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Mar 8, 2017|

Former NBA champion & UCLA analyst, Tracy Murray, joins Gianna & Anna - they also discuss CSN's new documentary "Tomboy" about women in sports, plus 'Pop Fly' & 'Tweets of the Week'!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is it tapped to push the panic button welcome to Franklin tags in 957 game I'm Gionta Franco and manic again Nike's lawyer stands. It did you see Twitter last night after the game is going crazy we're Twitter is going nets are right if you have been living under a rock the warriors lost their first back to back to that since the 28. 152016. Season. That happened this week and of course this is all after Kevin Durant went down. Recently is going to be for the next four to six weeks due to injury. Heading into the playoffs. Is it time to hit the panic button now. Now now now let's stop panicky first not the last time that they lost back to back games was early April 2015. Away what happened Nazis. They won the championship. They were just. They're gonna be fine this team has is trying to find its nude jell right now because you do. Lose a big piece in Kevin Durant and the style of the game is gonna change and I have mapped our who has just signed. Just signed right before the game basically joined the team and trying to adjust to the new lawyers claim basketball also these guys are trying to gel. It can't take a little time remembered the first game of the season the warriors lost. When they had Kevin Durant in the first game when he played San Antonio Spurs they were still shelling this team shell and in I think in the long run this might be good. For both staff Currie. And clay it's not even well they have been cold the last three aides say that's a big thing to pay attention to the first of all we cannot forget that this team is still filled with all stars. Olympic gold medalist I mean the baggage is strong I mean it's gears so many lesson is of course losing Haiti is. And it sucks do you eat it but we there was life before haven't done and we won a championship. With life before in my before him during so there are changes though at you know he don't have the rim pretension of Andrew Bogut right and Kevin Durant has been great on the defense for this team so he has been a huge part of and that's re kind of seeing it last night. You're definitely seeing a lot the rent protections not as good right now and that as great as it's been fun watching veil and David West. They're they're good but they're not as great as good bogeys to be sure but our core team is still there and I think when you look at the schedule as week. Head towards the playoffs we 120 games last. Ish I mean I think it's it's it's very it's very feasible that they're going to be just fine but I don't think it's going to be easier stroke like they meet me pat with Kevin Durant but I just feel like people are chest freaking out for no reason. They may potentially lose the first seed that's the only trouble is a possibility because they still have head to heads with San Antonio they're only three games back of the warrior right. So there is a chance deal but. This thing could still come together so I think it's too early to push to panic button lets the other team comes together. You still have great players to make a point though they didn't gel right in the beginning to win with scavenger and right out of the gates in the first game they were blown out by disbursed so tight with the new player with map aren't coming and having a few changes here and there they're gonna have to start jelling and I think their work. You know sometimes when you do so well you're kind of on cruise control you become comfortable right it you know I don't think complacent is sort of feels that at times you know art. So I think it's good that this is this at different amnesty given that little you know shot. Focus that they needed to get back on track in now's the time to really focus on wanna lose the you know the one seed. Worst case scenario there's a gonna go to class a person gonna do really really well. So I agree with that and I'm really excited see Matt Barnes on the esteem will get into a little bit more later tweets of the week we have his reaction. Way he found that he was getting B joint winners again. So it's been really exciting and Doug nation has been very excited to have him back somebody from the we believe teams and they that was a fan favorite totally. To have more Tatis now. Compared to then. I would probably stay out yeah I'd say so he's alive meant as a lot of cuts you I have I have 3 am I mean I sometimes I think it looks in very artistic. Hendrick yet one's acting that we believed to Jesse yet our arrival we behave that aren't. Lawyers to fur. This organization is so classy always on the up and up how today. Went through the motions with Jose Calderon on even though he was only lawyer for what an hour and 59 minutes. It was still good on them you know I believe the hawks are interested in signing him now so. It all worked out for everybody by ages shadows that you worked for an organization that is just always treats. Everyone there involved with with nothing but respect and a positive for their future so that's gonna help them in the long run when it constitute any. And wait you know other players on waivers anybody with free agency because. They will want to stay working whereas they want they aren't in a back out now because something else they'll want you to worries because they know that there as they deal in place at their true to their word that culture. In the NBA I think it is I mean you can speak on it I mean you look at the spurs. On even the team like Boston. It attracts freeagent yes we have a culture that that takes care of their players yes you know I mean even players that are there players Jose Calderon got a porn and 151000 dollar check where. Was on that lets him for more than a day sorrow. Good on them why don't we see a and and you know a superhero Seth Curry like we have in the past that we need a little more of that. The splash rather step up but should make for an interest dean. Next what four to six weeks as we head into the playoffs at any interesting and fun season to watch it wasn't. It's not a Chris Kendall just like you said we're not interest in right now it. Okay what that scene in the piped in over the next month. So get extra JaVale McGee will do is kind of tennis and here it looks like Shaq is no longer gonna make fun of him anymore the AT&T and now an analyst. Said that he is gonna lay off. Mickey having a minute segments wonderful cell he now it that's good I'm glad we're ending this NBA feud and I wonder if any if it. It's the lawyers stepping in and having a conversation insane Haley Africa I helped where the fact there was a lot of people in support of JaVale that Shaq was just acting like the bully. And ever was cut into. Do you really kind of was picking on him and I know that he the best thing to bail maybe should've done is just not comment on and just kind of backed up and maybe stack would've backed off. I don't know if he needed eleven more in the beginning and Shaq kept pushing a bucket compared to decide verbally he kind of that it times did and it. I mean somewhere along the way there was something that too veiled did that just got so much negative attention from. And I getting in the beginning you wanna be funny but to constantly picket picket picket picket one person. You got Politico sometimes sometimes and OK but the start testing it you're not just at the end. Instead she's eight. Playing devil's advocate for Shaq though I can't say Javelle who's never been in the sole. Person watch. And it's journal. Archer in there has been segments that I have been lined up just you know showings of though. In clips more than others so say if there was five clips of sacked in a full moments to bill made three of them. But to bill also made those place via so. It's it's it's very complicated situation I don't think it's. I don't think it is either and that Shaq is just a funny guy to me he's somebody heat we've heard is podcast and love his podcast actually do like is he's. Very good comedic actor you know he's seen a little fun movies here and he's fun. He's really funny and he doesn't go jobless have let things sometimes you're just trying to laugh too hard at other people that that you're relying too much on laughing at others that. It's taken away from your company and the consistency of JaVale been in. That segment it mean more than any other player I mean so I think at some point you have says. You got to kind of realize it maybe she action has stepped in and with the producers is clearly he's not one completely creates as they're some behind the scene to produce in his putting this together he is stepping up at saint. Okay what do we do and respectful Kapanen and you know what there's more to it there's a team I don't want I cannot she how much. I'm curious about pets you how much say he had who's in you that they're talking about but no he is a former NBA player. You know and that's pocket I mean shacks. Rates that's up about the exact meaning that he's there you know a lot of people had a conversation a shock wasn't his bed. We've really been a successful. And that's something that Kevin Durant came out and actually set itself wasn't skilled which is a little painful stretch let's. Certainly he's got a hold of skilling was at the end he came in Gaza that MVPs multiple championships there's steel. I agree I just trying to step up for their capital horse that got your back. It's because knowledge of Bell's bath in the system injury in my spoke on his rated podcast was. You know it's it's hard to have a perception that your dom people walk around and really believe JaVale McGee is not intelligent. Man rises which is crazy. A wonderful conversation with JaVale when I interviewed him with for his charity he donates a ton of food. Turkey specifically for Thanksgiving two thousands and thousands of family. Not just in the Bay Area where he's from Michigan and I think that. You know it the fact that someone takes the time to go above and beyond for others write outside of their own you know lives in their own priorities I think that makes it shows that that's kind of a person has a depth that actually he was so nice he Wasilla immediate relief fund time in the interview and I've checked everywhere I interviewed that day had a really really good time and you saw eleven support his teammate gave him by showing up and helping skies and hanging out Oakland for the day just handing out food. For the needy and was. Sorry I'm sure Shaq does wonderful things to you. But when you haven't actually someone like that what you're not out there isn't anything about the wars to this organization is good at choosing people. Who are good people exactly men who aren't back to the culture yeah that's the culture not gonna be eighties Japanese saying stupid things and getting in trouble happen you know concede Emily on the now we sell one thing with the police blotter but there's a whole different story. On the ballot. Elephant defending but he's still a very Smart player. That person. So you see that with the with the warriors and what they're creating. Apps. And months of huge amount of fun and you can't McGee's mom she said that she will be sent she told them the end of the issue be satisfied until Shaq has been fired at least suspend. Last that's her baby now that's what I stand out I mean. You see how we are gonna talk about it later pop fly how parents step up for their children I understand my eyes and started soccer track Alia DC I am not there it's likely. To get a little bit of that competitive. Edge and that mother bear syndrome you know somebody is saying anything Mexican is not doing something the eggs at them I like wait a second and and I McGee. It was a ball and a I'd love to have and so we like to make yeah let's do that let's do that are right something else. That's made news in case you missed it calling cap Riddick act. Is set become a free agents and a lot of stuff has unfolded since he's made that announcement or reportedly made that announcement. But it looks like he's also said through his agents and ESPN reported it first that he now stand. For the National Anthem. Of course him sitting first and then kneeling for the National Anthem while he was in his last year here with the niners and he could connect with and that's completely off the table but. For argument sake we'll just act as if he's going. When he was here at this past year he did definitely cause a little bit of distraction. I income the whole legally overshadowed some of the football headlines for that organization this year because he decided to take a social stance that would have you believe. Maybe agree with calling cap predict maybe you don't I think it is incredibly interesting that now that he's on the market he's looking for job. That he's willing to change. Maybe not his beliefs but how he is protesting these beliefs to. I guess show that he is focused more on what's happening on the field then the antics off the and that's the. Only thing I have a little bit of an issue it is the fact timing of when it came out it's one day you can opt out the next day he's gonna stand the National Anthem. I have no problem with the fact that he's deciding that he stamp national there's no problem with that to me at all. It was just the timing of the coming up I don't agreed to over calling him a sell out because he's did still make a stand for something he believed in and in the beginning. He didn't go out parents say this is what I'm doing I'm menace for the National Anthem was Jennifer Chan. For the niners nation who actually was the one who who noticed it. Third pre season game it was gonna get noticed because it's gonna continue to do after the season so I kind of think what whoever's leading him in the list. Whoever's kind of helping him with the PR kind of how to navigate through all of this new age very Smart tend not. Necessarily say don't make a big deal out and they're going to notice and it will become the headlights UB. You're caught you'll beat the conversation the fact pitcher sitting for the hat and that's what happened some media member sought and good for her. Because it it it did become a headline it was very it very interesting story throughout the year but after while you got two point we're like OK I want that was happening on the field. And I think that. Mean I think that definitely overshadows. A lot of calling cap for next performance this year in pain but it you know attend attention to it and I think also when you're moving you know take going to a new job. He had to think about he won a picture best but forty don't wanna come across as someone who's going to be a problem. Completely so. I mean it's just like what you're gonna put on FaceBook right you're gonna put something that you believe politically believe strongly you're gonna put it out there you me. Not do as much of it when you're applying for jobs because now jobs are looking. At your social media accounts and how you present yourself. And it's pretty heavy person you are that's craze though. But it not saying that they made up this day may not agree with you political takes. But if you're somebody who's very very vocal sometimes and might deter somebody from hiring the person. I'm not saying we whether it's right or wrong but he is definitely doing this to get a job at this point. For a job I just go ahead. Isn't the best way to get a job in the National Football League is performing yet field on Sunday degenerate an amount absolutely logic percent can you play. The way we've seen you play Colin iPad so that the problem we're not seeing you know I'm and it's football sold out deterioration happens faster than I think anyone can really speak on bush. Yeah I just wanna see you perform remember oh remember when you and suitable. And yet. The other thing. That's gonna be interesting about this guys this seeing what he's gonna do now going to an eighteen polity can act is the Guinness is he going to infer. Do are we in his seat that from. On the reception of the fan Owen admits I almost think this. You know contract thanks teammates for very much in support of him in fact he won the award last year. Four and the fact but that was a board not by his teammates then you know that. Supported him and kind of recognize what he's done throughout the year to kind of bring them lights you. The issues that he's been protesting so I don't I think I don't know if there's so much they're out there is our conversation there was like attention locker room of there was a lot of that. I act like these teammates supported him I think bottom line is every response to win. Is gonna get back on the field to win some games and make it happen because it's best for them it's best for the features that's the league organization and you know which is deep competitive if you play professional sports your competitive. And I think Colin capping it a little bit away from that yet and unfortunately he's also having mixed messages also as well last year too with the manner in which he was actually speaking about police when he went a pig's not sure what he was talking up at least the way he didn't say he didn't want to vote because in fact it was gonna make a difference he said things like that's it. Kind of sent mixed messages sent to meet this is not. Fortunately is not his biggest in the southeast in the past now I agree I think what's up he's in the past is probably worsened he'd be like okay. But his low point was they people understand what I'm what my causes people understand my issues are what I believe what I'm trying to is that it rains so when I'm trying to bring light to so. I think he feels like he's got that message out and you'll find another way to continue that. But for now he will be standing for the National Anthem and of course in between all of this before this is released the browns it's it that they were not interested in captured at the time. Yeah let's be clear your message gets out there better when you're playing better in a inlet I mean it's it's it's sad to say that because if you have something to say. And you have the platform you should you should be able to get that respect what the you're performing at the highest level or not. When your performing at the highest slowly on the highest state so people or more attractive to you win what you have to say it's just the fact of the matter did. Yeah I mean he was on the cover of time magazine. Not Sports Illustrated time magazine so. I mean. It for him good for him for trying to make a difference we'll see where he lands out to be interested V who's going to. Get content happening with the niners are gonna have as a quarterback that indeed you know Kirk cousins was house franchise tag he's interested in coming to the niners he said that's the only team that doesn't long term deal went. If he's traded. Let's see what was gonna be immune and also apparent that the netherland and Jess rumored to be a thing. And the niners he's going to be very interesting mr. or I do with it I now I know hard to meeting our next guest who's going to be honest or just a few minutes come up tracing Murray he is a former NBA champion plus he is an analyst for UCLA basketball he joins us here on frank and tags. Welcome back to frank and tags and 957 game I'm Gionta Franca and manic and east are right it is that time we have a wonderful guests he was join us today former NBA champ Tracy Murray all analyst for UCLA asked about thanks for coming on the show. But it Rio. Are right out of the gates you know March Madness is just around the corner but before that begins we know the pac twelve tournament starts next week on Wednesday so what do you think you silly chances are. In winning the app pac twelve. But they are the chances because if you look at the circuit at the seat and there are deep seated at February. That it appears to all of their losses. And to to interpret lost two and they have much that momentum there's is very high corn picture and at what sort of. So what do you believe he silly will be ranked in the NCAA tournament this year. I don't wolf because in coastal. You know people make good decisions or that he's grateful respect the worst attendance that's been born on for years to people about why not place. In hospital it was sort of sort of normalcy you know maybe there is almost an open in the street and we didn't get. So at this point we can't worry about that. Guys just have to continue to play to aren't playing well it. Keep getting better every day they they continue to get better air Arctic bet that grouping there haven't auditor toward each. Dating got actual championship blacks increase their chances of making a top three seed. I would also look the part where with the press conference this year you know I don't know what to look in error around the patient. It'll clearly are worlds strongest conference that everybody has done well outside a conference. And they beat each other up Erica hill. I think cute and hopefully. It'll pretzel term in the desert. And it cut its losses. Now just as a fan at the I I love March Madness the excitement of the turn image senile these players come up with teams the sweet sixteen getting eliminated you know things like that. It's it's a lot of fun for as I cannot imagine actually plain and I you've performed in multiple and see a turning herself he let you ceiling from 98 and 92. Describe the excitement like the aura and March Madness. The best time to play basketball you've been out what does that leave it. At all or most of best time to play basketball. You're young. The excitement around arch madness it's totally sort of bit the pressure a little. We have horrible hole. You know it's not 6567. Game series that you don't step up now play Portugal call on I look there approach. You know. We went to the sweet sixteen or first year. First round block out the second year they're the leader in Europe that it. Picture there. It's just depression you know not had the hives and had the low that the there's nothing that compares students and the intensity in the euphoria landed there two bullets or. Well you currently ranked ninth and UCLA's all time scoring list if fourth leading scorer in program history but somebody who is also. In the headlines right now for UCLA lines a ball he's averaging fifteen point six rebounds. Seven assists this season leading UCLA to the 27 and they record mind you this obviously before the game on Saturday were recording this. When that's there and play Washington State. Is he choice for the pac twelve player of the year. Of course premiere of the mountain made if you look you would conceivably have done last year and where they were. And where they are right now. I'm a yes you also please release for. Here spoke vote multiple. Victors. Impact out of everybody because. As good as he is you know you have an actual point guard at 66. And you've been able to break every body better and is it he was able. To move. Who writes all were over to a natural positions to score the basketball. And spot. Isaac ball over to the response animal it and then they're all able to just kept inching up it'll happen make plays like it here. The last few years. They have any true lately that makes everybody better. In this contagious everybody one of basketball for the better shot they can ask anything more boots I call all sorts. UCLA analyst Tracy Murray joins us here on 957. Became our Ellison's suite brought. Blondes a ball up we have to ask a little bit about his dad he's obviously made headlines lately and we are the flagship of the Golden State Warriors and some of Lavar Baath comments. Have been aimed at towards staff curry now do you believe this can actually have an effect on monsters draft soccer. Guess his overall play on the floor. If it is they're not careful via. Because who knows executives do little work well. You know overpowered that. But what about the you know it's aptitude Woody's with a great assault that. You know he he is gonna happen bet he hasn't pitched him a lot of confidence and it's. Of you don't you do it's not particularly. You're gonna social whilst out there go sit there we let them since. But what. Have to particular agreement salt belt. What those that courier at the noodle. A bullseye wake Forest Whitaker spirit that's unfortunate for all. Because marvel doesn't take you eaten fruit is what is your listeners so well you know what you you've been ordered his whole life for you to their pressure. And while those special. He's going to be an NBA champion Warren Perry. And you know he's just that he's that type of player so I IQ would is that it's very. We look at Alonso and just because of that I mean it it's gotta be hard. See you live up to that type of pressure like you said have that's had the pressure on you know his dad is traced to instill confidence in him. But is that a lot of pressure that some people would pretty much crack when it comes at ten pressured palace he taking. Just on the person you know that you're not there which told you not equal particular and you will crack was easy does that take it as well by you know that you. A little bit better not just change it now is that that little hole. It's gonna sit there and I. You can build up to repeat that type of guy to do. You know put that type person or that it is indisputable in most of the pressures that are there now just fine. And you know that won't if they're able to paper records their own which. Part of the talk will people met way because now they're gonna live up to expectations. Up here. So. That urgency that pressure that they'll be. Role model. Because. If you're old music you've been here the longer certain go to law so he's going before. Well look you're playing days in the NBA you weren't the eighteenth overall selection in the draft you're drafted by the spurs. Like with the blazers Toronto Washington Denver the lakers and they won a championship. Which the rockets yet some great experiences there in the NBA or your favorite place to play. That report in Toronto. Throughout the little doubt that if not through year old who came up better than. We or in the country and we ignored during a Whitacre would mark all the different court. You know what the people there whether he would he would that was evident here are forced it's so open and ought. Feel so is it it would a different experience for the people there were outstanding slowed by their supporters. And our brand of basketball we played all 48 million as we gave consultant to anchor apple that the it looks forward to the future because that you Arctic. Would you start efforts aren't the first speaker is. Who shall you know and how they play it while they compete and how they draw where people here thought the marketing. That's while the appeared at the beginning and was losing it because they got Ole hole in eastern after the country. You know. Excited about the raptors in the duke on the western side there cooled liquid paper they're aren't that they would really quick patent advances. It is almost two different market system where the ball well playing it and we we were excited we've had a couple of names of between that as well. And my best you as a pro government community and if they embraced it great and like all the Walter. City packed it in. It's not acceptable to the George. It's cold in her honor JT it was very cold very cold but not what about our outlook to an abrupt. I am very well let's let's go for let's go all the way to the West Coast right now right. Here in the Golden State obviously. You know a lot out warriors fans are pushing the panic button after the warriors. Losing back to back games for times is 2015 and this week. Obviously hopefully seen the latest in the lawyers and KG is it time to worry with everything that's happening. With Kevin Durant being injured. I think everybody is new to relax a little bit that CP you'll look at it hopefully packet or 2% by the power play they'll start. It and they know that that's the main thing right now is what's going on right now that is not really important. What's important word for it than last season store or the playoff start with all of go the quarters in there that it will not appear problem. Making the playoffs. They've just got to get direct healthy and in in the chemistry back right by the time that Leo Leo store. Yep pop called that a beautiful style of basketball I mean watching the warriors play out there with Kevin Durant to. It's such an interesting way to play deal like how this game has evolved. A lot of what not I would I would play in it that are English can't touch yeah I want to show. He it would have benefited me over ilk it's alt click multiple book without a little bit confused. You look at the result well I'll wait and by default style and Bible when you know. I'll look style the way that the players you have snow leopard. That. It'll use if we begin the game Cilic are deployed like. Well speaking of UCLA you are an analyst there has a street got your start as a broadcaster. Yet. One of the broadcast class. Start broadcasting. One in the game's over there you go from freer than it is to get ago. The experience and then not limited to cope or Luke spoke for parents or a dog leaves little to yields also really work. And that he wore all he knew it and I was there. Or while last year it took a year off in the lakers and to be mentioned colds and that didn't work also Obama backer of happy to be. What do you think about the changes at the lakers recently in the front office with magic cumin and. Let them put that into it doesn't matter to come back. And you looked in control now you can see them you know. But we will start the terms and in both the lakers will be back in but it's are not real. Why are you in the near future not. Within three years of the greens but it's common that company got the right people in place. Well we got a TV another little shot up for all the hard work that you've done over the years too with also helping youth I UN backed your high school you had to ask well can't stay you've done. At eight you training with our own producer and Nick Brown who he worked with for years we absolutely love him here on the program. Just talk all the set that you done to give back and why it's important to help propel the year thing keep them involved in the game. Or that it is very important in your bracket hopefully. Young guys wondered if you realize the impact that they have all peoples lives just by. You know don't need a little bit of time or somebody to work program Port Orchard. That they are part because the ticket helped so many people that are in that position. Two to impact lives. And well just smuggled in via the you know an average player in the league in and also let. You know it's just can't hit forward. It is. Is very important and what weather's been basketball camps Weathers this. The other cold cheer that Sheridan in the charity golf tournament electrocuted. More fuel with bill foundation opened rob so. I'll. Coach several local one here at market close to developing year's title he had nothing here it's like. Those kids that would indicate that Q isn't it secede just that are in this help raise money available. It was who want a wonderful experience. The church bought time with that. That charity event you have. Our basketball camp which would be its fifteen years and you look at acute that that come on the basketball camp. And stuff that we taught and preached discipline them. And had he not certain goals and stuff like that he would have told the lawyers doctors. Whenever we have a WBA player with ties will group we. Home. Koppel flow. College letters. Would have won the saint John's right now. As then. Via a U team. They're jobs while also watching. And now my brother and as piggybacking taken over. Paul stop that we'd be that the family and he says his group does a U prodigy are you. Close yep let. There are. Wouldn't kids in college in the goal is to. To get their case of people in Jordan McLaughlin has ordered work is that these tools will receive a so the cute that are in the opportunities and and there are duel well you know part Peters at Colorado. In Jordan not then why don't we without some cute I'll do here that are that are doing good being in Vietnam was in the in the best. Tracy before we let you go we have to talk about neck. What should we really know about him any any in diet in any secrets it's okay make it yeah. If you're just a lively than I thought got back doing all about hope we're throughout period. Nobody in all seriousness I just wanna speak or how much Trace emerged as a means to me in my life you know god bless today going to the loss of my uncle Sean rooks. This is it just seeing Tracey gay and you know it really has brought back on the memories in the grownup having him around. And like he said just you know seeing him pay it forward. This is this is a great feel immensely and are what I wanna say thank you Tracy. You mean a lot to me Leonardo love forty. Well nick you know you're in that humans than in you know solved we'll blow the opiate problems are there extra. In our brother. And used to be best you know we all try to do we can't tell you who can carry little rooks in Alton. It'll either as much as we can't you gotta wiggle out shop when the guys. And we we just trying to do disorienting and we are people. It's appreciated thank you. Well we left him to lower in a wonderful here on our show we a lot of fun and he's got some good insight and he's funny TU. Always been chewing before he's at pebble Laden's side. Vietnam which these standards to. It's that is learn from the best absolutely Tracy's been so nice sneaky with you thank you so much for coming on the show hopefully we can do this again. So place we have real kicker nick. You. There right Tracy Murray funded on etiquette in yeah I liked his insight on. The lawyers you know at least he cut it again here's something has been who's been there done that and knows now is not the time to county and you know and I mean just roll with that people already automatically in they got that they like the fastest in NBA history again for the playoffs that OK they're going to be fine we're just buying and frequent tags is just find his nick our producers has been endorsed by Tracy Murray exactly yeah that's you know when your Millon on juvenile in the that's right. Are not still account we have pop fly just around the corner we got a little bit and a a broadcaster getting at themselves an interest in situation may not recognize it when the biggest names in the NFL yet. Exactly let's tweets of the week and we have to touch on the Oscars I mean that was just epic right here at tanks and at seven game. And welcome back to Franklin tags and 957 game this is our podcasts and it we are actually live on faced Texas I load to face the world day of world Connor is so mean and Nick Brown who was our new producer tossing and panic and panic. Hello saying hey ladies. And so here's we've already done most of our segments for the day. We hatchery seamer that was fun and if you want to follow Tracy Murray on Twitter at real Tracy Murray. Great in your V don't miss big cash exit the year was that they live right now. Really great interview with pan heat an NBA champion played with UCLA UCLA radio analyst with type March Madness type logs a ball so many great. Great cars yeah I his comment on the ons above are really interest especially on what the effects are going to be with his dad's. Interaction and what his status to the media and kind of how his dad is involved so much in his. Son's life and his basketball career self really interesting stuff from Tracy Murray hope you enjoy it frequent tags every Friday on 98 at seven game unity on the web site. And that's in the game dot com I should say so right now we gonna get into our next segment which we call. Pop fly and we kind of focus on some of the lighter and other topics around the sports industry want a particular. So Anna and I had found the pleasure of attending the women and symposium event for the new documentary by CSN called humble way is actually Tommy with a line through it's you can see how that is. They've addressed that in the documentary they do you hate you so it is basically about you know women in sports women her plane's parts of girls young women coming up in sports coming up and broadcast seen wind to beat. A part of this industry and sort of the hurdles. That we have faced right and a lot of other women who are in our situation faced as well it's it's a really interesting documentaries can be airing on CS NB area. On March 10 at 8 o'clock. An interesting thing that I thought when we are watching the portions of the documentary. About the lord Tom I always liked the hour Tom went and as a kid I loved being effort topic I was one of those girls that. On hang out the boys like to keep up with them all the girls in elementary school or playing on the monkey bars and I was playing baseball and kick ball boy I can keep up with that. But the idea of the word tomboy that somebody said that struck a chord with me was why does a girl who likes to play sports is or whose interest in sports have to be. Referred to as a bowl highways and happy that we're have to be part that facility like we don't need to be that way. So is a very interesting topic really great conversation wonderful panelists on the board. Who spoke about their journeys. In sports media. Whether it's work heat in broadcasting whether they're an executive for one of the major sports teams here in the Bay Area. Cat is some of the panel as I may never seek his every neat if I know this is so me. I had so many questions and what an opportunity to meet on these very successful wonderful women some of the panelists really had some interesting things to saint if you are a young lady who wants a future. In broadcast seen in sports are Cassie or maybe you just have questions that plane. A lot of people talked about having a mentor BD eight pioneer that was one of the biggest things that resonate with me Joan Ryan was a journalist. And author. I it was sunny that kind of was a lot of the women talked about who the people who kind of help them in sort of eight encouraged them to take this Roland to kind of work hard in this industry Amy get tears as we on and she's Amy G for a east and a giant in game reporter had some really interesting things to say to you about. You know been a fan and be who you are funny you know be as credible as possible obviously that's important but don't lose a sense of who you are. When you're on the air or when you're writing a story ran in your viewing some of these. Players in sports celebrities and let us she talked about sisterhood yet at some times you know let's be honest swimming can put each other in a place where they feel competitive or not necessarily support each other and we need to sort of come together. As a sisterhood. There are some really great Adele Hawkins. Who is the senior director Tel development of pac twelve networks was there she talked about having enthusiasm and passion. And just reading really Colleen in and learning your crap beat any here's a thing if the use the plastic about something. Yeah that passion you are gonna hone in on. Right completely 100% the editing was a lot of women when they first ad in the industry felt that they had to beat cookie cutters try to be like that meant. When their writing they had to have a man's voice. In order to appeal to others but the one thing that we actually can do as women as we can bring a different perspective and sport absolutely can bring sometimes the emotional side of it I mean we. I watch sports psych anybody else I grew up watching football with my dad sitting there eating habits and I was. You know I sat and watched the policy Enid ABS and it's still have what what would watch bush and we can bring a different priests. That it has a different people and that's okay. And that nothing wrong with it was one of the questions the first dating and it's everybody's questions but how do we free eight you know the conversation and and show you know big networks and exports companies and the NFL the NBA BM LB that it's not just nice to eleven in Jordan contents and your sports I know it's the majority but. It's asses well and we are an audience also and I think we you know their needs to be more women out there who cater to women as well as men. And cater to everybody that's on separate itself gadgets is beaten us Smart and authentic between you are and work hard and if you do you're gonna succeed we see what the NFL is doing as well the NFL is now marketing a lot more towards women so there is a bigger market because also in the long and it's gonna make a big difference when it comes to mother's whether or not it. Their sons and the football so they are trying to market now towards women I think that more and more women are starting to enjoy sports right now. And not just because of the on the wanna see the guide to counter clock out at quarter on the field or what I ask not and it's they are enjoying the game. It's absolutely Kathryn acres and is the director corporate communications for the Oakland a's. Reedy sets and great things to you about you know saying yes the working hard you know Nina esta opportunities that he might not completely. You think your qualified for which is trying to skating out there and you never know you know you could make the difference. In that job or that position really fines and they can kind of hone in on any for any women lists in mean out there and any young ladies coming up. It is a little different for us because we we do take time off to start a family and that is something she also talked about finding the balance and that it's okay. To take time off to you know hack your children and raise your children you know you'll find your way back in you'll find your your niche when you get back you know when you get. Back into that mode again and I I understand I turned down a very great partner full time gig. Because I won it'd be a mom and start a family and it was the best decision I have ever made is you can't change. And that's a TT and each is not too if you wanna work you know be a mom who works the time that's preteen is yours and an incredible example. For you and your children not just two daughters but your sons to me it's all about about how about ending balance to be with your family to be children and I'm gonna say it now because they haven't set Dallas time but I am now pregnant with my second child. Hang on. I I got on with airing out yet so that's something. Important. For me by now more about balance speak. Out. Also up at 3 o'clock in the morning every day. Having morning sickness and there it is. United just enjoy my job it's still be part so lucky day. Supporters. Say. Nike and it's right here on 95 so I haven't re going on frankly I know that it's exciting so. Yay congratulations to panic and again this it was great to him I would've been marked altered by seven by. That's neither here and there and I'm really glad that we an opportunity and pat and I look for cnet's if you just watch it march 10 at 8 o'clock cius and Bay Area. See in California march 12 at four. Before and keep Kelly Johnson. Talked to her steps out. Very very very stepped out. The sharks are represented the east eyes which by the lawyers met up from the sharks absolutely amazing she works. Great of the sharks instead of sports. And to hear her speak about the business and industry being in the political. And she's as well put together in I've ever seen Mary wells in. Very. Apps. Any hold TrailBlazer in her field in Atlanta when she talked about you know built. Eat it don't worry about it let. Let the fact that whenever that. No one's ever been there before you in Everett on the job don't ever let that due back or change your perspective to be you be out there she was incredible she was so funny. I. In the port that came out of this. Symposium at. It taught us that report. Was so called uterus uterus higher. Light just get the token woman basically but it's become. Absolutely. Are women become analyst at latest as it and played. My port. And dance at first to speak at. So it's plenty of action in the fast pace and you know us and answer your sit and watch aiming your brakes coming happen. So it's injured change the whole scheme in the direction you're gonna go anyway for itself. Yes Simon reporting is Corey because it's it's got I get a lot of it and it's that Reich. Whenever on the ID act you're part of the action. I'll kind of like YE you know working on and I sevens and two because has been on the air at breaking news changes your whole day so much that your days. It did change as we talk about what's next what's. With interest teen for that day in what kind of makes people wanna talk and think to find really interesting about working. In broadcasting in general this just an action by and athlete at the they talk about that meet people. That I get people interest yes that talk we can go on and on and on about the lawyers of course everyone's interest what's happening to grant and the packed losses. And that will bring up what's the best action and it just goes off the rails and apparently die hard mixed feelings. Is it as an hour's hot it is high got an IS and now that's a whole nother debate are we slept here on our podcast and we get an opportunity to discuss the Oscars what's happened so we're gonna talk Oscars here businesses. This was an interesting one so I don't know peace all the old saying Nicky neat chime in as well. I you know it was going to plant a pageant Q was a great host NBE. All of a sad it is not lot and is best pictures spoiler alert. Whenever it. All felt like now yeah then something's wrong under rocker don't have social media live in the back with app. Chrysler has keeper meet state and it was blew my mind was the winner for best pictured not lot and then when war I mean it was a much Warren Beatty just sit there will be ample deposit he used to be funny for dramatic purposes. And any had a debate diner where I can seize this lake and eight at they house this wasn't tablets and breezy on Victor under the bus. I think you know what to do. Wasn't gonna take a hell no he wasn't gonna jump out there. Is there on day and I would do the same thing out of there you go you know how to read to you could say. Are any question a moment and it said it was I think it was. Like television. But this is the Oscars anything can happen to reference her eyes and I just bare thigh at a factory on stage because best actress is not that picture right and you're sitting in front of everybody needs of people watching. Lights are on you that I sent -- He seventeen. Years. And as important as it's quickly on his feet. Eight he would even as well I did honestly at that moment it is it's. Those. AD well on its theme. These hold it against the ladies. 66. Teach us. You should from now on he should teach a class act like. This is sometimes it the app and he does what that's like it didn't happen miss universe. Keene that's right. It made for very interesting story so the people. It was a relief funny interesting segment. Near parts of the Oscars outside at the Viola Davis as her speech was. For best actress by to see these people come up where it's not know we'd all the Oscars that's just. Out. That's. That's Allenby. I am excited that. He won an Oscar for best direction. And director. I would love to do that one date it still ultimate goal of mine. Imagine being until about an. Avid I could not imagine it looks on their face is pretty pretty epic. Going down the finale though since you won one Oscar right. If you won an Oscar are silly see. You got the Oscar which you didn't really win I'd be like La land which you still go out there and get an acceptance speech. I would give the acceptance speech I was deadly and you know an X. Couple loses some Indian guy who won from the direct no when looking at an annual and Long Island in the inning guy out of there he knew he lost abilities and my friends at. All the other guy I know it hurts I think he knew man. He would have no idea until he walked on that stage it in the middle of talking given their acceptance speeches and back then it was August chatter remic. People shot up what is the distraction at the end speed she was like even though we lost its moment in time god does not make it yeah. I don't like hey. That moment I let it out golden I I'm not a wind added in day out my movie was good. Enough to be nominated. Congratulations man that's IV but our studio out. Was disappointed that it took away from a moonlight moment yeah as more life more light was for me at least was definitely like. A different film 'cause it actually spoke on masculinity sexuality gala black man in America which is something that Israeli advertised on. I thought it was I thought it was a great film. I thought what it may. City got a little bit more you know praise and I think it should have his own moment. Cooler and I don't think anyone would ever disagree that I feel like mama got a little cheated in the Ian yeah orbit. I mean what you do in the circumstance and it is likely to ache and if it was planned that was a fake that would just be a travesty to. Now it SP absolutely wrong it was at that price I must not where I am to believe that it's not they have banned the two people responsible from the Oscars forever ever ever think I was supposed to be handing off the correct an envelope was too busy taking self fees and it's now I he got pictures. It would tweeting pictures of amistad which came off state I get that your star strike. But come on act like an hour ago he right I mean if you're an opposition huge yards off of important right now I'm saying though pay attention young obit got you have to he's ill. That she took her carts of their second car there's two carts. I don't I as ABC candidate Barack maybe she handed them back to secure hold you. And I aren't as I know that of my caddie. It duplicate it made that was supposed to enlightenment and and edit text pictures and at the moment so maybe what he can't can't see what's inside the car and he's an Indonesian and it that he should. How look at his idea of how let me know how to Leno because he understands that she had the car also best picture and Angela are different colors they're not. Most. Of someone so say money anyway we on and on and on it right average picked by ever we gotta get tweets that we frank tags catches on at seven game dot com thinks her watch. Aaron and it wasn't just as watching the Oscars these sports world had all eyes on the golden statue themselves that is correct she. It's the first up air and rob is waiting he's saying Derek Zoolander is smiling somewhere hash tag Oscars hash tag made news. Addicting get this claim based you know and I turned the hash tag Oscars op right before last award not sure why announce sitting here refresh refresh refresh. I kid you not once that moment has been so I saw the best picture of my son was having ethnic or at a friend's house. And he was having a little thick it was getting late so I want to go inside another and check on him and in all the senate in nineteen minutes later here. Accounts like. Although dean wants to keep secret the media back run back in what's going on all one. But to push notification on their phone them I was the one that line and that what's going on they sent I'll land knows is. It was crazy I mean I was it was the exact opposite from me because I wasn't really paying attention. And I I don't know what was before that announcement but I caught it right on time and I was really sit in their like most of the people in the crowd like. And this is crazy yeah. A lot of other a lot of other tweets and also things on social media hat where it comparing the Oscars to some. Lowell leads some famous blown leads as of late. Doug and I and he actually treated. All La land had to do was on the ball home during two dollars and falcons and also Marcia it's. It rains it's just yet both sets. About pitching games two of them are. The patriots over bills. Also a lot of a lot of comments also on the 31 leaves a lot of that which I try not to think about as a warrior fans. It warriors. Big news as we said this week Kevin Durant got hurt he went down so some love. Rumsfeld oyster among green and hurt to see Mike I Katie go down but it's always strength in numbers get lawsuit can't. Seth Curry said he'll let my man will hold it down he get back on the court that's prayers app lets tell it down after. Little bit rocky start a little rocky but you know what man I think it's a long over accessories and from the area that it is okay. With the best team in the NBA and I used to lose in exactly so right. But a new addition to team Matt Barnes after playing a decade which we believe Golden State Warriors team. That upset to 67 when Dallas Mavericks back in 2000 said he is back. Which the Bay Area this all happened because Barnes was waived by the kings after DeMarcus Cousins trade and once he. Found that that he was coming back to the warriors because Kevin Durant went down he released a statement on music and he was. So incredibly happy yet she posted up a chair from the we believe times said. Wish I could bring to be back with the am at a loss for words right now. Next the birth of my children this is the happy saved my life coming back to where it RB Dan hash tag got is can picture of him. With Darren Davis and Stephen Jackson. Now did you detect saying yes. That era was the cupcake moment of 2017 exactly sent him a Stephen Jackson Glenn back and forth this even says I just sop bro brought tears to my eyes. Than from Matt man I can't believe it's Steven so happy for you about see how god works. Matt says get to finish what we started and then yes Steven I'm coming to more games now need that measures it. It's always that the hardest guys were just have soft it's soft as it really. Does David accident that bar above two guys you don't wanna miss wood in the Dark Knight. I'll. Love those guys on the weekly team news there's holes fund a lot Baron Davis is my favorite passionate. I loved. Watching mab buys it is it brings a business knowledge and it is really cool it has to see if he can win a championship with the warriors now. The thing yet that's awesome that is kind of a big not because for wars and you went through years in years without the playoffs and just. Down nation just really just trying hard warriors fans is trying hard to keep rooting for this team does not matter what I've always been a warriors fan right like I. I was watching basketball the kid I didn't watch as much as I do now. My parents ran into that's but I always watched Michael Jordan. And watch Chris Mullen when he was at the warriors and I watched it. But to see the week believe team really struck a nerve in the Bay Area and got. People excited. MBA. And you know I had that that was a time because I lived in Southern California. That was a time more I was like yell this warrior phenomenon right now upsetting Dallas and he in just a way that they. The slacker the way they carry themselves. There was some an NBA needed in those years they did you know. And so it come full circle potentially. Ormat bars so we sell seat but it rich connect. Awesome so as usual and a right and it that is it stressed it. Absolutely fun just so much talk about here in the Bay Area in the world the score world. The sports world every world. Every world ever golden Manitoba and first of all can we say thank congratulations thank you Anna is expecting a new family member here and animals on out in the game. I am quite a moment to do it we wanna think Tracy Murray for joining us today. And again between yes at Gianna underscore Franco and act and a and Keith and Mary Kay. Think you need for higher up on the show's usual doing we'll of course and be on does mean. Let me know if you have any suggestions for the so I'll be glad to put network. You'll see you next time catches it and effects and game dot com.