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Franco and Kags Podcast IN CASED YOU MISSED IT

Mar 18, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is time for Franco and tags and Gionta Franco and manic and yankees' thinking so much for joining us we have a great show ahead of us some awesome stories coming up and popSiren talk a little. Tom Brady that he said she said Rick did have a discussion about what's been happening with Ezekiel Alley its latest. Those issues that may be happening any mishap a little little too much party at Saint Patrick's Day celebration. Very bad decision that would give our opinions coming up and of course and great tweets of the week or just around the corner including some from the warriors. Apparently there's a toaster. Late Toms and that would be given a toaster Klay Thompson. And a fan are involved sub package sort of it doesn't like a joke any kind of is. Look unhappy and arrow that is coming up just around whenever right now we are atop lawyers. And I stave are finally get a little bit back on track. This is that they beat the Celtics knobs are episodes of Lhasa Celtic they lost a Celtics beat to the sixers right but they struggled three game skid there. Which was very interesting weekend at that Friday when they are playing the timberwolves okay this is a big game you got to win this one. And before playing the spurs because it's back to back this schedule has been absolutely ridiculous this road trip that eight. Game condensed schedule they had I think really wore them out but it was good to see him back home it was good to see them get away and even though was a little bit of a messy when it was shaking it was shaky and there was a moment there manner that fourth quarter as listing it's him right on 957 game. While I was at home and I was just like I don't know if this is gonna happen. There warning gauges last night and I think and I think that's a been a problem with the warriors a lot deceased. And it happens when your when your championship level team would you be seen with our championship level team sometimes they they go to the motions are in a regular season but I think what we're seeing now what the warriors is even deeper problem. Which you kind of spoke on last week is the lack of depth they have. Cracked advanced has many issues you see that we're also one of the things we talked the last week also was. When it comes senate position JaVale McGee's he's leaving his female when David West came in the defense got better. And there was a huge difference out there got big shot at. Among greens drain mind and I came out and Andy did the heart of a champion really sit and you know and defense won that game last night. Inch frame on when that game last yeah six blocks gadget kind of Bryant formal sixers he did he did a great job in not cut it but you know it Iran's never really been. The problem in that sense you know it really is. Having the depth and having been able to kind of handled these tough road trips and not having exactly you know being a 100% healthy and notes these are problems you don't wanna have that he got he got to make it work can I say I don't like stuff spot healing. He had a few turnovers that it seated I'll teach him column last night though just lazy right yet the when he tried it over his head that he did it again on the baseline. Pastor call little sloppy to pass a McCall is really sloppy but I don't expect much from that the in need as being different pitching staff curry back to back MVP and Patrick McConnell who's recchi correct this entity I will say they do see a difference one drama play as well staffed crazed Plame matter. And there's that the other important thing he had. Andrew Bogut who really was important I think to step curry specifically very much so that's the difference that you're seeing with when you bring in someone like Kevin Durant. You lose players like Andrew Bogut. And now in Kevin Durant south you don't have his defense as well to me he's as I was one of the best players in the league I mean top if not the best. Between him basically from the time he makes up almost to the three position and the lawyers when he's on the floor at least for sure it's nice that dream on EC little more versatility and him yes right now but nevertheless you know the best case there is to have Katie back. And ready to go for the playoffs and I would say this semi sixers they are on it gave the worse everything they had I was surprised at the end of the day and advised professional everybody takes their craft seriously and and when people complain the warriors. They're gonna play at the top of their abilities it seems like yet I mean are you playing the best Myers will play my best. But there are also well rested a very true. And that progress friends which was the whole issue why they arrested so many big players for the lawyers against the spurs over the weekend on also is well and I you know why you. You know I means exceed Kurt knows his guys on three days' rest. Are so much better and ready ago. And he I mean you have to understand and now this whole rest Klein and you know players be arrested. The only time I feel bad about it is it I think it hurts the fans yes I think what fans thought to games and they wanna CD star players and they're not getting that opportunity they're paying all that money to be at an NBA game makes socks if you don't know win they're gonna be arrested him when this is gonna. Happened. You might get a heads up the day before that really cut back and meeker break if you're gonna go to the game or not purity of tickets in advance. Think about a house of you go to warriors game you know you've gone and it's counter coming into it you know lawyers coming into town you gonna see them even if they're resting one of their players. You still have the together also absolutely but. They arrested all of them I think it was also kind of a date to the NBA Sam look what you did this look to our schedule. This was a terrible schedule you handedness. And you know what if you're gonna do this I'm an arrest my guys I don't think Steve Crowe would've done if he did feel like he really needed to and he said also the two seat. Heard the once he's not as important to him at this point it's getting these guys healthy because I mean it of the goal is to get into the playoffs and win a championship I mean that's what we have to focus on. And you know think about it it's. Did this was a tough schedule and this is a lot this I know. He you're an NBA player you're making millions and millions of dollars to do what you out there but there's a lot of this county to it and there's a lot with traveling and I traveled West Coast to the East Coast. It's so much harder you know. It is a whole thing was Steve is I'll learn from I'm learn from my mistakes that I seen Al Gore for 73 last year after. Might have plagued us a little bit in souls so you know why take the risk. And like you said. The only a gap game always have to game they had to have as of right now on when six record channel went in there have to get ahead on experts and the spurs settlement Portland tonight. In San Antonio's game I think they would win the Marcus all it is going to be back. I do it then next time they're playing in San Antonio after another back to back. And so they're going to Santonio again after another backed packet that's the second game of the deal. Think about complaining about the schedule is. Everyone has hard and it says everyone has those those few weeks in the schedule warts there kind of doctor I got a new York and and I gotta go all the way will be here back. Acts LA that article. Right but both. Both spurs games over here towards the end of the season we're both back at back at eighth IPS in and yeah don't ya and aid that's that's just a little ridiculous. If you do a back to back again to San Antonio though one was here on one was in San Antonio and I'd be a little bit different and the approximate mileage Hewlett I mean certainly keep a pace of its I mean it's a and it Texas Texas you know sniper jumping down a Los Angeles to play the lakers are going all the way to San Antonio how long is that flight. I think it's about three hours and half three hours at least I mean it's. It's a decent finally look at all the teams where they're located in the East Coast it's a little more it's a little more geographically and horse that that's I'm saying is that I think when you think about plane in the Westin net traveling to the east and with that means for you. There is a lot too it's a little bit harder because you're you're it's not just. You know being gone in the time change it's also the mileage and it's also just the fact that even your locally our teams are more spread out. I think I think the main thing with the warriors are complaining about is there and they're just have a recollection from last year while we have. This may mean back to back gains at the end of the season yeah yeah exactly you know the Pentagon back also to the whole you know flying across country everything my sister's a flight attendant. And everybody asks well it's got to be so luxurious flight attendant traveling where he watched as announced just as much as I love my job the problem is that. You're going you're going into high altitude constantly changing up and down travelers is it wears you down it is eggs are only so the fact that they're doing this on top of the physical play of the game. And you know their home game was basically had to come all the way back from the East Coast that's really a home game when you think about their exhausted. They have like that Alex is dip in and led the Celtics let's get back on the road and it and it didn't seem it didn't seem. Fair for the lawyers but whatever you know it. They are the lawyers they are championship team they need to sometimes step happen. He stuck it out about a delicate and they are good evening the playing field there that may be so maybe that's the case well it was as separate to score 29 points on his 29 birthday so happy birthday stepped curry. In honor of that dream angry posts are really cute photo on insert ram of a young staff smiling not cheeky Lichen is Denham. Ralph Lauren and somber so as Q. Great day it said did after the wind rain and fellas it's I was pretty. Still have to get it done and that's when he read pennies and expertise to Cory was a great. Heat IH also came back in town when it's Hamilton Allen nice that lets see Hamilton ash a thousand birthday present just for fun Agassi opponent I wanna see him what's so bad I'm on the market. Yeah I it's not budge ever raffle I know have a ten dollar rattle and they do they handle you know let's not let's discuss this out the right as big as TI now is coming down Levy interest did not it was triggers but what do it for race or mock. That the Hamilton tickets incredibly expand an incredibly enough that I have you they have ten dollar tickets and had his hands on knows gritty into the raffle and about two or is it like that AM. They know Los Angeles at Kent page at all on the day out of your run if the whatever is left over they raffle off then and there that's how moms do that yet he can go ceased to relief pitchers as a wake up like that. I loved wicked yeah I would rate on to the woods is plain rain now nineteen liking is my all times I have not I can I mean I'm dying is. So that it's because you know it's a bit about that one next. And I don't know if you had the same feeling but sitting in the audience watching a live show is one thing but when those animals and down at the trials it like that are raft outlook today that I have is that. It Marines it's a life can you Matt held three when he saw that ate it up. History history of mine I've that's awesome I cannot wait to take myself I hope to get the chance of dying to see the four times a solid day is really. Got to this post when he. I know it's great it's really really again I really legacy our rights here's a man. Although no official announcement has been me and accurate though one of the stories. Never fear ticket could still be quiet for every single performance of Hamilton in San Francisco there will be a day of lotteries. Where and 44 lucky people will win tickets for the price of ten dollars apiece so what do show up that day I get shipped or him. Eight analysts on right now I would attract. How to track to so many good things I've heard about it you know and in the message that is to I would really enjoys now being apart. How into the woods and and that played the same time resentment there was a bit different not the end of one OK because I have a lot of people going in and bullets or paean Golding gates. And like last ice I know they are vehemently goes there or few musicals. House senate but it would just cut off topic on this as we're talking about the theater district. Went to CB and beasts well back at north Indian too that there ought not to air but I saw I cited zinni is actually beautiful show does a few years back. And well maybe sadly we went to go see in my department to see the show we're gonna get dinner. That whole area is just so dirty now it is sows that had they just. Be nice that they would have tactics at the area just a little bit right arrest on a little bit more what street is that exactly market market yap. Right across the street there is a hotel it's a very nice hotel with a restaurant elements aren't like common name but it's very easy it's literally across the street and like half a block. Eat it's a great restaurant. That's a really really good choice winning legacy issue it's a little bit pricey and it's more like old school kind of you know you have any like feed off on T San Francisco south cal for Newsweek magazine happening. It's more like your basic stick and Tate has but it delicious. And yet you're better off going to a restaurant you love and taking an uber yen over to the theater it's and it's not because I've I went to Broadway in. I love the holes out in its new York and then it's it's such. It's different rate district it's such Ian so rich with history some great performances that came out of here in San Francisco. And you know we got to cost ten seconds coming up the street yeah it's it is sad it's sad and it does so that unity and say you'll help. More people out there maybe in theory would be nice you know definitely it would definitely be and it's it you know people go to the shows he pay a lot of money in talent and the glassy and do was walk outside and be constantly. Her grass soup. Give money to somebody here you know like you sat a trash everywhere I mean trash everywhere the smell at its share of city life. Diane well I just gotta love it better for ace stands at the colosseum at day's Pavel made an announcement in east but that. There'll be lower prices now when you buy a beer at the coliseum. Can repeat that. Cheaper beer. Less expensive satirist that you're getting cheaper beer now we go to ball games so a ten dollar for premium now. An eight dollar for domestic it's no check it changed but it's nowhere near what you would pay before on top this act according to apple it's probably be cheaper the cheapest. Beers are gonna get at any ballpark in the Bay Area and a his whole inspirational as it was in a little expensive it's it's kind of feedback yet from fancy as that open office tower. Where fans can just pop in its hands it out and chat online and I think it's fantastic. And I am glad fans are actually taken advantage of the deepest and Leno he ain't. A lot of complaints were that. It was too expensive to take a fan before he had paid for parking you get the tickets to attend the ballpark and by Alice expensive. Food and then he went to have a beer and it's like oh my god it's a hundred dollars and in your does this is not working anymore and the opportunities. That he takes this is back in the weeks and let's cross the beta eight NT. As a whole I was I'll make a point not days already doing very considerable job with the way they manage their. Stuff that they sell. I think so diet I never found him to be crazy expensive. But when you do food at the games he does it mean where's game the Internet it was with a friend. Before the Celtics game for tip off we had a drink she's fifteen dollars or I'd sure I'd like Jack and Coke fifteen dollar fifty dollar IP ace that's since. That's amazing how I can get. A couple six taxi from an IPA you know and get routine down eighteen dollar gap that's a little averaged ten dollars. I can get on board bats eight dollars for domestic I can do about I mean that's no problem. They also rolled out some refunding foods that they're gonna at present really mart fossil god you see that Muslim god. About that Greece is going to be part of they had and they gonna have these tracks now at every single game. At least like sixteen at a time hopefully exporting options and you can go in and out of the coliseum that's the thing with you taking you can go in inactive noted that the Texas like a last aboard all right would now an angle back in mechanical back out it. I deacon. You have a alma accident in an awesome and a plastic that they so about this too if you were at a snacks for your kids got this can bring it at least it makes it's much more affordable. And then he you know he talked about just how much more than when you for the fans and is great if you had a chance it's on our face the page Adam tiger posted at there you can actually a CT capitals full presentation about ten minutes long. But he shows that they eat other shafts of the food and as it looks really get looks really fun nothing creates a better atmosphere than the food it's true nothing speaking that I have a shameless plug it yet so the sports dish is all about sports and food. Which is my new blog at 957. A lot Bryant checked it out that's the fun gets up out there do it. Yep reduced to taste test dean not complain about that line if you ever need someone to follow up on the taste. Oh no cleaning up. I don't go to where Ugoh. I covered I totally thought an opinion their opinion that sounds good to be so looking toward eighth games also looking toward to the craziness of the bracket. If your colleges if you've catcher pig so hopefully you haven't seen as as of right now you're coming down to the wire at the everything it's taken up pretty soon here. Our tip enough I should say Andy you'd need to have your brackets done. For little march and her I don't did it I love this I love this not that I follow college but are asked about rather time. But I will say this when it comes to March Madness I do it's Ike major research when I heard but it never helps a terrible on LI sec every year at the bracket which is why it's beautiful it's fun you'll never know who's really gonna win as teams come out ankle he. Hard time but even notice I chided you like OK who's in need some Cinderella style does go through that. But towards the end he still have a tough season for him usually buys lore yeah Korea one of the topsy prey to that Cinderella is not gonna make it past let me be mean look at the sweet air apparently did we have we have. Which added a few Cinderella is so sweet sixteen we have had an about anti at the at a meeting here at the leading a mean I don't remember any violence ever hit a final four. I'm trying to think. So great question that I have seen that had a crazy red and I wanna say there are fourteen seed. Maybe it was a couple years ago I got a look that a shift some research for broadcast. Anyway so who do you have a new. Our. Not taken I have taken I have Dylan although winning an album of talent OK Aaron at Kansas over Arizona. That's my candy in years on the against assessed and this overdue we bring LA Kansas overdue I don't think I have Jackson. I deacon my final four. Now honest accident has not my final four as well who's your final four OK so have duke and Arizona. And then also of Kansas in UNC UNC in their last human to the heartbreak in markets page by. They've really re collected themselves. Is amazing it's crazy college athletes in good programs in Peru. That's champ. So I have no but taking out do you to advance in your own land an Arizona and Maine on take on Kansas Kansas and I OK okay that's it you my final plan Villanova going against or again. That the organs can then all you like your idea like the organ team lost my guys go Boucher right now I saw that easily you know Welker. But they they something really get deep though that happens is definitely. An anchor and Zagat against North Carolina sitting anxieties that the answer to they seem to be. And then I liked it that his team a lot actually I'm injured I liken Zagat I have to see how they match up with some of the bigger dogs I have the moves in the West Virginia. But I likens act that are the last of the moves and Arizona I have bad Arizona had to air my aunts and Arizona is one of those teams and it's like I don't know I was island back and forth on that land I was just really impressed with their win over UCLA yeah I was elderly impressive how frightening you silly it's gonna go I had UCLA all the way up until they see UNC once they see UNC so. What was. He I have these silly taking out at UNC and I easily. Against Kansas Kansas when you LA while okay. At Kentucky beating out UCLA and then Kentucky. Boulevard ball would disagree with all of us and politics and he would say you know they're gonna win at all they're gonna win it all they want a billion dollar contract for her. I'll soon as the game and it's. I want paper. They're certainly getting targeted in fact that's where we'll go if you guys catch pop finex on Franken on tax.