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John Dickinson Kings Pregame 2-15-17

Feb 16, 2017|

JD checks in with Damon Bruce & Kerry Keating during Warriors Warmup!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

With there injuries respectively for clay could beat go to be in the starting line up he was to shoot around today move around a little bit so I think. More of a precautionary. Team off on Monday for Klay Thompson. Is there and the word on David West rejoining before Zaza might get Zaza back first I heard west was like testing that wrist and might it even actually played in Denver that didn't happen obviously how far away is. It western Pachulia both are set to be at practice next Wednesday so the warriors are gonna play tonight obviously. They're gonna be off until Wednesday morning obviously the four players in the coaching staff never he's going to New Orleans and they'll be there all weekend. And then upon their return everybody's got until Wednesday morning off the plate here around. Thursday night so my practice Wednesday and shootaround Thursday team here on Thursday night in Steve curry anticipates that bowl west. And Pachulia will be able to participate in that practice in the they'll be able to go from there. I think the more time the better for those guys that they're both upper body injuries right David's his wrists Gaza shoulders so they can obviously stand somewhat relatively. Decent condition with lower body exercising just sustain some sort of game shape. I get these guys more time you know get these guys more time to get the young guys weren't acclimated more confidence. But we're gonna need him back because they're going to be in the rotation as as we mentioned before you came out he's gonna get to this 910 man. Even off eleven man rotation by the time may comes around so those two guys being in a we gotta get back before. Benedict tonight is a game that the warriors can probably use believe it or not it to market cousins was able to get loose in that game in Sacramento that the kings. Wound up winning and I think Pachulia not being around had an impact on net gain in the warriors. As of their rejoinder. Alluded to date they played their worst game of the year at Sacramento as well still had a chance to win it. But a big part of plain against the kings is Hattie do against DeMarcus Cousins and JaVale McGee did not do a great job on that night and it really didn't have a big bodied answer. To cousins who's been terrific 'cause he said 3212 and nine had nine assists away from triple double when he is focused when his mind is and elsewhere. Or he's not trying you know. Go after a personal grudge somewhere on that court he is a handful for sure but we spoke with earlier. But. Coast more we had disagreeing Napier on. And you know this king seemed very very well to John they are playing good basketball feels like they got a bounce off that warrior win. But tonight I mean I just feel like they're going to be up against an incredibly focused and in it in elect I don't think it. Steve Kurt doesn't try to make statements in the regular season because he knows this team can't make a statement in the regular season they have the wait for the finals to get here to make their official on the record statement to the week. This the last time we're gonna see this team. This cap this all star break and I think that he wants to get on a plane. Going to New Orleans feel good about everything tomorrow yet there's two things the warriors don't do they don't lose consecutive games and they typically don't allow individual team to beat them in consecutive games and now the grizzlies come back here and did that. Earlier this season but at the warriors typically when they get beat by somebody they would have on them especially in this building. The next time those two teams playing Steve Kurt did reference the fact that obviously DeMarcus Cousins played terrific at forty last night. Against the lakers and then the kings have won five of six sits that Wayne over the warriors they're spreading the war. They're moving the ball better and you know let's face it and they're better basketball team without Rudy Gay he went out and Achilles injuries can directly thirteen thirteenth. Without Rudy gates and Mary much more serviceable team it would appear with him no longer being in the name. A Mac clone wars plan better. We reference I Collison the plan better although what was playing better at that point the opponent is traded. You know because it. And it's adjusting the question of of do you tank hit. To get one of these guys coming in the draft. What are you put yourself in inevitable a position for the early exit. Play even at that you're still going to be in the middle drag the draft is pretty deep and it's an interesting question. That grant answered in the sense. He thinks they should go for the draft. Repeat frantic from then was like no get the team in the playoffs so you commit playoffs. For the future so it's kind of itching dynamic counties eighth place teams this race for eighth if you will kind of shape enough. But story yourself in the GM seed right now. Got a guy like cousins you know that cost is playing well got a few injuries. Keeping cousins around tank it. Heidi I don't even know how you attack it anyway with these guys are you actually lose his luscious hole. Guys back we hold cousins out you probably got it doesn't say what you decision as the GM of the sacrament of wealth for them I don't see any benefit for them to make the playoffs you'll feel real good in Sacramento hasn't been at it since 2006 the probably have a little rally downtown by the capital in the field really good about the fact that they've accomplished nothing. But the reality is they won't accomplish much if this is a 36 win team with a point two batteries around DeMarcus Cousins even if they get the eight spot. They're probably set up to take a major step back anyway so I think it's it's kind of falls gratification. To go for it. But I understand the fact that I mean they're just trying to grasp onto something there something tangible some semblance of progress because it's been so bad. Since 2006. Last time in the playoffs and they don't wanna trade tests. Because they fear of life without cuts and I think it's it's a great beer beat this team what they might win twenty games if needed NAFTA markets and that's certainly assets back in return tonight. YouTube would change your your outlook on it they are also the tricky position their acts. Because they're a spot where there too that. Philly can swap picks with them you know and if they're too good they lose their pick Chicago cell like they've added up with the pick they want anyway. So it's tough predicament that is a tough situation you factory and all the conditional pick surround them in and and where you land does not dictate what you get. And the reality for them is they've fought hard even though they haven't had much of a shot to make the eight spot it actually kind of tried to do with the last couple years and fell. Far shorter than they are this year there in this race by default and that if I've hunt if it's neat to be 500. They have no shot would be decision they would they would trade in the move on the next year. I tonight I think any GM on the West Coast right now is the warriors is their constructed as Sacramento is it's constructed. Any G and that isn't playing for two or three years from now is set up everything for the 201920 season. I think you're you're you're aligning yourself and you line your fans with you admitted to not like you really arming. Yes things in sports changed really really fast. It's factory someone anyone can get hurt tonight who doubts but having you know outside of that. The writings pretty much on a roll on the wall how this works for the next couple years I mean is there. Any. Anyone who covers this leak that thinks there is a possible NBA finals awaiting us. Other than cavaliers. Golden State Warriors and against that is now. And the warriors are more dependent I think getting in the cavaliers in the cavaliers got the easiest path the fact it Kevin Love is out now and you know we were gonna. The bronze in any plea 42 minutes a night just get in there. They might be at a gas by the time they get there. Don't look now on the east and it's hard for us to look all the way routers. I was gonna say the wizards a real bruiser and wizards have played some really good ball lately John Wall and Bradley deal who got the snub for the replacement Carmelo is gonna replace those ten on Kevin Love spot. They're playing pretty well now whether or not that's enough to overcome a healthy Cleveland team in the end. I'm not so sure Cleveland got this easier path that's as much as we may think although haven't LeBron and his team obviously else. Yet and I think its interest in to see how it shakes out as far as we once passed exactly because I'm not real high and the Celtics but the Celtics play hard. And Isiah Thomas is it is a tough guy to slow down he's gonna get his points almost regardless of what you and that's an environment. That's really careening to playing as an opponent with the Celtics or edit their crowds fired up let's say they planned a conference finals. That's going to be a tough series it's gonna be an emotional series similar to last year when they play Toronto in the conference final they were up to load all of the sudden it was a six game series that almost went seven. We know look at that could easily happen with love me now what six weeks now. LeBron Missouri playing the most minutes Louis takes on maybe an extra minute or two over the course of the next six weeks I have to go through. Three series just to get to. The possibly play in the warriors. At some point that where pairs got to hit him in in May hit him now more with Lovie and now. And I think you're writing David just. To wrap up what it. The warriors series like they had the series against Oklahoma City and also at the five game series against Portland which terrain. He added a plaster the cavs really only at one series plus and match. And the warriors went for all those games in the regular season to try to break the record. So I think when it was all said and done the cavs were the fresher team compared rewards accurate it's going to be out LeBron sitting sitting there and inning with a healthy Kevin Love we don't have enough. We don't have enough. What is he gonna be admitting now without Kevin love the tactic Carmelo Anthony's. Carmelo and LeBron got a little on court chemistry during this upcoming all star game you think LeBron picks of the phones as yet that deal done make it happen at that we've we've talked about this a couple of times and it's been a topic and he'd be this week I think Cleveland should go for that. ID eight not necessarily the Kevin Love aspect of it and went in Vienna can't do it anyway but I can't should try to get Carmelo but he. I think the clippers should try to Carmelo that he because I don't think it got a shot it beat anybody without that's John Dickinson he's gonna be heading to the all star game along with speaker is coaching staff and for Golden State Warriors should be really fun time for in New Orleans. It's a great town it's a great event the skills competition the night before. Go to Kosher on make sure you eat there it's incredible one of the best meals I've ever ever had. As Steve talked about how he plans on approaching this NBA all star week in what he hopes for the guys who are going will do awfully good but it just gets in bed and stays there for a week right yet that's not gonna happen. He says that these edits their weekend. Do whatever the heck they want when it he's not even in the same meaning to the trustees of there's picture guys on wearing timberlands Ali got no one's gonna flip out nobody's left out there are off until Wednesday. Is an oxy more so we'll see I thought if I had a I think Steve's gonna kick back and although he gets to determine if Russell Westbrook replacement yet our guy who's the fifth guy so here's that I won this is is not the walk in the park and all star coaching weekend normally is theorized he's got a choice. And what I really wanna see happen here's what I think would be great the best thing for the NBA long term rivalry. At that at the Western Conference all star practice you have Ron Adams sit down who knows both the rant and and Russell Westbrook. You have a really nice look everybody's everybody's frosty until someone's like you know me and we should bury the hatchet and normally Evers like you know we should. We should look buried hatchet to the buried hatchet in practice the very next night. For warriors on the floor curse subs in Westbrook and the four warriors ice some. Passed him the ball wants. Ice on the if you want the ball you're gonna need to rebound ross' obviously just walk off the floor of the occupiers that we got all the great things all went it sat down and want the court is just like he likes isolation plays so have that it. Yeah I did not gonna happen I don't think but I am. Fascinated to see who's the reports on the floor over the I actually wanna see. I wanna see DeMarcus Cousins with the other formula and it ties back and I think Davis for the local I think there are a unity to the pelican on the court before superstars. In the meantime JD thanks an awful lot and good to see you again and enjoy New Orleans have agreed to look at port to test Frenchman street. French Quarter more puke to step in Frenchman street he top. A better Blu-ray and of liquor being nominated to the street it's it's it's New Orleans for thirty girls ran up my now you're gonna want have a good time.