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John Dickinson Warriors vs Nets Pregame - 2/25

Feb 26, 2017|

John Dickinson Joins Damon Bruce and Kerry Keating before the Warriors take on the Brooklyn Nets

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're very happy that John Dickinson is here with us right now he just got out of speakers pregame press conference JD good to see he was always there's so much for stopping on Bonnie good to see you guys as well and I can confirm the turbulence in fact that this. In starting lineup for the Brooklyn. And. Rather you love it I love it when the first thing Jon does is let you know. I haven't made an error here and with the shelf thank you my friend. Let's get right to Kevin Durant absence tonight we know that he came down on his left hand left the game got an X ray it was negative he re entered and he lit up a third quarter. In a way we really haven't seen in the long time. But he's not playing tonight. And the speaker was on my show yesterday said he was going to carefully pick and choose moments to DNP healthy starters in. And it feels a little bit more like that then the wrist tonight in less you have other information for us. Altering its wrist it's it's still swollen hand it's not that they're gonna mess around with it Steve Kurt did say it looked he'd be plain this causes a playoff game board game at the warriors needed. It is still lingering thing in terms of sorts for Kevin Durant certificate it is a combination of both but I also think with this stretch coming up. When all the road games and Steve Kurt EE quoted the great Raymond Ridder warriors PR guru. The war essentially an eight game road trip coming up with one game at ORACLE Arena. What I was happy to get child back tee exactly which is how he put it in they're gonna find opportunities to rest guys when they handed you alluded to. We talked about it the other night I wouldn't be surprised if each of the four all start game one game at some point. During this stretch in the next week. And I tell you if every season comes with a little luck involved no matter who you war you know the warriors are parading around lake Merritt a couple of months from now. You might wanna go back to Kevin Durant falling down on his own left hand and not breaking it against the Brooklyn nets because when he came down on that for a second John. It wasn't the way he landed it was the game landing on his hand that made me a little nervous he can break a bone in the top European not a finger. And if if you know everything's fine did the that's one of those moments could've gone either way yet even more so the way he reacted to it because it looked like he was a little shook by yup initially kept check in eighty looked and they ended at around. There's two or three plays up the younger and oratory yeah. Exactly all finger inventory and he didn't. He wasn't limited with that are hitting it in dribble validity he put his hand passing lane couple times and analytical out of the locker room X rays were negative and all that but he stayed in the game came back in the game. He was fine admitted it's not. Anything where it's of significance but you definitely wanna take opportunities where you can if you have orders to give the guy and sites that do that tonight. There may need not be a single more powerful media entity covering the NBA than just the presence of social media and obviously. Even with the the triumphant third quarter fifty points in a rousing win overeat ready to play clipper team the other night. The very next day John all we were talking about was JaVale McGee and Shaquille O'Neal and I'm guessing at some point in time this came up in the press conference tonight. It came up yesterday more than it did it did even today I think Steve Kerr you know he he made his thoughts known that it L. He wanted to have JaVale McGee's back that he felt that it can bail it had heard enough that it back the player on that when it's our. As to say that there was a preconceived notion that he had about JaVale McGee. Based on the way he's portrayed in this checked in a full segment having been it's actually said he thought the guy I was with a different type player. Then he's actually bin since he's been coaching him what the warriors this season and acted like we all thought that'll. I was just cassette that we all had that preconceived notion you know that's what you're supposed to especially on a team that's a successful as a chance to be as successful as the warriors. This to me is is going to be someone's gonna pull more together. Leonard after you become a two defense and a locate he may not fully understand exactly how good skill checked ones but as a matter. The fact that he's coming out saying the fact is these comments and they need this guy I mean I think JD you'll agree with we watched him in pre season practice like. How does it fitted. And Steve preconceived notions well he's become an electrical part of this however we abilities even if it's five minutes eight minutes nine minutes block a shot get it done. Just. He's filled the role of Zaza being an out at least now he's got its flaws these guys deficiencies. Everybody does. Your deficiencies in flaws most in doubt on this team a lot more to blame for all famers. It anywhere else but let the guy do his job let's let it with slid past I think what's gonna happen to have Steve as long as this leaguers have pulled the team stronger together. And it really feels like it's just they're combating the whole notion that perception indeed becomes reality. Steve is no spring chicken to the NBA he's seen it is a player he's seen it is a member of the front office now he sees it as a head coach this is a guy probably did. Draft day evaluations when he was a GM with the Phoenix Suns. On JaVale and had a preconceived notion. A look we all take bits and pieces from the media that surrounds us to form our opinions about everything players included. Yeah added there's no doubt about it in detail the key is it some ways may be turned his career around as I thought so whether it's here. With the warriors in the future or whether it's with that another team and and obviously there's going to be other teams that. And should JaVale McGee continue to be productive player gonna be able to pay him more then the warriors you know. Any comments about Patrick and cost starting tonight. Emma caught gets the nod dead over Ian Clark just based on match ups and he's been playing more than Hannah Clark in the rotation speaker I didn't think he was gonna give it would all of this start. Likes to keep that bench rotation intact likes to keep the minutes. Right around this certain level for it would dollar so it's a chance from a cottage. To get out there and and play. In a way with. Three all stars to play with Zaza Pachulia and Nancy was they can do and and keep everything else intact so I'm I'm not surprised if he could it would be Clark my problem cost than ahead of them. In the rotation to this point. I'd like to see one of these games in the caught not. Try to Wear Bayesian bland I think with the starting five but it to initiate a little offense like let's get at the Brooklyn nets are nine win basketball team. If you wanna feel little frisky this is the night to do that don't you think yeah I think so on and he showed it if he's shown it in some of the blockade security it's Denver when they were down he got going a little bit it they they. Brought back a little bit to within nine inning game and closed at thirty he's got it in them but I think his nature at this stage of his career as a rookie is to what you're saying. That the one guy actually that I feel out of the top four they're really try to get those guys and agreed especially in Clark but now we're caught his BP so this is C that is replacing keeping. Which one of them be streamlined you know maybe cleavage staff maybe in Gaza try to integrated by giving up some of the zone to kind of get Patrick owned. Here's a kind of an interesting note I thought about tonight's game you know the warriors have been down sixteen points and come back from sixteen point deficit. At least three different times so far this year one of them was against the clippers just the other night and one of them was against this very Brooklyn team. Right around Christmas they were down early they they they took the court ruled the ball out thinking that their reputations were gonna beat the nets in Brooklyn. And and that didn't happen they were able to circle the wagons and end up winning that game. But you know it like in the NBA the minute you take your eye off your opponent your opponent goes on a ten point run every single time no matter who they are. This is a team. That didn't come to run tonight they are that that their pace of play is number one in the NBA which is ridiculous and yet nine wins gonna slow down a little bit thin but their pace of play. This should be an up and down up and down the court game. Yet plays right into the warriors fancy your right the net to different kinds of had success running up but now with the warriors have me they played closer games that you think for whatever reason these past couple these final tidbit. I just did the fifteenth roster spot where to connect to make a decision on that for whenever they'll probably gonna make a decision on that tomorrow Bob Myers Steve Kirk. What they'd like what Webber's presented there's options out there as well as far as maybe some of the veterans keep and I am then he goes there. They need to guard JT thank you got good CU coach thank you were always act gad. Early on Monday through the warriors are taken off on a five game East Coast road he so we're gonna pick up our coverage of warriors basketball again on Monday. Right at 230 on 957 game.