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Franco and Kags Podcast - March 10, 2017

Mar 10, 2017|

Join Gianna & Anna as they recap 49ers Free Agency so far, Aldon Smith getting in trouble, again, Natasha Paul from Black Sports Online joins the show and tweets of the week!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well you waited all week for us we're back with another episode of frankly tags Angie had a frank Allen and manic panic isn't halt shell. So all the shelves stop the presses not the president speak and it is somebody's birthday it's. Odd as tonight's night. Did you out of print and think you mean you did not look the deal between you know it's like the dirty ads crash ashore. And thirty. If actually I'm sorry don't look at the at twenty by almost that's right it's scary very very difficult I sure liberty with Matt Barnes. Adonal Foyle. At us and chemical. I. Await. You at what it's like human. Newark exactly kids you're married to apply the exact and then you work with the buys these cell aces crises love policy analysts between her on late next march like ice up and and a march 9 sandwich. You're gonna march 9 sandwiched. That is Michael thank you very much and Matalin and they get is Colbert which states you have to give a special senate. Elena. Button Dixon who is our engineered in the days she's also the one of the police is eager hungry pop show. And that sexy Dixon voice that comes on it's coming up on shown she's part of Amber's show you it answers for some aspect she. Got me aging guy version of the Lockheed data was for eighty freak you know it was pretty cool that I'm right there I mean made my day indicated that art that was the app and oh my god mean aegis Alba wrapping paper eat. Photo shopped my head handsome gorgeous Romans poppy. Look just like yeah I hasn't been my size or beach body on demand and just in. But yeah it was critical is pretty awesome pretty epic and then one of our blisters is becoming a dear friend of mine Michelle Lieberman she brought he. H two Bok let me each pocket that banks pockets now it's sweet Alley and travelers to see as a doll island we levered great listener and bring your infant wishing to ever commend and hang I hung out last night for the game we had agreed to off I have a son showed today deferring its all the craziness of and it felt free agent. C net Tosh a pol from black sports online Choi has the right now pop fly apparently there is a news celebrities slash sports Koppel are gonna disguise. And it takes the week every once in a an uproar about Russell Wilson and see here as pregnancy at a that agents to weed out toward talk all about that today the first. We have to concentrate on what's been happening the last couple days it is free agency is in full swinging a officially started on March 9. At 1 o'clock and man the niners have been incredibly. Active and a they have QB Brian Hoyer here our son mark he's good when Logan Paulsen. Kyl used check Robbie Gould Malcolm Smith. Just to name a few in the last few Arabic nine agents ninth grade nine battle Hartley was another one at. They added and I the former bears quarterback who played the last six games that the Bayer's. Take for Jay Cutler. And then it's that he will see what happens right now they have two quarterbacks on the roster right now player and Barkley. And they've been trying to get Kirk cousins who just sent a franchise tag with the Washington Redskins and was told. He actually tried to go to the Redskins and they want to be traded and Snyder and against it don't count on it. But interestingly enough Kirk cousins did say. Apparently this is reportedly from Eric out of an optimist outing he said he spoke to acquire a source close to Kirk cousins. And he says I'm gonna be it niners in 2017. ET. July 17 this year Kirk is generated heat it'd be traded he could be traded it's a possibility. I mean. We I think we have to be patient with the niners I am. Totally. Happy deceiving me all these new entry age eight I think that's what we expected I think that's what John Lynch said he was gonna do it told the kids you know stay woke. Pay attention which is let. We're doing and yes they did make a tenement doesn't visit thicker strong. I am not I had I am on the fence at the Brian Hoyer signing I do understand he's kind of like a bridge quarterback eat a veteran and a future. Not the future of the franchise but he may be that guy to kind of get you through the next couple years we get someone that's younger. He kind of groomed them to get ready to take over the reins I'd get that I understand that. And he appeared our son wood nine years in the NFL so little time to think them you know on the planet and these towards the end of his career. A decent strong sightings not seen where I've been glow that's an amazing great on the niners Malcolm Smith. I did my left tackler for the raiders. But still have some kind of issues knowing the raiders did have defense issues last year's so. It's not like molasses is and it saved. The 49ers keep it yet Navarro Bowman if he's healthy means the most amazing linebackers out there in a while but. If he's healthy that's the biggest question mark Matt Barkley an instinct thing. Interestingly enough. Some people actually saying will be great about Barkley with with them. Kyle Shanahan. Is that he could potentially Isner exactly he can potentially be the next Matt Ryan. Problem is last three games for. Matt Barkley he had interceptions. Yes that's not a good start. Out. In the meantime if not I mean I understand that. You need a little time to kind of eat how how it's doing now. And he's young he's yet Sony needs a little bit time to be grooming grown more opportunities out there the ten interceptions that's not the best number you wanna see but again. You know Kyle Shanahan and known as the quarterback who whisper who knows what he can do and that is Tony seeing 26 okay rank and new port beats. Right. It's it's intercede to see all the bears. It's OK I know that matters that he can mediate at the mini bears it's kind of funny. We've had resigning so far from Chicago. Lawyer old. Barkley had at least three so that's interesting that. No it's dead I think I'm happy to see the niners very busy and I think a lot of niners fans are as well I think if electric heater reset or refresh button and kind of an opportunity to sort of how some positivity. Around this franchise and instead of all the conversations being so negative that's now for the Redskins. That's their job now with everything happening over there they just fired their GM Scott McClellan who was once here with the niners that's right so let's at bananas looks like it might have been reportedly is them he relapsed from alcohol abuse. Really sat me the fact that that would happ in and meet me there will be so. A little more happiness maybe with Kirk cousins beacon I don't know if that was that animosity between those 20. It where really lies so. Don't think it's ever Goodwin year. Quarterback once out you know we wanna keep any wanted to be happy where there because it's not they're gonna constant it's constantly be looking for something bigger and better and that I think distracts a little bit from the Italian completed focused they could be putting on. A Israel that Washington Post article bits and pieces of an up and get to the whole thing but I guess the club which shall put the locker room intoxicated. And so forth here's. You know I don't think you can fire someone for having an addiction though when that addiction. Crosses over and affects your work environments. And the rest can have cars to you know. That's detriment or medal and I mean it is it really has. It's a problem now that's story lines that people fall throughout the year you think about how you had when the 49ers were at their peak with Jim Harbaugh they were great team. But then all these story lines about things going on behind the scenes between ten ball keeps him higher budget New York. And how they getting get along and how it affected the rest of the team in affected that season when he made that season. Eight it goes back they'd eat Italian really affects it seems so negative publicity negative stories really effective team and I think that's. That's the thing that it's gonna be really cover the rest insist they're also going to be releasing. RG three today as well report that's right. That's rights RG three's and at least that's what the browns the browns are the daily wrap around accounts. Now that's it's. I don't see him having much of the feature anymore. Now in the league and speaking of somebody else have you future in the league all incidents all Smits is definitely. Someone who is I was just talking about this with Vontae the other day he asked me if I think their readers take a chance announcement. And this is he in the for the news broke about what happened to him this week. I was like a 100% now I don't think you take on commencement back I don't care how talented he is but there hasn't been enough time for him to be on the field to show some consistency. Or just the fact that you can trust and count on him. And the news broke yesterday or this week I should say. That he was involved in a car accident was the passenger. The cards right the card the person driving the car was a female he was not driving but apparently. Two at two people were detained. One for potentially. I don't drinking and driving or what is that for alcohol he was detained for public intoxication. And there's three people total in the vehicle and he goes is is 8:30 in the morning and they hit a police cruiser while. Both the guys in the police cruiser had to go to hospital but the police officers not life threatening injuries. But then he comes out about 2 o'clock in the afternoon. There's media everywhere. And he starts having this conversation and speaking to immediate and BC Bay Area talking about he's. I'm fine I'm not a I and I let's night she talked about. Can't focus on the bad stories about me anymore ED to start talking about the good stuff about means and what I heard I see myself. This not doing bad things it the funny thing about this is this is not the first time if this look like a first time ever got in trouble. He happened to be drowned but he wasn't driving that happening in the Collison but he was John. I would it. Get mad at him as much and when they get it affected but this is the eighth time. And it and it's ridiculous less of them February 14 was the last time he had. Some sort of interaction situation where the police for that teams the report was less than a month ago. I mean you can't go thirty days about keeping yourself out of trouble. And that problem you cannot have the raiders bring him back to this team because this team is going in the right direction this team is. Going positive direction at some good leaders this is only gonna effect the locker it's a cancer in the locker room. And camping someone like that into this team when they are in such a good direction really heading towards a championship caliber team right here. And that's only to bring a lot. There's no. Discipline and order and I think this goes back today and the Phil Alden Smith what you guys say this is eighth ninth incident. There's no repercussions. So there's no. Different results from him I mean we're seeing the same person misses his Louie is I wasn't surprised watching the video I was just like Lyle. Taken back by the video only in the sense that when he was talked keen he did not seem together he didn't seem like he was. Make it he look like a guy who hat I was up all night part keen but hasn't his actions aren't so that's a 100%. 100% and here's the thing to you got suspended you are in the middle of being reinstated. With the opportunity to go back to right now you need to go home shut the door. Lockett at Amazon fresh can deliver your feet called blue paper and work out in college today on that done that's that's what he needed to focus on a human have a couple Beers student is inside your house. My other question though is how much is the NFL almost at fault and I don't want a completely put on them off problem is. He was not allowed back with the team at all if he was around somebody like Jack Del Rio on some of the good leaders around this team labeled almost. Not keep and I and him kind of be positive influence on and say hey keep yourself together keep yourself together he was not allowed to be around teeny before workouts or anything. Could that have kept and I straight narrow instead of tedium distracted with other things around and keep nine games with the raiders who he was around the team he had -- he people around him to Kidman get out of that are good influences I I I don't think it's the NFL's faltered on like just a completely just I just I just don't think the NFL should completely shut these guys out completely. I think they should somehow be able to see you be around the team in a capacity maybe not going to practice. Maybe just somehow being able to at least. Top with the team and just be able to be somewhat around them so that they can have a positive influences around them because I think that really affects him just like. If you have somebody who's going three. You know a tough situation tough home life for something and in a really bad situation. But you put him in a good environment. They have a better chance of getting out of that bad I mean keep costly putting them back in that bad spot. If any keep going to that to these old habits that thing is and Phil doesn't care ball and smooth. Of course not they only care about making money they don't say anything except that is the money they don't about the fans the players nothing Natalie it's all about. Making money and being that billion dollar business that they are the thing is is that dean Alden Smith had you know he been on the team with the raiders before he was suspended. You know he was there is their card there was Jack Del Rio he haven't that he was part of this environment. And part of a team that was going places which I think at that point. When you when you cut somebody off like that I feel like it's almost like tough love like you almost have to say if you want to be a part of this you have to show you wanted. The NFL should absolutely make sure that all holding get all the help he meets. To conquer these demons but is bigger than him getting back on the field this kid's got major problems that he can't he doesn't understand. He doesn't understand how to how to accept consequences. Are taking you know you know like own up to what you've done. He takes no responsibility for any of his actions he's saying that I'm trying to head into making on how does this seem different in jail. Come on. But it's like putting the SARS with the dolphins are still going to be a shark I don't think all in Smith being with good people. Is gonna change Orleans metropolitan at least the change himself. It only to start with him 100% in. His dad has been very Adam active in trying to get his son back on track trying to get him. I hope so exactly. You know an innocent young man that he might not I not unless I hope he'd serve bites the facts I said yeah that's the scariest part about it I'll be justified and he event's that I haven't heard anybody I haven't killed anybody because you're so lucky that that happened happened QPH irons in his life I now he just he doesn't Anders at a I I wish him nothing but the best I wanna see all the announcements exceed. I wanna see him get his life back on track and is a Catholic that would John payments. Like this you know he's kind of he's true really trying to turn his life ram because I think she realizes. The opportunities. He could have hat and what he's leaving behind. But not been in the NFL but this completed let me think about genomics and not been invited to com by here's this young. Incredibly talented guy he believe the people out of the water at his pro day at Oklahoma. Erica they're comparing him to Ezekiel Elliott I mean that's bitter talented he's very counts in the end he has a. Big mark on his record right now at a forty niners and the raiders both attended his pro day interest. And I think that's finding their due diligence that they should meet with him and talked to him and that's fine. IA. Would not. First up I don't want to either of these teams draft him exit meaning either because one the 49ers are in the midst of a rebuilt. The are trying to get of that negative image that they pad they had the prawns with Eldon Smith they've had a proms Matra they've had tons of problems in the past they're trying to get away from rain McDonnell. Everything surrounding him. They had so many issues that they need to turn the page on all that stuff that really affect them in the past and go with good. The raiders. I would be extremely shocked if they. Actually drafted him because of the political foundation. But it's amazing how many people we opposes this week on the morning show a few times we've sent one day with the raiders are one of the 49ers. You want the 49ers to draft and got the raiders to draft him. Interesting. Is how how many people said Jack I'll take the talent I don't care that he punched a woman in the face. This is why the NFL is worth so much money this is so sad I can happily that people would rather have eight talented guy on the team then. And that would mean considering his track record he's so if this is what he's deeply and how he's going to be in the NFL the oh yeah actually there's a team that's gonna take a chance on him absolutely and if it works out Hague on him if he's if he turned his life around I want nothing more than I was on the positive media for the skies but. I mean come on this kid is like he is just. He'd humor as a little bit of all these kind of like a bit of a market for trouble Yunel is it follow it. That chance I mean but I always think should we expect. Men who are millionaires of of another wealth to be compassionate. And to have. Any type of care for other people. Yes we should. I just they're human I don't know if he really a standard and it may be maybe they'll get to that but the problem is we don't we let them get away with that whenever they want because they can't. Though knicks think about it I mean think about other foundations in the good work that a lot of yes. And it's Allen former NFL players have done in the pit Steve yet he's a chicken guy asked Derrick Conner. Good guy. Aren't talking about ownership I'm talking about at the ownership level about who you know nobody running on NFL. You know am I gotcha yeah that perspective that I don't even think they really. Have a connection to what is what is really going on peoples and access to psychological disorder he ought. Obviously that the exact I know and DeWitt intercede com mind you go through available. Interview when they keynotes breakdown of your eight learn more about you as a person. Am I wonder what how he would've scored and that that yet that's the other thing that if you apple combining might have been more comfortable for him not just having a pro day break and be more one I want if you become like he would have to sit in front of the media and answer these questions. And top two individual players and our individual teams individual coaches he would have to face it I don't think he really had to face it on as he's getting an opportunity to pretend that they in the NFL I will say I am glad he didn't get invited to com mine I I think that was a good step. And your right these owners don't care I will say that to about the owners I mean look at it dean on an adjusted to the chargers and San Diego and the raiders. Eric Davis is about the raiders to Los Vegas is it it's about the bottom line for them they they got communities they do. So I mean. As sad as it is it's kind of true. But hey you know it's their business and we think about it you you want your business to succeed it's up to feature is that Yahoo! is succeeding. The NBA one hunt via NBA Atlantic solo global. And they have done such a good job and the lawyers themselves have become such a global brand that people don't know or Golden State was now it's like you don't even think about changing their name relates at San Francisco awards and they moved the single seat because it's such a recognizable. And I think Adam. And and I think implanting them in Chile campus talking about that a couple weeks ago. When he visited the station about how they plan on keeping an angle currency because of that reason act richer write a few years ago they mean the lawyers or even. That part of the conversation he thought about global and be Abe rams I think when the first teams popping heads are probably the knicks and the lakers Nina. You know that's coming out of rebels has become a. Michael Michael two Celtics with a pedigree now all up to him but I mean like uses said glossy award is really come I don't know where. And taken charge the agent and a paper trip slump lately that app that got the spurs coming up this weekend and I'm almost tonight several tonight I think it's a little bit. You know losing that game to the Celtics they were so sloppy in the fourth air water that's I mean it just they seem tired they seem a little out of sync they seemed tired. HS and give me the Celtics just were gone forth that 98 are really good team they aren't they aren't there on the heels of Cleveland in the east right now on if you know Cleveland's been injured in. Never gonna talk says that Russia pollen just a few minutes and we're gonna have to ask her about when you know the heat tick downed cows. Two times so far the last few you know this month so I. I don't think a a main thing too that's were seeing a lot of other teams are having the warriors really haven't established is the depth to their roster right there's really right now. Only five dependable warriors. I wanna say a staff curry Tim on green clay Thompson of course big Ian is Shaun Livingston. Eight keep his numbers have actually gotten better on some of the other guys their numbers have dropped a little bit you know with honesty have. The addition of Kevin Durant and have less shots went around of course the guys obviously met. Eight numbers are on dams are we cannot come Iggy doesn't like oh isn't like that he doesn't like to called Andrei and Andre Iguodala but Andre lot his numbers have actually improved compared to last year. And I expect that from death that veteran leadership to step couple I mean when you have paction Carl was a rookie. You have Zaza Pachulia who was over the alleged. Matt Barnes is coming in his legs are right I mean you were seeing that. It's going to be a struggle you're not gonna just be able to win games when the topic yeah I mean. It's not yet it's gonna definitely be harder and then not to make adjustments not having Kevin Durant I mean I know this was. Not a 100% the team before KG but the bulk of the team is still there. And so they just have to kind of read just yet tweak things a little bit act until the and that's gonna take timing right partially it's. At a time where you read he wants him to succeed more because you want a secure that you know that that top seed Nikolay has come. Well Hawaii is uncertain right now against the lawyers for Saturday night because of that apparent head injury he actually kind of album. If I saw a play place now. Yes OK it's uncertain whether or not it's gonna play if they don't have coli Leonard on the court that's big for the warriors right now because he is such enemies and it's an amazing player. He is. Definitely great you know who are also missing them because of the Kevin Durant being gone you're missing that defense and that's racy work like the bogus it was actually really did. At time because he was so greater protection not leaving his feet right and Kevin Durant bad defense has definitely taken hate because he's so good it. He's is so big that he's so good on both side. And we might see a problem tonight the scarlet and it sounds as somebody feast and sighed in wants to be in the interior you know sheets to but. Tired just when on the road they came back for like a minute now they're back out there and god country and it's it's a little bit rough it's another athlete and you asked them. How do you the last excuse I don't think it's your job he shouldn't be tired I understand that but it's I think it's normal first summit of course the you know you're. You're just that you're here aren't wrote in the new coming back to oracle far. I day in the year back on the road to play another game I mean to need to hit the road again it just a lot I think it's a lot it would it's it did this last. Few months is an interesting scheduled for us for our summit and sit in the morning show and he said that you know they're not using it as an excuse. But it is a lot at eagle from East Coast the last dozen now going to Minnesota which is still four hour plane ride. Right and you're basically gone back to East Coast again it's time changing the chain is a big change its they are try to address that. The schedule because it's at it is it's a little raft while both teams go through its big deal AD but we just I would have rather gone through this earlier in the season like prior to the NBA all star break had Hamachi your squads at the -- but that's just wishful think I'll everybody wants that Allan ray. Are right well what you're gonna love next is Natasha pol who joins us from black sports online Franco tags 957 game. And we're back straight tags in 957 game ninety on a Franca and manic again our next guest is the Miami beat writer for black sports online attached to pop thank you for joining us. It's a happy year ice Miami Heat beat writer mammy beat writer is. Miami Heat. Yeah I mean by I'd actually be in the arm and air with an. I bet they are you where and there's where he now. About that this is that right out of the gates here at this talk about what you do and on all the other stuff you cover. Well I I've been mile. Eight day I came up apple can cover up. On the C. He and Al you are typically cover for or about where he and I will calm. I do you know when people see new court at that fateful heavy state. So what will eat out our commitment of the ball game I would check equipment and all the air back to back and my. Apathy and even though it. They are such a lot. To get around Miami to Jackson go by art I'd. You and incredibly. Busy. I have that tell you. Arnold around him and you know. Talking about Utley how. Neat because like I. And that will be what could be and. I'm not a life so I worked the morning shift so I get up at 3 in the morning to I love like one of the warriors go to the East Coast is picnic at the early games I can actually watch the entire game most of the time there's times I can't even stay awake at the and for the end of the game. You know Thomas the really means it's like you hit it exactly. That's not a black sports online. Well I Ollie being injured in a way. Album night at. Pretty much for me I will act like a little. I would reach lurch here I was polite way. And I eat. Eat eat eat. OP like we. Eat. Let me get out. And I have let. It Rock Hill. Under. That's well. In any shape or at eight got my seat I'd call a time when he. I but. And how much it. Is not is it a martini. Yet. There are eager what I don't you start writing about it. And Robert. Leo let them eat at Tyreke her. I Indian I you know had to eat that I was incompetent like you know back then but at lighting. And he brought me a lot about you. Titles. How to eat how to write. In it is being. Eat at school. That's great that you got here in there you know here's the thing to you and I talk a lot about mean women and working in sports. And it's interesting to hear how everyone kinda gets theirs start. You know what you're the role model for letting younger women who have aspirations have a future in sports network in the NBA or sports in general where would you like to go from here. You know enjoy being at the om I hate this country. Uncle Michael Jordan the op. The feeling that root what would. Make. I keep. In different avenues with and it shouldn't you at whatever. He could end up slightly from. You have to be very competent in English. Couple and what you which do. Which he made up quite. I'd note that there's a lot of that it or more prevalent women in sport in what the media play you know it is. This is kind of like groundbreaking I bet you we each. Has verbally beat her and people are tired and wore white or. Women like apple thinking a little girl and look at it well actually care eaten up there. We we wanna talk about it will be heard. Well we actually just attended a premiere for a great documentary called tomboy and it was all of that elevating women in sports in the industry and even the sports themselves. One of the things that's hard as you watch sports like the WNBA in is not nearly as popular as the NBA. As much as you know we all cover obviously the mainstream sports we do like to hear about how women are doing it sports but. What do you think your advice for women and how we can maybe elevate them to get off in a maybe close as popular as the man sports. You know I'd mentioned on the other Iran and Russia beat writer Richard yet though don't be afraid to. Epoch equity they eat. Connections go. Working at bat. Of the letters. I don't clock and they lock up yet if you're covering our heat. Chart they're so out. They're very gracious people of the world hockey talk or her male journalists and you know they are committed by age. A lot of people that say Greek people as well hokey. Really network networking element and I I can't say that and not. On link users are in the industry to cracking at an important and getting your way out there and you know a lot of starting out where in my cap to you know Gary they they were talking about. On around the wind actually you actually have to do. We like it actually college schoolwork where. Bert for I need to cover back. Seat but. Are you able. And do you go how to do it. Writers are wrapped up to me. If somebody happened to eat again. In the door to go ahead and make it would be well short and they get mad at. They electrically and and but they got out there and the epic LO. What your jewelry or you're healthy holiday a look at she's because your kid in the tragic dude behind what it takes to get in the car. And he looked experience I mean sometimes forgive her for even interact is getting that experience and making the contact is in value Lee camp a product price. On that type of knowledge she can get from doing an internship. So the Miami Heat have gone from 1130 to 31 and 34 at me have a legit contender for rookie of the year and Rodney Magruder. Team is on the cusp of another playoff appearance to think that make the playoffs this year. Do you think they'll act like you bet on. Eleven. And there. And then they are true and I'll. I'd be kids. I. Game out OK you know. See where it just happened to feed them a T I. On I didn't. It I didn't ballot epic that mentality. That I can be laid. Eat eat. Scene. There at the hot. Out anyway. They protect. And he beat the cat didn't. So I don't get me perhaps being technique could be eat and I haven't felt like I eat eat it. Armed. Exe that. App and I. It. I it they are. What they do you know a group that nobody really did. It on T. You have a buy and guy urgent. I. And each other their trust each other. Ethnic. Or only been out on that question there and there he. But now the beer and eat and I don't. Content whether it three point line and keep their eye open. Peggy and so they actually come to a poor credit score over. There. It would be. Cracked that it would cracked a hundred point. Now actually are your. Well there actually working really Welty an iron Spoelstra has a habit of using the word habits. Allowing breaks down the teens performance what tells about the culture heat and heat organization have. Established to really helped create these habits for the players. What. You know. Got it last night at any good to great use of at and TK. See that. They're eager and make it battered in particular. And that. Really practicing different actually they practice. So much. They're still well. These guys and it up for the group you know. It better. All the action it could be gone. And they act at great crop comment. Torture really had them working on ain't good to Greek. Do you think Spoelstra is a cat contender for cuts the air. Should be should be Ian McCartney and making it again. Probably not but it I I. Could be very much apart at a track record to be here at. Actually it being a cramp as a baby well I'm sure. I'll heated there because it like it at that don't you start eat eat eat and LeBron and Chris pops. Cooley who. They have a one player in the right side. But didn't even a spotlight cited at the print. On they have. Some really good clean air and what you like at all it's good to greatly improved on there and people. Is interesting is that the cap at league so Miami beat the cavs twice. And you know in the days that you opened up you know you got EST any on Twitter in this madly to the lawyers a kind of fallen apart a little bit right now they're struggling without Kevin Durant. In such a big deal for ram because you just said keynote like that their plane you know it's like cabs it's like the superstars at their plane. But here Miami Heat held her own against Cleveland and then the workers are falling apart and that's like the biggest her tiny here but no one really and it may be different on the East Coast first this year. But it was all about you know he Dino everything I saw was like you know worst fallen apart but I think people kind of forgot to get a little credit to Miami. In what they did. Earlier this month. It. Out. People the having you and I got caught each. Page. No doubt be heated talk actually beaten the last eight -- actually. Be. The anti. Welcome on rat and where it broke even have a oh. Urged the rocket to whomever else. He. Acts just fine welcome. Because these guys what they could be that it. They can get focused on. Miami it's interesting that you guys had always you know you had that super team before we had LeBron. And now here in the Bay Area to area obviously you know we love the warriors out here but around. The country they're seen as the villains since Kevin Durant can abort kind of a similar idea as. You know he had in the Big Three in Miami what's the mentality like. Man when people look at the warriors from Miami like you know I see them as the villains or you know what the perception there. Well you know. There's nobody. Out there. I. Why. Because he. They. We. Are. Well you. Know you'd meet and oh. At the end of the day where. The cash option. You are. Com the day have. That are. Where and when. They'll work at that caterpillar. Back out like that content to each day I'll be sent them. So much louder. Outlook. Land and he beat the warriors in my I had. Heard the net. Along. I. Thought they just like you can't. Go. Out. If so how I come to play it it will. Oh. Yeah I remember that game army Dion Waiters came up huge I mean he's been playing out of his mark 45% from the three point line. I just wanted to ask them and what have you seen. Just in these last twenty games was in the difference in Dion Waiters. Confidence if you didn't eat meat from that and he's not a bad shot has no you're in what it at church. You. Need to be consecutive week. Well. 88. Well cover that don't meet important technique. That mentality out which it picky about. It because I'm OK and I accept that responsibility but I'll write add. And edit. I. Explore. Well get some when he went back let go by the cab went and the eat it it's great. It was a it was a highly I. Eat at that everyone would. Actually. Okay. Let. Me. See. That it and eat out. You know it's easy to. Help I'd. And me struggle out. It competent and route and key issue. I think it should be cab. That action can agree like Alabama. And it's awesome my last question for him to have to look into your crystal ball. Our rights of other NBA play say they're the eight seat right now obviously be playing Cleveland at this moment. Could this team pull off the upset of the cavaliers. You know what. You. Eat. It. Oh. I. Back that have. Yeah back on and then IP and look I'm. And they have their bench. I. Rich and day out and play it. It. Eight need to. Did. At the. They're not right. To get them. It doesn't under I wrecked and I am absolutely it's been a pleasure having you on the show to the you're gonna be Argo to for anything and everything. Miami and Florida period. Thank you so much thank you for having me guys I really appreciate it. And year traders at sports' top Todd sent you guys in finer on line there and DE what's your website. I'm well. Don't let that strictly would be at a cop. Perfect are we will go the governor to fight on her great articles and to learn more about Natasha Paula thank you so much for joining us and we talked tease him. I. Ashok paw I know it's Corey it was good to hear constitute from like other writers and other reporters and other states because. I was humor and it has been heavily covered the teams that are here. In the Bay Area where is you can hear their perspective what they think of the lawyers. The niners raiders here verses what we think the dolphins. The heat's exact levels there are statistically different diets we're covering eighteen for time I'm in for me I lived there in my whole life so. I have a natural bias towards the teens that try to stand by his clinic of the covering and it seems as well but. Obviously I favor the local teens of course and it's just I just it blew my mind that you know earlier this month I kept seen. You know the cavs losing the heat houses and the heat and the biggest or it was the warriors and I understand that your locally enemy don't you think that's a big deal but I'll hazard dropping games while completely but it all depends on getting hot at the right yeah that extra hour saying last year remember when the warriors had their. They're amazing season. Did they get too hot too early so is this something where they're going to their struggles right now they get out of it to get hot and then. Will carry them all the into the plaster it is a marathon in India it absolutely is. It's America I think when you when you talk about coverage are always gonna focus on the team losing. When they shouldn't be right in the team winning when they shouldn't be you know I mean so and I think right now we're just seeing with the warrior resist. That is his shop and they're losing entire. Is is them being a regular season you lose you lose game it happens and it just so shocking because it's the lawyers rise they don't expect that right but they they usually struggle boss. I wasn't really surprised. They lost that game I was surprised Avery Bradley was able to do was he was able to do against the warriors I mean. He's he's known to give benefits he does especially stuff Perry especially stuff curry who got caught up a little bit last he did you were talking about that he was. I don't know Jalen brown came on sets up the night he says in the post game that he did it. But. Stephan Hadley has something to say on the court in the fourth quarter in the market. That fourth quarter it was a mess last night. It puzzle makes and I was panic is does the same team I saw the last reporters and a messy game out lawyers coming down to earth right now finance again a little humble. And then open and Jacob is just it's just getting out of a slump the turnovers in the fourth had terrible I am the highlight for me was seen that kid when a car. She. Yet it's not I get he or heat. That was. I was out. Yes this though I jest directories that that at three pointer that. Instead had at the end of her court is pretty it was pretty tight I guess that was a highlight. Tags night at seven game I'm Deanna Franken and manic again of course that producer Nick Brown hang athletic McIntosh a pop for joining us from black sports online right now we got a little pop fly and congratulations. To dallas' Dirk Nowitzki this is a great story he has the sixth player now in NBA history to score 30000. Career points them. It's so cool there's only I mean there's three people on that list that Dennett one uniform it's a seat in one of them he's a six in NBA history and become alone. Wilt Chamberlain Michael Jordan and cream to having had a list is that they know all right greatest of all our first national. Okay that's right at him for him sit idle is like he's. A positive guy the time he's been leaking I mean he's he's and he's so impressive so says down LeBron. There is that. He adds are open was at it and it's oh I'm sure consider them around like. Eat some happy about these days. I just had a Bud Light for the first time a long time isn't let Nowitzki said CE SP and post game and so obviously Budweiser. To note of his comment. That's what he chose to celebrate having appeared on him it was get clout. And it inspired a last minute Russian from but like they delivered 30000. Beers in honor of Dirk Nowitzki to American Airlines Arena and will be giving away free Beers to fans' energy of legal drinking age obviously who attend Friday night game. Against the aunts that's pretty that's awesome great whoever is on the PR committee for that advertising. The memories and it does I think beer companies. Whoever artsy people are good attention and agents grasp on opportunities I as the when you can't suggest. Popular player instantly knew it was in the news right now trending for great accomplishment Christina in translates. Into our into. Seriously is there anybody who doesn't actor. On yeah. But that LeBron came out what they interview one uninterrupted. The night he had hit the 30000. You know there one of the greatest all time to show respect he did it even the respect people for dirt. And Bronson and the cops are behind either that 30000 yeah he's right here he's not gonna be doing it when uniform. Right to the center Toby and cart yet counted if that's even more. Than sprinkle. And it's a check this out this is some serious tense moments that miscue basketball team had a scary incident earlier this week. Their plane skidded off the runway on the weighted DC headed their for the Big Ten tournament. No am or was injured at the plate it's suffer extensive damage that is so scary now apparently. That at the team's jerseys can make the trip because I was at a change planes without pretty quickly so. They were the practice Jersey for their first game against Illinois in the tournament but can you imagine. These port kids or get radio play eat at a big tournament I'll and the plane it's in an accident on the run for their back to take off. They got to get on another plane and the travel to DC and that's to me just an idea and they think they won't Helen and I remember correctly game. Anyway they just went off on distracted you know and it looks funny to Seaman a practicing on an instant hit a nap and his scary. Definitely. CT. Mind fun matches played and it's agency. It says she plans on virgin America. And I love taking their flights arrogant airline paid the amount of times athletes have to fly it's a little bit. How can you not be scared it's a lot of chances in the air but it's actually safer than in the Clinton to answer. That. I still get kind of freaked out I do my across every time I take out in Thailand every time assist in a developers or time how pretty she violated issue ever to share her out she says she flies a low vs she applied it's all domestic pretty much except she also despite a Mexico she just went away now. That's nice. And to protect whoever virgin America flights at East Coast west updates as she does tighten up at like one specific like they're San Francisco San Diego Los Angeles Las Vegas picture Cisco up sometime because of her priority be as when she started that she's been in seven years now. So she'll like peaks some overtures that shall take like. Shall do like an overnight trip partial do a three day trip management want him to go to Florida. Six now in the summertime just ray tries avoid going to the East Coast as much as possible winter interest in I don't blame her again it. But yet it's times like. Today. I would you ever been on a flight have been on. Heavy you tell me yet and Albert in America and I only if not G. She'll shall find out who's working on the like that. All of us and that's called it's on Virginia emergence apple estimate fevered airlines jet is to get to the blues as it's don't fly you not like we're out of my mouth. United in American as mighty works. American for you. I have because I miss my plane on my honey. I yet basically long story short we date changed our flight they moved it back. Half an hour like half hour an hour so we go to check in begin work early to leave for an international flight. We missed it by to not like the man I've checked in by two minutes 28 minutes and it sickened thirty minutes of four ladies like. Unlike an excellent it's midnight now known that eclectic and my guess is my honeymoon we have a cruise and we need to go to. I'm crying this is right after the wedding and everything we're just trying to get on the flight I'm exhausted. It's like please please please can you please just let us back on the flight not not Candace somebody else came over and like learning how to it's with a next flight. Six hours later we get us hicks learn a sudden the airport is not sitting in the subway Booth it was it was great and we had to have our baggage with us that they consider back into our house. Really. Yes that's that's not get it at demon and Chilean they just on the air handyman and they have the worst luck with the united missing their flight earth like two minutes into acting like tech and time here in united treats their passengers animals that did it on the you don't expect you to travel belongings it only took a back. Gotta pay to get a dollar. He paid that knows for your flight eight. It's not cool I date messed upon my bikini and we haven't taken night flight. We arrived at our destination like after midnight medical Renner car and we had a son with has. He was too at the time. It was I mean 2 o'clock in the morning waiting for rental car with a toddler toddler in terrible history everywhere exhausted and we still had an hour and a half drive to artist in. You're going to do. Zion un in Utah and it was just like Saint George so beautiful there. I am it was terrible anyway we don't have these problems when you're. And maybe they'll be taking went together signals apparently. They're the new its celebrity couple that's been here and the web this year I guess they kind of haven't seized at a party together some jail in Iraq apparently. Are now looking out and are the next. Round and a couple they had known each other apparently before. And then gotten you know reunited somehow when this happened it hit it off again and been together so are we calling them. I think. It would zillow knows a lot of people ma am the only thing that I'm waiting for. He's a drink sponsor it happened with that dealt a minute it was it was like thirty seconds. I mean. I don't know what was accomplished good good good for both of them actually ended that one. I now definitely do I think Drake gets dumped about 90% of the time and trick or treat me is being off the island. Nine. Trade mark mark Antony who she was married to and yet children was ten. I don't know now rapper his Aaron dancer Casper saw puffy Combs. And I think I don't know chizik is specific taste that none of the board Catholic. I don't know. Now she's. Got the best radar for guys and tries to am dressing nicely right can't pick them eyes is BI she can't finish Nixon weird. Kind of guy today sorry so scared dominant 47. Sheila banging am good IC EC guy Keyes who. Twins and he gestured does the same taxes. Big time respecting you know glad she is I have her picture on my bulletin board at home and every time where she is inspiration she can't sing now. She. And so she's okay. You know if you ever heard any of her Latin sounds like her singing in Spanish with Marc Anthony I haven't actually does a lot better than her English. English. First language actually. Now and she's that she's shouldn't brought that artery and she speaks some Spanish she's fluent which speaks a lot of spam makes sense to me because you normally get those for some language. And you would speak you would think that because it currently Greek singers. Booths they sing beautifully. Greek and I items. At descends. Say this like there's so mining and you know Spanish is obviously different English is how it's ninety's fouls and it's a little bit more romantic standing out with a lot of Latin influence. And in English so I feel like when you're seeing it you can be a little more melodic without. And reducing an English that's just my pants but I in my mom was the singer and she sang it's and it's inspects a lot of mention music and she. When she scenes in Spanish I think my mama's like out it's beautiful she sings in English and selfless it's still 38 is she so talented but it's almost awkward. Because it's English at a not explaining the complicated it is one of the one of them calls. And hardest to learns her people I mean as a second language I will say I love. Hello instantly yes I was the same thing elementary my fairy the go in the hall I'll ask my Adam my cousin got to be Salinas based air permanent all my love having musical yet because her. The basement or sicker some manner he added that he grant her for a number torte with him briefly. Yet he doesn't respond to people who is out via as people are quick hit your Victoria quick switch efforts to tweets of the week some man condor. She's cutting back on trolls here because they ever taken on her for her pregnancy she's pregnant a second child. She is another's child are ready she's due in a couple months did stops and it's slamming her experience with on international women's day of all days. But she did tweet out. Of course that getting successful tweets about my job appearance Wyman able to feed and coveted top. I tell you why would anyone attack. A pregnant woman prime time. Amity has been personally right now it exactly. And I'm feeling huge and terrible as it is of some it's not look at me now you may April and it. But it's somebody say that like. To say that he'll be here. How the Oakley in high Q and how they I mean. And is anti morning sickness Arab network morning hours not getting enough sleep anyway. And just the fact that your functioning you know has seen absolutely. Awesome man at the Samantha people should. Are. Unless you go after the. You understand because a whole thing is like even the morning. I that would get so obnoxious I would have the costly us again nauseous and in order to actually be able to stay on the air and not run out all the time that throw up easy people. I had only easy and I actually you know I gained a little bit earlier on. But. You know I am doing what was best for the baby and I look at boring about talent luck because it's not. I it I do get caught up every now and then when McConnell like contrast or something and I see somebody saint. As I can. Use pregnancy and I'm looking at stuff like now up for it at that does not real happy and who said. Mean it's been pregnant it's great. Now any you know it's it it's okay it's totally okay so. When Anna says he's cater to eat her pregnancy each conference I started I like I injured and then that it Gary bass player I but I just made that clear your beautiful as the economic and now are you and hall and dean. Going to do a reckless policy error on the ice and as keeping a pregnancy photo no. We will all night if anybody at this this and on the tweets of the week here it is actually an intense the year posted a photo. It is a picture her she's in. Underwear she's topless and she's holding her being sexy PGE. Is in his future to the future I think that if you haven't. So she told me naked babies like. The boy. He's he's jacket is. I think he was born in 2014 in his Burke it's like. It might not. Next Lindsay. Got his birdies my case it isn't entry. She penal and so I went to little back in that any length of he's he is making you only see part of his booty. And that all pretty CDs hands come and their holdings Sierras stump so that's supposed to be Russell Wilson. He seems to space though would I kind of weird to me because like at the end. But it does say it is key when they say just the four of us that. Well I think that people tend to do I understand like. The beauty of being pregnant saying you know it's beautiful should Heidi should be. Out there know like Demi Moore did that years ago with her at cover of People Magazine yet. And Britney did it beyond and I just came out with her photos ends with a pregnancy entered you know that twins but I almost think it's summonses a little too packed. Then I I personally wouldn't do it good for them for being comfortable do it. Modest I don't vilified that would. She and if I did it I don't know if I would share like Catholics some photos are meant for your private viewing. There incensed. It's an interesting place to put wrestle. And I don't that right that's to me at that was at the weirdest part. It's where she's cleaners and while he's known on still literally sold BB kind of hobby still in potty trained. Kids you know he's hitting the skin to skin to skin to skin it's not even that is not weird night angering people boarded up by stuff like. The Russell Wilson plays like wreck behind her but an act of in his hands there that's a little awkward I would I I I am always a fan of when you have beautiful pictures like this siege it's pregnant she's sharing it is beautiful. That you need to read you need to celebrate the father T yeah I you know right that's what you're missing ask what's annoying me. And that's a bothers me and I think it's a little bit of a jab at future. You know it's nice definitely adds it's a little chatter axed because it's like this is my new family yeah I'm starting over it is the four guys now I think when he'd do. Become a step parent you should absolutely. And race them as your own because you don't whatever that indeed especially having another child you don't want your son to. Our daughter ever feel. Different from of course those children from Munich from the new babies with a new family and they've been together for so long that they are monarchy you know he sees him as a father victory a million a few oddities father he definitely season as a father. Mean most of his. Remember what it was parents were out there oh. Now we are so mean on Twitter and I would never say anything bad about it onto that win makes fun of them. It's just some of these like you I am more like I would keep that person. Is an up and just the idea Russell Wilson. See its eighth deadline because you're right he should celebrate too because it it takes to. It takes to you and I know that I was just I mean the women do all the work when it comes to carrying the baby and birthing a baby in all about it. You know it's her I mean does it is nice to celebrate the man standing next year. Conceived the child with UN support an hour along the way absolutely insane my husband's support. I'd asked. If you don't think about dollars X responsibilities he takes on letting you have a little more rest when it comes and even and other coming demons. I will say though it must be exhausting. You know and the muscles in Sierra and just having the need to have that attention. Could I just feel like that so no I it's but they they they feel they need the attention they always have to do something whether it's this. Our weather is the snaps that's of them first having sex is when have we don't care. The evil dill. That's the problem. But that's but that's their brand. Am I had that ran exhausting granted half it is and that they're those people one they're like the Kardashians and on themselves out there it's salty wrestle Wilson Sierra. Like reality show is coming. Oh god that is around the corner he I mean I'm not that and that doesn't usually end well for people know but it's it's I would not recommend it's around the clock when he chumps executive order to ban. It's just us. She. Desire of my house why don't I know I like the anatomy agree on issue after an analyst and a team used a lot to -- for like eight a season bachelorette. And then after that it and now it's like Nazis like 22 hours Emma a season that swayze. It's crazy to get their first African American woman on there as rightly talked about that when he whose season yeah since nineteen seasons back time. Well give us another football player who is kind of interesting kind of crazy not you know Gary Foster. Says that he beat a wolf in one on one combat. I'm not anti he's saying industry at this hour looked and he was problems at all. In the new. The new have you seen the new me and I. And the I hope that I that is part of my amateur he went on and watch all of game of the beginning we talk about it yeah okay again. As Larry Bossidy appalled at aryan buster I think I can get 11. Joking. They sent him to thirty. Wolves are 18200. Tops he has not if package while he his neck he's done as a taxes Greek. None of them not as well he can't free its weaknesses. With something. Focus on them if he bites me he's main weapon. Is mobilized. Then becomes vulnerable these bombs are so importance. Not. Have a whole other time might have non dominant ones shield. And a Smart in the world and then it's me. We're net people this Twitter is on what ala. Note he said you know he says you may be one argue me you might say is the willful goes straight arteries. That's. Well married boxer says brown. Well knows where my arteries. It's on final. G. Steen. He. Brings in elks into the mix of these says I'll still at its aggression arms. Joaquin meal. Hunting. I don't destroy this hole. Right there also. Happened in the fourth Robles. Overcome those injuries and don't have ams advantage mean anchors. Yes. That's close to take it to a picture that's the tigers saying. After this rain it is. That's. It's. I had just I'm just flabbergasted. He's just trying to be funny funny. I will say unfortunately. I'm kind overly confident like that too. Eat eat eat eat wolf I think it was you know wolf I don't think home is just 'cause of the value my life but yet. Yeah I guess I don't know the reasons why wouldn't win but I don't think I'm going to lose I don't think I don't think that's what it's meant from. I mean. I like if you had a stake in your hand. And it gets bigger action and you're like fighting for your life you could probably. You're against the will of I would have my I'd have some money on the human crying babies I just the other night all I remember the ones I remember about taking him down trying to protect her hole or. As she survived she alone studies came in at the end. About ego and evil was right batter and even got elected captain and it seemed to me that's a bagel is like and would be that's a remake looks pretty good so I can. And can't wait that's. Favorite we uneasy economic it seriously. The last little quick things that Jimmy drop below got him in a frenzied because. Overnight there was a post on his instant Gramm that said so great comic timing in England peace now Austin. On that later. Everybody was coming out latest in I think this hoax heats pact has nothing has come out yet from new England and trade does not think. It it took until about. Me at 830 our time here so it was a ninth and eleventh 11 o'clock. Another represented as a saying he was packed. Along. And I was wondering for the longest time is this your better passwords in me. About on the part and it finally Tony Romo. He before even being released before even being trade cent thanks for all the support every one. And posted this video. Smart. 48 hours noon. Mean I can't tell the Oakland sport he loved them all here. We'll have. It doesn't go on themselves. I want to say thank you wouldn't realize big way. To. Medical thing about the media and just. It was sweet I think Roma has become more likable guy left his wife back she's Q2 of us should answer the sad music. Potentially good Houston which means LC in taxes. And the Broncos there. On his heels as well it and you know with the Texans. It would of cost Tyler's sending him to the ground that he is it mountain around in Britain and mosque while loses in emblem and he's. Up or die. That is actually that he actually apology to death. Used the real deal make it Smart the first and my athletics pointing. Now. It's upon us obviously part of analytic. With the aid and is now working with yet now with the browns so they're kind of gone it's like 22 picks up the wound. You know okay. That's our next two years this year and next up by the NFL's always an interesting as you could go from like like the worst to first. Pretty quickly. But it is exactly. The browns are definitely the worst. If you were the worst official. Herbal herbal. Are right at at which that was sunshine and I think he very much we've got March Madness just around the corners we're gonna look at the bottom bracket see. On our next podcast her right now I think you'd think I am. Your status is easier yes I'm here go count tonight planned against or. I honestly I haven't dunks talent and wrote Todd says it pants. I would. Jabbar Cooper became the that's awesome okay let's look at the Phoenix and tags and gators are those gators at essence statement here guys on. Our and it hasn't been back.