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John Dickinson - Chicago pregame

Feb 9, 2017|

JD checks in with Damon Bruce & Kerry Keating prior to Warriors-Bulls tip from the From the Floor segment!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And what you know JD while you're away the warriors lost the basketball game one and I happen yeah incredible right now it doesn't ever happen and it certainly doesn't apple when they played Sacramento Kings. For years I now it was it was certainly something that nobody expected. There's a lot of ramifications coming out of that game none of them permanent unless of course wanna talk about 25000 dollars steeper. Had to mail to the league offices. But it's just it you know it kind of came and went three days in between then and now the big road trip coming up in the all star break it to they're so close to the finish line this halfway point. And I'm wondering if you're looking at in anxious Steve Kerr today he relaxed Steve Kerr today. How does he feel about wrapping this thing up. Extremely relaxed. And he feels that you know any potential letdown of playing Chicago Bulls team that Jimmy Butler Dwyane Wade. That gets offset by the fact that they're coming off a loss and the warriors to and played very well in theory indeed she. When they are coming off a loss in he felt that it was just a natural point in the schedule. Four then maybe to have a clunker. In an off day. Get a couple of practice days and shoot around today to really just wreaked allegory for this next little stretch they break that the season down into weekly segments. In this next weekly segment is tonight and in the back to back with Memphis and Oklahoma City in the game at Denver. You were at the game. In Sacramento senators he caught it we saw we saw that or saw the video released. Drama on and KB you know I think the ones that came out of this game JD is. We are learning more about the intricacies of how this team is working we saw on the video to bill McKee who sits next to each other on the plane by the way Canadian drama. So there's no drama for me as a coach from a coach's. In that. There's a healthy. Need for for that the so many great point. I don't know outside our Russell but not in the same way as he. KD. And it's in the name of making him better wanting him to be better. And I'm curious on your opinion haven't been around these guys economists seem that maybe gotten up close look at it. Did did Steve mentioned that at all mean or simply a short press conference today Everett had to come up and post game has come up in anything else you've seen. That maybe there's more to that that maybe it is it is it is more than what we see in other than just agreement trying to get the best that Katie. And I think it was jet stream on trying to motivate them and that's what drink agreed sad just trying to get to be more aggressive trying to light a fire underneath them. And Steve Kerr said look I've been on teams and coached teams have been around teams. Where that's a regular occurrence and guys don't like each other and be in it does because something serious and can become a problem. Not the case soup with these. With these guys in this team trying to win it can't be what does Steve Goldstein gates Charles Oakley is throwing punches all night. Yeah wheels on the casting itself you know this is a league for highly competitive guys guys who do run on emotion. And I think that a night where you're asking for more emotion out of your train you don't wanna strip any genuine emotional weight even if the emotion is expressed in frustration. Which obviously. That was part of the dream on did not like getting the ball swung back and with a one and a heartbeat left on the shot clock. From three point range need to sit don't put me in that position and on and I were Kevin Durant takes ten shots and just looks missing in action really for the first and only time this season. So it was just it was kind of an odd night it was an emotional game it was clearly game that meant more to Sacramento once it got going. And once they were in the game and Steve Kerr tried to give him an emotional lift I think by getting ejected dream on green said it was a pack. Nick to try and get to rant to be more aggressive in all pulled the Elmo stole it gave anyway even though it were pretty them. L it was a pretty mediocre performance by the entrance right there really was. John Dickinson up from the floor brought you by American Express proud partners. Of the Golden State Warriors and when it came to having a game day reporter John I would call you're stations greatest assets. Yes indeed and it's Steve Kirk referencing the fact that Stefan curry is. The warriors greatest asset a nice little one liner but this is of course after under armour CEO Kevin plank today said Donald Trump would be a great asset for America. And Hank. Maybe he's right. But he is a man sells athletic pared to cool kids young kids colonials and basically. Let's say black people. And Donald Trump if you really wanted to getting cross lines here who. Dislikes in the most and who has many problems and mean got. A letter from Coretta Scott King be in Spanish from being read on the senate floor for goodness sakes these are very strange times so for the CEO. Of the publicly traded athletic brand to sidled up to a guy that definitely does have a lot of curb appeal let's just say. To the African American community and really young communities and thinking in learned in educating communities but I digress and I want to go political here. Stay after he basically said. Yes. I get checks are under armour but we don't vote across party lines here and I think the president is. And that's not an asset and he said take the tee off. It was a cleverly. Said thing by staff that was in nice little shot but nothing goes away quickly these days are you ready for. Boycott the warriors to BA hash tag at some point here I don't think it will get to that I really don't and I think that the bigger picture question for Steve was due you. Talk to the team about. The opportunity to speak out on social political issues and enacted become. A topic of discussion. Earlier in the pregame press conference in Steve's at what it is open and open it team that probably is in the lead. If they discuss. Issues that are going on Steve Kerr obviously been outspoken with his opinions on various different things and incur encourages. Because these players have a microphone in their face in our ask questions on a daily basis he just encouraged them to be who they are regardless of which side it is. Which side and you aren't. And another aspect that makes Steve Kerr outside of the x.s and knows the basketball savvy Yakima and the perfect. Coach for this team because in this day and aids. Probably the two most powerful voices. Figuratively and literally all our athletes and the coaches around and we threw a coach Popovich is doing and and mostly basketball players in the sense that they're more. Tangible to the man has no helmets. No class in between the fans are right there I'd like to see him the most naked. An athlete is in front of us and the second being social media so Elizabeth Warren gets kicked often silenced. And she goes FaceBook live in front eight million people. I mean like. That doesn't happen in the past that any time in it in history right seeking she can probably get more viewers. And more more. Eyes on that in years in that. She goes on FaceBook live in and has the chance to read the entire letter. And then now you turn around and you have a CEO of an influential companies as you mentioned to suit every generation especially younger ones in all types of ethnicities. And their star guy he got. The last MVP the last two years and here we are before mid February game and we're talking about a political situation. And yet Steve's able to make light of this and say this is our greatest vast enemy Expedia volatile these things together in such a seamless way. I was just kind of hear it they went went Jolo decision if you run for office ago from a housing a comment for secretary of information because he's gonna have a lot of it's there like an act. Having an art bright and none of it feels heavy around the warriors on icy strait point CDs topics becoming heavier weighing on them more. Weigh in of the fact that they continue to be asked about it because of the climate in our country and talk about all the time too that's why exactly again a very open up. Am very open unit. Team in terms of discussing life and and it so none of this step ever does get at the with them or way out I think there's a direct correlation. Between your intelligence. Your personal comfort where you think you fit in this world and how you process information you disagree with. And this is a Golden State Warriors team that isn't very good job with information that the do or don't like and it doesn't affect them it doesn't make them doesn't make them rattled doesn't make them angry doesn't make them bitter. And how you react to. On comparable information. I think is a reflection on intelligence level if you want to silenced you're suggesting you're not intelligent enough to deal with that if you're open. To discuss it open forum let my team express themselves it's a sign of intelligence and we all know that this is a very Smart basketball team. Let me let me throw a tip of the cap to Raymond Ridder in that sense too. And I haven't been a lot around a lot of NBA media rooms obviously outside the one here today do you have Jamie you I don't know about the other POR. Generators and an opposite is different and special is this guy's this. I you can tell you've been around a lot of people have been a basketball and obviously been under is that. Raymond got talent you know and and for him to be in the right place the right time to be around all that kind of mold and shape and help it get disseminated properly. I really you know just wanna publicly stay out I really appreciate that fact he comes up every game I don't know how are you a very. He's opening he's honest he's friendly but you tell he's doing his job right he's really helping Steve do this properly as well. You wouldn't believe the amount the guys who were in charge of being accessible to the media. Who were completely inaccessible to me I can see and it's a total opposite here remember that pain imagining I am more I guess I Easton test that's like when I I'd you know somebody locally was complaining about how they didn't get a credential on a night where they actually had a credential cut to them. They got a segment does that rub me the wrong way the warriors to a better than everybody and really really do JD. Good to see you again. Thank you very much for Phyllis in on all the latest kind of a slow news tonight and that you back from Houston you don't mind that when it not really get I get this to an attack that could be a lot of games come and appear short yes. Last question was there any conversation about Bree on tape Webber and how he might be assimilated in the end of this before the all star break yet just that they needed to improve the roster balance and that that's the the biggest thing hit too many big man and not enough guards in the needed somebody to can handle it. He's long he's athletic. He can point a point guard position I mean really if you look at the amount of time in the games of the warriors turn into blowouts they had they just don't have enough parts to put on the floor at the end of the game to keep everybody fresh so to trade. Anderson there is now essentially. For preemptive Webber it it just makes a lot of since I he'll be eased into it what you do at some point. A ten day contract to do at some point when assuming I can do what may be a big lead early against that diminish Chicago team tonight yet Korea takes some minutes. In the second half would like to see it. As always thank you so much to John Dickinson for joining us.