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Afternoon Delight - Hour 2 - 3/20/17

Mar 20, 2017|

Papa & Bonta discuss the Marshawn Lynch rumor, are joined by Brock Huard, sad news about Dwight Clark's illness, & Lonzo Ball balls.

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Certain running. Oval Office holders of all hold it. Folded his cup holders for a little things go well or how are known known known Matt any of the people you are thinking. Oh really surprised season is surprise surprise is there are heated right now let's go easy he did not even play in the NFL. Oh really who know leave it there. It's I haven't. There's Marshawn Lynch off the left side. Wrapped up by Charles Woodson what that he's still. Did not stop there. So they love me. Such is life figured check Mary and his call for action. I'm down the middle chain with the with the aside over the side. They. If it march on Lincoln's right here at least. Over the pile up with the agency offered few other dead it was. So now it is getting bored or momentum. That Marshawn Lynch is going to be you know the greater we are going to be joined coming up that a little bit of time by a guy who. No civil well we had a modest the end of them are shot drawn in Seattle Brock Huard former NFL quarterback actually went to training camp with the raiders. One year and a brilliant college football analyst does the Seahawks pre season games we'll talk show up in Seattle. The Jonas of what fifteen against the very latest on what's going out with a Seahawks. John Schneider in that Pete Carroll. And Paul Whelan Marshawn Lynch I heard yesterday. That the Seahawks just may release. Marshawn Lynch the Pakistan in his way but you getting a lot of tweets from our Shana. Over the weekend and it now so market keying. So the momentum is starting to build. There a couple of hurdles. With Marshawn Lynch by the way pot do you want market key recruiting. Marshall only it's an honest cops here archaic and it was thing to charity America it's funny just a fun guy to be you know what are. I got ripped percent are shouted the year raider and he'd say that so. But the reason ideas I was just so excited about this particular player. I want them the year raider for years and years and years when he had a problem early in his career at buffalo. And ever that a lot of not a town. He ran interviewed him a couple times a Comcast customers there to some artwork in it. He wanted to come onto the raiders that I should not gonna get to hear that. Gonna happen so he went to Seattle became a hall of fame borderline hall of fame running back in the central piece of a a championship team. He is always wanted to be a raider two minutes moms colon didn't injure wish. Dreamed for him and his career with the raiders and could be perfect out there a couple of entanglements here getting him out of Seattle but I think the Seahawks are gonna play with that let it let it happen. Where they phased out right release them or you know at trader for a a seventh round pick which evidentiary have to do. What's he shows up in Bellevue says Obama money and economy. It's not like Tony Romo what's going on in Dallas I think manager John to hold on to Romo quite possibly until June and spread the kept it out over two years but. The other part of it is the way it ended. In Seattle Whitley and she did it did bother me that I thought he was trying to save his body. To give them a contract there that play in a playoff game in in Minnesota did play in the playoff game the week after in Charlotte and I watched that game back. Yesterday. And that is the real important player early in the game was that pick six by Luke peak late. Where Russell was checked it at Dallas are about over the middle to lynch I can't blame lynch on the play. He didn't quite get around fast enough that Wilson for what to the wrong side of his body disposed to be out fraud crossing. Weekly space he threw it behind a minute Heatley had an easy pick six but. He get a lot going in that game I did watch from early in the year. Before he got hurt last year in the NFL the 2015 year he's a great game against the 49ers the San Francisco. His ability at a resort sets him apart from Adrian Peterson. I explained that Friday how are shocked you run out of any. Formation you watch whether it's a single back and I said. Good quarterback to which side create a pistol he can beat power Rhonda. With a lead blocking fullback he's a great insights on what could you imagine him running behind collegial as heavily. Who within our power play it in a double team scheme whether Rodney Hudson or Donald and it in getting marsh on behind that in the energy he would bring. I think his skill set is there. The concern is shoddy pay him. I'm not sure. The wise this thing is to built in incentives in his deal and a lot of happy I don't wanna coming here. And bitching about marketing touches he may not have a lot I think he's gonna have a lot left what I do here is that. He's about five pounds away from its optimum weight and he's working as soft. And he does wanna come back in play wants to get in shape his body just got worn down from almost cartridge is 2013 you ran the ball 300 times when he twelve. 315 jive to run around guys right rule. Rain all over him so his body used to take last year off to be refreshed pitcher in 31 shortly. But you know the easy way to keep the pace slow and its contractor that built in incentives. But Ottawa having a problem in the locker room maybe just say 86 million dollars five million dollars. No incentives. Just rock hard only giving the ball and we we make it 68 times a game. We may give it to you sixteenth. I think we're I want him to be involved. When you script the first fifteen if it's not downing does grip on today. Or save fuel scripts the first eighteen I want I want. Jalen Rashard India agree Washington probably involve more early in the game maybe start martial arts league gets the start. But I want the young guys to get you the lead in theory. And then. You know like bill power use the bus you bring in lynch. To grind it out. And what you bring Annette that you may solve a while laying Ugoh fullback lead and run power or he can run zone you let them offensive line lean people. You get the lead you to the creative stuff to jump ahead once you get ahead ten or 1210 or fourteen. Now we wanna put the hammer down at run the ball out. We're gonna give it to beast mode and the energy he can get your butt up we're behind in May not get the ball he's not great in the past games OK I should screens. Actually try to block he's a bigger body uses more in Italy skirt that is sighs heavily on camera guy. So that is obviously a role for him but it may not be a role that's there every week so it'll run on the I don't wanna loses its faith in you know I don't want him losing his edge in being a problem in the locker rooms so I'm not sure Heidi Kraft. The contract but beyond all be a beyond all that. It's just an interesting week here knows the raiders and the and other NFL owners are going to Phoenix this weekend. And next week they're gonna start talking now whether Vegas will be on the age and you're not I'm not sure. And they know that they may not have the financing in place to present it to the ownership they may wait till later in the in the offseason. You know today's the first whispering anyway tell me to do it but. There's just going to be a little bit of a gap now if the biggest thing and I and I think the raiders in their ownership for officers singularly focused on Las Vegas. So hot you live here the next company years. Would it be amazing. To bring Marshawn Lynch the mayor of Oakland and it's silver and black. And let him finish his career as a rate I ask you about today. And the raiders ever head. In Oakland boards DR. On their team the closest I can think of is Jim Lockett and flop is from the south today and there's a great affinity for him here but he wasn't Oakland. He was San Jose. And they've had our front court Morse and we and I last week and Sam Williams and at a few guys that have been born here. But I've talkative about a star. A star. And in fact I think it. Is Marshawn Lynch. The best NFL player. Oakland has ever produced. John Brody. Now Brody from the spay that he managed are obviously with the 49ers markets Peters of a good young players it's anybody's. He's not there quite yet the audience may want a calling get to that. Is march on just the best. Oakland born Oakland bread bad ass football player this community's ever produced. I think you have to put a man number one I mean Oakland's been on produce a lot of baseball basketball players. To get repaid AG's decade of Brian show. Rickey Henderson courses from Oakland that march lynch Ricky may have been an expert on players root ball or Russell. But what. Ball by law cannot grow any. Football hall of famers all the producers and look at which or. This is ours oak lane border rate here. Besides long it is operates different world they won Bay Area Google fired up when you're the seller I just think it is the perfect final piece that's why it got so excited last week and I. I became. Like that nobody and I want to march are listed the raider for a long long time. It's just now it's the perfect time. For him to be here I think he does have a role on this football team I don't know exactly what the role would be the roles that he first timber giving the ball. Now I've used it in Seattle. They would rotate him in. So much bite down and distance they would do it lights series and that's the way that the raiders used merry. Last year on cup series Brittany on Smart guys summit it's more equitable now. Maybe it's one series for beast mode and go to jail and you go to the Andre maybe it makes him in a little bit more. I saying you know when you add up all the Cairns at the end of the year. I think ideally be like the warriors scoring which arrangements to have it play all right there. I want I want to brainwash him to do more this year I watch and Rashard you're born this year and I want Marshawn Lynch to have a role. And I think that role would be. I don't know 810121416. Cares depending on the type of game you're playing the weather. The elements you just want I have them when it's time to run the ball. Reject Hillary and Mike Tice keep talking about is winning. Where we want around it then you know we're around at everybody knows we're gonna run it run or run it anyway. And I saw Seattle and making Levi's against the 49ers. They doubled but perch it's odd to set a date place they just yet given that the 24 to get give an axle. And file legal over the wire to convert their water but they just kept running him. And that's the mentality. You want at these other backs ever role in space in a much better as catchers on runners shocker the god. I just think at this stage of his career. It's just for so many reasons it's all perfect and just getting so excited. It beast mode in actress momma thing obstacles on the sideline and just everything he means to Oakland the hell rain not lack Cole would be is going on them it would be so much on it. And I think that's not what we need and activists say it's big enough to save the raiders from leaving Oakland. I think it'll move on. Regardless of the march on cubs' year not but at the maker of a lot easier in the here now at least for one year maybe two. To ride this out and so Vegas gates decided to have a real Oakland board Oakland break it all with loved the raiders in Marshall Utley. I mean during the Jim Hart lawyer popped the 49ers have a problem had a problem with one running back one running back only. And I was Marshawn Lynch that great defense looked touches Smith. Patrick Willis Navarro Bowman all in Smith a great defense. They cannot slowdown Marshawn Lynch and energy Chevy chip gave Seattle's downton three to have and what they do they just kept feeding lynch kept feeding lynch and SE you know boom he's over a hundred yards boom he's got a four New York Times are around I mean you guys are study breaks tackles. He runs inside outside he ads deceptive speed people forget how quick he is fast relief that it's not he's not like Jerome Bettis where he's gonna bruiser for four yards prickly couple tackles Marshall outlets can get out in the open field and run. Seoul as you gotta tackle the mistakes I've ever doing it gave his reward average senate Cahill was against Colorado State this season opener. He ran over what are the rams the rams linebackers. Just rain animal or trucked. And then he stopped and waited like are you gonna get up which I tackles it can't in any era in right down the sideline and just an amazing thing with the raiders break policy and get 24 to an offensive player a thinks so but are we dreaming. We'll John Schneider Pete Carroll Paul Allen let him go hottest this play out I heard he was in the building on Thursday for another event. In Seattle and is Marchand and as first release houses that play out this spring and a guy. Who knows him well Brock Huard long time. NFL quarterback and you went to training camp but the raiders once I could live with the legitimate now which of popular top floors I think 21 year. During training camp and now broadcaster at the Seattle as the pre season games Cella. Brock or we just dreaming or it might this all happen might marsh cars. Refrigerators not happy with this. Nadal. And I'm totally good and actually just leaving the gate of the art facility here was. Voluntary work in the building today its network. Poke over security working out an extra year folks in the media department stricken their burial and India are on wood in the year bigger a couple real. Political question that you have to answer out well. And when you get. What your drink are not met number one other arts shop payback. I mean in the ebitda and it could release them. But if they do they're gonna and force some money back to net Kohler corporation a million dollars and number two. It's gonna play it or less than seventy million which I think the folks here in Seattle though they are you want to do so. You answered those questions that payback the money right below paper. Couple million bucks a month and Benjamin sense for local and it could Interpol the yet figured out Brittany. Then it could possibly be your reality. So how many millions of dollars are we talking about I assume this is from an earlier signing bonus that he has to replace demonic Polly Ellen needs more money for a. Yeah I was a three year deal. And got signing bonus man millions advocate to avert her when an out of five. You know but it would be a couple a couple million bucks they're pretty good or maybe Jim you know the payback would he retire come organization. Do. Some of the cheaper ones out there I think will claw back and app guys when they retired situation like that. But it you're although it made it they respect the heck out of on the dollar that you met in this organization so. If you stayed retired you old adored but once we go way I don't think that they won't go out said he the president. For the guys the world they have no record at all those other guys that medal that global winner if they go down that road the president that white man. Struck one thing I remember having you lie and I think either after the vikings' playoff game or the next it was after the vikings' playoff game when Blair Walsh missed the field goal. He would play in that game did play against Carolina at the end of his last year 2015. I think there was somewhat of a bad feeling at their correct me if I'm wrong that you know he kind of could come back and I I came away thinking he says he's been the guys at a lot of car crashes are not here to judge him but. That's part played football knowledge you proceed forward. You know he kind of backed away a little bit but you look at for a snack on track top of that all in with him as last year in Seattle Brack. No Bob that the good point and I was just demand this morning and actually well as we talk to registered. People the wrong way there was not that you would be. Vertigo so you practice than him get on the about it and and make that trip that you get. And it created a bit of fire Norman bit of error in the area and with the team and I think some misunderstanding there today you know. If you do our part to give you don't want ago. Maybe we could've gotten reps for other guys that you're gonna go and that Friday when he decided not go on the bus. No Marshall won back control levers that control you get a again. Better than anybody. Maybe not named treatment over the last year in the error on other. Federer in the a lot of I think latitude in freedom could be so you know people look at our market here and there is no way that mark on critical part. He's gonna go go ga oh yeah it is gonna go to treating him but it didn't record and a my response all the required. As. Oh believe it oh well for Monday if indeed that Russian. Want him on Sunday much like the arc wanted him on Sunday because that truly was a good name one. McCain got real. Track your joining us from Seattle one of the greats college analyst on ESPN has the Seahawks have pre season games which is in their building a moment ago. And joining us sunny afternoon delight with pop and -- here another five point seven a game our shot apparently was in that same building and just left on Thursday. And I'd read that he went there to ask judge Schneider for his release in that I read it. He did not did you having Halliburton on what Marchand did when he was there last Thursday Brock. Yeah I don't I don't think they're gonna cooler by either in in trying to be willing to give I understand that you know what he had been down you know we'll come I still friendly with. People enemies of the people in the organization. Usually like most players of the equipment it and everybody yelled so. It's not uncommon for him to come by at that. I think it was real well as the year that are plug in is an opportunity that. They could probably released him I think Oakland I think you guys would agree mate. Israel elected he's not played for Seattle dug it back to number anywhere near I don't think you want the play anywhere else and our big lie that has the way is you know Oakland history. Oakland the don't go out Oakland where he's going to be wonderful that doubt whether all that. And want country and take the temperature of the Al business currently peacock will be in helping them partnered possibly do that. Never accuracy and sure hurdles he may have to pay back you know part of the signing bonus back to Seattle it clear and then how much would you pay him. This year and the obvious thing would be well you know keep the base lol built in a incentives but then. Everything that we're talking about earlier the way is 2015 ended there. That would concern me if you know they don't water Rodham as much as he watched Iran. And he's acted against benchmarks and he's not gonna get his money. So hot how would you wrapped a contract. To protect yourself but also let these Moby beast mode and Jewish thing. Whatever he's got left. Yeah a great collector and obviously very typical do it and he would. Off the lights that would document. You're. You're the guys that. The in the it looked out that orbiter though it back at the alternate structures. And it also guys work and money you'd been incredibly important. You know it. I don't know how it's not gonna put in the those reports that he's never been about yeah the mighty and it was all. You're in Dortmund all these and the bank everything else I don't know it was out here. But I do you go back guys out ever and these are very wise with that any protector. And your point I would be confirmed trying to structure a deal. It got dollar and then tied to incentives and you want to live here and ought to protect yeah. That that bad paper formula in the situation. The government from La at the bottom line. I you've got to look at the rest for the back market he's going to be realistic. Immediately the injury in these guys are. IQ and possibly double at this stage of the game when I've been out of that and out. Are you want to build that brand. You'll be well want to get back in the papers want to do it for the city of Oakland. What do I agree that the line. In a tremendous young quarterback. And Buick then that's gonna happen if all of those of our nose. And interpret and we're all about immediate job. Now what's once they figure out the dollars and cents Brock. Cannon. He still play. Amanda let that argument that we inhabit the area and the cup want to give the primitive yet. At the same time. Got to understand it's not a guy that went ruling training camp true year after year after year. It's not a guy that on Sunday he took an incredible power and it has to. I did not practice on Wednesday. Has good eight off the old regular schedule I would argue that they Libya oil and upbeat for that matter. Because Gauthier and any chance to treat them. We're not part of the agenda bella a few years that would be evil. Other savings rate like he could do something about birdies and others. Is the kind of schedule and you know not curry got the vehicle the last three or four years that the the I never say never would beat mote just like in this case trying to talk dollar contracts. Even at the player not say never over on back the ankle about these an attic. Car trouble for that led to. And those of rockets you Iraqi air. Mary went through a tunnel there there. Brock funeral until I think we can we gotta now running head of Iraqi Beck. Yeah I give an incredibly long we're giving. Me that in Los Angeles Times yeah. Yet let me just fail I would doubt that you got gas plot to betray. It hit schedule and the player and you're streak yet everything else. We're so they reported practiced in it and how they limited your workload as much they could get him Sunday. It is about about about need an article about three and haven't Barbara that. About whether or not that bad can still carry the load and outlook out you know are really what Popeye. I think that there. Well there are you really want to do. Brock is there any validity to the rumors about Richard Shermer and possibly. Being on the blocker is I can't see John Schneider looking a mover to Sherman special what Earl Thomas coming back from range from injury any validity to that. I'd say no because that need is incredibly high on their roster that position they just don't have. On voted me out in the last game have on opposite. And remove him and not have recorder in the kind of beat Brett but yeah why. I think you know by yeah dire yeah definitely got tired in the building last year there was a tremendous amount of energy. It had to be expended by that quote out like keyed in particular. And you know even in it about these canoes were trying to deny that the update. Was going to be delivered few or you know. So a lot of energy out to be that there are poor like Richard Herman walking around no matter how good ones during the drought. They're still were determined it's gonna be ready to play we wanted to go out anywhere near the level that he brings to the field. Maybe could be a package deal signed by our shop which could be fair picture it Democrats are Cahill and Stanford both of these brought secular tablets are always. We're sure. The raiders are finally got it yet bracket as some slack which. But tonight there are fifty years or decades. For the fans that are rather that. And that. We'll keep you posted Q I heard that as well as a Richard Sherman you know a white guy you want to have a conversation with about both. It's Ken Norton who knows there. He always thinks about who in the building knows he's. It a huge egos of the Indian practice as much as Brock got laid out he'd ever practice but he flattered that Sunday in the view another run a cover one cover three. Richard Sherman he's the ultimate bail corners so the injury mean the majority. But they trade. I don't know why I got a break like he said he did mention his act is getting old with him pop and all them off about other things outside of football and on the football field in. It's at some point he stopped winning that act where Stan. And announces updates on a Muster what's your problem with the raiders front doors trees being cut from old and he comes back to the Bay Area for that and yesterday they'll pop. To NFL's most historic players legendary players. Mason hasn't very iconic moments in NFL history. There isn't terrible announcements. Made yesterday about these two players will talk about that I hear me after the light problem box at a price haven't. Now back to Greg Papa and Vontae hill on 95 point seven the game. I. Okay. On the muddy field say here's three through the San Francisco 49ers. World record time and six touchdowns I knew where it was. You may get through just. You are truly horrible reviews in the business good. It happens in life. The Kansas cabinet and the author. They catch you haven't taken seriously. They'll talk about George Clarke in a moment Gale Sayers dementia. There's no worry with the the Kansas comet 87 he's treatment today and you know the great affinity you have for OJ Simpson as a football player. Boldly. The only man that I've ever seen I was too young to watch just players run live or Jim Brown. But the only guys that are seen on video that could rival the pure ability of OJ Simpson would be. At a great Gale Sayers his breakaway speed change of direction. His ability to catch the ball out of the backfield is even superior than OJ that six touchdown game in hand at Wrigley Field. Against the 49ers really made him an American I can manage drafted in 1965. Thing Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus in the very same. Draft and he was just a breathtaking. To watch huge change of direction skill a lot like OJ just. Back quite as big as OJ that big for the time six feet about 200 pounds. Ability to change directions opened up its ships with a lot you. And they just run right by you get what you got to the second leveling is gone or run right over you he was just a special. Special talent. He got hurt. Early in his career. Didn't have much of a 1970 or 71 years when he met Brian piccolo and get on a tear Jerker movie and science. Still. An epic that Gail say your response. Just. His overall scale we have out of these churlish nobody really has come close to OJ skill. Tony George set was really good Billy Sims was really good just guys that would run a toss sweep run wide like that. Sayers it was just you know hold different genre. Ability I had a chance to interview him in medium ones. And ironically it was out of all the day's game when I was joining Stevie. He was there that night and I exactly sure why he was there but he was there. And he came there with that made during a couple of innings now which is glowing. Being around the Kansas comment the entire night budget Houston. Now always class but as a runner. Chests lettuce bluegrass with that let us as a breakaway speed change of direction he really was seen OJ. And very comparable skills as a running back. I'm fortunate Suk is the only place six years pop farmer ever read a bottom watching NFL films I've thought. In all this as a hall of Famer must have been in league for ten years now and he only played six years so exists. Polls show how much of an impact he had on the NFL to DNA hall of fame send it. To be inducted its at all and I believe I'm not mistaken poppy was the youngest to ever get inducted into the NFL hall of fame. Arms faster river when Reggie Bush was at USC they would compare Richard boasting Gale Sayers. Reggie Bush because that is what the moves in the speed to change of direction juke moves and he would just run away from people saw it you know full year's 73 and it is unfortunate that. Football probably had a part in this pop. Yeah haven't I think so and he retired at age 28 yes there's been his last two years 771. He really wasn't the same player. Its last two years he averaged 2.3 yards per attempted two point nine and he still averaged five yards to carry. Throughout his career early years 525447. Need a six point two. Care expert care in 1968 that it got hurt and it just wasn't the same players so. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Gale Sayers with the announcement over the weekend he is suffering from dementia which leads us to. Troy Clarke and made it gave us maybe the single. Greatest moment in history of a Bay Area sports when you talk about just one play one moment. At a high you can do come up with something better than the catch in the back of the end zone. Put the niners are other ways of the NFC title game at last they would beat the cowboys after all the years in agony on back to John Brody in the early seventies and just conducted over on the making that catch with the announcement yesterday that two like Clark suffers from mail us. And now I've known people that have to Charlie wiedmeyer. Leo football coach and they are yeah salsa bowl game masters right now more than they had to charity wiedmeyer dinner and used for so many years. He battled ALS spot today for. Love him. Long time. And finally succumb to which Siemens wheelchair. At so many events it's terrible disease. You know he's gonna lose control of its muscles. Is going to be difficult to speak and he agreed that the good thing is that he said. It's that developing body as quickly as some other analysts patients so hopefully he will. I'll have a great long life and that loses faculty users motor skills for a match Bravo for a long long time. Just a fun guy to the Iraq and start for me either managed like Clark is sixty years page whenever I'm around him. And he always elements on the news stories when he was on and dating issue numbers. Now love the story told he told that on the station several times in the end his radio show on TV you know. He was dating issue waivers can Weber Weatherly. For long long time it is it is for four years it's likely that electrical activity at that she was so hot I couldn't break up whether. But that we just saw him. It's so many sporting events nice nominal warrior. Playoff game last spring. And he was walking the cat course and we invited him in the worry luxury box and there was a young man there it was his twelfth birthday. And I told me to like liken him to a Clark game against it was a great you know sports and it's been twelve it exactly he was. And Dwight Clark she is laid out around him and his twelve year old obviously it remains birthday. There at nag but that was Dwight Clark always shared time at the first time I've interviewed him a Pebble Beach. He agreed to cut body was gonna go off in any use finished up this round but it should you know hang out Whittle will get Chan here now I'll buy you drinks after. I think it out lately maybe we closed the bar that he told story after story after story. He was just the life of the party always was such a great storytellers. And justice system positive person. And remember now it kind of policy later this week especially with the NFL vote becoming next week generated relocation. Today is to get his thoughts on that retirement hired him. In Cleveland. To be the general manager he was the GM of the Cleveland Browns for awhile so just a great career obviously great rate and probably the author body what you say that rated single moment single play invaders. Which really you look like Joseph Montana was gonna throw out of bounds in charge cards is gets up there he sold. So Ohio Paul to grow pop did. How's the beginning of a great dynasty in one of the most iconic. But images NFL history news everything about it despite the catch anti white roots and no news it's sad to see sore prayers are with Dwight Clark and Gale Sayers and you know who would you think Brooklyn for go to break you talk about want the ball here popped. Mr. quick thoughts on playing full bar having kids play football league tickets now. When gay kids maybe they're not purchase paid as much now. I don't know Derek played I don't know much I mean that's that's and that's I mean this football after its descent which game here. And I think he's you know these these two men having Clark did say he doesn't know for sure. If he got a LS from playing football but he suspects at and likewise effort for sayers and dementia. I wonder. If you asked these guys now that in notes Ayers is 73. And to like sixty. We should do it all over again the same way knowing where you're going to be today physically. But what you never put a shoulder fentanyl but never played. Style. And say that's a really personal question these guys are suffering but they had great lives for say years. It was a knee injury brilliant play long enough any given your fifteen years she would have broken Jim Brown's record it would have been talked about. Like he should be talked about as far as his skill ability there were not I don't know if anybody had more scale actually Jim Brown OJ Simpson Gale Sayers. Pure steel. Are running the football we're on a high water rank them but for the top three everybody else's weight behind it SA or to not have a long periods of personal they have not yet. I obviously asked of the day in their suffering or their suffering and those are both ugly diseases to deal with that it's savage beating them accurately. Well for full blocks Alonso ball and you watched it yesterday there are doing their morals. Impressed I've been loving this guy all season long but it's good as are my side here in heaven a man chris' father may be a bit annoying the top quality and don't forget what his son is pretty damn good that we talk about on the ball here in the afternoon delight Ponzi and pop pop and bonds in parts yet. You know all she's she didn't want. All you do. Now back to Greg pop and Dante hill on 95 point seven the game. Joins apple to beat. These two bullets in double figures. Spear update us on the call it. Last night look at her watching in movies quarters for a limited announced according to the US there are told that once center to watch UCLA and it's impressive second half performance. I it's I've heard Alonso ball obviously and throughout the year was daddy you're so much talking about that he's going to be. First time I I knew about the ball family was when daily sale went to the state championship game last year. And Alec kids there say we gotta play always Geithner go to you should Atlantic these one and done the chief lottery six in the NBA and play Chino Hills. Last year in the game was on TV here and very tap into the game or call. And boy in issues and annihilation during the sale at their precise way to play. I've really had no answer floors the overall scale. So they yea you know your violence are volatile watch a lot of a lot of college basketball. Returned to China did watch a little more this weekend obviously seniors in their zone and did watch the entire UCLA game and at least you're not in the second hand on that you were there. To watching him he is just he's so smooth it's he makes everybody on the court better. Native a scoring point guard in basketball it's been something I've been grappling with for a long long time it's kind of like the running quarterback in football. Where you'd like to have it you know needs all the time that's running Chris Paul is perfectly brings it out. He can do culturally stretches and jock try to get underscore more we don't want that the point guard my ball and nobody else running rebounding defending these are taken all the shots like Westbrook. I ticket sales staff takes a lot of shots staff plays off the ball. A little bit more and he's kind of a combo guard. Alonso ball the first thing you notice about about today. He looks to pass the ball he makes everybody. Else on the floor. Better including the Alford kid I'm assuming that Steve Alford sun yup. That's a son who looks nothing like him or our plays nothing like it. It stretches all he's done it's issues uses he's a liability defensively but he could shoot them accountable offered it offered that is but in that first half pot you know Cincinnati saying it will film. And ball has come out their flow in the first half kind of get the feel for the game it's all the ball work pop some miles so impressed with. We need doesn't have the ball in his hands he's looking at the rest the court. And he's OK to delete your Albert get out of the corner go to the base liner down to the pay offer cut our he's a coach on the floor at this nice fresh one years old and I mean I didn't you thank you actually your biggest wave he's a baby but then in the second half when the game was still that it took snippets he said you know what that's enough on when to take over he has to back to factories the -- the value to TJ in the I mean the diocese also moved poppy passes that he doesn't talk much on a court he is a lot of and motions on the deficit a lot you know the rest of the guys on that he would Alford and TJ we agonizing Hamilton. They're talking but maazel balls come out their fill in the game screening cutting he just knows what to do need to step ahead of everybody. On the court our house and elevate your spending my guy Eddie in the couple Cincinnati coaches and their dislike book. While the ball's not there we're going to the sweet sixteen. Beckett special. So I think he's for me personally out of all the college guys I watch a little more cause who's in need to. But at these elegiac. You know watch any outlets that are a little bit but just I don't know bled 10 OK I mean he just had all around came poppy and six special maybe save our sticks and Eric last night. It may be our job to got a little bit but I remember watching Jason Kidd is it as a youngster in his kit can. It's he could such a total. A different that kid yeah we hit for played it a million miles an hour Jason Kidd. You came in the Andy Agassi it's you know at saint Joe's and kale. I spoke in his banquet when he was in high school insult or a new era new Wii UK it was going to be a player in the NBA as a kid. And an AKL. But he played he had he just I was. Always around the ball he was the best at leading Indiana to jump shot and all the plates so fast in the eyes in the back of his head. He just had a sense. Ball just plays which such composure. Then he does that look like a freshman in college basketball he plays like a ten year NBA veteran and I do have a little concerned. Offensively I think he's going to be five shots a little funky break but I did see and touch or rim now yesterday and he knows how to get open it. When he went today that left corner three and took the return pass a little step Curry's bars his feet. Being able to get balanced immediately squeeze off that shot. You're my kind of reminds me a little staff and the little play. It's just kind of a combo thing and when he was interviewed rush actually interviewed of after the game. And TNT Russell building what he does the warriors sidelines and he reminded me a lot of play the way. Kind of clipped answers it wanna say a whole lot was brief. I like the fact he's not a talker but he is game it is a little staff it's some areas a little play. In other areas the one thing I I was a little concerned about. Will he be able to guard. At the NBA level he just place a little all the all the things that I love about a offensively. Where he plays with great composure. But then when it's time to go weakened beach Jennings long he could swoop but it finish a lay up but he could squeeze off a shot quickly. Kenny play that way defensively. Is he going to be able to really guard. In the NBA is he's body that he's got to get bigger and stronger as a way buck 966. Films about the book because it gives you two and east and he's quick as he would be able to make a lot of guys move their feet well offensively they do not move their feet well defensively literally. Will he be able to guard now is offensive skills are so great that you worry about it later. But do you think will be able to guard reasonably welding NBA about they would pick out a little bit on there. I think early on and a decent adjustments because they MBA stack would point cars are fast he gets to cup but he sold longer and he's athletic has enough up let the schism that he he's Smart. Sold defensively he doesn't put himself in depositions. So I think with that. With that said he defensively he'll be our because he's long he didn't aspire to be Smart so he knows what the opponent is going. He never is out of position who rarely is he got a position he does he know he's a good all ball defender too he knows when to help when not to help I think he'll be able to make that adjustment in my I do worry about his weight though how was gonna go through screens the Cincinnati didn't run into a lot of screens. He database who's just passed the ball around around excuse me Iran and waned. So he didn't really give. The world drew about two screens like EC teams do with staff curry Cleveland Cavaliers they love the puts step in that pick a robot wants though. When he hits when those two girls wanna see how he justice to that. Hum but defense aware that he's going to be fine. The power shakes and 5000 gathered today here in the weight room where he's got this amazing scale house to an agency out and do in the next round against Kentucky. And and I assume you're go to San Jose this weekend Thursday's Saturday comic snag this is John. Nine years have been forced them out of that foursome -- man is great what he's Inzaghi and Arizona would be awesome I would be awesome Saturday in the environment for March Madness couples is great at the Oregon Rhode Island game was ago won the crowd was since about one but I just really went up their glossy on the ball in person. And I'll sit there courtside aisles oppressed my money crisis and you're gonna crush I got on as well I think it's pretty smooth player. As just hoping to snack go to the Los Angeles you know and so that is we know Mitch Richmond at the end his career legally. You needed to do to Hillary rikers his ears were burning Friday interest volley for a salad hourly and mark rate Golan. And we head. Greg saint Sheen. Saintly son and we're talking a lot about the rock so we figured we we invite the hall of Famer the only guy to suggest coaching staff we talked about Friday. At the united interest voting direction genes that we're gonna get Iraq. Little Elton favors Mitch Richmond Mitch Richmond on the afternoon delight problem on treatment by seven again.