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Franco and Kags Podcast HE SAID SHE SAID

Mar 18, 2017|

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It's Franco tags and any bad seven game I'm Gianna Franco and I manic Hideki. And I know if you heard our last segment we talked a little bit about all of the ball family tease it for pop fiber actually put it he said she said because we think this conversation warrants an opinion of a man and we have one he's millennial checking in. Hellenic. Hi guys on I'm always going to be giving you the young. Politics as. Well as a matchup I take and it might take offense. To listen. Diana and right now she is young he's quicker than I did that many feel angry quick millennial again and typically. Does a young. I just threw myself in with the young comment. It's like. So yeah whatever. Are right well we're and we had a couple stories you wanna address to have eased some and may be a little bit lighter will certainly be one that's a little bit more on. Reversal agents say. Ezekiel Elliott's expose is hidden past those a woman not himself he exposed a woman and exposed her breast on video. And of course it was all caught. By the fans below and Alec it's on T in the and it makes the media here's basically what happened they were at a Saint Patrick's Day celebration there's a woman there. Everyone was obviously drinking and you can tell me that they're having a really really good time. She was out there doing her thing she apparently had exposed herself prior to this by her own doing. With her own hands her choice. Just sane and and then he decided to reach averages a apparently is first time it happened she kind of you know court is represented she had an issue with that she sort of laughed it off their party haven't a good time whatever Bob Obama. And of course TMC updated their article stating that the another pretty it was taken moments after the first time needed him. And it noted that Ellie reached over the second time and she actually slash am a hand away beef for flashing her cleavage to the crowd below. Seven inches total questions here. Number why did he go too far. By aid reaching over the second time maybe even the first time. Is is okay because she was actually kind of party with them too is about to get that deal to even care and the fact that he's thirty having some issues. Got a couple bad marks on him because of occur at eight under still under investigation domestic violence that she that is exactly I was gonna go my about. That he is under investigation right now this is a terrible move. On his part because now appease selected the investigation. And he's in the maintenance and local recently you actually just expose a woman. Without her consent right. And she slapped you in the second and yes she might have done it it but that's her choice that's for buying key and that's that's the best if I pull up my shirt apple measure but it doesn't mean you can come over a year in pull up my lack. Exactly it's right body can do what you want but nobody else to touch it thank you and it without consent and I think that's exposing the biggest problem right here is the fact that he just felt like calamity to Elliott's you know I might you wanna do that let me to a four year. I'd get it and we bought it in situations where were having fun with such people are acting as maybe get a little out of control. And maybe the first time needed it she laughed it off and was like okay how high your funny. But the sag time. He's she's obviously not okay with that so it's abuse of power to I mean it's abuses. It's a total abuse of power and you know how lucky is he right now that she is not coming out and sane and getting an attorney maybe she is that he could hit it in the Atlantic it's an emotional distress if she was Hormuz I mean really is I mean she has video proof that he completely. Quote unquote you know touched or without her consent. That I mean she could take back to court 100% maybe get a lot of money out of the sky maybe shouldn't have as much of the problem what issues are Shaughnessy nonstop. In if I do it ideally you're not going to be riot. Taking control of my body. It's it's it's wrong with repeat it was amusing. And it's issues and you've got to be smarter. About the status Enid I'm not condemning this at all but at the or maybe in a private home or something at a party list people. It's a little bit different because now you're in front of a crowd with cameras. There's cameras are rely breaking out now people are watching you and you already again under investigation. And it's it's completely wrong what he did without consent you look at somebody like rock rock is not an innocent guy we're gonna say that I love the guy he's funny is all. But I mean there was a video before him motor boating which rank and that Andy that was wrong but the difference. Difference of fortunately I hate I I I still don't condone that and on the same that. He didn't expose her recchi went up to the girl and that was wrong to cause that's actually assault. That was what I consider as well. Not a 100% sure on the I mean it may it may be she did consent to it they can help but again that their party they're having a good time meet there drinking things get a little bit at a controlled. But it's never OK to cross the line and here I think the problem is is that these guys feel like they're invincible. And they are above the law it is the problem that's the biggest problem and I think the fact that you are are in trouble and whether or not this is you know it's still under investigation whether or not gonna you know you get say you're innocent. It doesn't matter. The fact is that your name is gonna be taxes someone who said the potentially could have happened and it debt and make at this point you're gonna we're aware of you have it that you've been in a conversation. With something very negative and then you're out about what difference. And your lat to drink you're allowed to have a good time it's the off season go have fun do your thing. But you can not true you can not cross the line like that and the first time maybe she has been a cool chick and she's liking know what I can do it don't touch me pop pop funny. Let's move on and the second time she's clearly clearly not okay with that. Not just not that that's terrible. It's running low key it he has to hold himself to different standard because he's a public speaker crank it comes down to that it there is a difference between Josh mode doing in this sense somebody like. Is each Elliott who plays for the Dallas Cowboys one of the most recognizable. Teams in the in in the United States are just. Hold yourself to have standards puree yeah what are you doing I'll completely. I don't see how does Ozzie would gain. Isn't that funny that you could pull her shirt now she already is she just did it my. My meant exactly that she Ager how you're not impressed me that's. I don't get it I do not assume really like it's not a man and get it from a guy's perspective. I don't think I got out to get you I don't know it's like don't don't let me let him lead just make sure he. Not all guys think like that's school anyway keep your hands to yourself. Easy Q Elliott. And everybody else out there. Consent it's a very important thing yes means yes period you're done and not so. And Jason this is utterly dangerous scene a couple weeks for the ball family from UCLA so Lavar Bob who's the dad. Utley Angelo and mellow of those about high school players and dissent also plays for UCLA. And obviously very proud dad very very happy to see isn't succeeding. There at his other two boys are actually communities and so. He obviously has big dreams for his kids and his family. He's amounts that quite a few things that he said that his son is better than stepped Currie. And he also said that his. He's kids all three combined together will garner the biggest sports marketing deal ever in history. Upwards of a billion dollars is what he's expecting an issue deal yet between neither Nike Adidas are under a billion dollars at Lal K double would be OK you are right. That's fine and then you know it now I refer to this news came out. He just spoke about the instance you see it here's a window was broken into at their home and that it was actually burglarized it during the high school game of his two sons. So the family home. I guess that game has been televised a lot of people knew was happening. There is dismissed as suspicious crashed out front. At the house police were called the cops a race to the scene they got there they saw pilot of the families belong means. In the senate house I guess a lot of things have been around app on force sources tell us that. They're operating theory is that DDB quick response of neighbors and cops that the bad guys to get chance op with a lot of goods or any of tickets before police got there which is good. So they basically let everything you're going to take kind of in the middle so they work. Able to get away. It just on TV to use that they were on TV in the house of people and seeing what their house look like what was inside one of my and cases currently. Something non sports senator did something on him. Exposure no matter who you are it's gonna bring positively. In negative allot. 100%. I mean. Here's the thing you know I am I it's unfortunate that these. They can be in the media and then I'll listen their house is burglarized they're not I don't know of threat the level yeah where they can you know have the security you get when you're like the cart ash eons or at the cores of the world -- kind of secluded safer and things like that people might know where you left people might be able to find you a little bit easier. And then a lot of people have issue with. Lavar ball saying that his kids. You know everything he says about his kids and let you know and him being so outspoken is just a little too much that he tiny to rein in an Olympic cities hurting. His kids career I mean lots of us specifically right now who placed for UCLA who's in the tournament. And now his boys coming up Ari committed to UCLA I don't know what do you think I think as a parent I kind of understand is coming. The quantity can understand is who who would lawns are involved in before office that's him that's unfortunately unfortunately I'm not saying. I agree with what he's doing this not from the I would personally do but. As great as Alonso is you know you have people who really watch college basketball who would've known who he was. But the rest of the country may not have now all of a sudden you have Lavar this morning on ES TN do the doing an interview with Carrie champion. And it was a long interview I mean he was sitting in studio with her for how I'll meet you look like a ten minute interview. And so they're hanging out there and every speaks on the neat feeling like 1 of the morning shows. And now you know who this guy hits and you're getting ready to watch him March Madness he's get endorsements. He will get it. Now it will help the draft I don't think so. I don't think this'll help to help them with draft I think this is gonna actually heard in the bill when it comes actually getting into the NBA some team will. I think draft him because of his talent. But at the same time you're looking at the OK what else comes with this tell. And you know it you made a great point about. The Bart giving exposure to Alonso by. Alonso wouldn't be Alonso Melo wouldn't be mellow and jello would and be jello if it wasn't for the I've seen I've been to the house's I used to train with them and I'm talking. 1011 years old dude in these kids I was older I was thirteen fourteen my phrases as a group of us. His body strangeness. Paris his sons were better than us and they were younger that while and they were at a level that we will we warn act. And that's because he he he pushed them to to dedicate themselves and to dedicate yourself at 1011 years old yeah it's. Melo his youngest son. Was six years old dribble and it's legislation three points. If any casinos talent there and there and this is dedication your right but a few seeing your child. X Salant subpoenaed of theory early age are you not doing yourself your your child a disservice as a as received in their parent. By not giving them and like every opportunity possible to excel as at a young age and really hone that skill as much apostles that it's exceeding goes our camp. And I think that's what I'm comfortable it comes in with with people because we think to ourselves how you doing I would do that that was my son. But the thing is he's been doing that ever since they were children man he's been on the sidelight school ringing. I think is would I father but I mean he he's got to Alter cases with a lot of parent I've seen it. He son eat in all honesty it is kind of Smart part of me is kind of a Smart thing that he's doing unfortunately. Things that go against him is when he comes and says that he can beat Michael Jordan one on one when he says stuff like that. That kind of all of a sudden takes away any credibility. I talked about me yet and it comes about him and that's the problem it's not about you it's about your boys and they're very lucky you're three boys are talented and unfortunately. You are gonna have I mean I do not perception that he is a little money hungry. You know that it there's a little bit of well I need to see my kids succeed billion dollars yet I mean let's be realistic and honest here handing them already exactly and I think maybe that's a little much but I have no problem with the parents supporting. And elevating their children as much as possible especially when they show interest and something. And even if it is at an early age and neither does Palin. Outside I'm on Twitter complex put up a little graphic and it's of Alonso win the bar after a game this is the bar ball thesis sentence. Could be better than Michael Jordan is a little bit of a dig. Oh look mellow actually quota to tweet on Twitter and set some kids don't even have fathers and ya hate numb my father because he believes his kids can do anything period. And confidence I'd and that's competence and I mean he obviously loves his dad at whatever environment his does. That Lavar is raising his son's in is working because it's under our athletes they're selling their excelling and they seem like they're good people so far we aren't hearing any bad stories about kids at Virginia did nothing yet and hopped up on yeah I hope we don't I hope that. They go want to be successful and maybe maybe there's something there about. Giving your kid more confidence in going with productivity rather than just saying okay do this or else. But ego egos of how the curse of greatest. Greatest people. A stroke that is a downfall and in these young whose kids have an ego. Already think nobody else is better than you and the best there is you don't keep trying to get better ES somebody like Seth Curry Lula constantly. I'm trying to get better I like that respect you know DOC is somebody who wasn't seen as gonna be like the biggest star ever and look at this guy is it back neck MVP that's really a absolutely. I like I'd get it I don't know. I think is a parent if my son shows that teachers I will do anything and everything I can't if I have to work like three jobs. And opportunity with G what do Iger and it. It what if your son is scoring 91 points and in high school Pasqua. Has yet. 91 his his young son scored 91 points apple now but it it's how basketball is right now and in in high school it's it's a lot watered down and nobody plays defense if you've seen is highlight those. I didn't see that I am in that was all over the new respect it and great does that make you feel that there isn't that isn't just hurting inning he kind of feel bad for the naked in a little right but other kids come maybe you know it's his accomplished now but it's not one has appeared you have to any part of that the plane and sports is just about being an individual it's about especially for his part. As a group like you know basketball every spot for bought that team. Effort as well I think that just shows maybe a little bit of ego. You know I I get that I think you need to use eat a rated it a little bit about the energy. But eat it let's be honest of ours not necessarily holding back how he'd feel if he goes out there learning a little bit of bad. I'm just sane I don't wanna knock the guy for love scene and wanted to see his kids mean. Wonderfully. Successful right I just think he's going about it a little bit skewed the wrongly babies it's just a little too extreme you have to raided an cross the line just sits at the app and bring it back again rain practice the little bit just like in college when you have. Member Jim are you know when he was at Stanford he had to hold it in our own US anti. You know bringing up the school aren't everything. But that's comics. You're a big difference teaching college athletes and lastly high school athletes are honing their skills and learning what it means CB. And a competitor to be good sport college years you know. Little different. I definitely think if if people were in his position they would they would move differently in my mind always is come back his. If you were him you might not be able to do that. I hit my dad who he is might be the reason. They are who'd AR. Yeah so I don't. Renting a little bit of toddler an image and be actually is in the news because he pleaded guilty. To misdemeanor charges for public nudity. But do you do you guys remember him his dad I believe I am earnings from greater. His dad had this whole concept of how he was raising his son in Mike Dee quote unquote perfect environment. Mark from the owner and its agencies you Bakken and like read a little bit about it. But debt I mean even when his wife is pregnant that she can have a salt and sugar and like nothing. An added eighty Todd was only fed like fresh vegetables. And fruits rob milk. I mean these data reading really focused and honed in on what he can do from his when I was a baby yeah all the way you know and see what it led into which led to occur in the NFL but however now he's completely fallen off the deep end. Has had issues with trust in big problems so. I mean that's a story like of a parent being a little too. Dosing and O'Hara. That what you will how do you guys feel about that I mean that because from my perspective that's just sounds like a loving father. Yet it is easy to relate to it to a degree local like example like I'm one of those people that I'll go and I'll go by the organic fruits and vegetables from my son and I China Q. I am a lot of fast food I try to make more home cooked meals that I get them better food Moore's body. But at the same time you also to wanna be so overly controlling. Add that it gets harder for them and it dates tend to have them. Make some psychological issues down the road where they're almost too stressed about everything and spray them a lot of strain out. Rain gossiping I think it's if if it's extreme because. It's it's pretty well documented that his dad's was systems had such an intense focus on how he was craziness son. For athletic purposes as an athlete that it reedy. Ian and he had a very brief career and again it was cut short because of an addiction to drugs and that I think is very scary and yeah you're right I think it messes with your psyche a little bit because. You know maybe your so addicted just you know certain things and how you kind of see things in the eight you have personally at the eighty get cute appease chocolate. I. Got as an Al percent you'll get my son must take a gimmick Kate giving them but I also. He's chuck one piece I'll give them his. But again I think Nancy have to be careful of being too controlling the fact that. He wanted to focus so much on the diet not just his help but because it's better athlete right there is the issue there's an actual content was at three raising him in a perfect environment but that could mean for his future. Gas pressure in this much pressure that you got to grow up thinking why have delivered a perfect in Narnia. I have re perfect and it obviously didn't work out well for him you know our number one of the most fuel was that's not good anxiety stress build a whole economic it's okay to make mistake it's all of them it is I mean they get I want to be the type apparent who supports an influence is as much possible. But I wanna be a normal parent I mean here's a lollipop you know a Titanic it ago. It destroys her in the potty you know it's incentive I'm sorry one of my favorites. Back and it played softball is located. There is a coach that whenever you make it the first base you Dan it would have gone south. So give beef up its efforts they made it fun. Little incentives that's fun. Then. Now we'll see what happens with the ball Finley don't currently get that billion dollars. Jobless less of luck to them because you know I they put in the work they've been Nino like hard work. You get it pays off these guys it's it's just you do it. Once you get there and how you everything yourself so Woolsey are right this is frank tags and 957 game.