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Jon Dickinson Clippers Pregame - 1/28

Jan 29, 2017|

John Dickinson joins Damon Bruce and Kerry Keating ahead of the Warriors/Clippers game

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's time to us to head up to see John Dickinson who just joins us from the floor brought to you by American Express proud partner. Of the Golden State Warriors JD just talking with the coach courtesy about tonight's headlines and availability and boy I hope we got a whole staff curry coming up tonight. It occurs gonna play it tonight there's no no question about it it is warmed up watched the entire warmup be hit. Five straight from the top of the key thirty feet out it looked good his movement look good when he's going through dribbling drills and and Steve Kurt said in his pregame press conference. He expected him to play hadn't talked to the trainers yet wanted to get him out on the floor and warm up but. All systems got tight clot right though that yeah and it was something that hasn't lingered throughout the last couple we gains or throughout the last week it was something that popped up just a practice yesterday. So they wanted to make sure they put on the injury report and in there and it obviously be careful with with Stefan curry if he can't go there's no reason to pushed at this point. Of the season with where the warriors are at record wise even in nationally televised. And obviously west still out doesn't seem that Steve as any intentions in these next couple Kansas City anyone out but. The influx of Mac could do all of a sudden you know becoming spelling David West if you will and having sat. Inevitably for you know the first 3040 games. Anyone ask about that your thoughts on the terms of how he may fit in memory walk on await this arrival of the champion. That we eventually know can come to dispel on a body but I was kind of surprised to see Mac you get minutes even as far back as last week announcing that he's increase in little more quest now. Yet and it's a matchup thing went without all those guys in India MacKey Q he liked the match ups these last couple games in an actor he's played well and he's really helped them out out of nowhere like you said I mean he's it. Somebody that you didn't expect to see out there he's somebody that that hadn't really played well in the last week when he had gotten the opportunity. So in Steve Kerr likes having him around he'd like seven those different centers and we've talked about a lot. This season he likes having guys. Different skill sets and back at you as it different skills that can run run a little babies he can defend a little bit he just he can guard bigger players at times you went teams like to go small and move around. He's better at it hang in and that type of the game. I'm sure there's little conversation about the all star decisions he's got four guys to play now speaker obviously will be coached teams just finishing. With the best record. We know when this it's all announced so. As soon whether they want tour and to his attentions need to turn to New Orleans and all the media attention the pomp and circumstance in the late nights in the media and the too many questions in the same question over and over again and glory to play four guys and cap Russell Westbrook play you have to Russell Westbrook capital locker next to each other. Are they ready ports yeah I think they are at they can be fun to be speakers relegated embracing that that sort of thing I wouldn't be surprised if he with Westbrook on the floor with the other war with the plan. It that there at least. Just kind of smooth summit that over honestly I mean you know somewhat today. The competitive with the warriors have a competitive advantage of them under riot they have a better team. They have better players one through eight scanner exact right so it's Steve's going to be diagnosing these four best in bounds plays we're having a rough run that. Yet in the end and is some sentiment here from the fans as well if you've got an edge in directing it damage and west replacing greed has played well that's good for the warriors. The anchor. Knows that that the relationship between those two guys it's bigger than a win or loss that they can regular seats I would be surprised if he gets it he puts those two together. And in an attempt to just let them hash it out equal the chip or see if rust doesn't pass and via the right just down a man. 15 fast break what at all times our psychology. Just clearance for warriors out and get your side of the plane coup for. Yet no doubt you could see Russell Westbrook got. Before you run they run a little we've but the confident and Westbrook gets up drive that stride pull up if the voter drive drive drop out and this is an MVP the off target. That would be so funny to Jason triple double. The all time the Hulk no lead have to pass at some point if he would that was the intent. We've got John Dickinson joining us three quick from the floor segment. They gotta be back you know they got to be happy that they were 31 on that road trip by I know no one likes that one loss but the overall way they play the week that they dominated most of the game that they were in. Certainly the way the closed out a pre game to play Charlotte hornets team in that fourth quarter with curry into ranch. Combining for nineteen point stretch. I mean. You know we keep on asking when will they start ratcheting it up I still think were a month or month and a half away from that. But they're starting. Like everything's good and I don't mean to just you homer guy but like. Everything you'd want this team. To do except unfortunately now lose in games is is happening everything's fine. Yeah and I think they know that everything's fine I think they're really happy with the pace and even some of the losses that they naked in bed. Well name to where you're not worried about when he game winning streak they're not worried about. Winning 74 gains or even winning seventy necessarily back to back seasons that's not why it certainly attainable. But it's not something it's so much of a lock where they're on pace to beat three games better than that like they were. Virtually all last season's I think some of those losses of economic good times to be. Teachable moments as well for the team with some of the things that they don't do well. On a night in night out basis with the girl in the rebounding routed the that the intensity. Well at this point CC what's happening in Cleveland a little bit obvious what's gone Chicago. Losses at this time a year on top of the dog days and I mean you know they need to break they've been going strong since October. They can really screw your locker mouth from mental standpoint and drama made the point there today. Am not losing the warriors not losing two in a row it never sets in that all of a sudden I get that third game. And you're pressing to try to win the game and it kind of supersedes all the things that happened on a positive note the locker mean. The stuff between Rondo and wade Butler what the bronze joining me that that's assist it to me that's all stress that's all stress on these guys. And the easiest way to overcome that is just to go win it but a daddy he's. And that's what's happened with the war is is they're not fallen victims of that. Could they are good and they're also doing things and doing things enough act different times is different teams to win to avoid that stress splintering the locker in any way shape or form. And the need you look at the cavs just this week in an elusive home to Sacramento you go back to the last three seasons with the warriors that they had up that home loss like that. In three seasons that two and a half the Minnesota made last year at the end of the year coming in here and an in beating the warriors but I'll write laws against that team like that. Mitt and we we did it on the NBA this week with with mats that Mets earlier today out behind the embarrassing it was spot he'll fight his every team has won re hot it was active Toronto's got a couple of trying to beat by Phoenix just in the last week that you're saying after all I'm sitting at home on the road you can lose and I mean it right of the exit in Miami happen lakers. It lakers that happens I I understood the celtics' loss last year here. But -- hasn't been that won the point being the go for as bad as some times it seems in our little warriors bubble what are Lucy gamer to you look around the league yet. Everybody else's problems are twice right what the warriors have. At minimum living in the vacuum. Of warriors problems is a real comfortable safe place to live it really it's. And you know they they've avoided so much physical fifty they've avoided so much injury knock on wood you know will idle times. But they really have avoided the mental fatigue. And personal in fighting in the war of words and he goes in to have lied in. Nice guy practiced a little too hard one no one else was never here is that around this franchise now don't. Do you still. You used to allow you really did hear that this guy like that guy this guy's got a problem over here and they don't try to you know try to avoid eye contact. Which is tough to do on court you know and and and it's it it really is he's good he's at the salad days no doubt about. That vacuum doesn't suck now all eyes he really did there but let me say this though. I we've talked about it ad nauseam all year we've got to give credit where it starts and how the team gets built. With Bob with Travis in the front office the guys really put. And effort into finding the right fit especially in this day and aids and we beat mentioned at the other day about how kids are coming up. Maybe it's easier to find them but it's not as easy to get them to be all on the same page child Livingston Andre Iguodala. This is probably the main reason why those guys are so valued at their age not just what they can do on the basketball court put. There are very many Shawn live races are gonna accept and Ian Clark. And except that Patrick we're caught in Maine threw them. While he still has a chance to make some money because he's playing pretty well. There's not that doesn't that's not common across the IEA so. That this sentiment throughout the locker room top to bottom and again I mean. How many task we poster child what staffing KG mean adding Katie but staffing and player like him just mentality this team. And the perfect got orchestrated Steve I mean they've really kind of pressed all the right buttons. We're a great spot right now at this crew and hope that we can ride it out to have a chance to play deep in June for the foreseeable future. Yeah it's the right combination of personalities it's also the right combination of just sheer. Alan and that's the words are able to do it on one quick thing is to wrap up please nothing plan right now in terms of rest of that question keeps popping up with the schedule becoming a little bit more taxing year. For the warriors before the all star break though Steve Kerr said they're they're monitoring. Everybody very closely. And that as the schedule becomes more compacted here before the all star break he could see a scenario where. At some point maybe somebody take tonight off for get tonight off to to rest it just gonna keep that in mind here to watch and these neck not the plan that the imminent he's got no red circles on the writer for a game here there in the next 23 weeks but. It's it day by day situation but they are open to it. And I think you see a little bit today yes death carries. Little bit now quads not feeling right maybe give them a day and it doesn't look like that's gonna happen specifically tonight curry to be good to go. But nights where guys are maybe a little bit banged up you might see that here in the next couple weeks I'd say I wonder what the the Marie. Just taken a night for an ankle not rest for an angle and an ankle that's okay. I mean I do it honestly it wouldn't bother me very much to find out that that ankle was good and it was just the night off and actually think it's. It's easier to digest amongst the fans. Paying customers I think it's just. You know sometimes. She sees Euro a little white lie can go far I like a little dicier though. It's Christmas from the road. And you rest the guy who to make him available in in his spot where people can come through and maybe Salem you know it weather setup an area we could science monogram right there. Sell sell merchandise but just me I don't how can help parking attendants. And update tonight on skies are because he got the book but make it accessible in a way that ethical keep the fans happy is never wanna have that the sentences such a a fan centric Lee and obviously players leave you wanna keep that connection for for your product and it's hard. You know you wanna bounce it up I I think it's a great idea to find a way somehow to have him interact when they weren't actually played the final lot of happy people. Stickam on the pregame show. How about that and my. And showed can't play tonight. And I just don't have well absolutely JD thank you so much man always did CU. And I will be talking again tomorrow yup south get absolutely thanks so much John Dickinson.