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John Dickinson Magic Pregame 3-16-17

Mar 17, 2017|

JD checks in with Damon Bruce & Kerry Keating for the "From the floor segment" prior to Warriors-Magic tip off!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Verizon warriors wore bill by Dolan slumber doors and windows Kerry Keating back alongside me in his usual role and and so is our main man John Dickinson. These are reporter just out of Kerry Keating's press that are yet Kerry Keating's press conference and press counselor got out no presser no presser today Cody. We'll always connected to that we wouldn't be here right now that happened at the who'd be on your brand new private jets. On the way to Bloomington together if that happens you let me now with it that is not a lot of things that made me walk away from Julian and wiped out here but who that's one of them right there and get that job on come in with a beer hatchet man. The U runner. Are from the floor segment with John Dickinson occupy American Express proud partner of the Golden State warns John that it's in a proud partner of ours. A partner what's going on guys that Kerry Keating press conference. Heating up at this depth but on fire flames everywhere and it's got a Julio break in tension. Let's talk about speaker's press conference didn't get a light note like hey coach Steele like your Arizona wildcats' chances or anything like that today it. Is it more on out about yet do you in this and the team pay attention to these two deadly terrorist and perhaps look at the team most definitely doesn't speaker does as well obviously it's. Air so while cancer team could make it a significant run in the tournament he said. That they do you have a team Y bracket pool. Though with a straight face. It looked at everybody and said no wagering because that's against everything stance of course it does of course it is you'd never ever. Place a wager on sports assumptions upped the ante in the room that would be. Could be destructive act but these guys follow Audrey and all of them. Follows it later on green policy probably more than any but sure he said today cute rabbit filled out re brackets. He had Michigan State winning the national championship in two of them and then make it to the lead in the third one actually. There yeah heads and the third one to sit down one what is it though these are all for show except the one that's for dough you know I mean. A tell tale about the team's outlook publicly that against them with no remorse when there's money on the line. There is. I don't know does it feel like there's a lot on the line in ninety idea I think theories just because the situation. That there is nobody circle warriors in magic but nobody predicted it two weeks preceding it in obviously they got back in the win column against Philadelphia. But didn't go make him any friends with the eye test so. You think that there feel like they need. Twenty point starters rested in the fourth quarter game just elect themselves again. I think more so they need to play more consistent defense and it was one of the things I ask speaker. It pretty much agreed sic the data it's impossible to play forty minutes at the level but they played the fourth quarter. Against the 76ers but they can't be more consistent. In particular early in the game and I ask coach or how do you DOE. Sad more than effort. He thinks the effort is there but the assignments haven't been it eat at the tail hasn't been in the midst. Coverages they've been in the wrong spot they rotated the wrong way of their penetration in the wrong guys picked it up. You know when it comes instantly if they're just a little bit off. More than an effort level it's just they feature but he knows where to be so like they it's. Trying to fix that is what leads to those six cents a minute runs were you completely locked down and they eat your profits going and it turns into a blow. The kissing a six that's just talking to Dana and about before I get the chance to go to Houston this week I was at the lakers Houston game. You kind of see how connected. I think the point that these naked JD what you're saying it is is that connection lost when you are connected. Things clicked especially the defense event the rockets right now are deathly connected. That's kind of where the war is trying to get back to us that gets back into the shooting rhythm of the game and hope we played. You know obviously looking forward mitigating Katie back so. You know what's interesting here say that because it in my do you stepping away can kind of see that what's lacking in. Kind of justifies that little bit hope that they get that back and get some magic team that really. Has decision to make you know terms of their last 1015 games in is now making the playoffs. Yet no doubt and think you know if you look at the three games as a whole you would figure they all of the three. One apple would probably be a blow out one of them might be in between and one of them might be closer than you expected and I think the Philadelphia game was the one obviously it's. Close to that you might expect but the orders were able to get that win. Take a little bit to eat rats have another day at practice and now come out tonight I think tonight of the three. Because Milwaukee's plane pretty well beat the clippers last night there there they're pushing for playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Tonight's the one where I think it could be opponent. Meets warriors defiantly back in a little bit of a groove and feeling like they're home and feeling like there there's darkness. Figure out how they wanna play without having to reign in the inner you know they're not just feeling it today and today they are the ones seed against San Antonio's loss last night just looking for. What might put a little more wind in the warriors sales. San Antonio. Keep on racking up those losses at the look good feel good play good scenario right there yet it is and for all the teams if you watch Portland a lot this year Portland and San Antonio on team at Portland's loss that. It scheme where they've been ahead in the final five minutes about ten or twelve times sort of have that BB game where they actually. Pull it out down the stretch and do enough to get away enemies surprising. Based on the winter season is gone but it it works absolutely the warriors favorite spurs. Have a more difficult schedule. Then the warriors with the exception of maybe that week where the warriors go to Houston and then San Antonio Houston here and in Memphis comes in here. Right after that on the surrounding weaken those those four games over the course of the week but orders have a much easier schedule than expert. Not deviate out there if fans revenue within the show quick update the same manners scales game nine with 218 to go one piece of knowledge about our our listeners got in the game Diego Saint Mary's another up and that's eleven now coach after that free throws go. They're looking. It they're looking good. Saint Mary's a pic of mine by the way yeah I I unofficial you know no wagering little little inside information where they scrimmage Arizona in those closed doors images every year. So there will be no intimidation if they were to meet Arizona the second round Arizona obviously trendy pick. Our host here pick that that the wildcats among others I'm sure that are popular in the locker room Steven on I like them to. But I wouldn't be surprised him bears at least got the women had a chance which good. For a Bay Area WCC fans that may interestingly eight matchup with Steve Erickson if I got to go to the final four how about that. I would be incredible and I'll admit Saint Mary's I don't think in the 957 bracket at Saint Mary's in one of my. Five million brackets you'd go through every company I Adam in the sweet sixteen and one of them you know you got a team got a got a bet locally. That's gone now roles I've got just the other jury view. Non negotiable NCAA tournament rules you gotta evaluated any time but I to non negotiable NCAA tournament rules. If I think you're gonna reach a final four in New York State. I'm gonna pick you to win that final fours closer to home games at the end and I never roll with more than two Caucasian starters past the sweet sixteen. Whenever I was thinking that got that every pro that was that they can that not their role in it if you're starting to like boys about what you honestly I mean at bat that that's the waited in last year don't like to really weird. Christian leader. Load show really look unique come close is duke are today out and I try not to pick dentist based on. There duke. JT we've got a big game tonight like you said they'd probably big game coming up here. With the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday and then another road trip you know we saw this team you know. Plan for a road trip that they've been complaining all year about and then play we got blind sided by it. Think that they needed to stop talking about the mechanics just want to it like here's these games are at. You know stacked on top of each other like you you you. You'd Golden State Warriors take on bulk. The NBA championship they still have the best record in the NBA's is we've talked about I think that'll be the approach I think it was more. A combination. OK to rants out you've got to try to figure out how to play without him. And did you have. The NBA had of the toughest part of the schedule popping up at that. An exact same time and I think the one game overall problem that just irked Steve Kerr from two months ago was the San Antonio game. That was the eight and thirteen that where you they had to come from Minnesota although again the San Antonio it just appeared that it was almost. Wedge in for television without any thought he rhyme or reason ride as to who they were gonna play before after it was the end of the long run it was just like now to add on that Saturday. Everything else began. Yeah now I play you know and also looking back at it too. It's the Celtics game. The economy was wedged in for TV you only read also no doubt you know not right you're a big rowdy and I got to go home to play the Celtics. When we could have literally flown in here on. Three different West Coast trips they've taken but tonight's your night. Yes and there's no doubt he could put Atlanta at the beginning and it tricky and at the Celtics in here earlier and at the warriors play in Atlanta are Philly and Boston or Washington. They play the knicks before don't know land there all kinds await you could flip flop I know we got to get rolling here one last quick question just thrown out there's just officials that ball and right now we know the SP does not get to deviate. From his Barnes McCaw matchup preference to start for KP. The slow starts are officially an issue. Hash tag JaVale nation at a a a let the slowest player on the floor off the court for your slow starts in my writer might not inequity you Mary's he's dedicated to keep them on the bench so. And why not give out just to shake up. This guy. I'm selling Zaza stock in the last three weeks was Morley is as poorly is awesome Pachulia played the other night. JaVale McGee played what three minutes. Now in that game and he sets of issues was with its deep offensive assignments and we're talking about this indeed it is I'm not being in the right spot. It just two for all the things you've failed he does and a lot of good things he does. He tends to make the mistakes that it as a coach. Again you just. You almost you get doubly upset about it and unwilling to trust that player there's that thing I'll take the mistake. At the speed limit then the mistake anyways that was fundamentally sound but still happen in slow motion. I think the bigger point real quick JD is he Steve's got to start get whose playoff rotation towards the end of the city to even with or without Katie they expect to return if that happens. So we're gonna have to try to find out if maybe have to see as these last ten come up where that 89 or my rotation really isn't who get left that that. And I think the center position you'll still see extra players because the word divvy up those minutes of it so there is gonna be ninth guy. And I even a little bit you we've seen Steve Kirsch with the center position. Four different weight and the AFC west out there I mean is damion Jones that apple does likes to got drafted we get him up here and I just that remember drain on greens gonna finish the game a lot at center so that you take maybe twelve minutes a game there they'd work backward 36 for maybe three other gaps radios we've seen in. You thank you so much.