Natasha Paul

Mar 10, 2017|

Natasha Paul from talks NBA, women in sports, March Basketball and more!

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And we're back straight tags and 957 game I'm Gionta Franca and manic again he's our next guest is the Miami beat writer for black sports online that Tosh a pop thank you for joining us. Great. Colors and happy year ice Miami Heat beat writer mammy beat writer is. Just go to Miami Heat are. I mean by I'd actually be in. And air with an. I bet they are well and there's where he now. About that this is that right out of the gates here at this talk about what you do and on all the other stuff you cover. Well I I've been the way it IE adding up apple can cover up. On the C. He and all you off NCAA cut out for. Or Wear armor and I will calm I do you know when people see new court at the fateful heavy state. So what will eat out are covered amenable. I would technically and I'll get back to back and my. At me and even though it. It at such a lot. To get around Miami to Jacksonville I art I'd. You and incredibly. Busy. At that tell you. I. Am and you don't. Talking about Utley. Couldn't quite. A and eco that will be much Kirby. And. I'm not Eliza I worked the morning shift so I get up at 3 in the morning to I love like one of the warriors go to the East Coast is picnic at the early games I can actually watch the entire game most of the time there's times I can't even stay awake at the and for the end of the game. A unanimous that the really games like you hit it exactly. I would black sports online. Well I Ollie being injured and wait. Album night at issue. Pretty much for me I will to act like little. I would meet lurch here so I would polite way. He and I eat it happens in locking. Eat eat eat. And I let it out. I had at. Black Rock Hill. Under I didn't. That's. It and cheaper I have to eat my my all time. And that. To implement and is. It is a rickety old. We're eager what I think don't you start writing about it. And the Robert. Are you out for eagle at hire her. I mean I you know had very weak you know I was incompetent in my feel back then but I at light. I. Respect. He caught me a lot about. Titles. How to eat how to write. In it it being on the cool. That that it's great that you got here in there you know here's hoping to win and I talk a lot about dean of women and working in sports. And it's interesting to hear how everyone kinda gets their start. You know Robby and now you're probably a role model for letting younger women who have aspirations have a future in sports may be working in the NBA or sports in general where would you like to go from here. You know I've enjoyed being beat on I hate this actually act cool Michael Jordan the pump. That feeling that route not good at eight. I keep. In different avenues that that action at whatever. He could add up slightly from. You have very confident that you can't put it what you what you do what you say and are quite. I know that there's a lot of that is becoming more prevalent one Mench in sport in what the media but you know it is. But it kind of like groundbreaking I bet you we each. Had verbally beat her and people are tired and wore white. Women like apple thinking a little girl wanna look at eight well actually care eaten up there. We we wanna talk about it you will be heard. Well we actually just attended a premiere for a great documentary called tomboy and it was all of that elevating women in sports in the industry and even the sports themselves. One of the things that's hard as you watch sports like the WNBA in is not nearly as popular as the NBA as much as you know we all cover obviously the mainstream sports. We do like to hear about how women are doing in sports but. When he thinks your advice for women and how we can maybe elevate them to get out in a maybe close as popular as the man sports. You know I'd mentioned on the other. Actually beat writer sure yet though don't be afraid to. Eat cock. Equity eat. Connection go. Wiki at that talk of the day. I don't talk and lock yet here covering where he. Shot there so should out. There are very gracious people to work rocky outcrop where her male journalist and you know they are committed by age. A lot of people are very gracious people are lucky. Oh really network networking element where it up I can't say that and not. We use our in this industry. Talking at an important and getting your way out there and you know a lot of starting out where in my cap to you know guarantee they were talking about. On around the white actually he actually gave them after we like it actually Karachi. Where are. Hurt for I need to eat the cover and I need but. Are you able. In. Do you go do it. Writers are on around me. Now if somebody app like to eat again. In the door in feet. Go ahead and take it. They all short. And they admit. They all electric create them and they got up there and their. You know. Ever tell you what you're doing or you're healthy and how gaelic achieved because your kid in the tragic. Do I wouldn't get to the par. Any what experience I mean sometimes forgive her for even into practice getting that experience and making the contact is invaluable he kept apart at price. On that type of knowledge she can get from doing an internship. So the Miami Heat have gone from 1130 to 31 entry for me have a legit contender for rookie of the year and Rodney Magruder. Team is on the cusp of another playoff appearance seeking to make the playoffs this year. Yeah do you think they'll act like DC. And there. And then I think a lot truer. Now. I back. Be it I. And game out like a K now. See where it just happened to feed a pint. I didn't. I didn't ballot epic that party. But I can be laid to be. They're they're equal. They are out there have to act. Eat. Mean. They're so hot. Out anyway. Different cabin was without LeBron. I heard. In hostile territory in which they beat the cat didn't. So I asked me in the perhaps being technique could be even I haven't felt like I eat eat it armed. Exe act at. At a hiker. It. It day art. What do you know a group that I. Did it on T. You have a but I urgent. I. Eat. Out. Each other their trust each other and their. Only been out on that question and there. But now being. Beard. And I don't. Content whether it three point line let it keep an eye open. Dig deep and so. They actually come to put it all. Out there. It may be cracked that it would cracked a hundred point. Without actually app on your. Well there actually working really Welty an iron Spoelstra has a habit of using the word habits. Allowing breaks down the teens performance what tells about the culture heat and heat organization have. Established to really helped create these habits for the players. What do you know. Got it last night at me that great they use a patent and keep K. And that. They're eager and make it better than the big eight and pat. Really. Different than they actually they practice. So much. They're still well. These guys and it took it to the group you know have better. It could be on. Hand. They act. Happy content. Torture really has them working on the saint integrate. Do you think Spoelstra is a cat contend Africa to the air. He should be should be at least be in the conversation. Making it again probably not play. I do it could be very much a part of a comic court to be here at actually if they meet Korea as a baby well I'm sure they. Heeded that because it like it and that is no secret start eat we eat and LeBron and Chris botched. Clinton who they are they have one player in what I'm white side. They don't need a spotlight cited the print are now I I can't do that. On they have some really good clear it and what you like at all it's good to great greatly improved on there and people. Is interesting is that the cap at league so Miami beat the cavs twice. And you know in the days that you opened up you know you got EST any on Twitter in this and that plea to the lawyers kind of fallen apart a little bit right now they're struggling without Kevin Durant. In such a big deal for ram because you just a Dino like that their playing you know it played cabs it's like the superstars at their plane but here Miami Heat held her own against Cleveland. And then the workers are falling apart and that's like the biggest hurling each year but no one really and it may be different on the East Coast first this year. But it was all about you know he Dino with everything I saw was like you know worst fallen apart but I think people kind of forgot to get a little credit to Miami. In what they did. Earlier this month. It. Out. We'll be having you are right about each other people authority. To page. Now. Out eat it popped up actually beaten the last eight aka actually he could be eat it up and compete like that. Look at that rat and the weary Oak Creek capital. To. And rocket took her out. He. Acts just fine welcome. Because these guys what they could be that it. They can get focused on. Miami it's interesting that you guys had always you know you had that super team before we had LeBron. And now here and they are in the area obviously you know we love the warriors out here but around. The country they're seen as the villains since Kevin Durant can abort kind of a similar idea as. You know he had in the Big Three in Miami what's mentality like. Man when people look at the warriors from Miami like you I see them as the villains or you know what the perception there. Well you know. There's nobody. Could go. Out there. Where. He. They've probably. Aren't. Aren't. I'll beat me. I don't know he didn't. At the end of the day where. The cap. Off. Com the day cap. There are. Where are. The Arctic cat killer out like that come to each they call it could be sent them. So much louder. Alec. Land as a heat beat the warriors in money I ever heard at the net so. Along. Thought they just like to. Go. Out. There are. I can typically if it will actually resting. Yeah I remember that game army Dion Waiters came up huge I mean he's been playing out of his mark 45% from the three point line. I just wanted to ask them what have you seen. Just in these last twenty games was in the difference in Dion Waiters. Confidence is. In eat meat from the inched he's not he shot had no you're in him what it at church you. To be consecutive week. What I mean it it. Well culture that we don't even take it. But the mentality out which is even not. Because I'm okay. I accept that responsibility but I'll write add. And edit. I. Explode again and caught and Al. Well really weak link gas let go by the cabinet at the eat it. It was that it was O. Reilly I eat and everyone was given that. Acts like. Okay. Let. Me. See. That day and week out. You know it beat you need. Help I'd help. And me at struggle out and eat it competent and not root and key issue. I think. The cabin. Action. Probably like Alabama. It. And it's awesome my last question for him to have to look into your crystal ball. Our rights of weird NBA plan say they're the eight seat right now obviously be playing Cleveland at this moment. Could this team pull off the upset of the cavaliers. Eat. At you. Back you can have your back. And then IP and look on and they have their bench. I. She and day out that. Way it. Oh. Eight Eaton. Did it. At the. They're not right. At that point. It just under I I don't wreck and I am absolutely it's been a pleasure having you on the show to the you're gonna be Argo to for anything and everything. Miami and Florida period. Thank you so much thank you for having me I really appreciate it. And year traders at sports' top Todd sent you guys in finer on line there and DE what's your website. I'm well. Don't let that strictly would be a note that went online cop. Perfect are we will go the governor to sign on her great articles and to learn more about Natasha Paula thank you so much for joining us and we talked he did.