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Jan 21, 2017|


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Jake he lets shake it on a Friday night. I would go. You'd be whipped on a Friday night that. Cannot Eric joy you guys at some point you're here you chart on your Monday. Or maybe Monday and be up there with sources inside the locker rooms today you might be your exits on Monday. At this area had a pretty good nor do it to Reagan's or you have it source as you're thirsty to my source that. Absolutely. Expect that so let's make it tonight's game rockets in Q well. And it really just kind of looks like a match up where if you wanna play a game like this good luck trying to beat the warriors. Yeah in the third quarter told the story. 37 point you but I thought the tone was set long before that I think it was that early on you know the warriors. Pick who fit the bill turnovers in the early part of the need the rocket and a handful of sloppy turnover it felt like the warriors were able to keep. This three point shooting of the rockets out of rhythm early in the game and it just kind of carried out. Throughout the game known hole and it happened for 35 the average. Just under fifteen threes made a gain so it take it you know anywhere near that after talking about it if we're walking but the warriors deserve the credit. For defending the three and taken about a resident minister recently were able to extend their weakness in its vertical Kuala. John one of the things I think is maybe a little under rated about this team has its metal toughness. It seems like every time they get questioned or every time they do get beat by somebody they come right back in. And get that lost right back or when they have a bad performance that always come back with a good one. Not that they have. Any bad performances this week but I just think this team. They might not be going for 73 wins with data exactly. Care less about the regular season if you don't agree. Yeah and I think you know you're hearing a lot of that that locker room and you you hurdles lie. The last couple of Ebert on the road trip. Aren't there at all Dan rather. You heard allotted just try to get better every game they feel like they're better teams they're not worried about who wins and losses necessarily. And the record that all that but it's just they wanna feel like they're coming together to you but gently. And they've been able dispute that I think the other thing you see what they you went to gain guys. Is there a lot a lot of teams met around here you know the first half that's around and it locked in in the third quarter. That I wasn't one of those gains I think because. Think that that's appropriate fear that steep curve like to talk about the speed of the rockets in the thicket that around and I think they view from the game on Christmas. That they had to play better at the beginning of the game but throughout the game to get the cat out of the flight the cavs could beat them. If they mess around what would it he'd get beat by somebody. Typically they know around that time that they why am. And it's like closer to a complete game with the warriors do that. It take double the perfect game to beat him and it made you've got. Quite a perfect game because they're they're perfect it's better than your perfect. Yeah how is this any good at night the warriors shot 50% or better from the field. For that want the third time this year's 52 point eight to be exact. They're out 1380. With a Q 50% or better on the field it's just truly amazing what we're watching. You look at it the fact that they eat or three pointer in the rocket that they win that game like that succeed. And it what 24. Its term that three pointers made in the united doesn't matter who you play the warriors are gonna gobble up. It's are the three pointers made in market erratic round that he'd bark. You know at the end of the rocket is that there are efforts to would have thought tonight the war of Ole. Less than half. Of their efforts in terms of three pointer made it. All right handers that that part of what the rockets do it yet Lou it in point nine it didn't look right and he's not been traveling. Yeah and then there's the rockets are going and at the Peabody and go for that scene the last few games. And Eric Gordon with a gun and then not back here tonight as well and those were few players that work he is in Iraq. It in the game and eventually went in the game itself over time back in December or. John real little surprise that Matthew do with the first big off the bench. No because I don't think if they on the he could play consistently against the rockets because they're stupid shooters. And I think you if you wanted to for the position. Where he felt the need you get off that three point shooters are you make in the states and the way it. And all with you can let you know it could be as quick point go the other way. And I think that he would you know currently the gamer you hear what it's going out there. You go back in it. Oklahoma City. You know he did one in the second half because the prop for the white the first and I think. He Kuralt was using the opportunity. That he got it in the back its view in. It'll lose the as far as that that five spot that back up position goes with David West out that I think you know we've got it in be. I think you know peculiar. Count up and down but he's doing put up better numbers was earlier this year. It's deep current shelved it. You know with what we can get paired up against the that the rockets well with shooting but it turned out that not in the game either in the diet actually did surprise given the fact that. The way the rockets played shoot the three trying to move. All. In how we keep talking and and I don't match the way he boxed out I don't wanna go for 73. I understand that but I start to look at the schedule a little bit here. We're going to be in Orlando going to be at Miami going to be at Charlotte in here at home and yet the clippers got Portland. Next you know you're in the February. And it's look at that schedule there's just a lot of wins on the air and you keep pile up the wins and next thing you know. You're kind of edge you're kind of face of that 73. Right probably John. Well there are on pace to win that in the enemy that was that was already paid. And you start the booklet you mentioned the schedule and ego cable where's the next off in the count. Could it even you know they keep the Atlanta or Miami like you mentioned out Charlotte. Phoenix Charlotte played well on and you know they they keep ADP the warriors of the warrior an off night I think you know what steps goal at home they'll be fired. If clippers aren't there yet that's certainly in usually carry a huge gain there and they that would attack in anyway. What look at in the corporate market beat the warriors what do Chris Paul Blake Griffin. You know that stuff that happened though I I hear yeah I mean I think at some point that they become the wants and ordered to now. If they they doubt they're law. Just well when. Who where it hasn't really been. A real conversation. About why look at the game maybe like Charlotte. I don't well if you look at the big it got this year they've got the one that. It's that it's become an if you sixteen game winning streak it just kind of stopped right around eighty. And it it was wanted to do when another step. Or they may be taken at a law. John the one guy tonight who is absolutely magnificent again was straight mine green. It seems like every game you can now. Between six and ten defensive plays that he makes. Where he's responsible it feels like for single handedly stopping. And other teams bucket I mean. Did it seem like that to you tonight as you watch in this game. Yeah he was really active in it and it's inside and out there there was a point where. You know heated up on James Harden and Eric the player were you just. You know lock it off not let not let him get to the plot that he wants to get few I think it ended up beat you up. To a strip for a heard over as well we've got hit in the city. You know he doesn't topple into the Laurie if you know any in depth its rebounding got bodies adding up what he offensively down there at one point in the game. Dog it yet you look at it in you've got so many different ways he could beat Chad I think and I the other he was you know nitpicking at 33 pointer that type. And you know we we admit that you know I think. It seems there are have been. You know. Divorce it's only weapon that the ball had boundary boundaries at the three point line as much as they used to. A kaleidoscope of the rockets who have come before trying to give him a couple of those to knock you down at its key moment. It helped accidentally. Our forward. Get back to the phone calls it AAA 579578. They showed tomorrow with you Liz died he would you guys got. The idea that we love and I do the bar here that is why tracks where I now you. It's it's supposed to join its rocket TV analysts in the of one of the greatest ever play the game. Former rocket former Portland TrailBlazer. He's scheduled to doing it also was. Like by land out there and then Bob sent to the Washington Post you doing this thing every week or will go head. To regain against Charlotte back it became against the rockets to rule book back to the whole week. The warriors with just a signature week. Or they had to beat the Catholic 35 feet to about what went on beat the rockets but that it needs. Beating those three things like that deep three that is the most impressive we put words at the date. Yeah you don't wanna peek to civility lesson of our have a good show. Yep dump your. Tomorrow right here on that did to itself.