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Franco and Kags Podcast Tweets of the Week

Mar 18, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ides of this first story is fun about clay it's not it's a celebrities they get a lot of fun sets aside may be could have assign a shirt or some shoes. Even body parts have even been signed but this could be if first is hilarious photo that's on Klay Thompson looking a little confused as a fan comes out to him. And asked him sign a tester. At toaster yet and there's a picture that's circulating and it's placing a toaster well that's a first. And it's a war is toast or black toaster with the warriors logo on it. Our dollars is the user and he says that he bought the warriors toaster for his sister one Christmas. A year later he was offered the same toaster by his cousin. And he brought into signing event that David Lee was that in 2014. Any hadn't sent it yet. So this this act shall toasters also been signed by dream on green and that Klay Thompson and is the latest to have signed the toaster. This guy our dollar says whether their current players or former players I want them all to sign it. I want to be remembered as the warrior Daniel tightest posters signs medical. When you first sent toes sounds like that's odd it's got to it's got to lawyers logo on it. That's pretty cool that is very unique you do not see that every day in Obama come the meat Klay Thompson. He got the Middle East. Outright I agree you will remember you if you sometimes managers all better now. If you bring its OC that yeah you guys who had you toaster guy that's pretty cult I think it is and I use that tester. No I wouldn't it right at you you don't need to be hit batter and test and drug on that. What exactly that Christine. Mean he keep kitchen aid one in the kitchen and this goes on the shelf that idea that we got a site they get a funny ideas of things aside I like that. At the scene more and more people now trying to have Claes signs of angrily off the wall brightness out some we should have all the players players Inergy B a has and I think of the great happily app because it quietly so with the blacks RP you'd be very cool. It's. Still in the passionate -- at 91 and Jamie is a match and walk and now staff currently on CDs at a guy. I'd be nervous at that and it got ahead. Contract negotiations and it. This isn't Massey you don't say it's that you just say I don't know that's mine names I'd lose the always look like it happened I I signature like secondary I just happen to really like is it entered China Mary equipment at a camp Roberts naming and just like it's it's daylight that surging at exactly the not so you know the big star that's going on this is a class. Huge that they act I've been hearing about Ali's radio stations where hosts have been having to stay. In the building or hotel nearby are not because it's so that and that's that on it and adding. They just went down. I. Am any arts on its on the station tonight. I can't she while Carmelo Anthony must have been re be cold. So keep posted a picture. Avant says hatched X de Melo and in picture he's this big. How is a big IP at now if you're assigned build it and there's episode where George Costanza is wary as big hurry at it looks exactly. Like that and he's got a big break a widget equal cuts of go. But it just cracks me up that kinda is an. Excuse us boats that. Works. Now they I don't need their games were not canceled or in erupted. That they were staying in hotels right in the city to keep in close. Because the weather and ask ego. Aunts and then there's a couple of hockey games you want to check your really hardcore fan. Yeah get a one hit the ski. Picked I think and I ask you should be. That's interesting race north Sinai can't say the knicks are gonna lose those games so. So maybe it's a game that's one aspect of it but. Stay mellow I love could ID Camilla Anthony motivates me to be everything on one opium. Because. He doesn't let things affect him he'd have stopped at the worst season of his career to some aspects of marketability being with a franchise that. Just abysmal right now in the New York Knicks and he's still sweet enough stay mellow he doesn't know what he has on his stylistic and now he's its okay open. And thus let's do it. They get down. And development. Is. Let's switch up last week went on back some JJ watt because you know mammoth Project Green arrow. So he needed out no matter how good a shape I'm watching the flight of stairs and it appeals to me when did well it is gonna from the guy who's like. That mostly in tents in shape if you watch. Hard knocks. Watching his work now it's it's in the fact that he's having a hard time gone upstairs almost make me feel little about the same time. Saying Oprah figured like. And it feels so bad. Me eight. You start calling fake news on some of these people. JJ watt who walk of about when he flights should be fun. Did he says he's at one flight on the way locking up a flight of stairs the all time called scientists wanted to. Let's talk about this thing called. First he just. Is a little bit and actually he's been that commission beat I think this is more of light. I'm still property. Let's do a lot easier for every man he's barely men and he's humble he's been I talk. He's like a human guy I am right on the ledge right. Entities that suggests. He did. He's at least. It has successfully yes exactly. It's so cute if you look at its family there and then later on HBO let's it is. Yeah they're fun they're fat family. To treat to delete and you could follow on at Dion underscore Franca Twitter on face took on its advocates plan and a commitment he's KG AA KAS Twitter. That's all an act snapped. Follow me on Twitter and B I'm just need please let us know anything we can do in the podcast for a listeners we are off. That's right and we let us and if you there's aghast he wanna hear. We'll try to get hold of them left right we're gonna get mail on the line. Right now we get snow on the line I don't know Obama do a the government little I was. I have an all out here and there and spit like Haiti we applicants on Canadians ask you if you. A bit Melo stay mellow everybody stay mellow and on Al Franken at night at seven game.