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The Lost No Hitter & Message To Clean Players Who Continued To Get Robbed

May 3, 2016|


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One thing I watch you get off my chest before. Before getting into drugs. Is. I got mad at him at a time. Most of you probably don't know that it's very unfortunate. Recently the 25 to rule itself off from Olympia Washington. Will is four. Outs away. From a no hitter. And Don Mattingly. Made the decision to pull them. Because his pitch count had reached a hundred. In sixteen. Pitches. I won't preface what I am about to say. By professing. My love for Don. Absolute. Gamers. Loved him as a player growing up watching him play. And had an opportunity. To interview him a couple years. We was working for MLB network. In Glendale Arizona. And it's added tight where a lot of managers and a lot of players you could tell. Didn't necessarily want to be talking and it. 51015. Minutes whatever. Don Mattingly. Gave me a half hour of his time and was completely. Dialed in to the congress days. I will forever be indebted for the way he treated me that. There. Is also a reason why. He is a manager of the Miami Marlins and I am not. But I gotta say if I were Adam Connelly. Or any other pitcher for that matter. And I was four outs away. From throwing a no no. I would have told Matt. Or any other manager who came out. To take me out of a game. To give it. Fought off mine map out. Theoretically. Conley. Could've drove or were. Etched his name history. We all know. The professional sports careers are generally short. I currently the prospect 25 or older problem. What tomorrow's going to. Do not robbed him. Love that opportunity. To take somebody out. Of the game in that situation. I do not care what it's counties. To take somebody out there is optional will leave mine blow. Too bad an expert. To fifteen pitches. Acts of judges pick it up I hit. Very easily OK that's fine then it's done. He also go to mowed down. Then next. Or it's very very. Easily. Don't ten or fifteen pitches there's no way it's or tell me. That though pitches. Would have ruined that guy's career. That it spew. That is apple should I do not wanna hear. Excuse you like to row and it was one of the most despicable. Disgusting. Things. I have ever seen a lot of baseball field. Ha kicked. Now let's get onto a less controversial subject. Cheaters and steroids. Recently. Two guys with. Great stories. For acres ores tested positive for performance enhancing drugs critical bail. Grind it his way through independently. He eventually signed with the Minnesota Twins at some point thirteen. In limited action point thirteen point four. He won 942 point. It's like fifteen. Chris broke out in a huge way. For the Toronto which race. He hit 321. It can Jimmy Jack. And it 8860. PS. 418 that reach the American League Championship Series. The court in. The other guy who was suspended eighty gains for the use of performance enhancing drugs. Is this oddity former teammate of mine in absolute legendary. Pitcher with a lead yeah and airy. Curve ball decade goal local term toddler. Cobb was an awesome teammate class act every since rookie drafted. In a big fear is Evers it undersized. People which question. First recent Gately daughter's eleven. Apple sees that that fourteen. 4014. He QE nine lead and actually tripled twelve stole 64. Bags. Which also went the next. And then what happens. The Dodgers he's reached its peak. Values that at all time I was straight away. Awesome underdog story goes to Miami Marlins and Ozzie and put together a much or point fifty. Lead nationally. In hits. Stolen bases. And batting average. Are so. Limited you guys. Down a little memory lane for. The year was. 1999. And baseball was just coming off an incredible home run chase and Sammy Sosa and mark mark. I had heard. About steroids. In the game of baseball Bly. Really had yet to see anything noticeable. Firsthand. There were some guys that I played with in bullfight Celia. Medford organ. And next or where ball that work. Analysis and usually gigantic but. I've really didn't think that much of it. I didn't know. That seemingly every superstar in the game. Was hitting home runs edit incredible. And well as a sales like WWF wrestlers. Oh yeah idea. That something was up. Thought. Now. That was. Also the first year. Are really locked in worked out we have. Todd Lee's do the strength and conditioning coach area. Still is. I he'd work with several professional athletes and past. And immediately. A relationship woes bonding between the two was it's really difficult to score we. Will work out at him as 11. Effort 3 hours in the morning RD of stretching plant metrics and dollar aware lifting all. We'd take our break for lunch in that we get right back. All of baseball activities and yet it's great work throwing defense and drills. And finally after nineteen other things. Are awarded in the day. Was that we actually got him baseball's. He had us on religion. We would spend. Entire days you are obviously. And at times. I'm sleeping on his couch just developed a friendship that. I've. To say I've only develop we've we've. Maybe a couple of people in my entire life he would is like. Brother. To me in a lot of ways a father figure. In a lot of ways and a best friend. In a lot of ways. IE. No doubt. Would ever. Have been able act to have success. I was able have a baseball without. I 100%. Realize. How much of an impact he had. The simple. That. That he steered me in the opposite direction. Of a big time. Drug culture. Within professional baseball. Potentially. Save. Before she would take on any players any players ever trade. He sent the message loud and clear. If you want to steroids or any other former proportionality drugs. Find a different trainer. Steve was out. As. My taught him baseball went on. Believer and I became. Less and less and yet it was the idea of ever. Ever said I was seen guys that were definitely Jews and although some of them were reaping major benefits. There are were. Many common side effects hour's notice Sheen in my own teammates other players. That backed mean. Premature balding. Strictly testicles. Muscles so big that it and were not able to hold lot cause all sorts of different injuries. Looking back at my my time as a baseball player I can honestly say. That. Time in the late nineties early two thousands. There was no way. I would have felt as if I was cheating the game of baseball if I had made the decision to use performance drugs. Two main guys were two. To feel any sort of remorse. There was. No. Official. Rule in place outlawing. Performance enhancing. My decision. Not to use. Was in no way based on any sort of holier than now. I simply. Did not want to deal with the side effects. I also question how much TDs. Would have actually. Helped my. Speed. And power that Jimmy reasons. Position players decide to use performance arranged before performance enhancing drugs. Were never much of an issue. My biggest problem. That I had was like an opportunity slider editor if there was any sort of pill. Or lay an opportunity insider editor. I what is all the entire bottle. I ended. Apparently there once it now after I was done playing well listen to this I talk to a former all star players. That told me. He played his entire career without ever doing. I'd hill. His last two seasons and you probably would have pegged as this guy you. Now. He'd do. He was at the end of the road finally decide who's willing to write anything to hold on he spoke of them moods. Some of the side effects I was mentioning. It. He tool. Talked about something that you are. Here I did not adhere to my career. He claimed. That steroids. Helped him see. The ball. Better than ever before. In May overall eyesight. Incredibly. That much better. Chipping it as the years have passed its last league game and my perspective on this earlier. Especially hard I once thought about. Guys gave TDs is viewed Hitler's willing to sacrifice long term health bird needs success. Or power decidedly game. Russian roulette elect. I think now at this point I have no computers at all about white. My own career I realize how fortunate was at opportunities and successes. For it to. I just can't. Well wonder. How. Frauds. We're out there that stole jobs from guys he's completely. How different. Would my career have been or any other player who played. During that time. How different would dare careers have. Had everybody. In plane on a level playing field. How different would baseball it again from the mid seventies. All the way up until. Testing was finally implemented in 2008. Would my favorite child at his average is but giants. Had already won it went with it won the World Series. Had they not gone up against. The alleged used up bash brother in 89 big Richie. I don't know. Possible. Still today. Scientists employers continue to try to keep the fat. That many of them are still successfully. Beating the system is an absolute. Joke. Players. Who used report it proprietor. Two Major League Baseball MLB DA agree on Angel drug testing program I doubt we cute game. I'm not giving them a complete three past. But then again. Or was there a specific rules on at the major level. I believe. Much of the blame. Lies. On the culture. Facilities. By the higher Major League Baseball community. Teams. Owners. General managers. Managers. Players. Media can't everybody want it to look. I don't necessarily feel like those who use of drugs in the preakness in Europe. Should any sort. Of free pass but the matter of fact. Is that all of the oh. Steroids were illegal in the United States. Again. There was nothing much at stake in all book that made it illegal that baseball. As for those now though. Yet still. Continued to cheat. In my opinion are no different at some Wall Street start back running the party's dean. Or some Dick get the decides to rob bids has break into a house. Break into a car whatever. They are knowingly. Stealing dollars. From their peers who have actually earned that money to reject a hard work and dedication. Go. Who still she admitted to try to urgent. The bottom dwellers. Think about what the players association news. How was created. The unity the bought. We're at a point now. Where. Until. The. Risk. Equals the punishment. There is no way this is to stop. Until. Major League Baseball. Decides to. Give the teams the option to cancel the contracts. Which were signed under false precancerous. This is going to continue to go launch. Until he stopped signing Jhonny Peralta us. And Nelson Cruz's. Q big time multiyear deals. This will continue to go along. The suspensions. Of fourteen players Todd by Genesis. In a lot of ways. Was the final straw. For years dirty players have been screwing clean players out of opportunities. And potential financial prosperity. For whatever reason. Clean players now. Shipley kept a Welsh. And apparently were OK with getting G. Based. On some more recent comments. Current age of yours I do think that times are definitely change. And I encourage. More to speak out there is no greater influence. Then that of your own peers. Concerning. Though is that fact that not one of the players suspended. Because of their legal biologists. With the exception of Ryan brought ever tested positive for performance hit it. Here we are. I thirteen years. After the drug testing program would get. An obviously. Guys are still beating the system. Can't just. Seem to be at least two steps ahead of the testers. The whole new forms that that's acting testosterone. That guy. All of its two leaders just within our ports. Fairly as the drug of choice. So long. As a reward. Of this multi million dollar contract so it shall want to outweigh the risk of what is now an eight game suspension. For first time offenders players are going to continue to try to beat the system make op everybody. For the sake of the game. Current players. Current clean players. Clean players. Need to and her age. They union. To make the panel. Shows of the year. For first time offenders. That actually it's yours as the real deterrent. My suggestions. Be very very least. A one year suspension. For the first putt. At least don't want your suspension for the person first positive. You lost soul. Need to give that team the option to cancel. It player's contract. The players on the contract under false precancerous. Sign that contract unexpectedly signed. Eight clean players. Not a dirty. Now of course the players union. Hope never won I agree. Because players' contracts are essentially what keeps him in business like yet. The players must remember though. This is the plane yours PL a YER. Asked catalog all. This is you're union guys and ultimately. Your opinions. And your voices. Are what run the entire operation. The second offense. The lifetime ban from. Players. Also. Must continue to chastise cheaters. Even make them feel embarrassed ashamed. This is now. Right now an opportunity for curt being leaders to stand up. For. All the clean players active. In order. Who have been wrongfully cheat. Out of opportunities. Jobs. End dollars. Over the course. Of the past third tee. Plus years.