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John Dickinson from the floor - Celtics 3/8/17

Mar 9, 2017|

JD checks in with Damon &

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Great to have you here for our from the floor segment brought to you by American Express proud partner. All of the Golden State Warriors. We're proud partners with John Dickinson our intrepid reporter who is. All over what's going on with the warriors on that last five game Brody what is coming up in front of them is just as big and a big one here tonight. With the Boston Celtics in town JD. Always good to see you man thanks for stopping on by. I know that we're all waiting breathlessly to hear what Kevin Durant has to say it's 645. It do you have. Any news about the news he might share with does is they are going to be a timetable update. An injury update will there be photographs and overhead projector what's coming up I wouldn't expect there a timetable update though those Steve Kirk kind of reiterated in his pregame. What the time line news and he said he'll be nice. To get him back for the final couple games of the regular season but there's still. Quite aways away before they release now that reevaluation point though Kirk did say he spoke with Kevin Durant. Spoken to him just before coming into the press conference to ramp was feeling good he was right in the bike. You know took it loose getting a little bit of you know the blood flowing a little bit working up a little bit of a sweat is some good news there anchor also got as much as he witnessed yet crutch or walking. That no no update on that at this point launcher that'll be asked but he was still ride the bike which would lead you to think that you know he's able to meet ups and a little bit. Yet at this point and also just the fact it. You know Steve Kerr and the other players just check in in the spirits you know knowing that he's going to be out probably until at least the last. Few games of the regular season and it jacket in the futures to an hour right speaker thinks his spirits all things considered. Are up and he made a point to see you know it looks six weeks if it happens to six weeks. In the grand scheme of things that's not that big deal in the scheme of your life of Steve Kerr always says that bigger picture perspective. Day you know I think is lost at times when we're thinking quickly and get him back in urgent urgent I gotta get back I games get him lose first round can't lose the ones he'd. Which by the way the spurs in the most talked about whispers go for the one cedar knob but they're down 25 at home to Sacramento smoked because Gregg Popovich is not plank while wondered where LaMarcus Aldridge and there ego now now does that allow. A little more wiggle room for the warriors. Or does it. Upped the ante for the warriors to get that one but does that. Does that makes these say hey I can afford to rest the game now maybe thrown away or now I can't afford it is I can buy one now. I think in the bigger picture and Agee may take on this too. I don't think pop is worried about game seven at oracle as much as. Me personally I'm more worried about game seven in San Antonio Western Conference files that feel a lot better if it was here. Pop has been doing it too long and probably trusts his guys a little too much to have to worry about game seven here because it doesn't affect him at Providence and affects the I just think with this team I keep going back this these last couple of days and talking about it match number in the once he. I just kind of feel that what we've been missing from oracle all year that we had in the past two I kind of feel like it's gonna come back if and when. And win and hopefully we get to that Western Conference I think that will make you bigger difference for the warriors that maybe. Anywhere else home arena sure I mean people are waiting for that guy adequate to win all year this whole regular season based on the record set during last regular season. Is 182. Game mull again that the entire fan base wants to just swing through quickly so we can get to the relay team that everyone's dying to play and that's coming up in the post season to get when your expectations are you've got to be champion or nothing matters. Well then nothing matters until you are champion. That's how that works heads a Ed tonight shows you how much Gregg Popovich cares about me tonight proves it. Mediate slightly beat Indy it sure there's a belief that you could probably win a home game against Sacramento now that they've. Essentially given up for their season and are openly taking. But. You'd think that you'd want from their perspective to put little pressure on the warriors. To try and get that one seed because you wanna make everything. As difficult as possible and for the war and by the way it is the single most Gregg Popovich thing ever. To let cool why what Leonard. Really enter the MVP conversation for the first time all year in the last 4872. Hours cool why Leonard. Has been talked about more in the last three days and he has been in the last three years. And Popovich and she's good impact came out that is. The most San Antonio thing I think I've ever heard of outside. Of the rodeo. With Kerry Keating and John Dickinson on Damon Bruce this is Verizon warriors warmup built by. Dolan lumber doors and windows as you know with a different format we got to move some things around tonight so. If you don't mind John it's time for a few keys to victory brought you by FH daily Chevrolet drive a little save a lot. This is a really interest thing Celtics team they're battling would themselves a little bit. Isiah Thomas he scores the ball better than anybody and he gives up points worse than anybody. Where you have him in your MVP conversation if at all not in the top five. And I think you know coli in it James Harden got Russell Westbrook or in that makes LeBron James to me would be in that Nixon and and make you gotta have a little bit of that debate just based on the fact that the Celtics are the number 2 seed in the Eastern Conference. He's an interesting player I mean he's a player that he believes he's on the staff curry level he believes he's on the teams are level. He believes he's on the Russell Westbrook level he thinks he's that type of player and plays with that confidence but he's tricky player to build around. Because he's a guy that really only can succeed. When everything is surrounding him and the Celtics are perfectly built to surround him with defenders. With. Players that don't need the ball to necessarily be effective they let him do his thing and take over games. And they've been able to win what and Brad Stevens deserves an atomic credit for that I would worry about them. If they actually went out and got. Another player. That needed the ball as much or more I actually think Isiah Thomas his effectiveness. Would go down and that team wouldn't necessarily be better for. And his fourth quarter as having great all your line that he's averaging what nine points and nine plus. In the fourth quarter and it's a testament to ten point three again accurate here temple everything in the fourth it's amazing that they can be it's who seed in the east. With a player that deficient on the fence individually who has the view on the board is on the floor speculate we just talked about. In the fourth quarters this this this kid's got a little shootout patent men. Possibility to you know staff last three games on the floor were were plus 23 he's off the floor minus fifteen. They were getting back to the staff that we've been accustomed to and I think we need to have that the team needs that and they know that and we need to rally around the fact he's not on the floor to not have those negative numbers we talked about before. The east north when he when he when you 24 points that's been JD he's minus two you know a lot of those points came was that was off the floor so. This has got to and factor for me pretty I. To watch a little ol' fashioned you know scoring shoot are right here but let's not lose sight of the fact in a pretty strong defensive effort to hold down Isiah gone for. Forty I know we got to get running here quickly but there are four huge gates remaining in the warriors. You know stretch run here. And I think two of them in the next two games how you play the night before you get to San Antonio is just as interesting to me is how you played for its San Antonio because you can rest and fourth quarter and second half and give step and play a low in Minnesota boy does that make San Antonio wanna back to back a little bit easier. Did Kurt talk anything about how he plans to play the Minnesota San Antonio. 48 count yet not specifically but he did say there's a good chance that somebody you'll get a rest at some point between starter now and Saturday. Wouldn't say any time he says that I and they get to put dollar what you're saying workshop Livingston or combination of bowl. You'll Stefan curry said today cute round of the they're really is it time for the warriors to to mess around on heat. Seems like he knows they wanna get that one seed so there really isn't meaning building wins like tonight and that maybe they can't. Take a night off. As would have been the plan if they still had Kevin Durant program he could space and out right now they need to be clicking on all cylinders. Innocents just to win games against other good competition like itself I think we all agree 67 wins gets one seat only like 67 gets you the one seed OK with nineteen games left. You gotta go fifteen in four to get to 67 in order to get to 67 the spurs would have to go eighteen in two in their final won it still like the warriors chances. Think sixty objects hear them really now. Kind of I pared down my 667. On I didn't realize you reworked your math coaches got the Alameda work and I'm not I'm likes I I think that's our lock I think 67 the lock right I think to be safe well. Now be seen what I well tonight maybe it helps us but those that has matchup against split them to at least have a a legitimate thing. Tonight's a big swing and if the warriors can get tonight and Sacramento is up 23 hit late in the second quarter San Antonio. If that's a gay and I were you picked up the game when it could but I re losing game when you're in a tough spot. Which in great physically up 232 quarter. Cities kinks and blow that and I think that they could but it is 6138. AD. Great to see you man as always thanks so much for coming up thanks for. Move around those we can take the GDR the eighty present like this is our life GB presser right here absolutely John Dickinson thanks so much.