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Afternoon Delight w/ Bonta & Guru - Hour 3 - 3/7/17

Mar 7, 2017|

Guru fills in for Greg Papa - he & Bonta are joined by Scott Bair & continue the conversation on Raiders to Las Vegas.

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Lose to throw samaritan. Deployment of some student or her career coach. And some wounded and hurt. Gibson store solution grows pollute the solutions to lose. Bruce and don't trump solutions student from cancer. Because you won't. Rumors of moves to world's rich and. Consecutive champ traders you got rid Washington turns right to bite you for. Tied Danny there's a flexibly. Middle daughter. All know diva Las Vegas open liberators we all want that but it. It is a strong possibility after the news yesterday. From elite LA daily news columnist Vincent. On C yeah there ponson nor response in New York. Scott bear to see this in Bay Area joins us a raiders insider. He's been all over this Vegas free agency com by Scott Heidi doorman thanks for joining grew and I hear me after a malignant parts of Oregon. It in the busy week and it seems like every time and there are some. Really engaging interesting football news on the horizon there and Canadian news week Oakland. You know like brain. They're. Get there's going to be another day in or meeting on Thursday when the raiders are gonna sign free agent now you have this ability here on match in this. This playoff contenders bet that as a competitive window that could be Oprah for a number of years and think gosh. Some from law making it in the the fruit of all the labor obviously a local cancer. Describing you think the Vegas news what impact any free agent come and visit Oakland. Wonder like are gonna be in Oakland and a couple of years are gonna be in Las Vegas how it's anti do you think this news has our free agency for the Oakland Raiders. And as long as the money is still green and your car's ability Oakland Raiders quarterback. I think they're going to be a very attractive destination. No matter where it. Explain because most importantly. Guys want to make paying at the Asia got in the win as the Asia in the Oakland Raiders offer an opportunity. You do both of them. Now over the last couple years we've seen the raiders being incredibly active. In that free agent market they were they were very successful last year they were not very successful back in 2014. I could mean a little bit less activity actually and that. Initial wave. Because the roster is more talented. And they have a bit less cap space and they are extensions are there there franchise base and coming up on the current. Now a guy who looks like she won't be getting that big for me Oakland Raiders who is let's AV is Murray scored twelve touchdowns last year I ran bought four yards a pop but it seems like the raiders gonna let him walk. Is natural and if so who do you think is on the raiders are rising at running back is it would Gary blunt is Ager Pedersen is a DeAngelo Williams what have you heard about the running back position for Oakland Raiders. I think didn't really bad. Time to the inveterate free running back because how could he NFL draft class is that. And the Oakland Raiders have proven time and again when they got locked in the epic Marie in the sixth. They got elected as an undrafted guys that are pretty good at mining rusty talent and eat in the draft. Which I think it's going to be interesting over the course of the next couple made just out of position group Sheikh Al and what the market expert somebody and now. What if Peter can be an attractive commodity of course they got Al Amer. And get get little thing in the Arctic system that the Oakland Raiders do you like to run on the old fashioned big football. You can absolutely do that so I think I got like that a silent in Heatley is intriguing. I'm not ready to close the door completely on Marie until we see how the market shakes out because. He's so popular. In the locker room I go before yards per carry and you think. A guy with his size and speed. That you want more out of that right. Let you never get past. Protector in the very cerebral guy get along well quarterback they're college cannot be under assault on the under then he's not coming back. Thank you think he's gonna hit the open market really gonna have to seek. Shape up over the course of the next couple order. What are you willing to pay knowing full well airy younger. Cheaper options with less tread on the tires with more track. On the tires Indian culture. Yes Scott always good to talk to you off come full circle on Murray man I mean he just ran hard last year. And I've been reading a lot in the off season and the one thing that stuck out to me was Derek Karr saying how good of a pass protector he was in the back field. And I'm wondering just like you touched on the desk got to carry some weight so like you said that door is not all the way closed our. Yeah I mean I'm not saying that it's wide open by GAAP and I would say there's still a possibility. That. He could come back into the fray here with the way that they're gonna rotate their running back. If they have good pass protector that that they can bring in some packages and things like that. You wanna get a big power back who can act like a real power back on the interior but something that I. Would be attractive radio writer I keep thinking at least he really intrigues me because it would act as motivated you see him do pretty well so. I think he is intriguing if you're Peterson would have could be. The company very specific role and an imminent in an incredibly deal and I think that's going to be one of those things that. When you're superstar. You may call that money. Your bucket going to be intends. At some point and you wanna go to a contender. And a contract are you willing to work out and I think it's going to be a new reality. Maybe. Just in terms of how contract might be structured the raiders have been very good at. Be Smart with how they do their deal and I mean if you look at a guy like Ricky Nelson last year you made up like more money because he played a lot made. Scott helped me out when you look at the raiders in the wide receiver position it's a position of strength and I know more I know Coopers and number one. But two years in a row I don't wanna say disappeared that's too strong but he hasn't finished strong and we saw crab on terroristic Lee dropped some balls. I'm wondering what is your outlook on the Oakland raider wide receiver position did you see some help come and. Absolutely I think that they can use. Summed up. The air and maybe takes some. Workload out of their top two guys now. Under Paul is getting give them attention. From outside the raiders organization despite the fact that you don't want to say. He's been in in god because he hit Kirk you're you're eating and quite ST and now he liked. One of the core guys there and I think that he's got a great job of increasing in value despite the fact that the capsule was actually very well I think that can go out and get another. I think it back early helped them out despite the fact that inquiries are still very high and I accept Robert I think. We need more. Consistency there. You bring up a very good point that even cracked tree while. I think he was banged up with a bigger things like that you but he dropped for him to be dropped from from from Robert and Amar well. He did better in terms of holding onto the football I just think you want more this. From that group so maybe. If we're gonna help out the passing game maybe another tight end might. Might be a good it may be a guy who can work in the slot and wrote me to a much different position than personal peace and help out. There's often and they can be even more dynamic especially in the middle of the football. Funny Scotch you bring up. The slot receiver. There's names out there like DeSean Jackson Brandon Marshall not a slot Qaeda may be moving Marc Cooper to the slot maybe those are some options you break up the tide in position. There was almost from Boston closer and Martellus Bennett. It's the raiders are looking MR two has been one of fourteen looking at hand but tight end in the in the count by an this year. I mean that is a deep deep position to directors who sit back. With their first round pick its own foreign way for a guy like OJ Howard because that the tide in position coming out of college who sees it looks to be really really strong. Yeah I think that if they could find somebody who again became continent and be consistent that's slightly. Maybe. Better it might might might really help out there the guy who might Cheney a Super Bowl ring at audit that found that. Oakland might be at destination. For somebody like that a guy like Brandon Marshall who has good hands who is always good in the first year where he goes to. A new team. You want a guy like that supremely motivated to take advantage maybe is laugh out. Opportunity go to practice being intrigued me maybe more than paying Bennett. Whatever his. Rate is going to be nine million of them like that. I think that those are aimed at times greater trains early and it dig through and say OK now Don. Hi our it make a ton of money in you would obviously click here but other raiders scored that who else. Could help. Then in certain areas like that lot really on both sides of the aisle of the football receiver and an awful lot quarter. Who could help out there and could be got it well into that that cut into the locker. It make it a more complete team a much different free agency process. Then the raiders in the Gartner over the course of the last couple seated where they needed a lot nine in Allen who helped. It helped. Make it seem more competitive quickly always gamble and I think that rated believe that if systems finally starting. To work now you'd trap you develop you reward your own gut and you couple. Who could help supplement this team who couldn't comment continue what they partied out and make it stronger better deeper. Scott Bair raiders insider for Comcast sports net Bay Area all over the raiders. Free agency and of course stadium deal will just looking at it deep it's a Solder ball Scott Michael Smith is an unrestricted free agent. Is there any interest in bringing him back like units in Donta hightower was released by the patriots. Could he be an option and that in the secondary made island DJ Hayden will probably walk in the way. Of AJ boy AZ too expensive for Oakland Raiders Stephon Gilmore out of buffalo would eat too expensive and are they on a rigorous radar. I think about it in terms of what on the raiders' radar think that it kind of been all over the court and tripled it. Note that those those big name quarterbacks I ain't got maybe not a guy like that but if you look at their diet. Our Green Day a guy like Micah Hyde a personal. Quarterback who could play safety who can play in the slot guys like that can help out it felt left out. Certain position group that may be able to help an inside linebacker they need bodies immediately because finally is meant. Going to hit the open market Perry Riley who went so they need. In the lead to one better and probably a company who can feel comfortable. Calling signals and things like that I power may command I mean any any yet top dollar but. A guy like buffalo that round in the Maine and throughout Eric K well maybe he might be a more affordable they're continent. And play well on the inside and the matchup with the younger guys you know drafted calendar somebody else. On that roster. Dale and inside they really need to get better up the mail carrier cap structure interior linebacker and obviously in that secondary needs to be strengthened. That's actually true but it kind in any doubt at the box now do they have enough money to go make one last churning out. But it's a matter what makes this scene better is it at three B classes are that one and nothing else. And I think it's it's all about the. Use your funds. At this point over the course the last couple scenes. That's hard to argue with what the raiders have done. In our guard. Now Scott in regard to the raiders in the relocation the story they won't die. You know we always come from a fan perspective you know they call when they text that we know raider nation is are they don't want it to happen I'm rude and that it does not happen. But I've never asked anybody like yourself does in the media how does that affect what you do. Yeah I mean I think that's one of the things that kind of that's one of the things that will evolve and once it is very clear. That in Oakland Raiders are gonna play here in week seventeen and 8020 unit you know like. I can't overlook any farther. You know I had that don't get the opportunity really to kind of followed it through. Have a good body is actually. Cover the chargers Yugoslav adopt they're so it is the very real on situations. Where when you have relocated there's a lot of other things that you know gauntlet like in different right now I'd love covering. CNET top for a post deport twelve. And legally the tree due process and even went you know I'm relocation the one thing you can say about the raiders. That there never ever tell. Scott whenever Ronnie Lott. His name comes out what the Oakland Raiders in his. Presenting a stadium option should we just ignored now because it seems like Mark Davis to be Oakland Raiders. Our door Roddy button just not interested. In keeping the team in Oakland why not have Bank of America premise stadium here in Oakland. Yeah I mean that that navy. Question for a couple of years ago. Because one I think the issue isn't at all and there's a land. Problem. And at Oakland coliseum site. And I think the league and the team wanted control of that parcel either leave or are you know org or some type of easier or more attractive purchase price of that land that the rated in the NFL could develop it on her own developers ATP. You were in charge. Any time in the Oakland and the third party developers continent are trying to late. On any sort of public at that I completely understand that the evo is better things to do with the money again. Trying to explain prominent well perspective maybe. Maybe what they would like. What they would rather have Adam. Bet you Oakland Athletics of course complicate things and really. It is. A daunting thing it is something that I know Oakland Raiders fans don't want to happen. I live in in the Bay Area I don't want it. It mattered you guys I think it's one of those things where the market to China by the long terms in solution you believe you sound like. And very it's very possible that at 24 owners will will will approve. This prospect that he had going wanting I will say nothing had installed and I think he can go back. You know 68 weeks pass and everything would have been fine showed eight of race. It is right in the middle and then everything collapses and in your mind change isn't a pilot had been able to Spain and others. Another rationally and very fluid situation you just gotta kind of ride out. The ups and downs and I pictured operator can I get. Keep your fingers crossed from more time on more than anything else. Stop there she is sending their careers and Cyrus got thank you for taking up time and notes busy time for you. You're right now every hour of the day you gotta be up for free agency draft stuff and now this whole stadium deal with steel orders will vote on March 26 in Phoenix Arizona stop there that you support for time appreciate. I no problem Scott beer season barrier raiders slider for a you know guru. Ifill now usual deflator for greater fan I'll care that I'm scared I was my chest out before they record that I'm scared now because now you tell me. The jury's gonna deliberate marks Tony's fourth. And the decision to be rendered you know any day after that and I just don't deal what's happening here I don't wanna get too political with with our mayor Ronnie Lott I got excited call me naive I thought that was gonna get it done. But it's obvious that what the writers organization wants to you'll see here in Oakland and it's. It's a travesty in itself. To blame 9579570. If you wanna react to what's got their descent tell guru and I hear him on 57 in game two blatant are part 79570. Hi Phil about the raiders this kind of put a damper and a free agency because this is an exciting to our moderator sur about Super Bowl contenders. You're now in the taught in the conversation for being in a playoff team for B and AFC west power now. Free agency is common players are tracked its it'll sober black he wanted to. Hundrer you have the quarterback completion of the receivers and placed yup pillow met the defense player a year place. In this bombshell gives drop target. Should you be still excited about free agency are you still worried that they have free agency side eighty played in Vegas next season. Well I don't wanna go skiing here on your stomach be proactive are to be proactive animal put my good food for Gionta animate thing that this team is gonna stay right here in Oakland California in around and enjoy Christmas which I call free agency. And the draft someone told told other. While until told otherwise. I'm gonna be positive Pete. There going to be positive we will see what happens here free it's shooter could be huge there's scrub your broken better is going to be a lot of lot of days out there that. Beatrice generators and how will they stay in this 43 to 45 million that they haven't salary cap space obviously AJ boy sounds like he's gonna be a bit too expensive. Stephon Gilmore is a hell of a corner. Coming out of buffalo clapper Rex Ryan and a system last season. He's a guy out we'll love to see in silver plaque can guard especially DJ Hayden walks that's got to Robert in sandals say he wasn't talked about the raiders stadium Robert. Iran in the afternoon delight with robots and in parts of the game was our prop. It's Dick McAuliffe. Kind of are there again that's for greater. It's something that's been thirty years in the Beijing. Pills that 287. The made. Most ridiculous deal with the giant and giving them. It's Silicon Valley duty would not in return. Then when they want them out here at giants gave the eighties double figures. A leading up to the old manly beach. Dvd eighties they have continue leads to actually gave. And then we have the Davis family moved could've moved down cheered the stadium. With the 49ers. Against that was what does it not for the moderate change in jot them lead in the or what does not put these demons currently here in the Bay Area. So now we have the greatest dancer are getting shorted them that stick and so approximate dollar house. Prefer the guy here you have bad it's a treacherous to our operator for those who have been for a lot. And just the fact that the Jews dropped a couple days before the age you just stick it. She's really where you have to drop it now would like it the same thing happened when the raiders played Kansas City Chiefs to share garuda biggest news broke out. They came out their kind of laid an egg it's Kansas City and it came on their own brand the ball down a greater stroke Alex Smith. On a rainy day on a soggy field his uniform was clean. Why Colin White never forget chemical form they in now is coming off the loser Vegas saw you know its system that angered another dagger seems raider fans. Christian load by he wants talk raiders. That's raider fans Chris your Lodi. She to renew season tickets are not here in this loose. Edit that they had actually that. In bowl alternate. Under the mop up dump it somewhere you'll spill grew it back. The odd man just to China they are greater than. Air the parent want him mark they're a member. Elect a year ago on an Oakland. He tailgate in order experience there. And again when you buy tickets may get surrogate you beer truck he elevator. That work out. You have viewed your guess is as good as mine I don't know how that's gonna work out ambient. He still support the writers say they do move in Vegas who used to be you're supporter how much we support. Next season knowing that Vegas may be up on the horizon. Yeah of course Adam. Barriers Erica my oldest boy terminate. Trying to get to its first game oh and that. Hillary or grammar or a beer. All right Chris Chris and low and I still will support the raiders it's got to Robert real quickly in Pacifica US talk about the red and gold 49ers are. Some Robby on the afternoon delight wiggle room bouncing. All the sporting code of Google Talk about that one operators. No okay I guess curiosity and you know you know because your. Shall be would pop up in Israel trip ever talked about it signaled a call Uga is a bit more. Though we had remedy we haven't even sparked a conversation at all it's there's little to deep right there yeah we haven't sparked a conversation hasn't amassed and we have no idea we don't know operators complain Vegas oh. That is that boot cool back to basketball it doesn't matter it doesn't matter by go to Vegas and maybe they'll just how copilot. Broadcast a game via Skype they're good about that. Organist raiders go to Las Vegas copilot broadcast game Ali's right. How about that. FaceBook like public could be like broadcast that forbids gay group. Edged. Ankle go about its walls could play the. You know what bothers me this could categorize these you've already did did you move the the franchise. You come back fall in love a G and to say hey honey I need to talk to yet. We're leaving McGee pass not clear. It's not fair and the fans don't you know people got jobs they got kids they got problems in sports is there it can't really see how fiercely sports is their release and then here comes free agency in the draft and you got to deal with this this just. What time it. This terrible time you know what else is terrible driving. Ager boating yesterday. Fracturing his tibia that the first two minutes of the cavaliers Eaton gave decimate the cast also brutal lawyers. And then blew open her face last and we should be laughing about an injury. The men who I did feel warrior fans smiling. Ear to that your we'll talk about that year we argument like guru Martin and precedent and. Now back to Greg Papa shows are detained two route I 95 point seven the game. Hit a big news of the day is our view obviously the Oakland Raiders but were tees and somewhere will talk Basque morrow who before we get out to a calls here lot of calls about the Oakland Raiders people concern obviously. For good reason but. Ager Bogut guru yesterday gets hurt. It's help off the court what a fractured tibia. Ivy what did you feel how did you feel when he saw edgy bogey getting helped off the court can weekly. The jokes Jeremy wanted to say odds karma. But the the basketball guy in me. Bob Bogle was a big part with the warriors didn't wanna championship bout that that was just that was terrible luck. I did I forget the tabs are what team he was on that was week. And the basketball gods gave him delta in my hand it to didn't need to be dealt because man I mean hearing as he comes back he's you know been. Get his contract bought out. He's had a haircut he looked spry he looked fresh. And then you go out and he was hustling to the hustle play elbow it was outside of the key. They collide in May have fragments is terrible load now I hated I'll just say that. You know it was definitely. Unlucky for Andrew Bogut to be injured. Like Daniels gonna give Cleveland a bounce is the spark for sure Bogut could still screened one of the best screeners woman best passing big man. So that's tougher. Cleveland to be its CDC if they give a call to Larry Sanders. Who's also freeagent let's go to the phones a lot of people wanna talk about the raiders. Thought the Leo in SF. Most talk raiders Leo was born on Iran will go robots seem impressive again. I felt I don't get a couple things you know you won't be the light up a little bit. On their big board canticle whined about the raiders could you know where you've been for the last twenty years. While all these scenes that old pretty hot speech. You know that don't they either change in party get money you know the article ideas. So you know you've got to treat the catcher at the life and would ever want to gain that way. Conchita deep and but you know the Oakland city had opportunities. And mayor Libya had a opportunity to come up with plan. You'd come in at the last minute trying to curl up on the law that it has stakes obviously not picking. And delete it and approve what they can't cap the well they spot potential money they're gonna go there. On the on the warriors struggled a little disappointed to hear a comment earlier work by someone mentioned. The lawyer span. General I can have a smile on their based well it. You know talk about karma I didn't think local city band while their pay one went down. They it'll come around bulk ground be careful what we well we wish well. You're exactly right we shouldn't wish injury on any player even to your biggest rival to Cleveland Cavaliers that. And I it was a funny was just ironic do Walt Beirut Bogut in the first two bits. Out like that. This is everything about that at all Bogut. Me personally I thought he would have been a better fit in boss and proceed would clear rules and equipment because what we've I don't LeBron called game where he was dizzy was caps and one minute minute one minute. Sully give sale like you know how fast it happened but. He was really melancholy about loser Bogut eat up pop people like I you don't care doesn't change anything but haven't that big. Osce back there was a big deal man knowledge we're lucky. It paid athlete with the big deal and stress with Kevin Love being an hour because you don't know which Kevin Love you're going to get back for the playoff run out. Look we for Cleveland. There in Eastern Conference. Arrow to the finals. There's a lot easier in a row to the finals in the Western Conference I mean they're probably gonna have to go to beach Troy. Elusive sweet sweet down like they did a season ago though probably at the play in the second round it looks like they're gonna have to play Lake Elsinore Atlanta Atlanta. We can't beat down out. Cleveland's role to the finals is a lot easier to can sacrifice cup win. The east. What is Kyra your ring and LeBron James Kim and it is funny everybody goes to K seventeen and just think that when these guys are able to come back like KD RK love that they're going to be 110%. Vontae but the reality is it's not it's gonna take some time to ramp up. In see what you have if you have what you have before you got her. There and it Penske model sells dot Comtex line it's going crazy over Oakland Lotta Lotta slander towards Mark Davis Mercury that would only to slandered her yet. A lot of people send American or renew their season tickets. I wanna go out to Derek a free money he also want to talk raiders here on 957 game said Derek. Well I had it. Figured that our. While getting. But I and his dumbfounded and I can't believe they're really connected. Can believe it is greed is the power machine challenge. The loyalty factor. I are here you Derek it's big business and Vegas is offering of state in Nevada's offering several 115 million dollars of public. Funding from the stadium and NFL's looking at that saying we can't pass up a 750. Million dollars and it's basically free. For anybody. Yeah about what I heard the NFL was worried about this musical chairs and teams relocating in the ratings were somewhat down by take opt out that was going to be the end of teams moved in. And I guess I can still hold on to that but manages sales inlets like. You know they may be a bad here yeah realist got a big callon Oakland he also wants to talk raiders will sub decal. Yeah like the last caller yet period. The band. We act. We got black art market now are the Baltic coast. Removal alone out all right day in May that that now. Well not are not we we knew that he would not properly and exceed and yet that vocal the ball and it. Of course from not being no pickle forget all that we have been is expected by the greater opportunity that cannot note writer about it. Clap the port that patient got up and break in the band broke up but oh what a bat. Twenty year and pay them back at it but I don't know treat it like where it not been a. Our outlook dollar war yet they'll go to law may at the plate but the one point nine spirit our stadium economic it. The spigot at under Putin Michigan ballot bowl welfare on the and they lose their mama not speak walk whole Lotta bands you know I tell people all but 300 expect pocket and yet. Raider fan but we want to log may get a report obtained. Would you show where raiders gear if they do play in Las Vegas every Sunday will you be at the house here in the Bay Area. So where anger raiders Jersey or whatever raiders gear you have supported a raiders from a different state. At all. Don't let out now it was now a lot of. But she will support the team though. We will support team for before. Outlook report the income. But don't ever get another night like that would ever Altman later Yonhap now that went off and I'll never buy another Oakland raider whatever that may well rader a bailout make it. Emma Claire Shanahan only yell on where actual length away. Oh a big cal takes her call Beatty speaker for a lot of raider fans moderator Fred I know personally. Our Phil like big cal just was and I know I need to stand my line saw wheel but how will say this and I don't pretend to be a politician. But it just feels like that this city evoking within their fans have been killed. By the you know powers to be the politicians here and Oakland and the history that Oakland has. With the raiders. It's just sad did. It doesn't even feel like it's game seven or it's it's under the two minute warning in the NFL football game. It's almost like by don't let the door hit you on the way out now I can be wrong bond today but that's a travesty. That our leaders here and all went. Have been stepped up to the degree to where you can't beat out Las Vegas and keep the raiders here in Oakland. Yes he's just instead in this is getting tired and old. Dave in that book longtime supporter raider nation Dave bureau would go Rabat say here and and possibly gangs update. I I I just. Huddled. At the at a change is just like you said. We've been planted doubt for years and mark. A politician in Oakland to come up with a plan. Yeah that we hear model player. And know what it. Was just on the paycheck. Did you. Presenting yet another feel that it's horrible but what we've got to go through all the years. Politicians can't get. In Sacramento. Sacramento. Coliseum like basketball. Sacramental and all these other cities in the country can do it. So that we. And it's really. At all and that there. And put it this that there might achieve if you like both now that would be. I. Won last many months and show about. It was. Just a matter of time between when the white Knight came and to help make it work because. At the casino magnate attached to the ball park lane. And it ultimately. And we. Lap. Politicians all markets want to keep the team here but politicians. Never did thanks. No problem thanks Dave from a caller and that's to pastor that I get from a moderator fans now with this news coming up on the eve of free agency. This is seems like a dagger in the heart here raider. Rader Dijjer Roy J&J Stam align their particular calls on the other side a will take your phone calls local boosters holiday. Raider fans this is your turn to speak up on how you Phil about this possible move to law. Now back to that popped showed fighting guru I 95 point seven in the game. Breaking news just came and Adam Schechter has reported that the Serbs just 49ers had to release safety and small but they. That clear visibly seven million cattle he was 27 million dollars here CA's 5000005. Point 75 million dollars in cap space. Niners now have close to 99 million dollars to spend in free agency this is the aftermath of the white euros Phil and then. Darryl Johnson to guru the limit for Greg Kopp on bond sale here are 957 games so I talk but there is no longer a 49 and grew their cleaning house and I like. Would general manager John Lynch. Is going yeah we liked it from I liked it from the get go from the presser and Debra dale won't be the reason that. You know you don't have success next year you know they're going with the youth movement their players. But distill a line from Jay-Z the niners have nine. There's good news I got to hear it sometimes you are about sometimes corny works. Fifth duke to its key Al cells dot Comtech slime is going absolutely bizarre over this raiders news so we're let's get out to the callers and got a full fall line you're not gonna do composed as of today and just let raider fans though we'd do chapter core. Joining the show tomorrow at some point so wait here for quarterback Derek Carr and ask him how his rehab is going. Person's vote or its culture raider. Rader be wrong with good robot are here many parts of the game itself. Hey Matt well Mark Bingham does mandate needed to meet our way to sort of permanent magnet you guys are. Killen got the door and a great job man. So the fact that identity we got it it'd be about is and how. Yeah. It didn't want to buckle. Got that worked out. Don't. Pick out Kelly came out and what exactly. To a 300. Eat them. It Bob Chen in the coliseum on game joking manner are caught. In Asia so you guys come out. Yoga game. This year but I don't condone it meant. I don't get it and dates and order in jail not an eye out any. Again. I know they're committed. City. I don't. Happen art. About it. I. Am not an. Oakland. We put because you can take Matic com all Bay Area and been in. Enough as. It. Packet optical about it that we can. Cut. The men and a couple of Reading one. Or any. Other or. Extent croc he had income blocked a move absolutely right they're being spent Austin San Diego. Excuse me who have Los Angeles chargers Attica blocked a move would say we don't wanna and another NFL team here and a socal. You know this market here Vegas is two hours away from LA. Director about Phoenix the cardinals to say hey we don't want them in Vegas is a which we're scarred streets is a game this past season. Guru and it was mostly raider fans and Lendale Arizona so apart fans will be able assess just want to vote they would go get a regular elbowed against the the Michigan I think we we would need more crotch you would take gas and power he can sway others I think we go 58 votes for this Stan crock in scandals. And also Los Angeles bid well in Arizona that's three I think we go 55 other colts staircase and Jay Bruce broken down. A couple months ago about the volts or. Volt owners and teams who go vote down this move for a rate or some able to find it may be they're still hold let's go to pure Roy. In Gilroy he also wants to talk raiders have Gary. I think economic take my call that not I want. Full disclosure alma alma mater and Bert I wanted to weirdo the raiders to. All about good there at football right lip and there are other things done mayor and keep it had a racket ball. Man I'm with and the Lebanese people talking about greed and hate mark gave. Mark it was generator to begin gone by Oakland or longer I can remember maybe. Yup and eagle on number two decade. Of them basically for any that it. You're. Audience into what's garlic on a rowboat juror. Jay was going on your whole goal robot Taylor president again. I did today. I'm good I'm actually Alec Pollack anorexic. And does and that got to arrange a little bit me. It's kind of that way you know being treated like that you know like the site you are like last thirty years and. What people are surprised I mean there's not a disrespect. Organizations. Are and it is expected to pack up the ball deep as let's integrate easily. I hear you man I heard your on this movement and it's a dagger governments and all show assists. It's not the type of news you wanna hear on eve of free agency when the raiders are we were saudis big time players out there NFL. It's not what you wanna hear. David Bruce is kind of up to step into the studio that way listened to David Bruce three to seven here on 957 game DB what's good so I love a great analogy allowing something is said so well I think to myself why deny look at it that take effect that I'm driving in and you guys basically. Have. Taken free agency enlisted them in three different categories. Nordstrom's Macy's and we're all set up a. Now. You don't get a lot of credit for walking at a Nordstrom's with something that looks good you spent a lot of money it's designer store we expected to look good you don't get a lot of credit. For that. We look at four as a GM who knows how to find the value it may seize and they can take care through our. That odd lot rack at Ross your words like it's you know. So it's T shirts dress shirts shorts. Bathing suit woman's bathing suit put back here for the wrong reason. More shorts T shirts jeans there's nothing weirder than Hong jeans on a plastic hangar but that's rather that's troughs that every now and then you find something special. And that's what we're really looking iso I just I've been thinking about it since I brought it up for free agents go. They come down and a Nordstrom's Macy's. And Ross endless money. No right you don't need nobody's ever won and I think he's a hunter 150 free agent signed last year eight went to the pros vulnerable or something like that I think as the number that I saw yesterday and I just think about Jim tar balls for Susan 49ers what they do. Did he go to Macy's. Eighty go to Nordstrom's or what the Ross it's our guys like Carlos were right there yeah. And their armor bit high should shut down and boarded up and it is. I was listening on the way and I just had a dominant do you guys won this is very good speaker brought such as bought a four pack Apollo socks and for a 99 they're really have had asked about those socks I wouldn't know he got away from Ross thought Adam throws right there brand name sock I don't know where you bought there aren't we don't know Rick. Let's go out this. Yet I'll mention that stationed all the time. I drive. To the patient you got it wrong and the city Brooklyn the aid only if any. And it was a life. Mark could come up with a dollar tax cut them. At Oakland didn't come up with a billion dollars of taxpayer money. I'm tired at all and. Well well just let leave up. Well golf and asks are we gonna in the show we're gonna go he's not the only one is that fun but he's not the only one that feels that way acknowledge it we saw the raider fans that are still callers on server gonna stay our whole for David Bruce is showing Dana will tackled this subject as well. Where your friends are happy they should be happy about this but just for one. Just for a couple days I want to just focus our free agency and the raiders are gonna do here only for at least two seasons. Let's enjoy free agency C Vegas and big name players here go to Ross and it's a bargain bass organ deal so. Wrote it's been fun again and oil and lo he calls tomorrow Italy G Taylor Logan I. We started when you're about to to start be Jian a freckles starting lineup from the red and Bruce now from San Francisco. Jian. Nicely done nicely done nicely done groupings cumin and the limit for Greg Papa Derek Karr would join a show tomorrow at 1 o'clock. Along with more free agency talk with David Bruce who continue to raiders relocation talk with the calls next right here on 957 again.