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John Dickinson Clippers pregame 2/23/17

Feb 24, 2017|

JD checks in with Damon & Kerry for the "From the Floor" segment on Warriors Warmup.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Verizon warriors warmup built by dole wins lumber doors and windows great to be with the U Damon Bruce scary Keating. In our body from the floor John Dickinson joins us brought you by American Express proud partner of the Golden State Warriors and. And have a seat. Yet Jim Dale's going to be coming off the bench because Zaza Pachulia is back in in the starting line it's good for you warriors through good news for them. Also good news they're gonna get David West back tonight both available to play and will seek time tonight that according to speaker. So the rotation starting to fill out a little bit though Kurt did say. They make. 56. And JaVale still can get. It's time makes sense is now in an earlier this looting. And Davy Jones get really good Horton worked out with the staff to getting it since either it's there and I'm not playing tonight downing tonight yeah exactly like you're not gonna play tonight so go get a sweating it's it's a working conditions in. It just think they went right back to south on the first game back and even though it it kind of falls well with the break anyway he was out for his own extended break. I I like the fact that you bell has a good attitude about it and said hey listen and to do whatever I need to do they've really conditioned him. In more ways than just physical but mentally except this chronicled wolf I don't know growth. Yes it absolutely does and he knows his role in this team and in steep curve in appointed you know he noted the fact that Jim Dale's quite well with the bench unit he's played well. Once a couple of the starters come back in the game with select members of the bench unit so it's not just. You fail with the starters that's been successful line up though it has been among the most successful and it's in the EPA as a whole. This season we JaVale McGee is played with the other war or else. What do you think they'll be lacking if anything by going back to Zaza with the starting five probably little. Little defensive prowess may be a little bit of a threat to block a shot in Zaza is not much of it a shot blocker he's kind of ground. To the earth if you don't mean not much of a lever like to dailies and obviously you know the darker spot lob pass it it it feels like he goes away a little bit. I really wonder if looking at the size back with the starting five. Might not be the best JaVale McGee has looked with the starting spot you know it's one of those. Do you really want to make this move I want I wonder if you saw as I could play himself out of the starting five now that we know to feels comfortable and. Yeah I think if that was gonna be considered JaVale would probably still be starting tonight and maybe get just roll it out and maybe make Zaza Pachulia earn his way back into the starting lineup that that. Is sixty Kurt likes Pachulia. And he's just his position within the offense at the start to gain his ability lot of teams. Even if they place mall later in the game will start one big. So it is Pachulia an opportunity to defend that player I just think he likes that mix and use Pachulia is more of but guy and then Mickey as more of justice and ancillary piece of peace he could go to. Any can produce for yet but someone that he's more comfortable with I think in limited action. I can answer question here before I came on the scene have you ever heard him say. Blobs in the darker spot before and download the credit for the education head coaches hear me clearly learning for either I'm impressed by that Tokyo motivated to it to try to bring you some more now than it is I can't I like it. I always wondered guys that if if maybe Steve would exercises options that have now what is really. Starting to head it's better to go match applies let's look ahead a little bit and understand that yes there's an eight seed matchup. But really the 45 game becomes a four horse race because I think Bill Casey there was himself back into potential for five seed now. The only couple games out you know you're looking at them with 32 wins Memphis 34 Utah 35 clippers. Three of those fourteenth pose a threat in my mind to get series to potentially setting games. This sector I don't think the clippers go seven just because there X as far as the quarters ago but. Now you almost have the ability that's why I thought maybe he would stick it to bill the nightly finally took the Andrei who brood on group when he needed. You know this sense of maybe at times Gibson type the know case he would hotspots though. I wonder Steve would go to that we're just stick with what he knows anonymous yes and trust but I like the option to present because of what you go they would do what does I was out. Yeah and I think David West at some but he also that they like to play at center position to say they've got a number of different options to it getting to options back. It's not Mickey and in back it do it and you'll see you you've got headed straight month to finish now they actually have. You know there 345. Cent and headed monster at that position that no Chris Paul tonight which is kind of a surprise because he was cleared up by I believe the medical team down in LA. To go but they're just being cautious with him and I understand. Being cautious with Chris Paul I wonder if they'd be a little less cautious that wasn't an automatic loss. Sitting in front of them pretty much you know whether played or not I think that that's how the clippers now you. The Golden State Warriors damned if we do damned if we don't in his time is what's good for this guy looks fine at least one more I think if Chris Paul starts the next time the clippers play. I think this is a total. Dodged the warrior moved little warrior ride is for Chris Paul tonight and may be and look the clippers need the rest of the games immediately crisp ball played their final 2325. Gather you need him playing those games more than eighty. To be playing tonight. It because their fight for that position. And sure you wanna get the four spot I guess if you're the clippers but you look at the fact that the problem can get swept. For the second it's that it seats in head to head and you you wonder what that force but really worked for the clippers right and in that plane. You know the warriors in a second rounds here was there any inkling. Any of the deadline moves made not made that have the warriors full attention or do we need to see. Andrew Bogut leaned in Houston before. Anything on the warriors radar really starts with that. Think they're concerned about. The pelicans at this point you look at them tonight having narrated sixteen after Houston. And Houston to team that spreads the floor out and play you know they played some what range of three and run and gun like the warriors do. So you know those two bigs are gonna have a hard time I think DeMarcus Cousins in particular. You as a part time run you know he he'd who loses win the first grade is he is he loses a win quickly. And I don't think that it's blocked it that teams can get going immediately I think it's gonna take some time to challenge you're seeing it tonight. I don't know how to pelicans and defend the wars that if you get that matchup of particular right but he DeMarcus Cousins has been tough on them yet to be Davis is always tough on them. They pose an issue if they win a game sure. You know look at it some of the other moves that it made me really edit in Houston get Lou Williams is a great move or talk in the battle of the during the break third shot and out of the game does it. At that and you know this is to that is that the difference between you know. The rockets' winning its deal winning a series haven't shot the lizard its awards and I don't really so I think it probably need another defender. As a wealth bogeyed bogeyed officially I think deserves a full on like audible. From warrior fans if they end up picking him up they had Andrew Bogut officially has my attention at one of the things just it was Gloria and Dana if you get stuck but this or not but the fact that the warriors are in jail or ineligible was reported there ineligible to re sign blankets there's a loop hole yet that's actual case you guys talked about that it it's actually there is a loophole because Dallas. Is now the last team that traded here rights they are now the team he cannot go back to four year and the warriors. Could sign him saying that that's. In any way shape or form going to happen but it's not entirely possible as it was. Modern percent to let's go to the other southern Bridget could yeoman work out their own in house it him warts and housekeeper yes our own vertical if you will. Give me the moves on east if in fact anyone's gonna dethrone the cavalier that I tend to think the the raptors. Made a specific mood to potentially get there if they can get back on track the way they started getting Larry. Again DeRozan back offensively but picked up some defense of pieces. With Tucker with the pocket that could maybe derail Cleveland surprised Boston did in game and I talked about that anything. At the end of the road let's say you know given the fact that there is an a seven game series in round two I think that's the biggest. Problem and we talked about I talked OGQ this morning. If they have a physical post if they have a physical demand on the ran in the second round that possibly go six or seven. That's wanting to catch up to them if they're able to get through Houston or San Antonio around three Western Conference finals and then events that files so let's go to the finals. Who's the biggest threat outside we've with the moves me. I mean I don't see anybody it is and I mean I would say Boston just because Boston has a history. Not so much this year but Austin plea the warriors up last year. We got to see you play in they're gonna play here a couple weeks at oracle right football home game after that that one night once Saturday. In between 2.2 road games for Stuart Stevens is a good enough coach to strategically pick up the game somewhere he wasn't supposed to you know yet so I'm not surprised they didn't get Paul George I think. If you're gonna give way to Brooklyn picked. That could be 123 or four right. Don't have to find out if it's 11 because they'll know the full value if it's water to do. That's an entirely different. The second in the bed and pulled it I think it aggregates and asset though. At that point you could trade it for a player better than Paul that's my that's my I don't know why all these you know these assets become just. Gathering dust on the shelf that's the thing Celtics need a cup more players and assets right now that's an asset Lleyton cleared needn't basketball team maybe. Make that run and then now with LeBron played thirty minutes Kevin Love me and out. I don't know I think Cleveland beat colorful little bits of different ways and and again you still may face the prospect that even if you don't face the worries in the finals. You face Houston you've faced San Antonio we still have an uphill battle him immediately player like report to work. Yeah I just don't think George the guys I'm not enough time and I I think if you're gonna give up that they want you got to know what if it's before there. OK maybe you would want given up for Paul Hewitt if it's the one day. You'll maybe you could use that to somebody else. Once the ball in court whose dad has been used to throw them right. That would see it eight years that was there're what was there any. That run past speaker all there is now I'm guessing that story did not trickle its way to the warriors which which one day when we're out why until balls that is I'll guarantee you like if he puts that curry on UCLA UCLA would be the worst basketball team that happened. Now that I know there was discussion of steep current it is now organ. Well all eyes dad's eyes on the college just because he says next the Counting Crows lead singer whose currency. There Arabia now and there again. Please be sitting next Nicole Kidman which is impressive again. Either kids either beat UCLA's all time leading scorer Eric 069. Or record. Mr. Jones August and everything afterward itself forty million albums that helps to on the Nicole Kidman front. By the way little big lies debut on HBO pretty good signs of tension. Anything from New Orleans little hang over with this team it's with Steve happy with the way his team got out of new morally. It's day he really thought that they they. They treated that we can with a purpose that they were there to do what they needed to do they were there to participate in and be seen for the means that he facility but he overextended themselves. And I found it interesting that he gave the four all stars an extra day off from practice yesterday game. They don't even come in the building we'll see you Thursday morning shoot around. Day of game we'll keep you back in the fold and he said it. His own experience being there with the players seeing the itinerary. All the different places whether it's media or charity event in different things that the league has been doing their sponsor Brandi had their schedules are full. It's there isn't really time for rest so. He witnessed it firsthand but you know went out and beat these guys in the day let them get away from basketball and he also made the point what these guys. They're gonna get plenty of shots at the nets. 34 months. 26 games left. What's your prediction I'm going to when he wanted to file root for 23 of three minutes it went notify putting up yeah let's see oh boy 6715. Is what I had some of the six point six points. Yeah I think they go 26 when he was at the rest of the way I really do because like I do think there can be some giveaway mail and in games coming up. This is I don't think speaker I sat down today starting my show convinced that at some when he's gonna start sharpening the spear. I actually think he might. Take this spear head off she did not even pull it out to the final. Is it any your read on that the one other thing that has come up the last couple of days is the fact that with the schedule the way it is the fact the backs of a lot of the road games in the weird. Where they're home here than it gave an eagle with two of the wrote the them back with a day. In the plane of the game are just pull that. I think you're gonna see more arrests throughout that stretch and also even if some of the key player. Practice some straight up white flag games notre rant not limited minutes no direct yeah I think that's gonna happen at some point you probably should should happen with clay to rant stepped maybe even dream on. One or two more times before the year ends again nothing matters until they win the NBA finals and everything will matter that's the way it works this year. Verizon warriors warm up go by Dolan lumber doors and windows thank you very much JD for stop and I'm buying has always you listen into John wearing your. G via wireless headphones he sounded better than he ever could check out all warrior games using GBL wireless headphones.