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Mar 19, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to warriors warmup it's great to have you here on 957 game little Saturday night basketball for the Golden State Warriors taken on. The Milwaukee Bucks to get us ready for tonight it's time for our from the floor segment brought you by American Express proud partner. Of the Golden State Warriors and as always coming up from the floor our friend John Dickinson getting us ready for. Tonight's game just had a little pregame media would Steve Kirk what's the what's the big take away from that I JD at some conversation about. Speaker was asked how many games out of its last fourteen the warriors have to win. C get the number one seed in person he really wasn't focused on it it's more about our guys are playing in the dated today and eleven guys in our answer questions about a number they've been thinking about four months this guy had he he is having he really did it was the collegiate yet well see Alec as a client and that's more important. And everything else look these guys want but once the course but they're not get a put a number it's I just I was thinking about we talked about it in the NBA this week today with fourteen ago. It is attending is at eleven you know or your short game and a half up on San Antonio coated plated night. And they have to beat him by game because of a wide to tide obviously experts at the tiebreaker. And I I divided it really straight half I think there's seven games and banquet tonight is that. That the warriors need to get they need to be seven and now those games in if you just kind of run through those games quickly it's it's the game the night at Dallas. It's Sacramento here it's Minnesota here the pelicans here at Phoenix. And the lakers are here on the final night of the regular season so that's not that I don't think anything. Outlandish to ask now it to go seven and all those games given the way the warriors have played but then it's the other seven. That are gonna determine it when you start to look at headed for 113 can afford three. Three and four. In teams against Oklahoma City on the road that this is here Iraqis to that suited Tony IOUs use here year after Washington's here. Ending Utah is here as well in the final week of the season so it's those seven games. Barring a slip up in the other seven if the warriors can treat that as a seven game series that went for the seventh you're looking at eleven at three that probably gets it done. Well they got to be disperse I mean at some point you gotta get the indices when that happened I think in two weeks march 29 I think the game is. If for their own purposes. I think to get back on track be hopefully healthy obviously Katie won't be backed by the degree breakdown here and I think those that it's imperative that those other ones that we're gonna get this done. Goes seven and no. Three and a half the over under 34 but one of those 34 past the B it's dispersed is that that that preached to essentially by giving them a loss though. It's gonna come down the wire obviously the chicken in in the whole plan B that. The KD UN now we went through that a team you know crazy Roche Strachan. Didn't come out completely and skated and hope we get stuff back on track eloquent he had a Claybrook. Of one and affect Geico brought up at all you know out of going to you know if you've heard or have your own thoughts on vanity about where staff is that. And how he can kind of get himself back threes that BI lab talked about last couple weeks they commit true point guard which cannery is earlier ball screens earlier looks to not have run around without he'd be. But I wanted to you even you know Monday before. You know they'll be able to adjust that plan against Russell you know to attack Russell can take him out by making him guards that different ways on the ball. Like the break and I and I was at 66 went down to 64. That still gets to about 6364. Deaths related. Pretty safe feels like that's the magic number so so we're all in agreement got a what you gotta when we at least had the day I probably ten at a ten in like you say if its head at the spurs are one of the ten. That gets it done and if the spurs are one of the ten that might have to be eleven right to make up for right fact that you're not gonna get that game to skip and tide obviously or more behind you does the spurs of course have the tiebreaker so. Looking at this upcoming road trip you know we don't wanna the warriors to go three don't want this homestand have the opportunity to do that tonight against the Milwaukee Bucks team that I think's gonna give up a heck of the game I think there's going to be the toughest of the three games at home but you look at what's coming up it's Oklahoma City and we know the Kevin Durant is injured right now and it if IE worthy Golden State Warriors I would very much now wanna travel Kevin. To that game if he wants to join the team the next nine. Fine and dandy but Oklahoma City that's it now wire and we all know why if you can't go there to ball I don't think Kevin Durant should go there at all. What it's the correct to say about that yet itself. Is if Kevin Durant is going to make that trip re do Oklahoma City and Dallas and I think it's a good sign in terms of the injury obviously. That he's able to it to get on a plane in and get the work in that he needs to do. In Oklahoma City it and in Dallas it so I think that is a positive sign. I would use Damon in the sense that I I wouldn't. Be rushing to get him on a plane to get him around but is Steve Kurt said in the pregame press conference it's up to the training staff and the individual player. That's their policy on as a player wants to go certainly a player the ilk of Kevin Durant if he wants to go. And wants to go on that trip to Oklahoma City which I think obviously he wouldn't it sounds like he wants to show up and whether it's sit on the bench or walk around the building get. It's ceded the familiar faces take the heat that make public that it sounds like that's something he doesn't want a shy away from even though he's obviously not going to be able plane. He launched the guy actually have to show some trust that it won't be a distraction trusted him the most trusted the team. Because if we artists see them whether they stay in the seventh spot even creep up to six and is it happened when the series and and we we faced in the playoffs obvious are expected to do that with TB so that. Kind of brings back that hole. He beavers whispered thing again you know it's inevitable it's always going to be there at least for the short term so. Now I think it's up to speed to determine that and and and make sure it's not a distraction to the team because as you just mentioned. Every game's important now especially the ones that are count on the fence and that certainly is one that's on the fence especially the weather where whisper as well. I mean what's the real poignant I hear is I would explain to homes and look and you winning you've faced. Yeah as as as toxic a gym floor is not seen at the professional level real long titles remind me a little bit of a college welcoming. For a for an enemy. That's the level of venom that you dealt with and you won that game what's. What's to be gained by use sitting courtside for three hours have people yell cupcake catch you for picked up for third floors solid quarters in April why can't I. I think he wants to be around his teammates obviously and in that environment I think it helps. It helps you mentally when you're trying to rehab the injury dip back on the floor but not again I would you were talk and this is a short trip amid the warriors are leaving. For this trip tomorrow. And look at Oklahoma City they'll play local city Monday and then they're going to Dallas and come back and they're going to be back Tuesday night in and on Wednesday often hectic months after I would say this. There's no one at a world that we could walk in there with cool whip bet. Old in a horrible ports as that you look at and take that night autumn or not stay in the locker room or talk in sixty hours total of it is for that's right and go to yeah I. Absence does make the heart grow responders we all know that but. I think he should really market rate here but he is obviously. Gonna do whatever he wants to do in that regard and the fact like these today. If he is healthy enough to travel in terms of recovery that can only be viewed I think by us as a good sign we always enjoy eased up on buying thank you very much Judy good to see you any NCAA tournament bracket left for you is all gone bye bye. Now Villanova took the Seattle want gap I act I didn't want to pick him but I couldn't pick against them and then I should pick against them to first choice Arizona. It's not I had was gone outlook I did. I had with your big I'm a big thing I want odd that you very much John Dickinson joining us here on Verizon warriors warmup built like dole and locker doors and windows.