky. Does it rotate extremely well. Ghost for a lot of head fakes. By. Then again he is able to give you something that south. It gives you the bigots and surprising to me. From warrior France's. What's the big deal what why does that really matter they're both get about 58 game. I can't see either of whether either of them getting any more than. In reality it feels like sometimes people want Nikita play forty point four minutes a game I don't see that ever happening. So. I just don't think it's a huge deal I think itself that that they can't speak though wave or that the characters don't think it needs. I don't think you keep it crosses his mind anymore. He'd make picker with the starting line. Let's go to drain and central California welcome to the game. Eight bells bill. Few cannon got a question for you Indonesian couple months ago. There's a lot of wranglers ladies we're running the country ordinance true to one's really chewed one. But. I can tell you I was here for a Saturday night. And the whole dance floor at mavericks the country bar next to pick six was all women the whole dance floor you're lying all women. Like daily Mali and Dre it's the real deal. The real deal the real deal. Not really can't stand country music though and instantly anglers make a lot more smooth. Hey hey you know I liked noticing I've seen my eyes now that the eighties the current. Easy leaders via the daisy duke shorts boots. Oh my goodness yet. We get back in basketball goes. I gotta be you Lee I mean I had I listened to regain the NBA this week in Portugal all are putting their record GG. Same with the number one seed is a priority and I objected to niners can handle almost giddy pretty the second round will be Topper of course. However we use them and on the interest to see they are coming up against. When it got his ability and we will be on news. Why is going on with our man. I can't see him do it when backup point guard it currently get hurt when they should. And Nadal curry and. Maybe curry was tweak is an ankle for a couple games you know it's been great picture of the group. Even before Durant got her I've been noticing she is gaining his office. All mentioned tropical is also like you graduate we hear is in the other. I don't know eleven exploration or rather than maybe that a little bit of follow as far as that the first and second seed. I'm willing to concede. Oklahoma City wouldn't be a killer match up like bill that it would be emotional. But it's not yours. The doctor yeah have to worry about if you fall into the number two seed. Because they haven't sorted themselves out yet at the bottom he could get Memphis to the clippers in the first round. And demean those two teams are much much more difficult than the Denver nugget that's the warriors couldn't make their way through. A tough for playoff series but to say why would you want to do. Oprah of course it's great that San Antonio pride and lost two games this week. Exactly Indianapolis. Delicate call. I didn't know I don't know it's also the kind of day. Where if the warriors beat Dallas tomorrow. They come home and take care Sacramento Friday and the spurs lose the next three or four games. It's essentially over at that point because he gets the 34. If three or four games that's a lot would only better eleven ago. When the teams got a 750. Witty percent it is that the war is an added thank you for the welcome David. That actually collapsed exactly that's exactly right this team's not gonna collapse let's go to cool Reagan's San Francisco Greg. He thinks they're as usual on. Ratio. I won't talk about towards first round matchup and person on this say as far as Livingston. It would and Wesco I'm not worried about to catch rise to the occasion yeah he's you know Lou that gave you wait to play out one. Katie going to be on his game I'm not worried about those guys and I don't like negative talk about those guys are part of the words to. Now pressure on matchup Denver lost a heartbreaker that night okay knew they needed decades they've lost last second shot important phenomenon I realized. That trade was kind of weird they cat's eyes you know important. You know aren't really important for him but they got to coming out. And you can't take it beyond the need you know common cause they're tight right now on radio anyway. So Korean content carry the game tonight but I kind of wanted to ditch your first. Yeah. You know your analogy of that first round matchup that they go against Portland. The united George this year showing curry got you two handed out to nice way to go have a good show. Yeah you don't Portland as a team we haven't talked about because they bit the title on the back where they've been. At the playoffs look and they haven't been inside the top eight but the start with that gave their efforts though got a long way to go. It. It's. Not. That you got to keep Portland at mine is what I try to say you're right you're right Greg now with the warriors have more trouble with Portland. Or would they have more trouble with dead bird it's a good question I think the warriors would handle both those teams I think the odds are. Importantly it would give a little more trouble just because they have boots to go arts. Who were explosive it because they do you have a little bit different oval book with Dirk YouTube there at that wobbly. And because there a different look it's up to the warriors haven't seen before announcing it would be. A catastrophe if they play Portland but upset in. You'd rather play a team that you play beat it are familiar with well. They played it beat Portland but they haven't played beat Portland with and there are few tips that are so that's a good question I. I think yet for would still beating if I had a ranked up I would say Denver would be the easiest. Portland the second easiest. Oklahoma City the thirty years LA clippers the fourth easiest at Memphis would be the toughest burnt for a loan. Triple might not 57 out of five said they were gain to all of your calls tonight here from pick six sports lounge in Pleasanton its words wrap up. And I five point seven a game. I'd be sixty tickets them with. Curry who ended the burst after the recently does your back to enter the switch back to take that three off the dribble it back yet but the court I thought that slaughter of the old people he lets it roll back into the backcourt morning good unit. It's like let's say a movie played over and over and over again open all the things in the quarter ended with Kerry getting hit very he's a master he's the master. Now got Tony is tiny on 95 point seven games. It is showed it on TNT two and a half lately for the warriors right now over the spurs. And sit and number eight Denver at 3337. Would be your matchup it and it all ended today. Only suburbia the world about that match. Well latest. Wanna get into the playoffs. They've got young players. They know that they're probably. On death issues at one seed in the Western Conference but. I always say that it's beneficial. To get your young players into the post season a lot of faith it. Rather than not yet been there and they've got some young players they would've built around so they can do worse yet swept by the warriors forward. Let's go to bat and Oakley go ahead mag on 957 game. What's up Matt Matt now you know right now. App. Now everybody. Panic over the warriors. Up. Let me. Aren't you being there are. More. You'll have other lives on the go up you've been. Oh oil the last read war years. With the lawyers to all they've been bill. They haven't had a lot like that and let all the old out on. With the playoffs in the Bible that they upped that to be. As far as I'm living in the pit at a baby. It. You adding your bit part these are muck it up and out I had no idea that game out and radical way of up rapidly. Layout and if you. The car. Telling. Better double Bryant and then. Irving a year ago. You might lose the double bubble of these big. These. So he. Thank you appreciate the call. I forgot Shaun Livingston. Two that the new baby in there maybe I totally forgot that so. Yeah both give the race maybe some late nights probably so perhaps it's lately though it through it it's been awhile. But I still remember let's go to market Hercules go ahead mark. They I don't. Well in Colorado let's talk about. Well first of all thank slot guys you guys about what's in the game and then build it the guys on the radio pick apart the game and think about and thank. But up. Maybe dot. I think he's such a fundamental player that we have to clean up with that first group. Devale. The way you won here and there are checking and coming in and fired in the deeper into thinking OK okay now would pick it. But with not now. So fundamentally great spot uses body. Gaga I think would be their targets block you know and you know it's kind of flat footed maybe and then. Six men that are part patent bar around in the other guys' part to and then in your current JaVale and grow. You've got to come out there and we love them and he beat that that partly his career. I mean that's what is going right right that you. Yeah I think the bit about peculiar is. Let's say you move it to the bench. What what's he gonna give you off the bench what is actually got to bring to the table off the bag. He's not gonna bring any explosiveness. Not gonna bring Eddie. A big time scoring he's not going to be able to run the rate he's got to be able to do the time to think that you want a substitute to do. To change. The way game is going at Mickey. Does that perfectly you keep development it would gave it gets some great don't stick yet the home crowd involved. You can run the floor to block more shots to create sample so. I hear a lot of people say they weren't JaVale Wiki it's the art I just don't see the upside of it. It further I just can't see Steve Kirk do it that's all I'll talk about it till blue in the face I just don't think it's gonna. Let's go to Josh in Oakland you're on 957 game. Mark Harmon you know my current ability. The stand and make it and Anders bought it or they're at the eight bit. Which they're on the or jet went down. Like Kevin Durant what are you where your candidate I'm. In Nam and out one of like are. And sports and is poetry in line. Bet I. I I'll bet well you know all out east and always liked. Warrior get them at one where. We're clamor it put the bill cheapest part you okay we're heart and oh lead paying sure that they are all treatment and in no. Like a bill in that aren't they. I can and keep in sport it. Our hope and child had been in our. Org got. Trapped in one real. They let the word here can get out 000. My they'd been at what date I'm not gonna walk toward the back at them or not. It is that the man out in my brain Italy Egypt anchored deep as any deal oh era. Our wrap it in proper will track it or not are communication and it did. Every day and I let. Or my brain at the Arctic. Well you know straight I agree with Matt or gives the warriors. A legitimate. Element of toughness couple legitimate element of toughness. But let's face it. Both those players walk on the page so you wanna be tough and physical which you know what the goal report aggregate technical fouls flagrant south. And their what their team in jeopardy. And the most. It hits gains of the year have not yet been play and the morgue tent big gain the more. Emotional players. Possibly can't step over the line I'd hate to see those two players. Finished the season player physically it's smartly. Rather than maybe take it took cheap shots yet and flagrant fouls. And god forbid get suspended for two important games. You want tot delicious. I've got a blue cheese. Sneak in. Burger with onion rings. Right now here basis. Nice. Crumbled blue jeans. Very solid. We don't secure we still we'll take your phone calls it Tripoli not 579570. And we'll hear from speaker. That's all coming up right here warriors wrap 95 point seven. That's not the safety valve shot clock getting over to David West pulled they got talent yet to outside the Bard's back the very group gets open left water at. I'm afraid. Of that kind of put it on the floor and back up but drivel they lost him while. Wow. Perry's got fourteen with four threes Taj Gibson tried to close and this way 4833. Lawyers. Now got to Tony as dining on 95 point seven big game. The average AAA not 57 out of 570 let's head out to Ricoh and Hercules. Locked in the indictments of. And again the beauty. Our person first did it first and foremost so rightly rust was able to Bo did you. If you put me and in and first you know the first thing it the farther they think. McGee everything we wanted it to even two years and definitely western playoffs. I mean worries that his role as perfect view you don't need a starter are trying to kind of look at our big situation kind of haven't waited. That killed in the infield we have a three headed monster. You know today at night. Look kind of regret about that kind of get shot older. You know from from Adams and that's which do not been. You know what you mean there will be more physical. You came off the Spansion in and a abuse and scorn our way he's in value with that we keep doing like. If he can't he can't patent. To beat you put it out you can eat you batch. What do I island the related mark to look you know we need you start. Not that that's the first thing. You know the only thing we worry about this team does seem like each. You know and everybody says on the pitch and not least we. We we have the and that and that's really huge question mark so mean in is you know everybody's like down on them like ode to reduce the well known young. The little easier on other stuff you know it's worked out but as far as these in the I don't know that there'd be you know the bench you know I mean and you were a spiritual drive by that. Is it there and it. So that's really my only concern that I have with this team that it is our are not yet been leader. You know we we knew we had horrible perhaps that's what would now. At. No we added that perhaps the last two years in three years ago would have dropped so. That's my only concern you know Monica and does a rock when we got. Well a good arbiter of stand up for the organization we we don't know what Paula is. I still got to give looting a little chance. And we have no idea about Davy Jones. An up and say that they're gonna become players because they might not what the reality is if they've got more with the that's 16773. Games and whatever they're gonna win this year it is. Very very tough. Or rookie or second year player to come ought to play significant minutes on a team this good the fact that because it is Betty as he has. I think he's in itself surprising and whether it's Ian Clark or whether it's alcohol or Lou the there actually yet. A little bit at times might just think it. They can if they're gonna get a lot of times. Have consistent roles I think that's asking an awful lot. For rookies were covered ought Buick championship caliber team. Let's go to Patrick in Pittsburgh go ahead Patrick. And yet there yeah. There aren't so I don't want this day that. I rarely minutes Andrew Bogut I think it key word is a big screeners. For stepped her he hid behind them she was a big part. In stepped her game I believe that under percent. Here are. I spoke it was an important player of the warriors. Not just the death coterie I think he's. Help the defensively obviously partner in the room you know you don't often with great aunts went in the ball with a weak side. And our solar and what you do that artery like poking you in it creates space on the other side of the war. So that a player he cute drop it I. I'd Love Boat brought to the warriors last year while they're different kind of team now trying to. They parent or make copper. Without him by what you can do not go after seven career. However are now Odyssey you guys wanna see evidence. I'd buy it in the playoffs. Right now I don't think well I really think Albright think that Bogut just back. Big 71. Guy it is still that there are that three point line inspector snuck behind them. Any day he'd he'd do it seemed to get shots ops. Bogota its stream. All our. I go. But I you know KB. Or bogey. Mark. I know that sets that's kind of a no brainer thanks for the call. Yeah the poke it is the pitchers then you know the warriors have obviously moved on from a bunch of players last from last year. And it's just it's just the price they had eaten by. Why don't they they're the as last year. I like the bench is still given on what they need this year the question is going to be. Kept the bench. Give them production. In the post season. And it picked candidate. And the starters or top six players. Play. 38. Plus minutes and nine. Which is what they may have to do to win if the benches and help them now. Let's outside hear from Steve occur after the game brought to you by Kia. This is pleased with the way we played overall our defense was really solid and after a slow start offensively I thought we have star get the ball moving and pledge of almighty came and made a huge impact just getting a lot of about a lot of rebounds. Deflection just he's got his hand on the ball quite a bit and I created extra possessions for us and obviously that helped stuff and clay is gone from the three point line. Remember my sixth time cartel lottery on top of that and also that he was a third or they get three lead on the rebound can count for you there. Those are killers don't we can get an offensive boards. Because of our shooting it's you know it's. It's one of the hardest things to defend his. It's an offensive rebound kick out to a shooter you just you know here already out of position. And so we were fortunate to lump sum that was you know getting his hand on a couple balls and then a couple of long rebounds than what our way but found. How are you got to take advantage of those and Stefan clay did their job. Anytime we play this team are rebounding is really key because they have a size advantage over his spot. But our speed was still a factor on the glass at him. Think you're off in his home territory has had on the last you know there's something back. I just think yeah I just think it's I mean evens out you know these guys are great shooters and you know we went through a long stretch there are seven or eight games where we were hitting so it was just a matter of time. Even after the successful guys and you still need nights like this against a good team just heard. To make your guys feel good at all I think yeah I don't. Augusta pretty good about themselves anyway so no worried about their self esteem but I'd I'd I'd like the fact that you know we had a good solid week last week at home. And I really wanted to make sure we kept it going because that's how we build good momentum. At home. And so the best way to keep it going his tune in to win on the road against good teams so. That's great way to carry the momentum forward and don't kind of keep things going and got another another tough road game tomorrow. Draw its. Touchdown play to end. Yeah I was I was a bizarre play. I didn't think we'd have enough time to get to balls to advance the ball club. But clay were it was really alert and you know he chased down the big jump ball and it's just leaked out and Danny was wide open and it was a big guy momentum. Boost for us to to finish staff on the planet. I did I just. Two a little bit of pushing based on. The good positioning on the jump ball we look my stuff was trying to get to a spot and then. I don't know I think Russell might have pushed him a little bits have pushed back. The agreement calls them twirled call time out just what we tell you. Well we knew it was coming I mean it's so we're on their home floor and you know Russell does not have a great first half we knew he'd come out attacking him. And he did he attacked a remarkable times he made three I think he cut into twelve so. Just weather the storm you know keep playing and then our guys did and we got to lead right back. Got a guy he's progressing well and it's great to see him with the guys and in the training room. You know he's moving around better and better so hopefully that keeps going. Steve Perry also brought to you by oaks card club play it Smart Plato streaking away from that. Really vintage Steve Kerr. Answered it best hand. I think he'd do. That. At halftime. We all do Westbrook was gonna give it one shot the third quarter. And he did they cut it to twelve let the warriors were just poised to all night long. And the other thing about a game like this is something that the warriors. Have straight from a little bit. They played. Tonight. In most of the Milwaukee game after the first quarter and all of the Orlando Magic game they played from. Being in the lead. And it's a lot easier play when you have a lead in game that what you're covered that there's a bigger margin for error. You play a little bit looser. And that's also what they with that it changed. In the last three or four gave the warriors. Have been played from ahead and would play from ahead. You tend to play better. And that's one thing I think it's happening. But average AAA 5795%. Is gonna adamant Milpitas. Getting via. Today. So. I ought to look ahead. There's not a Purdue out there are lots of it's great is you can't let it. He could be Bubba Watson got up and open up the leaderboard reminds me it's very hungry so much. No ordered only gonna at the end of around here. What I think about etiquette on the order. I'll be honest that never seen apply but he's exactly like to rape my agreed that I would stay far far away from them. If over the war is because you don't speak to three straight my grades but. I mean. I'm kinda half kidding there. You know why are they thought they. I haven't seen this kid play but I do not up on your Big Ten hoops Donald. We'll start watching the 330. Right about the attorney here I mean what else we have. No but I think a lot of I think a lot of teams are looking for our players like that now tweeters used to scare. Executives in the league leaders who can play probably built scare. Front offices like they used. Or like but for. The but it it. I don't like. Right at the motor off. Militarily but not. I'll ask now started asking around about it for sure thanks for the call. You know who stinks. Lot of people's they now let's say who states the New York Knicks yet it appears we're sitting here watching the second part of this TNT coverage and the clippers are up on the knicks. Europe might to want me and here's a look at this next he would you like. This seems to Harold. It's bearable they're just get used by the clippers right now about the staples. What's. Worse than being terrible. Is way you think you're going to be good. And the knicks thought they are going to be pretty. Phil Jackson thought that he had a playoff team. Look if you don't have a playoff team in the east stake. You're absolutely right and the knicks stink right now. And very issue is they better get another player there or they're gratified themselves. With a very bad team. With a really good player towards Vegas it's a type that president well. If your great player on a lousy team in your look at for help you can always go find help by leave it. And Portuguese where to leave the knicks I realized only the second year. That would be stating for. About it yet he wrote. Create. If you'll be re so mellow. About sixty years old. Amazing how come Olympic time Carmelo Anthony's story. As soon as he gets back to the next its name most able tumbling let's go to little chief in San Mateo. That loyalty. But it meant I never liked OKC I they were cool because Katie would run their best one's opinion not being allergic cool. Could Katie here. Living in. I beat you should give more minutes and might. And it's more than a game rises back to back. Like it was cool to see pretty good right. Didn't they know how to do like I hope this biggest which it on like that that's for the playoffs and I think it was this. Game before that game. Not in the last game I kind of felt like are you gonna try to go out like on purpose to get ready for this game could you gotta get up for its games so. I didn't like when it comes of that tomorrow and back to back. I'd been it should stay consistent and kind of bat like read somebody but I would play at least you know and face the risk that couldn't go to plants a chronic I don't either but it. Usually bigger critic of the pirates and like look at this team has like. Not the worst luck political area indicating in the playoffs like and you register what they're going down. You're trying to win a title that's where I would like I I I totally agree like Khaleda on Tibet are regular brunt did you during crowded. You can double standard like I think. I don't know what we could go broke apart and got a championship to him best urged were. Well. Yeah when I think views honestly. I think Amber's gonna keep doing what he's doing notes about it when I was gave. I've played its starters about thirty minutes and who would you tomorrow. I want everybody all the rest that body that they don't play they just maybe they just would like forty minutes. If you don't want I think right now the lawyers can close this thing now. If they witnessed our holiday weekend picnics. And they keep. Her game. It's been out tomorrow what they shouldn't try to do admit that the lineups and give them in wartime but I would look into that Theo Ratliff. I don't know. Okay when that language you. Why would you please if you with a gay you're one game closer of what if they got to reach and maybe you put it out of reach with five games left. They. If you who do and number eight could you let them vote in the playoffs so be whoever the are you really wanna go to number one yet to get them on court. I guess over. Yeah have you. Yeah are you. And I think they're well I think you're gonna be able to at all I think they're barely get that number one seed I think that they'll rest their players. To get ready for the post season and heck they might even close this out with three or four games left and allow Kevin Correia two gets event of the season regulation games. Under his belt with no pressure. So I think they're headed in the right direction clearly. Do we have more road games figure or more and more. More post game. White way more home games label or at least it all golf when you. When you look at that game where they're gonna have them back to back with Houston and San Antonio. Evening he sits the guys again Santonio. I think that will depend on where exactly. They czar. Keep in mind they've already lost the season series those birds that they would have another one. They. Doesn't really matter if they just lose the games they don't lose more than they gave. The pants etiquette they're brigades may be does it have. I think it's not a game by game thing right now if all of the warriors I would play. Tomorrow like a regular game yeah a few days off until Friday's game against. Sacramento. So wide weighed against Dallas. And tomorrow law. Practiced late Thursday. Robert Gates at home. And then see with the spurs do this week by that it might be. Already almost. A sure. That's going to be another national game by the way in San Antonio on ESPN. Is it really now. Fun at a well hold voyage you know the NBA office is in New York. He has yet ago twice devastated audio on nationally televised games and sit on your guys. Pretty balls well what Adams 0% today. Was not what he said what was reported with that he sent a letter in essence all the owners. That he wanted them to be more involved in the decision making of when this happens. He says it's a serious issue there obviously gonna have to do. Deal with it in some way but think about it. At the first step he wants is right now wore the owners to involve themselves. And that it'd have itself may dissuade. Approaches from Stewart because you know the owners don't like this it's probably its its costs that the the leak ER and that's money down the road. So. I think that's the first happened and next year the schedule going to be like that a little cut down or back to back. I think there might be another figure cute we'll see what. They do wanna avoid what's happening in that is players Resnick. Well it's interesting they're going that way it is basically it's the old start at the top. And the top of the organization is the owner and if you're saying hey this is bad for our league this is bad for business. What do voters care most about of course survey wants to win a title. Batteries don't win it's I'll they care about business. As they facility point is can affect them with sponsors. You know your charge in X amount or rates for games that are on TNT ESP and it got the one game. That we did he sat everybody was an ABC. Right it's not good for business. Now it's. It's. And they're gonna do something about it. But they're gonna try to work with the players to do something about it they're not gonna. I don't think they're gonna try to impose their will on the players. Without getting some players it was at least not now with the collective bargaining agreement kind of in big. Collective bargaining agreement there's no negotiations come up soon so loose. A guy called my show it's that I got an idea and I thought it was an interesting idea. If you're a healthy scratch. Right essentially what these guys are. You're either not saying okay he has a knee injury or right he's got to make your healthy scratch if you're a healthy scratch. And is never gonna happen I know this will never happen but a healthy scratch. He gas out more than one game. So if Steve Kerr is gonna set staff curry. He's healthy. Is he gonna do that if yes it's enough for an additional game or two after that. Look I don't think it's very difficult to lie about guys beat Herbert. There's a fine line between resting a player. And it. Saying well you know plays had a little tenderness in his cab so we're gonna play it safe and sit him out tonight. Klay Thompson he had me put this out. Made it's rest it's. Who knows which you can. You could it may go your way or rather not wait here's the difference now you you could develop for players. Like heated now good. Good. That's with the Kurt. Shows that do people want gave it rest off war. And look at what Florida wrote since then so. Who's to say what he did was wrong maybe it was right on the money maybe you're the perfect day. United says going to be atop what to do it that it back to back times San Antonio I think it needs to do it through. Actually felt great it is that what it started. This pop never do that and it really at home is and always on the rotor and autos on the road to do whatever you want disaster they would elect him to only get like you know that's it the players who doesn't like that. In the front of the home games. Michael Wagoner target Fred's going to be joining us a lot to get it to we still have warriors it's it would lags and also a running back from Oakland. Committee be heading. To the raiders got a lot to intensive. Lawyers with a huge win tonight in Oklahoma City as they take on the under one elevenths and 96. Epstein it's Chris towns were still here at 11 o'clock. In two years ago at the big crowd at night out of money your picks they. Sports lounge and blows it it will be here till eleven Michael Ackerman from the associate press will join us right here night by point seven game. Shia on 95 point seven team. And we up mats climates with us here tonight at its exports loud and closets and taking your phone calls Tripoli 5795. Sanity. And this is just it's a major story I looked up AT&T must meet that half. And I looked up. And Larry FitzGerald receiver from the Arizona Cardinals there in LA with Kevin Garnett area two point one and what do they talk about. Resting players I don't know what they're sank has obviously we're doing the show but I just I can see the graphic. It is something that is a huge thing that's going all around so repeat will promote sports are. What bothers me most is that the people. Criticizing. Are off base. On a lot of this. Their anger is toward the players. Why is there anger toward the players. Their anger should be mostly toward the coaches and the organizations. For the most part with with a with some exceptions. It's not the players who were clamoring for days off. That's a step early ever ask for a day off have any warriors desperate day off the old. The coach says we're giving you the day off. So why you blame the players now brought a little bit different. He'll pay his ready the only difference situation with a particular franchise. Because he has a lot of power but what about the birthers. If Brett. Now Gregg Popovich know lightly. It's it's his idea east orders started. I don't hear anybody rip the Gregg Popovich. I could hear people repent LeBron James for drinking coffee and these players repeat song. It all on the coaches. They're the ones who were making those decisions and the organizations that are behind. And I I agree yeah it's not what you see these guys saying I wanna be out not to wants to well technically so. What lies at the other players are so soft nowadays. Does not know the players. That. You hear it through what bothers brutality that. I tip well. Yeah I mean it's it's. It's just not the coaches it's it's the training staffs aren't. This study that they have a no look it's also the season alone and it's also that these guys play all summer now and it's that they have commitments. They had. It's all about that kind of stuff through. Allah. The knicks could take all the time mob they want there's still going to be terrible toll there antsy terrible. I have a hopefully might lag it's gonna join us as early curious as I saw this great article today. About how. The Seahawks. Raiders. Marshawn Lynch how this thing could possibly be resolved. If he truly wants to come back imply. Because of Marshawn Lynch files the papers for reinstatement that he filed papers as a retired guy. So he fired those papers and came back. He beat you nine million dollars in 2017. Ten million. With a seven million dollar salary and a three million dollar roster bonus in 2018. They just signed Eddie lacy so they can now not afford AM. They'd probably be in a situation whether it was a trade or they would just release him. Marsh analysts is going to be 31 next month we always go running backs over 38. Years they go down easily go to out pretty quick. And the last time we saw he'd missed nine games and averaged three point eight yards per carry. It's an interesting deal what he might be able to bring to the Oakland Raiders and it just seems like Seattle really doesn't have all that although that. They don't have a whole lot of leverage. I'm telling you what to play there anyway. If it sounds to me like you. The Seattle Seahawks were to say. Yeah we want you have. Got to play for us that Marshall to sail canals they retired. And he lit led Marshall which has all the leverage. If he is already retired. So he can stay retired. Or you can go. Seattle you know. Wanna play for how to deal with I guess they can in theory. Make it hard for him to come back and play for another three or. Make it not possible at all but why would they wanna do that if they think they might be able to get so the war even if it's a late round draft. How about this Litsch renegotiated. His contract. In 2015. Including a seven point five million dollar signing bonus. We're actually played one year. That new contract. Seattle still gave. The remaining five million. So if he comes back well and why if he wants to go somewhere else. Will Leo will the Seahawks go after that five million that they said. Thanks for everything you're great player just keep the signing bonus. I don't know the Mets it's all good stuff it's obviously fluid situation. And I if they could be pretty. It's pretty fun if he came back. The Oakland Raiders play. How bitter sweet would it be if Marshawn Lynch has put on the back not that. He would end up in Vegas with you get the great news of marsh on the way to play it on your team but you also go to teams leaving it to years. Well we'll see how about it what do you think that's what he thinks totally that right now I think we don't know I don't think anybody knows. And it takes me back we have Jason Kohl on last week. And it would Jason's dad is is he doesn't wanna see a loss to see the raiders Olivo went. But he's saying Oakland just doesn't have a plan that the NFL is gonna look at. With fortress of Ronnie Lott and they're going to approve so really it's. Vegas are not being. And when you look at the Vegas deal. Some people believe that deal is still going to fall apart I mean that the deal is just it's a bad business deal. So all I'm not gonna be shocked if coming up here in March and even in May. That the owners table saying it will do it later on. We're gonna Rask as we've already had two teams move at the rams moved from saint Louis the Los Angeles and at the chargers moved from San Diego to Los Angeles that's a lot of movement. And now the raiders go to Vegas. Outside having us 332. Franchises you bet three of them with many years now. Well. The other thing that I think got to be a factor tell you think. Is the owners of the teams that mu span notes that growth track as a big voice. The Rockies mantle's isn't so bad it's been around for a long barrage you've got a lot of Robert tops among NFL owners Mark Davis does it. Now and you almost get the sense that. Span of some crow you a lot of ways. Were in control. Of the situation and had a had an accomplice with the NFL wanted to help them make it work. I don't get the sense it's the same with Mark Davis in the raiders and keep out of water and Ireland a little bit. And I say that they are control if the NFL at the end of the day it's gonna get with they've won I think more than what Mark Davis ones. And of rocky still. Is the heavy hand the year why would he want the raiders closer to Los Angeles. Her dad is not a big deal the team in LA and it's even in the Los Angeles well if that seems the raiders because what they wanted to do. Is they want to convert. Everybody to Ramsey charger finance its own account that it wants. Now if you move the raiders the Las Vegas. You're looking at a situation where. They're not that far. I that's an adequate south last while I know it is but I still think it's it's red. Just because the raiders are in Vegas. They had grown up that are always gonna root for the raiders entered Vegas. Remains that the because the slot will be organizer thing. Now they have a huge following. Though the raiders I understand that so you be moving it I'm an owner right I want to convert these fans in in my pants. Back to Vegas now it's easier just to drive to raise lots careers. Well what I what I'm saying is those raider fans who are already in LA. Will their room. For a team now you're stated in Oakland so what's the difference they've moved the LA at a Las Vegas a bit I understand once. The boat what 56 hour drive I don't I don't get with them it's not much easier drive ego from for a especially if you're east. Of Los Angeles to go to Vegas than to drive up to the Bay Area. The got a big deal as has right now. The majority people who are. Don't raider games are from here and others to people like Emma Thompson now the majority crowds from the Bay Area right jacket dramatically changed. If they did debate Cisco eaters in Hayward welcome tonight I've sent. Game. We're not bella well work late. People. Don't know that they're all the media game ball a lot but the pit bull that they want their work curry within three you'll be okay beat the bride and you aren't. Don't let this week. Carrying it in there with no way round at gitmo we knew about it. McGraw yeah you're you're you're back. What are now in the game but curry came out there and I don't know. What happened that they are not a speaker. Who do and don't put out on. Russell Westbrook played a role. That's all you do he's just playing a role. Yes. What are all these character to like drive by agreeing to an hour here. It stopped that he had been he's not gonna say what warrior fans wanted to say about their Currie. And tell you stay an age where these players such good friends with the two other. Act like Westbrook. Dozens get involved and that god stuff to keep in mind it's like Westbrook friendly to all the other players and not definitely. Not friendly to anybody. When you're on the court he doesn't like anybody. Respect him for that which does anything personal. Which step Perry that he wouldn't do with anybody else he always gonna make that face he always gonna. He's always gonna now play how good the competition is so. You know it's a little bit juvenile. Yes it's juvenile but that's not what fuels. Russell Westbrook so. I don't. I don't hold that. Let's put it that way which is saying is it's cattle school. Metadata Paris frat guys in the critically burn burn hated magic that neighbor. For over half their careers. Where it Burt didn't like doing serving as vice Versa. That's just the way it was and now I think with the money so openly. All these players. And consider themselves that one big fraternity. And while they compete against each other they all you want. Their fellow workers to. Make their money to make their living in yet hitters. What's it like that back in the day I think there was more competition. AAA 5795. Said he will continue your phone calls right here to Tristan showed 95 points. Did you get through that they get now to open up there to let them Viagra like to have got frozen head occurring in the wild they took Korea up. I. Law aren't just role jump ball. That. Now to decrease towns in show on 95 point seven team. Still hear it makes exports and let it adds that it may we're going to be here 11 o'clock. Appears bolt the blues. And Matt auriemma. You are now. But aren't aren't things aren't they aren't I'm able to. I get credit after being debated a bird count or my current and operators and or aren't about whether AP the better bet than mark and and you know our. I've told them that either one of them would be fantastic. And you know media there are more outrage ever go out you know are strongly it should be that I know where we get them. But when he Kabul and I really haven't heard anyone really are about is that either one of those guys eight keep arguing and all Famer you know. Are most likely don't all payment that you done is that. But those guys are are a one year player you know those are guys that you know graders are leaving they are looking for a championship or they leave but it. Are we looking for a franchise running back where. They'll be around for port apart your pit in my opinion neither one those guys are. That type of player that will be up four year player back jam last bootleggers I guess I don't want on the dark yet but you know go on and you put them. But there one year player or that move. Well I think you're right. But here look at for this one year meet your your window of opportunity. Is now both of lumber are 31 years old or our shots and it turned 31. For me if I look at it I look more for Marshawn Lynch is Adrian Peterson where he is. Even though he eased 31 years old just turned it actually it was eight. They Toyota's. A case it was birthday is tomorrow so he's going to be 32 years old he's still a guy that thinks. He should carry the team. And the reality is Marshawn Lynch would be more complementary back and the guy that makes this team go is Derek card number four. So like that thick lie it's Marshawn Lynch would be a better fit. For understanding what your role would be on this football team vs Xavier Peterson who still wants to be the guy. Yeah not and I definitely agree yet and that's like. You know I told them that lipped it out. Clearly right now it's that time we need. To push further you know for the Super Bowl not play out but the super bull you know about it every game and then it to win and art they don't care. I mean you care about what made him play out year after year but it cart in the comparable. And all matters so for me I thought it is so one and done I think with these guys that we how the team right now and that year we need to get that. So you know I think you guys you know Iran that they're locked out art they've Margo you know omelet that LeBron and drinking coffee kind of thing you know me democracy an argument. I got that out I've grown up there my whole life where ramp for the past fifteen years. And you know Roger can't be what what do we expect I'd I'd just like the Barnett as much in the neck I'd buy it. What would expect him to be drinking water and Gatorade because he needs or punish the electorate right from what. And on the bench but the guys during what he wants the media after a board to that guy you know. Blown them up for doing and copy what are you and the during Q do you not waited out they're either need to replenish anything you during copy. And and like any coffee drinker or tell you when their work figuring copy now spirit these guys don't drink coffee during the game you care indoor a couple of golf is is not plan. But hey they are gone now we have three I completely agree with a by the way. Here's the other thing you know it eats. Player on the team has their own bottle that's marked with their name on it. And it's what they like the drink some guys filters the water some guys it'll be Gatorade powering other guys election have a so cut taxes. So there's broad street district popular with that everybody streak it's a different. Everybody streak in. I mean I guess you gather all sports drinks of the oral rehydration injury but. They wanna ask you get back to the raiders. Franchise running backs are there in the end well it's a you eat could no exactly. Not. For the reason why you were going to win it. Is number four. He's won it's getting scary you saw that car went out what this football team look like what they were without him. He's the guy right. Now having Marshawn Lynch as you have to running backs who are on the smaller side. He brings you that power back that you can run on the goal line you know hopefully you. You know be refreshed and give you more that you can think like the water. I that's what we don't know we have no idea about this blog because you know the mentality is I tell the story about how long time. Is howling at the end of his career is ripe for training camp and how he just went. On it more. This this is one of those physical not those guys to ever play in history the NFL hall of Famer. And one point his body is set on anymore and then you're done right careers over. You know this is he can't play football like let's say Dell curry played basketball he has run for a three point line at three point line or an older guy in baseball who's just gonna come up. Pinch hit start every once in awhile they football's at all in game if you're not all and mentally. You're done. Yeah that's like gotta wonder about Marshal way why did he retire last year while it's one play this year. Wouldn't think he would earn those questions well. You know it's happening and it is if Roberts was was was talents this the other night he knows you know when you retire. And sit out. Body starts feel better. Now was set your mind starts playing tricks on you can tame my body actually feels right get a bottle banged up. And any start figure that you can play and it said he act called Dusty Baker as the Cadillac. You're lying to yourself man I mean it. When you've given that edge it's an edge that you map as a professional athlete right yeah the total legend when you give up that edge. It's very tough to give it back. So we don't know what he has may be rested up feels good to come and give the raiders. This may be about her back you know who knows but to me at the end it's still all about not awful. Yeah I think you're right I just. Was wondering. Why. There's. There's that. People want a running back who's going to be with the team for the next three to five years so the running back to the paths they heat tickets and if he can help you make it's and our Charlotte. The absolute that's not saying it would make Iran which has regular guy and every. Every year every couple years that's good mood Jake an alum meaty on 95 cent of the game. All right great show you know you're not about the readers so reader in Southern California whether they want Q. Go to a rams game or chargers game more orders or out over debates curators. Speaking you know you're probably right because you know our coach preached Murkowski being built and that's rightward on people senators that's with a gonna require chargers game that's your continent. There's really no here around there it seemed like a very boring place to watch a football game and I spent a lot of time. But I don't think any European he can eat your typical on each year or it just like county was to jump on the plane right there and being vague and an hour and a that a triumph and an hour. Tips Carson from Long Beach. And I don't release seaports it's been waiting in there it was game you know you're right by LAX while not a joke on the plane and go to based curators. And it kind of art distillery and been in LA rams can have a too Corky. Gradient you know I mean it's kind of a part soon. And I think it's easier to sell the raiders for myself. Oh yeah I have my whole point about that instance you're down there you understand is. You know if if if you're making it easy year for raider fans seek to get to raider games. And that for use the owner of the rams of the chargers got to get them. Like I guess that's what I'm saying it. Let's say you have. A hunter. You know for a 100000 raider fans right now with other now for which I brought Mort 100000. At right now there's a certain amount of people. Who were quiet up to the Bay Area. Let's supper probably driving to see raiders game let's say it's. Thousand of those 100000. You're telling me if the raiders moved from Oakland to Vegas. They would have. Maybe 5000. People who would go to QA to Vegas as opposed to cover appeared that they. You know I haven't sorry about that he say some Washington Post. You're each year get. Maybe that's the that would make it will be a place that will go to war because Vegas I don't know the proposal or an out there the proposal for this tax. It's re easy. How many people they're gonna may not showing up from at a town thought about that our buddy John Dickinson. Will be joining us here on 957 game.