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Franco and Kags Podcast POP FLY

Mar 18, 2017|

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It's up ice time on frank on tags 957 game I'm Gianfranco manic again yankees aren't fun stories and we will get to tweets of the week and now the social media madness your favorite sports celebrities and figures are tweeting out. First about Tom Brady's. Newest patriots team needs just named his baby daughter. Gas. Name. I have no idea just tell. After Gisele after his eyes like this seat. Which did they say which player was. Yes so is fond of mark. Cornerback. So he and his wife. Have a brand new daughter she is born march 9 pamper day school anyway and does acts the same be sent patriots his wife gave birth to their daughter and they name they chose was just. Again like she is a bunch of life at Tom Brady's ME a little weird but there's a back story to it. They endangered edges LC and it Gilmore. Gil mart told reporters that my wife's name is get every else we socket Jeanne game and we picture Zell. She was seven pounds chances I don't know how long she was but it was a blessing when she came into this world. So let us have a sending Sebastien. Has nothing to do with an actionable or just in case anti patriot who's now a free agent. He was not asked whether any future children might be named bill. To sports com I don't know maybe I get it Lastings Gil largest cell Gilmore that's has a nice ring to Beijing acute EG EG yeah. It is kind of funny that it I was immediately family named after somebody else they know back. It is funny that the day that he signs with the patriots like let me just go ahead and name my daughter after our quarterbacks way race for who he really hot supermodel I now now Marco news. It names you name it's a gorgeous name. No I I. Think it's genuine I think that they wanted to G name it was probably chosen before hand touching the on March 9 here the that you'll marlin that's her PRD ticket. Well Delhi he named his daughter when it CoBiz daughter's names is named Gionta off Kobe has the most beautiful. As there aren't scored three girls life. Guess yeah dvd add on for the boy one more. You know what I know in life. Men that that that have live of them I would say it's obvious I was asked I was Joomla yet you have daughters. Yeah those it's go to I am I say it makes me wonder is my dad had two girls. I want no daddy got him right to do yourself. Right so March Madness the earth we talked about this today as well nasty slow Winfrey state dinners if and Kate you upset can techie in the NCAA turn commitment to about the story. So the fifteenth seeded norsk could have set Kentucky Wildcats which if that happens it local restaurant. Is going to. And hand out some steaks. Easier Kentucky opposite that. So great C Dodi Al that BT Jeff ruby who owns it popular steakhouse in Cincinnati and Kentucky among other places promised dictators for every northern Kentucky and aircraft on. Over there that's a question. If the viewers can pull off one of the acceptance in the tournament it would be because that history acting. I've zebra like this would be incredibly costly if he has to pay up there are over 151000 there's your answer and it Northern Kentucky University students at putting that potentially at about eight million dollars. Oh million dollars a million dies out dissect it here fifteen. Oh at the 50000 a 5050 out of an audience 151000 excuse me 181000. Now the chances of that happening is incredibly. Incredibly slam. Annie stranger things have happened well protected steak house yeah well if it's free it's good. By the way we didn't specify that the lid shut again but she. Picked it again I can specified czar Carol merry lose in the first round. He on the Syrian nobody could 38. Ever again that is true that is about his basketball. You know it's funny though about that whole thing is it's a great marketing cliff you're like a preacher. Yeah. This team is not gonna win the can you imagine like is this owner's okay got my name out there let's talk about John. Please please you know I think my racquet I'm just gonna pick them. This. Just OK so we able doing that and a seven game bracket as the official on our website and while it. By going to an offensive game around 1000 dollars potentially. But not listening fine. It brackets are kind of at home. So it would need a face I'm an only pick states that I've been to you it's what happens if you've. Gone to both states I mean didn't have the coin or maybe there's interesting story surrounding it like Kentucky story that would be my deciding factor. Maybe like favorite like the rest alma and it really get rests on that day that. Means displacing content it's. Exactly and yet that's I'm doing is in place that and you or that have some sort of mean mean to me like I lived in Arizona. Zone a lot it's even causes and that. That's. It's out for the tournament itself for the love of the bracket. I would eat so I'm diplomat fund bracket is am and look up at the schools some of the most notable celebrity. Students. Who ever was the most notable are popular somebody acting is the coolest of the two. I would go that's cool that's a great idea Nikki and finally united on today is the basis Kansas you already know Josh Jackson. Common for the whole thing he did me thinks like them approximately five hole and saying see you and I GOK I'm. Oh and a I did. I like nova nova oboe alone I don't want to be here that I sit down and greedy greedy greedy they do a lot of research on college basket on I get so mad at myself and my brackets sat every year you get to get that focus too much on. So this year I'd. Did some research. People you know get right. And see which brackets are serious. Bullet still think that today with their front lines and make photocopies. And it will have to have we can't cheat. I'll post a post map and that what is that like socio August the next item of the blogs all the blogs that we do here for the that's just a lot of solace and find I am able sweet. Well speaking of tweets and a little tweets of the week into the weekend.