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Mar 15, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good to have you back here for Verizon warriors warmup built by Dolan slumber doors and windows with Matt Stein it's it is a pleasure to be joined. Once again by John Dickinson who comes up. From the floor to get this ready for tonight's game he was just departed the Steve color press conference are from the floor segment brought you by American Express proud partner. Of the Golden State Warriors JD good to see you again man never a dull moment around here these last fourteen days I don't know never a dull moment as the mortgage trying. Patch this thing back together for a stretch run of the final sixty tell you right off the bat though that this this is outdoor pre game whether this is what we're talking about the I want this from now tell fathers that this is all we're looking for between here in June gore gorgeous chamber of commerce level day. Whether it is in beautiful out here it's class by the old oak tree. How was speaker's press conference obviously. I think we we've got two different warrior teams. Three arrests in post arrest and now that this team is rested expectations I think are legitimately high again to go three you know at home this week. Anything less than three you know I don't. Is an element of pressure that I don't think they necessarily want attached yet it's an opportunity for Andy to get back on track in and Steve Tucker. Said that he felt yesterday and it really get practice. It rested. They're ready to go there back in a routine staff Corey talked about that earlier today at shoot around and it is it's three games that you would figure the warriors can't win even without Kevin Durant so. Are hopeful that tonight can be a momentum builder and he does you tonight is the beginning of that final push. Toward the once you've been an awful lot of slow starts around the Golden State Warriors lately since given to grant's injury especially. Patrick McCaw. It's been in the starting five I thought that he had a real let's see which got moment in the San Antonio game and he didn't show very much. Has there been a two week is the Al due to match up or any other reason rise in the cost starting. Patrick about McCall is going to start again and Steve Kerr addressed the fact in his message to McCaw. After the O for twelve that that he took instead it Tony when he said that the next game is the most important game. To still continue to be aggressive to take the shots and in the caustic guided content to be a little bit passive even when that things are going well he wants of it. Not be afraid he feels that's when a young player gets himself the trouble. Is when he shies away from. Taking shots when he's been missing shots of he wants we'll call back in there he's a vote of confidence for being in returning him. To the starting lineup but he wants him to continue to to be aggressive and maybe be more aggressive than he is normally. Matt is it right to ask this rookie who was a second rounder unheralded from UNLV to do this much. Us with this team I'd love to be in his spot platinum curry and play Dray mind. Is that they took in the first round is a now I mean. Listen why isn't going to be a significant player on this team which are trying to find out the regular season is if you can play him in the post season. As for how long time. At what point the game. It took a back step against the San Antonio Spurs I think all along. Ian Clark. More or. Was becoming known as the player who's gonna have to step up for this team and that's what I want there's JT. With their help the bench is really struggled Kerr has like the orient or at least once the artery with the bench. If you try anything different to try to get some firepower. In that second you'd. Yet Kennedy I think he is in it Clark's really the only score the warriors have off their bench it would Holland Livingston those are nice players that fit. Really what the other stars and fit the different line of that the speaker wants to put one thing. He led to ward is the fact that I think you may see a little bit more at David West playing the power forward position he said that really all your long they've played. Essentially to rant. Or Raymond green at the power forward position obviously during months starts and entering and as the primary backup I think you'll see Matt Barnes there he's played some minutes there as well. But I think the warriors may actually go big. In an attempt to to find more options off the bench and play west let's say it was hot topic Julia. Maybe Clark it's a little bit or run. Curse said they spent the coaching staff spent the better part of yesterday look at it adjustments and he says you will see. Noticeable differences in the rotation in the ball game tonight well. So this certainly keep an eye on with John Dickinson and next time it's on Damon Bruce you're on Verizon warriors warmup built by Dolan lumber doors and windows. Obviously you can't have a press moment with Steve Kerr about asking about the missing piece. Kevin Durant will let everyone know if your coming on into oracle the night you walk past our 95 cents in the game ten you can sign the Kevin Durant get well lacquered like this. Woman is doing right here ma'am how'd your penmanship. She says it's good she says it's good that you can come out here and sign the big Kevin Durant poster board that we're gonna be giving him. Is there any latest update from direct it appears that every. On schedule I'll I'll tell you just looking at where it was last week when he write about it that whatever but he last Wednesday six days ago he's winner in the knee brace and the speaker it's at least ride the bike but where he walked into that room and he was weren that huge knee brace and sat down and just didn't look totally comfortable looked almost like he was. Trying to convince himself that everything was okay and he said the right things and said he had been through a lot worse and was optimistic but I tell you today. CNN and yesterday at practice especially today was moving around speaker said he was taken and set shots today. There was no need brace on. And he's come a long way in the last week in in the last few days three which you now out of the chair and it today he's in a situation and set shots jump shots are common. It looks like the four to six week range or right before the end of the regular season it looks like that could be more in play now. Then it was six days ago where it seemed to me like just to the guy testy could be stress. Which I don't think there's any doubt about it there's word optics. And after he met with the media with the brace on I was thinking who. I X he does not look that great. Today I see in the practice. With that video he's walking around and I thought I he'll be back. He looks like he'll be back. It it looks or will it look really look at eight weeks before and outlooks for 500 it really did I mean it it was very encouraging well he got hurt. Exactly two weeks ago today so there's two X 68 to four to five I guess the math adds up JD no matter how you look at it. Let's see it's important week I mean it feels like it's got to be three in a week. Was he talking about. You know I'm an overall parking plan you talk about the the final stretch here plays out he'd broken up into certain chunks. I think they always break down the season week by week. But he play he did play the cliche without played it he said he's hopeful that a couple of days off obviously the rested San Antonio the good practice. That they had yesterday. Can get a one tonight and at one contorted into a two could turn into three you know the warriors aren't they went three and a rowdy steal one. All of a sudden it went six and realms that they've won ten out of eleven Kevin Durant that'd be part of that this season but I think the belief is that they're set up. With the schedule to start to get on a roll where they can try to finish this thing twelve than four hours it's gonna take that if they're gonna get. That number one overall seed may even take the win at San Antonio on a couple of weeks. I think that. When it comes to the number one seed vs the number Tutsis. That we've drawn a conclusion that because he rested everybody on Saturday that they're not going for the number one seed I actually think. They've looked ahead to the final 1518. Games whatever it is they felt like they can take a hit there it's still. Finished number one and you know what if they are hostages lay down on the tiebreaker though Matt is your run your right it is but I think if they go three you know this week they'll be back in control. And I just think that it was. In his mind that he was gonna arrest them that night and it was in his mind. A week or so before the game. You know may be the Boston game would have been the right game to rest guys against you know that would have been luckier Rauscher look you know looking back that might have been the trick but you know it's all water under the bridge now and bigger better days are certainly ahead for this team. JD one of the most interesting sports clauses ever worked into a contract today for me near Mir is over in Japan. He gets on limited sushi. In his contract if we were to build in an unlimited cuisine. To your contract what would that cuisine be public goodness it yeah I keep it simple it would be a limited it would be a limited pizza or limited not kills. Very nice man. Lieberman I would go to the unlimited Cobb salad really. Come on that chicken sandwich one day. Cops now if you get a good cops outlets that can be very satisfying I. I had no idea I've never even heard of a salad besides macaroni and potato. Thank you very much JD always good to see you man great stuff from inside when we come on back we will have starting lineups we'll have keys to victory. And a couple of quotes from the birthday boy himself stepped curry will return here for our final segment of Verizon warriors were up. Built by Dolan is lumber doors and windows.